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Election Year 2016 - It never ends!?
Compiled by fredthebear

This collection got started because FTB bought a book on the Scotch Game in 2016 and couldn't get away from either one. Most of the games have been removed to the other collection. The politics never ended.


Long live the U.S. Constitution with the Bill of Rights, additional amendments, and the Electoral College! We are a nation of laws. Let's enforce our laws!!! Let's enforce the Freedom of Information Act and lock up politicians that do not comply.

Thank God for WikiLeaks!


No politician should be allowed to pass a law that applies to the people but does not apply to politicians. Obamacare is one muddy example. The Democrats gave themselves a much, much better healthcare package. No wonder they called a special session in the middle of the night on a holiday after many had gone back home to sneak the vote on that 2000 page monstrosity before it could be read. It was a dirty Democrat deed to be sure.


Thank goodness neither Jeb Bush nor Hillary Clinton won the 2016 presidential election. The country could not stand anymore of the whiny, excuse-making left overs. Obama did not get much accomplished at all; the economy still stinks, terrorism has surged and the rest of the world laughs at the United States.

2018 2018 2018 2018 2018

It turns out -- more and more information is still forthcoming --that the Obama administration will go down as one of the most corrupt presidencies in the history of the republic. Of course, there was the bomber Bill Ayers denial that kicked off Obama's political career. There are campaign contributions from Muslim terrorists. We know about Eric Holder gun running firearms to drug lords across the border, race baiting, and failing to enforce election laws. We know about Lois Lerner and the IRS spying selectively on wealthy whites. She made numerous trips to the White House to coordinate. We know about tens of thousands of documents requested by law under the Freedom of Information Act that Obama never turned over. We know about Susan Rice meeting on the airport tarmac with Bill Clinton during the campaign and then announcing a day later that Hillary Clinton would not be prosecuted. We now know Hillary's acquittal was written before the FBI investigation began! We heard about spying on candidate Donald Trump, which the Democrats vehemently denied and ridiculed (and still deny despite evidence to the contrary). It turns out the FBI got wire taps by using false evidence supplied by the Clinton campaign -- from Russia. Yes, the "Russia Collusion" did not come from the Trump campaign -- it comes from the Clintons!?! Robert Mueller's subsequent investigation is a hoax, nothing more than a smear campaign attempting to bring down Trump because the Dems know that the FBI and the Clintons have committed a handful of felonies. It's illegal for the government in power to use their position to change the outcome of the upcoming election.

******* ******$$$$$$ $$$$$$******* *********

Donald Trump will certainly be a lot more exciting, make things happen -- he loves drama. That's exactly what half the country is worried about! The news media will devour Trump, and Trump has such a big ego he'll continue to feed the news media more ammunition than it could ever use. How did The Donald become a billionaire and be so loose with his comments? Perhaps that's his New York style that people kind of expect and accept because he's always been a big shot. Unfortunately, it does not appear that Trump will "lock her up!" since their daughters are friends. How many campaign promises were just rhetoric?

Fredthebear supported Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, son of Ron Paul. Rand Paul was one of the many innocent people Trump made unprovoked fun of. Rand Paul has true class, intelligence and insight... a real plan for America. The Pauls fight for our INDIVIDUAL FREEDOMS that are rapidly being stripped away (Obamacare is a massive intrusion of personal information collection in databases to be used against us at the government's whim or to just get hacked), getting the federal government oversight under control -- especially the IRS, the Fed, and the Department of Injustice, reducing wasteful spending, and a sensible military. Our children and our children's children will live to regret Obama's twenty trillion dollar national deficit $20,000,000,000.00 national deficit spending with very little new infrastructure. (The McDonald's sign says "over 99 billion customers served" then by comparison $20 trillion in debt is absolutely crushing!!!) The Obama-Pelosi-Reid spending spree costs our country billions daily in just the interest alone. That was not only stupid, stupid, stupid, it's harmful, harmful, harmful. Our federal government is THE PROBLEM and the misleading mainstream media is compliant.

Trump will change things if he can survive. Senator Rand Paul is standing up to Trump's rush when warranted. Paul did not allow that silly "quick fix" of Obamacare -- let's dump it and do it right this time around! Read it (in the light of day instead of that Nancy "I'm from the Swamp" Pelosi/Dirty Harry Reed holiday sneak vote deep in the night while the country slept) before you pass it this time! (Rand Paul is an eye doctor who has served in foreign countries; he understands health care issues.) Rand Paul already has my vote for 2020! Fredthebear will never vote for a perpetually dishonest Clinton, and yes Crooked Hillary will run again if her health holds up. What better way to break the law and stuff your pockets full than to be an elected politician? Jeb Bush will run again, too. Donald Trump will be a one-term president, or less. I doubt The Wall ever gets built. Look for Chelsea in 2024 -- barf! Rand Paul is a man of poise, character and wisdom who works with both sides of the aisle -- look at this track record. He gets my vote.

