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Millionaire Chess Tournament

Tony Davis1/1(+1 -0 =0)[games]
Wesley So6/7(+5 -0 =2)[games]
Ray Robson6/7(+5 -0 =2)[games]
Yu Yangyi5.5/7(+4 -0 =3)[games]
Sergei Azarov5.5/7(+5 -1 =1)[games]
Daniel Naroditsky5.5/7(+4 -0 =3)[games]
Zhou Jianchao5.5/7(+5 -1 =1)[games]
Bu Xiangzhi5/7(+3 -0 =4)[games]
Aleksey Dreev5/7(+4 -1 =2)[games]
Evgeny Najer5/7(+3 -0 =4)[games]
Sam Shankland5/7(+3 -0 =4)[games]
Timur Gareyev5/7(+5 -2 =0)[games]
Isan Reynaldo Ortiz Suarez2.5/4(+2 -1 =1)[games]
Julio Catalino Sadorra2/4(+1 -1 =2)[games]
Gregory Kaidanov3.5/5(+2 -0 =3)[games]
Denis Kadric2/4(+1 -1 =2)[games]
David Berczes2.5/4(+2 -1 =1)[games]
Dennes Abel4/4(+4 -0 =0)[games]
David Karatorossian1/2(+1 -1 =0)[games]
Le Quang Liem3.5/6(+3 -2 =1)[games]
Rauf Mamedov4.5/7(+3 -1 =3)[games]
Varuzhan Akobian4.5/7(+3 -1 =3)[games]
Ehsan Ghaem Maghami3.5/6(+1 -0 =5)[games]
Aleksandr Lenderman2.5/5(+1 -1 =3)[games]
Ruben Felgaer2.5/5(+1 -1 =3)[games]
Alejandro Ramirez Alvarez2.5/5(+1 -1 =3)[games]
Kaido Kulaots2.5/5(+1 -1 =3)[games]
Sabino Brunello2.5/5(+1 -1 =3)[games]
Giorgi Margvelashvili1.5/4(+1 -2 =1)[games]
Ioan-Cristian Chirila2.5/5(+2 -2 =1)[games]
Jacek Stopa1.5/4(+0 -1 =3)[games]
Alexander Fishbein2.5/5(+2 -2 =1)[games]
* (122 players total; 90 players not shown. Click here for longer list.) Chess Event Description
Millionaire Chess (2014)

Played in Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada USA, 9-13 October 2014. After 7 rounds (this page), four players (So, Robson, Yu Yangyi and Zhou Jianchao) advanced (Yu and Zhou via a blitz playoff) to the Millionaire Monday knock-out final. The remaining players (minus four players from each of two lower rating groups) finished the 9-round Swiss, the results of which can be seen at The overall winner was Wesley So - see all winners at

Official site:

