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Just For Pun (vol. IV)
Compiled by Memorable Quotes

In the process of rebuilding...

One Love (soberknight)
W Grimshaw vs A Love, 1886 
(C28) Vienna Game, 19 moves, 1-0

Broken Glass (soberknight)
E Glass vs Fine, 1933 
(D02) Queen's Pawn Game, 27 moves, 0-1

Crybaby (soberknight)
A Davis vs C F Tears, 1944 
(C57) Two Knights, 17 moves, 1-0

Say it ain't So (Jim Bartle)
S Sjugirov vs W So, 2005 
(B30) Sicilian, 33 moves, 1-0

A Pile of trouble (soberknight)
R Pile vs A Tukhaev, 2005 
(B54) Sicilian, 27 moves, 0-1

Jacko-lantern & Wacko Jacko (both by tpstar)
V Jacko Sr vs J Jackova, 1994 
(C56) Two Knights, 34 moves, 1-0

Stuffed (maoam)
Alekhine vs Pita / Allies, 1944 
(C43) Petrov, Modern Attack, 17 moves, 1-0

Worth Skipping (sixfeetunder)
Chigorin vs A Skipworth, 1883 
(C00) French Defense, 16 moves, 1-0

Kopf lost his head (sneaky pete)
R Kopf vs H Pensold, 1993 
(C37) King's Gambit Accepted, 39 moves, 0-1

White's defense was full of holes (John Doe)
Hols vs Bucker, 1792 
(C40) King's Knight Opening, 10 moves, 0-1

There are too many puns to cite, check them out yourself
Anand vs S A Butt, 1987 
(B81) Sicilian, Scheveningen, Keres Attack, 42 moves, 1-0

Hunger strike (notsodeepthought)
L Schiffler vs Hunger, 1950 
(A00) Uncommon Opening, 36 moves, 1-0

Tim "The Toolman" Taylor (Benzol)
T Taylor vs Zsuzsa Polgar, 1985 
(E76) King's Indian, Four Pawns Attack, 19 moves, 1-0

MMighty Wind & Wind beneath my wings (both by tpstar)
M M Wind vs G Welling, 1977 
(C33) King's Gambit Accepted, 24 moves, 1/2-1/2

Alexandro the Great (tpstar)
R P Alvarez vs A Valenzuela, 2005 
(A45) Queen's Pawn Game, 23 moves, 0-1

iamverywellingatchess (tpstar)
J Piket Sr vs G Welling, 1985 
(D00) Queen's Pawn Game, 61 moves, 0-1

Pay Day (Timothy Glenn Forney)
L Day vs T Koliada, 1994 
(A07) King's Indian Attack, 48 moves, 1-0

A daring way to Greet A Captaine (Autoreparaturwerkbau)
A Capitaine vs A Greet, 2005 
(A02) Bird's Opening, 18 moves, 0-1

Black had a Tromp up his sleeve (azaris)
R Tromp vs R Gonzalez Davila, 2004 
(C40) King's Knight Opening, 7 moves, 0-1

Ehlvest has left the building (RandomVisitor)
Kramnik vs Ehlvest, 1996 
(A17) English, 29 moves, 1-0

Winter Wunder land (tamar)
A Winter vs J Wunder, 1992 
(C25) Vienna, 34 moves, 1-0

Froot Lupi (DutchDunce & blingice)
F Lupi vs Alekhine, 1946 
(C42) Petrov Defense, 22 moves, 0-1

Naka on heaven's door (Sneaky)
Nakamura vs I Ibragimov, 2004 
(C02) French, Advance, 66 moves, 1-0

Beast of Burden (tpstar)
Steinitz vs F Burden, 1862 
(C58) Two Knights, 35 moves, 0-1

Not much of Ajoy (after Treadhead57)
T Stock vs A Solomon, 2006 
(E30) Nimzo-Indian, Leningrad, 14 moves, 1-0

