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Analysis 101
Compiled by suenteus po 147

I'm a poor player, calculator, and strategist. I don't have any games memorized. I don't have any openings memorized. And I probably couldn't checkmate with two knights and a bishop in an endgame if you gave me all the time in the world.


I do like to analyze games. I also like listening to, reading, and watching analysis of games by others whether they be users here (favs include <keypusher>, <Honza Cervenka>, <Phony Benoni>, <Rookfile>, <perfidious>, and many more of the old guard) or if it's Jan Gustafsson on Chess24 (he's my new favorite), or Peter Svidler (whom I know is everybody's fav, call me passé), or Nigel Short (whose cheekiness and storytelling is just as superb as his analysis).

The list below includes games of all kinds that I've attempted analysis on myself, or that I have followed the analysis of by others.

Resigned position: How does white win?
Y Hou vs H Cordes, 2015 
(C11) French, 39 moves, 1-0

Opening questions: The Queen's Gambit Accepted
Marshall vs Janowski, 1907 
(D20) Queen's Gambit Accepted, 24 moves, 1-0

Resigned position: How does white win?
Y Hou vs M Al Sayed, 2015 
(B91) Sicilian, Najdorf, Zagreb (Fianchetto) Variation, 35 moves, 1-0

Resigned position: How does black win?
H Steiner vs Reshevsky, 1934 
(C11) French, 36 moves, 0-1

Uncommented game: Is there improvement for black?
C Kottnauer vs Reshevsky, 1950 
(E33) Nimzo-Indian, Classical, 29 moves, 1/2-1/2

Endgame questions: Why does black resign?
Reshevsky vs A Kevitz, 1936 
(D05) Queen's Pawn Game, 44 moves, 1-0

Nakamura traps Anand in his own opening prep
Nakamura vs Anand, 2016 
(A29) English, Four Knights, Kingside Fianchetto, 26 moves, 1-0

Uncommented game: Where did black go wrong?
Reshevsky vs H Morton, 1936 
(D95) Grunfeld, 49 moves, 1-0

Carlsen's opening choices complicate Radjabov's middlegame
Carlsen vs Radjabov, 2015 
(C65) Ruy Lopez, Berlin Defense, 40 moves, 1-0

Opening study: exploiting black's cramped position
Y Hou vs V Sanal, 2015 
(E12) Queen's Indian, 47 moves, 1-0

Resigned position: How does white win?
C Yip vs Akshita Gorti, 2016 
(C04) French, Tarrasch, Guimard Main line, 48 moves, 1-0

Midgame analysis "as wrong as Karjakin was"
Nepomniachtchi vs Karjakin, 2021 
(C67) Ruy Lopez, 37 moves, 1-0

Alburt - SRCM v.II, Double Check
Schlechter vs J Thirring, 1893 
(C25) Vienna, 35 moves, 1-0

Tal busts the Breyer Defense in the Ruy Lopez
Tal vs Spassky, 1980 
(C95) Ruy Lopez, Closed, Breyer, 44 moves, 1-0

Fischer demonstrates 3.Bc4 in the KGA
Fischer vs D Minic, 1968 
(C33) King's Gambit Accepted, 24 moves, 1-0

Alburt - SRCM v.II, The Fork
S Popov vs I Buljovcic, 1966
(B05) Alekhine's Defense, Modern, 28 moves, 1-0

Alburt - SRCM v.II, Rook Combinations
O Feuer vs O'Kelly, 1934 
(C73) Ruy Lopez, Modern Steinitz Defense, 13 moves, 1-0

Alburt - SRCM v.II, Cinematic Masterpiece
R Nezhmetdinov vs O Chernikov, 1962 
(B32) Sicilian, 33 moves, 1-0

Alburt - SRCM v.II, Modern Benoni
B Gurgenidze vs Tal, 1957 
(A78) Benoni, Classical with ...Re8 and ...Na6, 27 moves, 0-1

Alburt - SRCM v.II, Uneasy Lies the Head
Colle vs V Soultanbeieff, 1930 
(D05) Queen's Pawn Game, 20 moves, 1-0

Ideas in the opening: Pawn sac in French, Advance
C Yip vs T Abrahamyan, 2021 
(C02) French, Advance, 33 moves, 1-0

Inspirational move: Euwe's 10...Qe7
M Sonnenberg vs Euwe, 1925 
(E60) King's Indian Defense, 34 moves, 0-1

Play Like Paul Keres -- Analysis by GM Friedel
Euwe vs Keres, 1948 
(C75) Ruy Lopez, Modern Steinitz Defense, 56 moves, 0-1

Openings with IQP: Keres analyzed by GM Boros
R Bobekov vs Keres, 1954 
(A32) English, Symmetrical Variation, 39 moves, 0-1

24 games

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