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🏆 Lindores Abbey Rapid Challenge (2020) Chess Event Description
The Lindores Abbey Rapid Challenge is a 12-player online super-tournament taking place on chess24 from May 19 to June 3 2020. The 2nd event of the Magnus Carlsen Tour, it has a $150,000 prize fund with $45,000 for 1st place. The winner qualifies for the $300,000 Grand Final in August. ... [more]

Player: Magnus Carlsen

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Game  ResultMoves YearEvent/LocaleOpening
1. Carlsen vs Grischuk 1-0462020Lindores Abbey Rapid ChallengeC65 Ruy Lopez, Berlin Defense
2. Carlsen vs Nakamura ½-½512020Lindores Abbey Rapid ChallengeD37 Queen's Gambit Declined
3. Ding Liren vs Carlsen  ½-½482020Lindores Abbey Rapid ChallengeE01 Catalan, Closed
4. Carlsen vs Aronian 1-0222020Lindores Abbey Rapid ChallengeC42 Petrov Defense
5. J K Duda vs Carlsen 1-0432020Lindores Abbey Rapid ChallengeA28 English
6. Carlsen vs W So  ½-½262020Lindores Abbey Rapid ChallengeD86 Grunfeld, Exchange
7. Yu Yangyi vs Carlsen  1-0442020Lindores Abbey Rapid ChallengeD45 Queen's Gambit Declined Semi-Slav
8. Carlsen vs Wei Yi  1-0422020Lindores Abbey Rapid ChallengeB51 Sicilian, Canal-Sokolsky (Rossolimo) Attack
9. A Firouzja vs Carlsen 0-1502020Lindores Abbey Rapid ChallengeA07 King's Indian Attack
10. Karjakin vs Carlsen  ½-½582020Lindores Abbey Rapid ChallengeB81 Sicilian, Scheveningen, Keres Attack
11. Carlsen vs D Dubov 0-1412020Lindores Abbey Rapid ChallengeC41 Philidor Defense
12. Carlsen vs W So ½-½182020Lindores Abbey Rapid ChallengeB13 Caro-Kann, Exchange
13. W So vs Carlsen 0-1642020Lindores Abbey Rapid ChallengeC65 Ruy Lopez, Berlin Defense
14. Carlsen vs W So 1-0332020Lindores Abbey Rapid ChallengeE21 Nimzo-Indian, Three Knights
15. W So vs Carlsen 0-1342020Lindores Abbey Rapid ChallengeE04 Catalan, Open, 5.Nf3
16. Carlsen vs W So  ½-½292020Lindores Abbey Rapid ChallengeC67 Ruy Lopez
17. W So vs Carlsen 0-1612020Lindores Abbey Rapid ChallengeC65 Ruy Lopez, Berlin Defense
18. Carlsen vs Nakamura  1-0302020Lindores Abbey Rapid ChallengeB06 Robatsch
19. Nakamura vs Carlsen 0-1412020Lindores Abbey Rapid ChallengeC65 Ruy Lopez, Berlin Defense
20. Carlsen vs Nakamura 1-0472020Lindores Abbey Rapid ChallengeC45 Scotch Game
21. Carlsen vs Nakamura  ½-½432020Lindores Abbey Rapid ChallengeC53 Giuoco Piano
22. Nakamura vs Carlsen  ½-½332020Lindores Abbey Rapid ChallengeC67 Ruy Lopez
23. Carlsen vs Nakamura  ½-½712020Lindores Abbey Rapid ChallengeC45 Scotch Game
24. Nakamura vs Carlsen 1-0332020Lindores Abbey Rapid ChallengeC65 Ruy Lopez, Berlin Defense
25. Carlsen vs Nakamura 0-1422020Lindores Abbey Rapid ChallengeD37 Queen's Gambit Declined
 page 1 of 2; games 1-25 of 29  PGN Download
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Kibitzer's Corner
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May-31-20  SirChrislov: <Pedro Fernandez> Hola Maestro! I think it's amazing that your grandfather was national champion, and during WWII! what was the dear man's name? (if you don't mind me asking)

was it Sady Loynaz Páez?

I find the 'Venezuelan chess championship' Wikipedia page incomplete as there is a gap between years - Dr. Manuel Acosta Silva (Match Caracas, 1939), José León García Díaz (Maracaibo match, 1943). I'm also astonished at the number of 'extranjeros' living in the nation during those decades, such as Nicolás Deyk, a Venezuelan nationalized player in the 1940's and native of Russia. when Deyk played in the national championship of Venezuela he would write down the moves on his scorepad in Russian!

anyway, I used to own a little book called 'La Magia del Ajedrez' escrito por los hermanos Yepes. I don't own it anymore as I donated it to the library of my former neighborhood. I believe the Yepes brothers are Colombian though, not Venezuelan.

