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Chess Tournament eBooks
Compiled by Calli

Ebooks at Google Books & Hathi Trust

Please inform if you find other tournaments not in the list. The books for Hamburg 1885 and Frankfort 1887 are bound into one book. Similarly, Breslau 1889, Dresden 1892 and Kiel 1893 are in the same book. If you access one of these, it is easy to get confused when paging back and forth and be in the wrong tournament.

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1851 London by Howard Staunton;

1857 New York, First American Chess Congress by D. W. Fiske;

1861 Bristol Der Schachcongress zu London by Berthold Suhle; (in German) (although the Title page says London, it only includes Bristol 1861 and a few consultation games from London 1862)

1862 Düsseldorf, Jahrbuch des Westdeutschen Schachbundes by Max Lange; Coverage of the first two Schachkongresse at Düsseldorf in 1861 and 1862; (in German)

1862 London
---- Chess Congress by J.J. Löwenthal; Der Schachcongress zu London by Berthold Suhle; (in German)

1866 London Chess Congress by J.J. Löwenthal;

1867 Dundee by J.J. Löwenthal;

1867 Paris Congrés International Des échecs by J. A. C. Féry d'Esclands, G. R. Neumann, Jules Arnous de Rivière; (in French)

1871 Crefeld, Der Neunte Rheinische Schachcongress; (in German)

1871 Cleveland, Second American Chess Congress

1873 Wien, Der Erste Wiener Internationale Schachcongress by H. F. Lehner, C. Schwede; (in German)

1876 Philadelphia, Fourth American Chess Congress by W. H. Sayen;

Alternate Link:

1877 Leipzig Schachkongress (The Anderssen Jubilee) by Emil Schallopp; (in German)

1878 Paris Der Internationale Schachkongress by Emil Schallopp; (in German)

1880 New York, Fifth American Chess Congress by Charles Gilbert;

1882 Vienna, Games of the Vienna tournament of 1882: A selection of the best... By Alexander G. Sellman

1883 London International by J.I. Minchin

1883 Nürnberg Der Dritte Kongress Des Deutschen Schachbundes By Emil Schallop

Alternate Link:

1885 Hamburg, Der Vierte Kongress des Deutschen Schachbundes by C. v. Bardeleben und M. Kürschner; (in German)

1886 Rome Il Quinto Torneo Scacchistico Italiano Nazionale, By C. Salvioli

1886 Ohio State Chess Association Tournament

1887 Frankfort, Der Fünfte Kongress des Deutschen Schachbundes by C. v. Bardeleben, H. V. Gottschall and J. Mieses; (in German)

1888 Bradford, The 4th BCA Congress;

Also 36 games: "A Selection of Games from the International Tournament Played at Bradford, Yorkshire" by W.W. Morgan, 1888

1889 New York, Sixth American Chess Congress by William Steinitz;

1889 Der internationale schachkongress zu Amsterdam im August, 1889; bearb. von D. van Foreest und I.D. Tresling.

1889 Breslau, Der Sechste Kongress des Deutschen Schachbundes by H. V. Gottschall, J. Metger and H. Seger; (in German) - Google not working at the moment

1892 Dresden, Der Siebente Kongress des Deutschen Schachbundes by P. Schellenberg, J. Metger, P. Lipke and J. Mieses; (in German)

1893 Kiel, Der Achte Kongress des Deutschen Schachbundes by J. Metger; (in German)

1895 Hastings by Horace F. Cheshire;

---- Das Internationale Schachturnier zu Hastings by Emil Schallopp; (in German)

1895-96 St. Petersburg by J. Mason, W. H. K. Pollock

1895-1896 St. Petersburg (In Russian)

1896 Nürnberg Das internationale Schachturnier des Schachclubs Nürnberg im Juli- August 1896 by S. Tarrasch & Chr. Schröder

1897 Stockholm (First tournament in De Nordiska Schackkongresserna by H. Krause, A. C. Rosendahl and F. Englund)

1898 Wien Internationales Kaiser-Jubiläums by A. Halprin, H. Fähndrich, Georg Marco; (in German)

1899 London

1899 Köbenhavn (Copenhagen) (Second tournament in De Nordiska Schackkongresserna by H. Krause, A. C. Rosendahl and F. Englund)

1899 Amsterdam Internationale Schaakwedstrijd edited by H. D. B. Meijer

1900 Paris by Sam Rosenthal

1900 München der Zwölfte Kongress Des Deutschen Schachbundes herausgegeben von Professor Dr. Gebhardt, Carl Schlechter und Georg Marco

1901 Göteborg (Third tournament in De Nordiska Schackkongresserna by H. Krause, A. C. Rosendahl and F. Englund)

1902 Hanover by Gebhardt et al

1903 Monte Carlo by Emil Kemeny;

1903 Vienna Gambit Tournament; Das Internationale Gambitturnier des Wiener Schach-Klubs by Wiener Schach-Klub;

1904 Cambridge Springs Not a true tournament book but the first issue of American Chess Bulletin contains all the game scores.

1904 Coburg, Der Vierzehnte Kongreß des Deutschen Schachbundes herausgegeben von Paul Schellenberg, Carl Schlechter und Georg Marco

1906 Stockholm Internationella Schackturneringen i Stockholm by Gustaf Och Ludvig Collijn (in Swedish)

1907 Ostende, Das Champion-Turnier by Siegbert Tarrasch;(in German)

1907 Karlsbad, Das Internationale Schachmeisterturnier by Georg Marco und Carl Schlechter; (in German)

The following was the previous link, but now the volume is unviewable

1908 Düsseldorf, Der Sechzehnte Kongreß des Deutschen Schachbundes, by Heinrich Ranneforth.

1908 Prague, This was part of International Chess Tournaments in Prague, 1908, organized by the Executive Committee of the Jubilee Exhibition of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Prague; issued by Vadal V. Kautsky in Slovak.

1908 Internationales Schach-Turnier, Wien,

1909 St Petersburg, The International Chess Congress by Emanuel Lasker;

1911 San Sebastian by J. Mieses & Dr. M. Lewitt

1911 Karlsbad by Dr. M. Vidmar,

1912 San Sebastian by J. Mieses & Dr. M. Lewitt, 2nd ed.,

1913 Havana By J.R. Capablanca

1916 Rice Memorial by Philip Sergeant

1918 International Masters' Tournament of the Manhattan Chess Club

1918 Berlin by Em. Lasker

1919 & 1920 Göteborg

1921 Hague by Bernhard Kagan

1921 BRNĚ (Brünn or BRNO in other languages) (book is in Slovak)

1922 London International Chess Congress, 1922

1922 Schachkongress, Teplitz-Schönau im Oktober, 1922

1923 International chess tournament in Moravian-Ostrava, from 1st to 18th July, 1923; ed. by Bernhard Kagan

1923 Karlsbad by Bernhard Kagan,

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