Kunin trap (after MUG)
Kunin vs Ochsengoit, 1958 
(C15) French, Winawer, 11 moves, 1-0

The chess jewel (after Autoreparaturwerkbau)
L Au vs J Diamond, 1994 
(E17) Queen's Indian, 22 moves, 1-0

Dustin' the Wind (after tpstar)
R Jongman vs M M Wind, 1984
(B00) Uncommon King's Pawn Opening, 32 moves, 1-0

Stumped (after BishopBerkeley)
L Stumpers vs Euwe, 1946 
(E60) King's Indian Defense, 30 moves, 0-1

A ghost story (after who)
Casper vs Heckert, 1975 
(B02) Alekhine's Defense, 23 moves, 1-0

The match that never was (thanks, lopium)
Karpov vs R Fiszer, 2000 
(D30) Queen's Gambit Declined, 31 moves, 1-0

Tied in a Knott & Knott good enough (both by soberknight)
Morphy vs H Knott, 1859 
(000) Chess variants, 27 moves, 1-0

Kase Klosed (soberknight)
O Kase vs Tutzer, 1982 
(C32) King's Gambit Declined, Falkbeer Counter Gambit, 23 moves, 1-0

Some days are Baadur than others (Peligroso Patzer)
Jobava vs Kramnik, 2006 
(E12) Queen's Indian, 15 moves, 0-1

Idiot Savon (soberknight)
Savon vs Spassky, 1962 
(B47) Sicilian, Taimanov (Bastrikov) Variation, 24 moves, 0-1

Fear and trembling (IT4LICO)
Hector vs N Kirkegaard, 2006 
(A45) Queen's Pawn Game, 12 moves, 1-0

Khandelwal in the wind (Runemaster)
D J Ledger vs A Khandelwal, 2006 
(C53) Giuoco Piano, 32 moves, 1-0

To be quiet about this game, or blab about it? (YouRang)
Lipschutz vs Gossip, 1889 
(C28) Vienna Game, 72 moves, 0-1

Aaes of base (tpstar)
L A Nielsen vs J Zachariassen, 2006
(B06) Robatsch, 36 moves, 1-0

Existential blues (tpstar)
L A Nielsen vs N Kirkegaard, 2006
(B22) Sicilian, Alapin, 25 moves, 0-1

What D Hell? (chessmoron) & One Hell of an attack (cuendillar)
J Krejcik vs D Hell, 1921 
(B28) Sicilian, O'Kelly Variation, 44 moves, 1-0

Toiletgate (?)
Kramnik vs Topalov, 2006 
(A00) Uncommon Opening, 0 moves, 0-1

She-rov Bangs (OhioChessFan)
Shirov vs Dominique Bang, 2001 
(A52) Budapest Gambit, 23 moves, 1-0

Moody Blues (WannaBe)
K Davidson vs D Moody, 1990 
(C59) Two Knights, 26 moves, 1-0

The repetition (cu8sfan & Ingolf)
N Kirkegaard vs J Adamski, 2006 
(B42) Sicilian, Kan, 34 moves, 1/2-1/2

Moen and Gronn (Whitehat1963)
A Groenn vs A G R Moen, 1999 
(D46) Queen's Gambit Declined Semi-Slav, 71 moves, 1/2-1/2

The Clash of Civilizations ends in a draw (acirce)
S Muhammad vs V West, 2006 
(E11) Bogo-Indian Defense, 69 moves, 1/2-1/2

Very embarassing (Tamar)
Very vs Chanteux, 1933 
(A51) Budapest Gambit, 10 moves, 0-1

The calm before the Storm (acirce)
H Rossmann vs R Storm, 1993 
(B01) Scandinavian, 8 moves, 1/2-1/2

Winsome, lose some (NakoSonorense) & Down the Stretch
M Watai vs W R Stretch, 1976 
(C45) Scotch Game, 43 moves, 1-0

