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Hastings 2015/16 Tournament

Jakhongir Vakhidov7/9(+6 -1 =2)[games]
Aleksander Mista7/9(+6 -1 =2)[games]
Sarunas Sulskis6.5/9(+4 -0 =5)[games]
Igor Khenkin6.5/9(+5 -1 =3)[games]
Tamas Fodor Jr6.5/9(+6 -2 =1)[games]
Ferenc Berkes6.5/9(+4 -0 =5)[games]
Justin Sarkar6.5/9(+6 -2 =1)[games]
Mate Bagi6/9(+4 -1 =4)[games]
Glenn Flear6/9(+5 -2 =2)[games]
C R G Krishna6/9(+5 -2 =2)[games]
Peter J Batchelor6/9(+5 -2 =2)[games]
David J Eggleston6/9(+5 -2 =2)[games]
Gyula Pap5.5/9(+3 -1 =5)[games]
Oleg Romanishin5.5/9(+4 -2 =3)[games]
Mark Hebden5.5/9(+5 -3 =1)[games]
Gabor Nagy5.5/9(+4 -2 =3)[games]
Simon Kim Williams5.5/9(+4 -2 =3)[games]
Daniel Gormally5.5/9(+5 -3 =1)[games]
Keith Arkell5.5/9(+4 -2 =3)[games]
Richard A Bates5.5/9(+4 -2 =3)[games]
Jovica Radovanovic5.5/9(+5 -3 =1)[games]
Matthew J Wadsworth5.5/9(+4 -2 =3)[games]
Vladimir Prosviriakov5.5/9(+5 -3 =1)[games]
Robin J Cunningham5/9(+3 -2 =4)[games]
Venkataraman Karthik5/9(+4 -3 =2)[games]
David J Ledger5/9(+5 -4 =0)[games]
Marcelo Ripari5/9(+2 -1 =6)[games]
Jack Rudd5/9(+5 -4 =0)[games]
John Anderson5/9(+3 -2 =4)[games]
David Gluckman5/9(+4 -3 =2)[games]
James Golding5/9(+4 -3 =2)[games]
Mark Lyell5/9(+4 -3 =2)[games]
* (88 players total; 56 players not shown. Click here for longer list.) Chess Event Description
Hastings 2015/16

Played in Hastings, England. 28 December 2015 - 5 January 2016, Official site: Crosstable:

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Game  ResultMoves YearEvent/LocaleOpening
1. A Mista vs A C Taylor  1-0672015Hastings 2015/16C65 Ruy Lopez, Berlin Defense
2. F Berkes vs M Ripari 1-0402015Hastings 2015/16A15 English
3. P J Batchelor vs Khenkin 0-1512015Hastings 2015/16D43 Queen's Gambit Declined Semi-Slav
4. M Wadsworth vs G Pap  0-1712015Hastings 2015/16A20 English
5. J Vakhidov vs J Rudd 1-0342015Hastings 2015/16A46 Queen's Pawn Game
6. J Anderson vs S Sulskis  ½-½522015Hastings 2015/16C16 French, Winawer
7. D Gormally vs V Prosviriakov  1-0392015Hastings 2015/16C03 French, Tarrasch
8. M Lyell vs T Fodor Jr  0-1312015Hastings 2015/16C45 Scotch Game
9. K Arkell vs M Rolvag  ½-½542015Hastings 2015/16A04 Reti Opening
10. D Gluckman vs M Hebden  0-1542015Hastings 2015/16A05 Reti Opening
11. Romanishin vs D J Ledger  1-0352015Hastings 2015/16A49 King's Indian, Fianchetto without c4
12. R Cunningham vs G Flear 1-0452015Hastings 2015/16C48 Four Knights
13. M Bagi vs P Roberts  1-0362015Hastings 2015/16C47 Four Knights
14. Vishnu Singh vs S Williams 0-1472015Hastings 2015/16A84 Dutch
15. J Sarkar vs A Byron  1-0252015Hastings 2015/16B53 Sicilian
16. P Crocker vs G Nagy  0-1282015Hastings 2015/16A36 English
17. D Eggleston vs I Snape  ½-½422015Hastings 2015/16B76 Sicilian, Dragon, Yugoslav Attack
18. T Eggleston vs C R G Krishna  ½-½362015Hastings 2015/16D12 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav
19. R Bates vs C Norton 1-0282015Hastings 2015/16E67 King's Indian, Fianchetto
20. M Burrows vs A Longson  ½-½512015Hastings 2015/16B12 Caro-Kann Defense
21. V Karthik vs K Goater 1-0392015Hastings 2015/16A40 Queen's Pawn Game
22. B Tarhon vs A Golding  0-1232015Hastings 2015/16C78 Ruy Lopez
23. C Brewer vs P D Helbig  1-0382015Hastings 2015/16B06 Robatsch
24. F Rayner vs T Spanton  1-0372015Hastings 2015/16C17 French, Winawer, Advance
25. M Young vs J Radovanovic  0-1272015Hastings 2015/16B22 Sicilian, Alapin
 page 1 of 15; games 1-25 of 356  PGN Download
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Kibitzer's Corner
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Jan-04-16  Bruce Graham: <xenophon> Yes, Romanishin won the 1976-7 Hastings tournament by two points. Here is the game they played which Romanishin won: Romanishin vs Smyslov, 1977 The Sicilian loss was played at the USSR Championship of 1976: Smyslov vs Romanishin, 1976
Premium Chessgames Member
  offramp: Danny Gormally is playing the famous mockney Simon ""Kim"" Williams now. Williams seems a bit better, sadly.
Premium Chessgames Member
  offramp: And in fact Gormally has resigned to his friend the mockney. No doubt they'll have a few drinky-poos together. Gormally is not having a good tournament.