 page 1 of 8; games 1-25 of 190  PGN Download
Game  ResultMoves YearEvent/LocaleOpening
1. So vs R M Perez 1-0292014Millionaire ChessD70 Neo-Grunfeld Defense
2. Le Quang Liem vs E Rojas  1-0322014Millionaire ChessD37 Queen's Gambit Declined
3. K Kavutskiy vs Yu Yangyi  0-1322014Millionaire ChessD38 Queen's Gambit Declined, Ragozin Variation
4. R Mamedov vs A Inants 1-0392014Millionaire ChessB29 Sicilian, Nimzovich-Rubinstein
5. S Schmakel vs Dreev 0-1392014Millionaire ChessD11 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav
6. V Akobian vs S Vibbert  1-0462014Millionaire ChessD17 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav
7. J D Williams vs S Azarov 1-0402014Millionaire ChessA06 Reti Opening
8. E Najer vs B Adithya  ½-½352014Millionaire ChessC84 Ruy Lopez, Closed
9. L Rozman vs Shankland  0-1402014Millionaire ChessA45 Queen's Pawn Game
10. Robson vs W Morrison  1-0532014Millionaire ChessC84 Ruy Lopez, Closed
11. K Gulamali vs T Gareyev  0-1442014Millionaire ChessC63 Ruy Lopez, Schliemann Defense
12. Naroditsky vs E Liu 1-0222014Millionaire ChessB45 Sicilian, Taimanov
13. A Ivanov vs So 0-1642014Millionaire ChessB51 Sicilian, Canal-Sokolsky (Rossolimo) Attack
14. Bu Xiangzhi vs A Chandra  1-0802014Millionaire ChessA33 English, Symmetrical
15. Wan Yunguo vs Le Quang Liem 1-0442014Millionaire ChessB47 Sicilian, Taimanov (Bastrikov) Variation
16. Yu Yangyi vs Fishbein 1-0432014Millionaire ChessB64 Sicilian, Richter-Rauzer Attack
17. D Kadric vs R Mamedov  0-1452014Millionaire ChessB06 Robatsch
18. Dreev vs Xiong 0-11042014Millionaire ChessD94 Grunfeld
19. D Berczes vs V Akobian  ½-½712014Millionaire ChessE10 Queen's Pawn Game
20. Shankland vs I Krush  1-0392014Millionaire ChessC07 French, Tarrasch
21. T Gareyev vs R Milovanovic 1-0472014Millionaire ChessD35 Queen's Gambit Declined
22. J Bartholomew vs Naroditsky  ½-½402014Millionaire ChessE81 King's Indian, Samisch
23. G Kacheishvili vs D Arngrimsson  ½-½452014Millionaire ChessA14 English
24. G Kjartansson vs E Ghaem Maghami  0-1402014Millionaire ChessE00 Queen's Pawn Game
25. C A Perdomo vs Bu Xiangzhi  0-1492014Millionaire ChessA33 English, Symmetrical
 page 1 of 8; games 1-25 of 190  PGN Download
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Kibitzer's Corner
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Oct-15-14  Wavy: <1d410: <MissScarlett> So fans are nuts, don't bother with them. What is dismaying is that So looks like he might actually make a dent on the chess world soon and they will become mainstream.>

People who generalize are nuts. I'm a So fan and I don't think I'm nuts. Generalization is always not a good thing to say. There are some So fans who are nuts but don't generalize.

Oct-15-14  Pulo y Gata: Yes, I'm a So fan and I'm nuts and I don't generalize!
Oct-16-14  dunkenchess: I'm a So fanatic. I get drunk when he wins and also get drunk when he draw.


Oct-16-14  Absentee: Do you get even MORE drunk when he loses?
Premium Chessgames Member
  Everett: <People who generalize are nuts.>

that's priceless. Want to try again?

Oct-16-14  john barleycorn: < Wavy: ... A real businessman will find a way not to spend money for something if it is possible. ...>

agree. a businessman only spends if he has to. If you are in good health why buy omega3? Why spend a 1,000$ entrance fee if somebody else will?

However, I think that the usual agreement among gamblers in a tournament applies. The winner will always compensate his not so successful teammates so there is a "no lose" for them.

Premium Chessgames Member
  HeMateMe: <Although it's certainly not my specialty, I have had occasion to represent both a plaintiff and a defendant (William Brock, against a lawsuit brought by Sam Sloan) in separate Internet defamation cases.>

Thanks for responding, Fred. I do respect your skills in research and organization. I simply don't have the interest you do in such things and don't hunt them down.

The fact that Sam Sloan appears in your reply/court case tells me that no real money was at stake, no real cause was produced by the plaintiff, and the mess was probably thrown out by the judge before any serious litigating was done.

I don't have to be a lawyer to see that much.

Since the topic was libel, I doubt anyone really can attack the anonymity provided by the internet, even when they use their real name. If both sides are airing dirty laundry on the net, neither side is guaranteed privacy or good behavior.

Violent threats against another person might be actionable though, if means and activity show that a threat is credible.