May-31-20  SirChrislov: in fact, that little book is here:

Game Collection: La Magia del Ajedrez

Premium Chessgames Member
  Pedro Fernandez: Yes, I know my great <Sokrates>. In fact my post was not directed to anyone, just it was an isolated comment, redundant though. Greetings and let´s see what happen today.Naka should win, but not by sweep, I think,
Premium Chessgames Member
  Pedro Fernandez: Hi <SirChrislov>. Thanks for your question. Certainly you are correct that there is some confusion for those years. When my grandfather told me this I was about 9 years old and I think he told me it was in the year 40, that's why I put it this way in my Bio. I think he played the final with a NM named Ortega. Unfortunately neither my father (he was not born yet at that year, just 7 years later) nor I have any review of the event, but we have no doubt that it was champion since my grandmother did certify him. I want to express my gratitude for your curiosity and I regret not having in my hands any more reliable evidence. Cheers!
Premium Chessgames Member
  Sokrates: I understand, <Pedro>, and I agree, although Nakamura has most in favour of him, Dubov might surprise.

But now some fun facts. <SirChislov>s reference to a game collection made me wonder why the Spanish name for chess, "ajedrez" is so different from "chess" in English, "Schach" in German and equals in the Scandinavian countries.

By consulting Wiki it turned out that they come from two different sources deep down in the past.

It seems to be a fact that chess origins in the 7th century from the north-west Indian ancient state called the Gupta Empire and a game they called "chaturanga" - alledgedly the mother of many other games both in Europe and the Far East.

Chaturanga became shatranj became al-shatranj became ajedrez.

Chess/Schach is derived from Persian "shah" (king), i.e. a completely other word.

The changes from the originals are typical for the overall lingual development in the world, Europe in particular. Thus, the origin in sanskrit for father, "pita", became pater, padre, père, pai in the south and father, fader, Vater, vader in the north.

We are all connected to each other.

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Morning dear <Sokrates> !

And I have hear that Amen comes from
Aum/Om,a mantra they use in the East.

Jun-01-20  SirChrislov: <Sokrates> I do know one thing, chess in Portuguese is "Xadrez", but I don't know how to pronounce it.

some 11 yrs ago when I received a package from South America that I had ordered online, along with some chess accessories, on the bottom of the leather storage pouch for the chessmen "Xadrez" was written. in fancy engraved type font. After about six months I became curious so I looked it up, turns out it means chess in Portuguese. so the chess items must've shipped from Brazil since it's their official language. I think. I don't think there's such thing as "I speak Brazilian."

course there's a good chance the item was made in Portugal too I s'ppose.

Jun-01-20  SirChrislov: Happy birthday... to an Englishman known as Nigel David Short! (born June 1st, 1965)

1976- Korchnoi vs Short, 1976 Short first attracted significant media attention as a 10-year-old, by defeating Viktor Korchnoi, then ranked No. 2 in the world, in a simul in London over 31 boards, where Short was the only victor. He was virtually self-taught.

1978 - His parents divorced when he was 13 years old. Short left school at age 17, to focus on chess full-time.

one cool NS game that I like:

Carlsen vs Short, 2010 I know everyone talks about the king march game against Timman 1991, but this one left a lasting impression on me. I like how black handled it and white missed a win.

One outrageous thing NS has said in the past:

"Men are hardwired to be better at the game than women. we should “gracefully accept it as a fact” that men possess different skills to women that make them better able to play chess at a high level." (this caused considerable outrage considering Judith Polgar beat Nigel Short six classical games to three in total with five draws.)

warm wishes to GM Nigel Short, wife Rhea and their two children.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Sokrates: <SirChrislov> Yes, the good Portuguese word for chess is "xadrez>, which clearly is in family with "ajedrez>. And yes, Portuguese is the national language of Brazil. Spain and Portugal exported their languages to the South American countries, they had conquered.

Hi, <moro>. What can I say? Amen! :-)