Besides, have you ever seen the beautiful state of Kentucky? There's a lot for a bear to do there. Fredthebear spent a winter hibernating in Mammoth Cave and stuck around for the Derby in May. You should visit The Bluegrass State.


American history will not forget 12/18/19. After three years of various guilty-as-charged, then find the evidence (Congress is not a court of law -- in fact, Congress is protected by law, legally allowed to lie about others with impunity as long as it's done in the course of one's duty within the chambers) the Democrats finally (on their fourth vote attempt) successfully voted to impeach President Donald J. Trump. The hateful Democrats have attempted to impeach four of the last five Republican presidents. The hateful Democrats have attempted to impeach four of the last five Republican presidents. They use impeachment as a tool to harass the president. The majority party Democrats failed to present fact witnesses (it was all hearsay and speculation) or prove quid pro quo, or investigate their own members (since when are presidential candidates allowed to break the law?) or present the fake whistle blower with whom they coordinated with beforehand. Doesn't the president have the right to face his accuser, the whistleblower? Doesn't the president have the right to call his own witnesses? Trump was not given due process under the majority rule Democrats, who once against changed the rules/SOP of Congress to suit their needs. What a sham, a total hoax, based on nothing more than hatred. Furthermore, no president should have to help Congress kick him out of his own office. If there's a case, then make the case, but don't expect the accused to be agreeable, helpful and welcoming, particularly when he was not given due process.

No one expects the president to be convicted in the Senate and removed from office. That's because Republicans hold the majority in the Senate, and the standard for conviction is MUCH higher.

Personally, I do not like Donald Trump. He's a jackass and a wife cheater. However, Trump has been an effective president that has certainly improved the country compared to the regressive Socialist Obama regime, which often skirted the law because Democrats will not prosecute one of their own. It's remarkable how Trump gets things done despite constant harassment. Trump has accomplished more in two years than Obama did in eight.

The Supreme Court has yet to rule on the president's counter filings. Attorney General William Barr has yet to file against lying James Comey and his FBI minions. It's coming, but slowly. Democrats under the Obama regime will go to federal prison as convicted felons. They expected Hillary Clinton to be the next president, so their crimes would remain covered-up. Frankly, this entire impeachment process has been a smoke screen, a stall attempt to delay investigations into the crooked Clintons and the pocket-stuffing Bidens, and the White House administration that knew what was going on. The American people don't want crooks in the White House, and hopefully they learned a lesson about the evils of Socialism. Trump will be re-elected in 2020. Frankly, I expect the House Democrats to impeach Trump yet again in 2020 for whatever they cook up, just to continue harassing the president in hopes of interfering with the election, for Dems have nothing better to do. They could care less about the good of the country; Dems only want power, and will continue to abuse it.

Chess variants (000) 1-0 Tarrasch gives a lesson on attacking!
Tarrasch vs Romberg, 1893 
(000) Chess variants, 21 moves, 1-0

Hungarian Opening: Myers Defense (A00) 1/2-1/2
N McInnes vs B de Cat, 2001 
(A00) Uncommon Opening, 22 moves, 1/2-1/2

K Pawn Game/ Hungarian (C20) 1-0 Fine positional chess
Somacarana vs Cochrane, 1856 
(C20) King's Pawn Game, 38 moves, 1-0

Hungarian Opening (A00) 1-0 Center clears, play on both wings
Gulko vs Radjabov, 2001 
(A00) Uncommon Opening, 43 moves, 1-0

Hungarian Opening: Dutch Defense (A00) 0-1 White K on the run
E Torre vs R Byrne, 1973 
(A00) Uncommon Opening, 41 moves, 0-1

Hungarian Opening: Dutch Def (A00) 1/2-1/2 Use half-open file?
E Torre vs R Bellin, 1981
(A00) Uncommon Opening, 21 moves, 1/2-1/2

Hungarian Opening: Dutch Def (A00) 1-0 Q sac sets up N fork
C D'Amore vs D Gurevich, 1990
(A00) Uncommon Opening, 41 moves, 1-0

Hungarian Opening: Dutch Def (A00) 1-0 Rook on 7th restricts
D Norwood vs D B Lund, 1991
(A00) Uncommon Opening, 33 moves, 1-0

Hungarian Opening: Reversed Alekhine (A00) 0-1 Big boy Rook!
Reti vs Alekhine, 1925 
(A00) Uncommon Opening, 40 moves, 0-1

Hungarian Opening (A00) 1-0 Queenside play, sideways K walk
Larsen vs Geller, 1960 
(A00) Uncommon Opening, 39 moves, 1-0

Mieses Opening: Reversed Rat (A00) 0-1 Bad kNight!
A Natri vs H Kallio, 2000 
(A00) Uncommon Opening, 63 moves, 0-1