The other time when litigation might appear on the net is business fraud, when someone holds themselves out to be an expert in some field and advises people on the net without meeting stringent guidelines, such as posting your business history and licensing in newspapers and on television, where every internet reader is reasonably likely to see it. Seems an impossibility considering the global internet audience. So, financial advisers, doctors, lawyers and other professionals can't give specific tailor made advice to people, or risk losing their license.

Even with all of that, it isn't libel litigation.

Oct-17-14  Kanatahodets: Wes has potential to become a new WC. I think it will be the era of Magnus, Fabiano, Wei Yi and Wesley.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Everett: Rapport? MVL? Many good, young players. Nepo is another.
Premium Chessgames Member
  perfidious: <Benzol: I think <AJ> found the fact of other US LifeMasters on the site difficult to deal with. I don't think he liked the presence of <FSR> and <perfidious> somehow.>

Lovely stuff.

Easy to forget that there is always someone out there who might be stronger than you. In mah part of this heah world, we calls em Gee Emms, cuz they's all tough.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Benzol: Accusing <FSR> of being an alky and/or an imposter sounded like something out of a hack TV Whodunnit. Just what was he thinking?

I guess flashing the LifeMaster title wasn't going to wash in this particular case.


Oct-28-14  PhilFeeley: It's good to see the larger prizes, even for the lower rateds. I always thought the prize listings for every single golf tournament were absurdly high, down to the 20th participant. Chess deserves at least their money.
Nov-02-14  freeman8201: they didn't post the rapid games between So and Robson?
Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: I have studied Wesley So's games at with great depth of thought and assiduity, putting all his moves into computers, analsying, comparing etc

I finally reached some startling and greatly significant conclusions about his chess:

It is so so.

Premium Chessgames Member
  HeMateMe: Didn't So finish in the middle of Tata "A" group, last year? I can't remember is he was in the sub group or the main group. If it was in the main group, then he has arrived as a top player.

Probably not a threat to Carlsen, but someone who can win games, like a Moro, Mamey or a Nepi.

Dec-19-14  SugarDom: Tata Steel (2014)

He finished tied for 4th-7th in the main Group won by Aronian.

Premium Chessgames Member
  HeMateMe: That's not too bad, Tat-A. Was he invited for this year?
Dec-19-14  schweigzwang: Apparently So.

Premium Chessgames Member
  HeMateMe: Hou will playing in the A group, terrific. She is near the bottom in ratings, just above local boy Van Wely. I would guess she'll do ok. she finished in the middle of the Chinese championships, playing in the men's draw.

Are Judit Polgar and Hou Yifan the only women to ever play in the January Holland tournament?

Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: ...............So!
Premium Chessgames Member
  HeMateMe: Are Judit Polgar and Hou Yifan the only women to ever play in the January Holland tournament (top group)?
Premium Chessgames Member
  Troller: <HeMateMe: Are Judit Polgar and Hou Yifan the only women to ever play in the January Holland tournament (top group)?>

Nona Gaprindashvili played in 1979.

Premium Chessgames Member
  HeMateMe: Well done, Troller. Thank you. Has Pia been invited, or has it been just Nona, Judit and Yifan?
Premium Chessgames Member
  Troller: I actually expected Pia Cramling to have had an appearance or two in the eighties, but apparently not:

May-17-15  iking: <Jambow: <TheFocus> AJ Goldsby isn't even here anymore so who is it you are making to look foolish other than yourself. Ironically you told us a hundred times how this was really it I'm done I'm not coming back and yet predictably your drivel persists. On topic congrats to Wesley So his future just looks brighter all the time. Susan Polgar has helped him reach his potential and Robson another of her students got second place so those claiming she just got lucky by inheriting So need to take a second glance. This is a mutually beneficial relationship it appears.

Not only do I like So's results his style is intriguing as well.

I'm becoming a So fan I think?> .. it seems you are ....

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