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RE:  Carlsen vs L Dominguez, 2008

ABOUT THIS PAGE: Maintaining a large database is hard work. Occasionally, games enter the system with incomplete or incorrect information. We rely on our members to help us straighten out problems that they notice, by submitting the correction form below. An administrator will review this information and apply the applicable changes to the database.

Nature of the error (check all that apply):
This game is a duplicate of another game
    For duplicates, please provide URL to the correct game below.*
One or both of the players is incorrect
The game score is incorrect or incomplete
The result of the game is incorrect
The year of the game is incorrect
The event/locale of the game is incorrect
The ECO designation for the game is wrong
The indicated sacrifice is not correct
The quality of this game is very poor
This game won't play correctly (PGN is bad?)
The annotation to this game needs to be fixed
The last move should indicate mate (#)
The gametype (CLASSICAL, BLITZ, RAPID, etc.) is wrong**
Other (please describe below).

Briefly describe the database error(s) below.

Enter your email address in case we have further questions. (optional)

*Duplicate games: Often, when two games look alike, there is actually a small difference. Please try to determine which copy is erroneous before submitting your correction. Use the comments section above to provide either the URL to the correct game, or the 7-digit game ID number. Of course, this takes research! If possible, provide the reasons/sources which support your conclusion. Note that we will automatically transfer all kibitzing and game-collections from the incorrect game to the correct one.

**Game Types: Game typing is very important for the purposes of computing statistics. Most games in the database are classical, but we may also designate games as: blitz, rapid, quick, correspondence, blindfold, analysis, exhibition, unorthodox, and other. "Blitz" includes 5 minute games and everything quicker (including "bullet chess"). "Analysis" includes composed games and even fraudulent games. The designation of "unorthodox" applies to Fischerandom Chess, odds games, or any situation where the rules of chess are not fully in effect. The designation of "other" is mostly unused.

Thank you for your assistance.

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