Saragossa Opening (A00) 1/2-1/2Gains time, Bs of same color EG
Tartakower vs Reti, 1925 
(A00) Uncommon Opening, 78 moves, 1/2-1/2

Saragossa / London Sys vs NY Sys Instructive Exch (A00) 1-0
J Schulz Sr vs Kostic, 1926 
(D02) Queen's Pawn Game, 53 moves, 1-0

St. George Defense: Polish Var (B00) 1-0 Overworked pawn
Seirawan vs Spassky, 1990 
(B00) Uncommon King's Pawn Opening, 23 moves, 1-0

Modern Def: Three Pawns Attack (B06) 0-1More pieces than pawns!
W Mubarak vs A Planinc, 1974 
(B06) Robatsch, 21 moves, 0-1

Pirc Def./Philidor Exchange 0-0-0 vs 0-0 (B07) 1-0 Fast paced
Sutovsky vs L Draskovic, 2018 
(B07) Pirc, 26 moves, 1-0

Hippo, anything but normal C00? Trouble on e6
Csank vs Albin, 1890 
(A00) Uncommon Opening, 16 moves, 1-0

C02 1-0 26 Poisoned P multiple sacs for wide spread mating net!
Reshevsky vs A Vasconcellos, 1944 
(C02) French, Advance, 26 moves, 1-0

P-K4 Busch-Gass Gambit (C40) 1-0 Greek gift w/uncommon finish
R Gralla vs M Amini, 2010 
(C40) King's Knight Opening, 19 moves, 1-0

Damiano Def 3.Nxe5 fxNe5 4.Qh5+ Ke7 No d5 (C40) 1-0 EZ pickin
K Million vs J Marx, 2000 
(C40) King's Knight Opening, 11 moves, 1-0

Scotch Gambit. Saratt Var (C44) 1-0 Resembles Jerome Gambit
Shumov vs C Jaenisch, 1850 
(C44) King's Pawn Game, 20 moves, 1-0

Scotch Gambit. Cochrane-Anderssen Var (C44) 0-1 Romantic race
J S Miller vs Mitkov, 2011 
(C44) King's Pawn Game, 20 moves, 0-1

Unusual Scotch, Potter Variation (C45) 0-1 Unpin, King walk
M Ahn vs T Ruck, 2007 
(C45) Scotch Game, 26 moves, 0-1

Scotch Game: Potter Var (C45)0-1 9.g3 allows unrelenting attack
Koblents vs Lilienthal, 1945 
(C45) Scotch Game, 27 moves, 0-1

Three Knights 3...Bb4 (C46) 1-0 Legall's Mate w/2 Ns & 2 Bs
W Pollock vs E Hall, 1890 
(C46) Three Knights, 12 moves, 1-0

Scotch Game: Potter Variation (C45) 0-1 fishin' pole attack
Rublevsky vs Anand, 2004 
(C45) Scotch Game, 23 moves, 0-1

Scotch Game: Schmidt Var (C47) 1-0 Bxf7+ w/a twist
Astapovich vs Golosov, 1967 
(C45) Scotch Game, 11 moves, 1-0

[Scotch Gambit. Advance Var (C45) 1-0 Who takes the rook?
Dzindzichashvili vs Kalandazichvili, 1967 
(C45) Scotch Game, 18 moves, 1-0

Scotch Gambit. Advance Var (C44) 0-1 A New England Legend
D Edelman vs J A Curdo, 1983 
(C45) Scotch Game, 20 moves, 0-1

"Wrong cannot right the wrongs that wrong hath done"
A Miller vs Chernev, 1928 
(C45) Scotch Game, 9 moves, 0-1

2 kNights Def./ Scotch Gambit. Kside (C45) 1-0 2 mating squares
J Vasser vs T Brookshear, 1981 
(C45) Scotch Game, 9 moves, 1-0

Scotch Game: Scotch Gambit. Kingside Variation (C45) 0-1
Timur Radionov vs P Lindgren, 2015
(C45) Scotch Game, 25 moves, 0-1

Scotch/3 Knights, Steinitz Defense (C46) 1-0 common miniature
G Minchev vs D Miraschiev, 1986 
(C46) Three Knights, 11 moves, 1-0

Scotch Gambit. Advance vs Two Knights Def (C44) 1-0
K Hennel vs M Presalovic, 2000 
(C45) Scotch Game, 19 moves, 0-1

Scotch Gambit. Advance vs Two Knights Def (C45) 0-1
L Webb vs A Stefanova, 2001
(C45) Scotch Game, 60 moves, 0-1

Scotch Game: Mieses Var (C45) 1-0 Nice shootin' by 9-year old!
A Liang vs Kaufman, 2012  
(C45) Scotch Game, 37 moves, 1-0

Scandinavian Qd6 Gubinsky-Melts Def (B01) 1-0 Q fork backfires
J Kamps vs H Van Ginkel, 2009 
(B01) Scandinavian, 5 moves, 1-0

37 games

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