He says, in his "tweets" that he was expecting to approach 2550 but instead is playing like 2400. He also writes that 2500 is a nothing rating nowadays! And he comments that when he looks at the play from the recent Qatar Masters his mind boggles at the incredible accuracy of those top players.

Jan-04-16  diagonal: <xenophon>, <Bruce Graham> Nice to see the legend Oleg Romanishin (born in 1952) still playing and fighting in an Open Festival at the top boards (he beat among others Simon Williams, see: Romanishin vs S Williams, 2015, today a loss vs. Igor Khenkin).

1977 was the best year for Oleg Romanishin, he was ranked third in the annual Chess Oscar Award, only behind Karpov and Korchnoi, ahead of 4. Tal, 5. Miles, 6. Larsen, 7. Spassky, 8. Hort, 9. Portisch, 10. Petrosian.

Biggest success of Oleg Romanishin: Leningrad International (October Revolution 60th Anniversary) 1977, winning (as best on tie-break) together with Tal, ahead of clear third Smyslov, followed by 4./5. Vaganian and Karpov, then reigning World Chess Champion: October Revolution 60th Anniversary (1977)

Jan-04-16  devere: <diagonal: Hastings has been going on for 3 different centuries!>

The name "Hastings" is a famous one in chess history, and it would be nice if it could be restored to its former glory.

Perhaps part of the 2017 Hastings chess congress could be designated as the Pillsbury memorial tournament, and either the General Mills or Smucker companies, which own the Pillsbury brand name, could be talked into becoming sponsors.

Jan-05-16  Clemens Scheitz: <Fishy>, What pleasure is there in belittling a champion who is admired by all great players for his general achievements and notably for having an unsurpassed understanding of the game ( not to mention one that put a considerable dose of uneasiness and doubt in the mind of the mighty Fisher).
Jan-05-16  Nosnibor: Go Glenn go ! Would love to see you win this one.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Octavia: <What pleasure is there in belittling a champion> & what's more, Karpov is still playing & Kasparov hopped out ages ago
Jan-05-16  Tiggler: <Fishy: <diagonal : 1977 was the best year for Oleg Romanishin, he was ranked third in the annual Chess Oscar Award, only behind Karpov and Korchnoi, ahead of 4. Tal, 5. Miles, 6. Larsen, 7. Spassky, 8. Hort, 9. Portisch, 10. Petrosian.>

Those were a bunch of over the hill dudes mostly, just proves that until Kasparov came along Karpov was beating on Drums.>

Karpov, Korchnoi, Miles, Larsen, Hort and Portisch were all at or near their best in 1977, and all were great players.

Jan-05-16  siggemannen: So, who's the winner here?
Jan-05-16  PhilFeeley: < siggemannen: So, who's the winner here? >

My question exactly. The official site has no announcement yet, but the standings lists Mista on top with the higher tie-break, I think. I don't know why there is no notification of the winner there yet. No other site discusses it either (chess-results lists Mista on top, TWIC also, but nothing on chessbase). Why is this so hard? Winners are known right away, aren't they?

Jan-06-16  siggemannen: <PhilFeeley> strange, according to , Jahongir is on top?