Premium Chessgames Member
  dernier loup de T: It seems some people here feel it's useful and even necessary to explain to others what they know already, even these smart kibitzers know that the others know... But I'm wrong: I forgot they are NOT directing their posts to anybody in particular, but just send them to themselves. It seems too that summer is coming early in Spain this year, and that after the end of containment, there are some sun strokes in this country, causing even sometimes brain damage.
Jun-01-20  749770: And your kibitz you sent to prove what you wrote? (-; BTW, I think they are more South American than Spanish.
Jun-01-20  spingo: We are really lucky that for 34 years special boards have recorded the moves of important games, even at very fast playing speeds.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Sokrates: First mini-match goes to Nakamura with 2½-1½. But it is far from over yet. Dubov can still win this. Will he? I don't think so. Undoubtedly, Nakamura's self-confidence is at its height right now.
Premium Chessgames Member
  dernier loup de T: <spingo>: I agree. But maybe on your side, you will agree too that blitz games are "a little" less important, or beautiful, or worthy, or useful in order to evaluate the strength of a chess player, etc, I think you can guess what I mean, than rapid games; so, please, consider now the following sentence kibitzed by Pedro Fernandez about the rules of the Lindores Abbey tournament: " Caruana lost the Clutch in the same way". I think that to say more about the intellectual honesty and supporting value of these words will then appear clearly. Have a good night anyway...
Premium Chessgames Member
  Sokrates: Mr. <dernier loup de T>. Disagreeing with our well-respected <Pedro F.> is totally okay. Converting the disagreement into an ad hominem attack is by no means okay. I hope you will agree that the best demonstration of erudition is magnanimity.
Premium Chessgames Member
  dernier loup de T: <Sokrates> Sorry, but "Mister" or not, "Sir" or not, I could not have respect for thinks like bad faith, and even less for hypocrisy; otherwise, I do not mind about <Pedro F.> in personal. So there was no veritable attack ad hominem; just a little despite about all ways in general of trying to justify what cannot be justified as long the mental capacity of comprehension is not affected; sorry, but I could not change about that. Maybe my own capacity is affected, maybe not.
But anyway, enduring endless prolongation of futile, boring and bothering controversies is in fact really limited. If this should affect too the possibility of remaining in this chess community of always objective, and never, absolutely never, nor Carlsen, nor soviet players haters, nor Fischer's madness (to use only mild words) lovers and attorneys, sorry, but I could not change about that;
I would then just take note of it.
Sorry too to confess you that I'm getting now tired of this topic of discussion, and not only because english is not my native language. Respectfully yours.
Premium Chessgames Member
  dernier loup de T: "Despise" and not "despite", of course...
Premium Chessgames Member
  Sokrates: <dernier loup de T> Yes, let's end this here. Sorry, if I misread you.
Jun-02-20  MordimerChess: Hello, it was awesome tournament which produce a lot of exciting games.

And before it ends, I would like to drop almost 20 video analyses of this tournament.


Jun-02-20  Clemens Scheitz:

Hi <dernier loup de T>, I confess I have no clue on what you have been talking about. Bad faith, hypocrisy, trying to justify the unjustifiable, things that you cannot change, remaining in this chess community ,etc, etc. I hope it refers to a comment deleted by the moderators that I never saw otherwise I have to face the fact that my comprehension has dropped to the level of a 6 year old. Are you talking about Trump, is <Pedro> a phony, do you disprove of Nigel Short, do you hate the heat of southern Spain, please help me I'm going nuts here. In the meantime, I like Dubov but please Hikaru, one last push and the big prize is yours.

Jun-02-20  Clemens Scheitz: ...sorry "disapprove" not disprove.
Premium Chessgames Member
  dernier loup de T: <Clemens Scheitz>, I just see that my first comment about the result of the Nakamura - Carlsen clash of this tournament is no more visible without using the option "Earlier kibitzing"; so I will just think that you did not know its existence, and I will use this opportunity in order to summarize my opinion:

1: I hate the rules of this tournament, specially it's not just a blitz competition;

2: at opposite, no hate at all towards persons; only towards ridiculous justifications of these rules;

3: obviously, the responsability for these rules is shared by the organizers who fixed them, and the players for their acceptation, Carlsen included.

4: just in case you would be to tired or busy to click the option " earlier kibitzing", I will just write it again here:

"strange competition indeed, where the rules make possible that the winner will be the loser....or a beginning of Alzheimer makes me forget completely the basic rules....of arithmetic.."

Premium Chessgames Member
  jith1207: <it seems to be a fact that chess origins in the 7th century from the north-west Indian ancient state called the Gupta Empire and a game they called "chaturanga" - alledgedly the mother of many other games both in Europe and the Far East.>

The word "Chatura" means square, as the early version of the game was also played in 8*8 board. The word "arangam" in my Indian language means usually the performance stage, in this case, a board. Chaturanga means square board game.

Not sure if "Ajadrez" or "Xadrez" is similar interpretation and direct translation in meaning, just curious.

Jun-02-20  749770: Excellent! Now we have‏ ‏another day of action! post‏ ‏Scriptum. In‏ ‏relation to the‏ ‏previous kibitzim, Dubov qualified by (also) the number of wins in the games themselves ... (And now he is in a 2-2 draw with Nakamura - so I think he deserves more than Naka)
Jun-02-20  749770: - Of course without interfering in all kinds of politics and my personal preference among them I will not enter.
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