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2 Morphy vs Stanley Odds Match ( Pawn and a Move
Compiled by Calli

Morphy ½ 1 1 1 1 Stanley ½ 0 0 0 0

From "The Chess Monthly" of January 1858, page 29:

"After the close of the congress, Mr. Morphy, by a note to Mr. Secretary Perrin, proffered the odds of the Pawn and move to any player of the New York Club. This challenge was accepted by Mr. C. H. Stanley, and a match was arranged, Mr. Morphy giving the above-named odds, for one hundred dollars a side. The first winner of seven games was to be considered the winner of the match, but after playing five, the score standing Morphy four, Stanley none, and drawn one, Mr. Stanley through his second resigned the contest. Mr. Morphy's second was Mr. T. J. Bryan, who acted in the same capacity for Mr. Staunton at the time of the great match between England and France; Mr. Bailey was Mr. Stanley's second. The games were chiefly played at the rooms of the New York Club, and drew an immense concourse of observers. We regret to state that the play of Mr. Stanley, on account of indisposition and want of practice, was not of that strength and brilliancy, which he evinced in former years in his matches with Mr. Rousseau, Mr. Turner, etc."

The magazine continued:

"We desire to state that Mr. Morphy extends the challenge sent to the New York Club so as to comprise all the leading practitioners of the United States. He proffers any American player the odds of the Pawn and move, and will always be glad to arrange a match upon those terms."

The Evening Post, New York, on Friday December 4, 1857 reported:

"Chess.—Since tbe close of the Chess Congress, Mr. Morpby and Mr. Stanley have been playing chess together, the former giving the latter tbe odds of a pawn and move, tbe first winner of seven games being declared conqueror. Tbe contest now stands, drawn 1, Morphy 3, Stanley 0."

Louisville Kentucky Evening Bulletin on Monday December 7, 1957 reported:

"The chess contest between Paul Morphy and Chas. A. Stanley, in which the former gives the latter the odds of "pawn and move," is progressing in New York. Tbe first winner of seven games is to be declared lbs conqueror. On Thursday evening, the games stood Drawn 1, Morphy 3, and Stanley 0."

Game 1, Round 1 was not published until 1976 in "Paul Morphy The Pride and the Sorrow of Chess" by David Lawson. It is Game 47 in the book.

Game 2, Round 2 was not published until 1950 in The American Chess Bulletin by Lawson. It is also Game 48 in his book.

Game 3, Is it the score from Round 3,4 or 5? - Original published in The Chess Monthly (TCM) 1858, page 147, Game CXII. No date or Round was given. It was the only game from the match available until Lawson's publication of game 2 in 1950. Sergeant gives it as game 5, played on November 30. However, the newspaper gives the score as 3-0-1 as of Dec 3. Thus the match (Final score 4-0-1) could not have ended sooner than Dec 4. I searched the other compilations (Lange, Lowenthal and Maroczy) and cannot find a source for Sergeant's assertion that the last game was played Nov 30 or that it was the last game. Lawson, rather strangely I think, goes along with Sergeant, stating that the match ended on Nov 30, even though this does not really mesh with his dating of the first two games. This game could be Round 3, 4 or 5 id the match.

Game 4 was evidently played on Thursday, December 3 according to the 3-0-1 score given on that date by the newspaper accounts. The game score may be the third game in the collection or it may be one of two scores that have never been published.

Game 5 The date is unknown, although December 4 suggests itself. Again it may be the third game in the collection or it may be one of two scores that have never been published.

Round 1 - November 28 - Lawson, game 47
C Stanley vs Morphy, 1857 
(000) Chess variants, 29 moves, 1/2-1/2

Round 2 ACM 1950 - November 29 - Lawson game 48
C Stanley vs Morphy, 1857 
(000) Chess variants, 30 moves, 0-1

Round ? - TCM 1858, p147, Game CXII
C Stanley vs Morphy, 1857 
(000) Chess variants, 28 moves, 0-1

3 games

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