But yeah, it's annoying about the winners, especially chessgames tables being mostly always wrong :)

Premium Chessgames Member
  Check It Out: <offramp> what's a "mockney"?
Premium Chessgames Member
  offramp: <Check It Out: <offramp> what's a "mockney"?>

In England, a man who speaks in a pretend Cockney accent. Highly-educated people from wealthy families affect a "street" speaking style, pretending that they cannot say, for example, "three" ("free") or "thought" ("fort").

It is very funny to hear a University-educated man from England's richest county pretending to speak like a tramp off the Balls Pond Road.

Jan-06-16  Bruce Graham: <offramp> Or "turd" instead of "third"?
Jan-06-16  SimplicityRichard: <Octavia: I like Chris Ward's comments on the Hastings website - he's cheerful...>

Indeed. And he's also rather friendly and cheerful in person; and is a brilliant chess instructor. I suspect you might know this already.

Anyway, just expressing a view.#

Premium Chessgames Member
  WannaBe: Typical, just another "Do Nothing" Congress... Wasted time.
Jan-06-16  GBKnight: <It is very funny to hear a University-educated man from England's richest county pretending to speak like a tramp off the Balls Pond Road>

A bit unfair - what has a university education got to do with how someone speaks? Well-spoken people might tend to go to university, but the reverse does not necessarily follow. And what is wrong with the Ball's Pond Road?

Anyway, the chess was perhaps less 'dry' than the Qatar Masters, if not quite as 'accurate'. A pity not to see more English players at the top, but some good individual performances none the less. While obviously welcome, the Tradewise sponsorship is not going to take Hastings to its former glories, but it is nice to see it carrying on, in some form, year after year.

Jan-06-16  PhilFeeley: < siggemannen > When I first read it Mista was on top. I guess tie-break calculations weren't finished yet.
Jan-06-16  PhilFeeley: Now, according to the official site, they shared first place, no tie-break. Very odd indeed.
Premium Chessgames Member
  offramp: < GBKnight: <It is very funny to hear a University-educated man from England's richest county pretending to speak like a tramp off the Balls Pond Road> A bit unfair - what has a university education got to do with how someone speaks? Well-spoken people might tend to go to university, but the reverse does not necessarily follow. And what is wrong with the Ball's Pond Road?>

If one is University-educated in the UK it normally means one has had at least 18 years of constant state education.

To have been educated to that extent and be unable to say the word "three" is not possible. It is therefore an affectation to appear street-cred, yowza, bangin, urban, truth! Even if you are from the Utopia of the Wye Valley, where houses are £1,200,000 minimum.

RAS TAFARI, innit????

Jan-07-16  Marmot PFL: Karpov had total Soviet support in his goal to take back the title from Fischer, and even more important, to stop the defector Korchnoi from winning. When it came to the Kasparov challenge it isn't so clear as both had their supporters in the SU, and that Kasparov would eventually be the champion was almost a certainty anyway.
Jan-07-16  Tiggler: <offramp> Your explanation of mockney reminds me of an incident that took place in a residential street in Shepherds Bush. The houses there are 3-4 four story row houses that have all been dividend into numerous flats. Naturally parking is a problem, and each curb is lined with parked cars both sides at all times.

One evening I was delivering some stuff to my daughter who was living there. Finding nowhere else, I double parked while extricating furniture from the back of my station wagon. Along comes a ... Ferrari!

A Ferrari is a very inconvenient car to be driving on those streets because it is unusually wide. The driver would have had difficulty had he met another car legally coming the other way. But since I was double parked he tooted and expected me to move.

"Plenty of room, Guv'ner," I advised him, "I could drive 'horse and cart froo there!"

Cautiously he edged past, declaring his indignation at me: "Silly old bugger!"

"Don't talk to me like that, I'm old enough to be yer farver. Come to that, I prob'ly am yer farver!"

My daughter was observing the passenger: a glamorous young woman. She was cracking up with mirth apparently. So I guess I spoiled that guy's evening.

Jan-07-16  kellmano: There's no way Cockneys say 'free' rather than 'three' because they have never realised that the rest of the country pronounces it differently, and the dictionary agrees with the rest of the country.

As such, I can't see why <GBKnight>'s point is not correct. Unless there is some kind of moral obligation to drop your regional accent when you get a University degree. If so, wonder if that applies for all regions.

Jan-16-16  zanzibar: Chess art in Hastings:

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