All your Base are belong to Torres (AniamL)
A Base vs J Torres, 1994 
(A07) King's Indian Attack, 35 moves, 0-1

Over the top (Benzol)
R Nezhmetdinov vs Topover, 1959 
(B96) Sicilian, Najdorf, 31 moves, 0-1

You can do Bettermann (whiteshark)
R Flugrat vs K Bettermann, 1988 
(B00) Uncommon King's Pawn Opening, 18 moves, 1/2-1/2

May the Bettermann lose (Eggman)
B Bettermann vs J Roscher, 1989 
(C57) Two Knights, 26 moves, 0-1

Slam Dunc (MoonlitKnight)
I Johannesson vs H Duncanson, 2005 
(A01) Nimzovich-Larsen Attack, 17 moves, 1-0

Paul Dunn had the last W Ord (Annie K.)
P Dunn vs W Ord, 1992 
(C30) King's Gambit Declined, 17 moves, 1-0

Shetty play (Whitehat1963 & Lawrence)
B Grabarczyk vs R Shetty, 1998 
(C34) King's Gambit Accepted, 25 moves, 1-0

Assassinated (Whitehat1963) & Missing Brain (Nina Myers)
B Kernan vs J Kennedy, 1974 
(B10) Caro-Kann, 15 moves, 1-0

Laughing Stock (whiteshark)
Stapelfeld vs Stock, 1980 
(D00) Queen's Pawn Game, 10 moves, 1-0

Central Pons (Open Defence)
Karjakin vs F Vallejo Pons, 2006 
(C80) Ruy Lopez, Open, 34 moves, 0-1

Another one bites the dust (MoonlitKnight) & many others
A N Other vs F Wenman, 1938 
(D08) Queen's Gambit Declined, Albin Counter Gambit, 8 moves, 0-1

Shaken, but not stirred (Open Defence)
Yusupov vs M R Martini, 1983 
(A46) Queen's Pawn Game, 43 moves, 1-0

He didn't Filguth (after syracrophy)
R Filguth vs Korchnoi, 1979 
(C05) French, Tarrasch, 34 moves, 0-1

Death of a chessplayer (after WannaBe)
Loman vs J van den Bosch, 1927 
(B91) Sicilian, Najdorf, Zagreb (Fianchetto) Variation, 33 moves, 0-1

No use Jelling (after colindru)
E Jelling vs Korchnoi, 2006 
(D02) Queen's Pawn Game, 43 moves, 0-1

No Mas! (after notsodeepthought)
M Mas vs R Guerrero, 1991 
(C00) French Defense, 12 moves, 1-0

Anastasian's mate (after kevin86)
A Anastasian vs Tiviakov, 1999 
(A45) Queen's Pawn Game, 42 moves, 1-0

The Worst (after vikinx)
C Best vs W Muir, 1967 
(C57) Two Knights, 19 moves, 0-1

Couldn't buy a win (after technical draw)
J Richman vs Fischer, 1963 
(C68) Ruy Lopez, Exchange, 28 moves, 0-1

Gordon Knott (after Domdaniel)
S Knott vs S Gordon, 2006 
(A17) English, 73 moves, 1/2-1/2

Phony Benoni (after WannaBe)
Kasparov vs Rachels, 1988 
(A57) Benko Gambit, 42 moves, 1-0

Bad To The Bone (whiteshark)
Fedorowicz vs E Bone, 1977 
(C69) Ruy Lopez, Exchange, Gligoric Variation, 19 moves, 1-0

De Brie vs G Key, 1922 
(C29) Vienna Gambit, 26 moves, 1-0

Check the posts by Lawrence & tpstar
R Quack vs W Krimbacher, 1986 
(D09) Queen's Gambit Declined, Albin Counter Gambit, 5.g3, 9 moves, 1-0

There's a good comment by azaris, that is too long to post here
C W Vitzthum von Eckstaedt vs Von Der Lasa, 1853 
(C44) King's Pawn Game, 33 moves, 0-1

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