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Aleksandar H Wohl vs Aivars Gipslis
Biel (1996), Biel SUI, rd 9
English Opening: Symmetrical Variation. Hedgehog Defense (A30)  ·  1-0



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Kibitzer's Corner
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May-08-11  cyclon: So, quite right until the Whites 29th where I deviated by 29.Ne6+. I also looked upon 29.Qe5+, but failed to see Whites brilliant 30.Nd7!! ( -Qxd7 31.Qc5X. In the end Bishop shows his power on the h3-c8 diagonal; -Kc6 31.Qc5+ Kxd7 32.Bh3+ and now to avoid mate Black has to play -Nf5 33.Bxf5+ Qe6 34.Bxe6+ Kxe6 35.Qb6+ wins the Bishop after which the main concern is to eliminate the c3-pawn - a task that is not too difficult in the resulting position where Black King and his Rook are exposed to checks in the open position.
May-08-11  sevenseaman: 30. Nd7+ is an exquisite move from a thinking man. It forecloses the hole available to the Black K at a7.

This is where I missed it today; the limitation in my compass is obvious.

May-08-11  hms123: This game is discussed at length in Jacob Aagaard's <Attacking Manual 1, Revised and Expanded Edition, 2010, 320 pages>. It is in the chapter on <15 Great Attacking Games>.
May-08-11  vulcan20: White is down a piece and needs to act quickly. 23. Qh8+ Kd7 ends the attack right away, and 23. Rf8+ would be a great idea, but 23...Kxf8 24. Qh8+ Ng8 again stops the attack cold. After a minute or so of thought, I find 23. Rxf6 as a possibility, opening up the f7 square for White's queen. 23...gxf6 24. Qf7+ Kd7 25. Qxe6+ Kd8 26. Nf7+ with at least a draw since ...Kc7 abandoning the knight gives White a fistful of pawns for the Exchange. Can White do better than a draw? 26...Ke8 27. Bh3 maybe? 27...Qc8 loses to 28. Nd6+, 27...Bc8 does force the matter and draw however. In a real game, I'd have settled for a draw by this point, so I guess I'll admit defeat for today, but at least I didn't lose.
May-08-11  sevenseaman: <And anyhoo, this is a sunday insane, which normally means that I get to choose whether to be humbled quickly or slowly.>

I could have taken the hint but it taunts my fighting spirit for being too defeatist.

On an impulse I googled <Pippa Hamiltons Bottom> and got <Pippa Middleton's Bottom> instead.

Bottoms get good value for money, especially around the Middle-East.

There is a dubiously famed story about a Sheikh priding himself about not being swayed by any degree of female pulchritude even if it was to be paraded naked in front of him.

The boast was put to test. Having some technical arrangement in case the Sheikh did get excited half a dozen young beauties in their birthday suit were lined up in front of him; nothing.

Defeated, the committee ordered the beauteous bevy to go back.

No sooner did the six turn around, the bell rang.

Apologies, but the bottom line is that all bottoms must be put to the test.

May-08-11  cyclon: Just in case, I still do believe that in the A-variation my line 29.Ne6+ with 33.Bxe4 gives White a winning game until proven contrary - I just couldn't find a saving plan for Black, maybe you do. Same applies (29.Ne6+) if King gets into h3-c8 diagonal 29. -Kd7 or -Kc8 (-Kd6/Kc6/30.Ng7+ wins the Queen and -Kb6 30.Qd4+ Kc6 [-Kb5 31.Qc5+ Ka4 32.Qa5X] 31.Bxe4+ Kb5 32.Qc5+ mates next) 30.Bh3 Black cannot escape the effects of the discovered check f.e. -Ng8 31.Ng7+ Kc7 32.Nxe8+ with check/-Qh8 31.Nc5+ Ke8 (-Kd8 32.Nxb7+ Ke8 33.Nd6+ Kd8 34.Nf7+) 32.Bd7+ Kd8 33.Qb6X/-Qh5 31.Nf4 Qb8 31.Nc5+ Ke8 32.Bd7+ Kd8 33.Qf8+ Kc7 34.Qxe7 threatening among other things 35.Bc8+ and if 34. -Kb6 35.Na5+ Kc7 (-Ka7 36.Qc5X) 36.Be6+ Kc6 37.Qc5X or even Qd7X. And - forgive me my immodesty - so on.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Once: <sevenseaman> You are of course 100% right, sir. It is Middleton and not Hamilton. Or as one commentator called her recently, the most talked about royal a*se since Prince Andrew.

I saw an article recently which proclaimed: "You too can have a bottom like Pippa's". And I thought that was a spectacular missing of the point. I don't want my bottom to look like hers (chance would be a fine thing), but ...

May-08-11  scormus: Some things are best enjoyed as they are without getting actively involved ... like a relaxed afternoon by the river on a warm sunny day, like watching Viv Richards score a century against your team, like playing through this brilliant game without battling to solve an impossible puzzle, like reading <Once's> posts.

And of course like watching Kate and William's wedding. Especially ....

May-08-11  sevenseaman: <I saw an article recently which proclaimed: "You too can have a bottom like Pippa's".>

<Once> You are too serious in treating the verb 'have' in its intransitive form only; like in 'run half a mile every day and have good health'. Maybe the article meant 'have' in its transitive form like in 'have some apples'.

<SufferingBruin> would know; he is the English teacher.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Once: True, very true. Then there is the confusion between adjectives and nouns. Like the time when the Department for Trade and Industry announced its intention to help the businessman with a small firm.

But they didn't say a small firm <what>.

May-08-11  Marmot PFL: Could be a king hunt with Rxf6 gf Qf7+ Kd8 Nxe6+ or Kd7 Qxe6+ with an attack sufficient for the material, as black king is unprotected and his rook is out of play. Seldom can I see these all the way to forced wins so I usually don't try to look more than 5 or 6 moves.
May-08-11  David2009: A H Wohl vs Gipslis, 1996 White 23? Insane

White is down P for B with a strong attack. Try 23 Rxf6 gxf6 24 Qf7+ and now: (A) 24...Kd7 25 Qxe6+ Ke8 26 Qf7+ Kd8 (if 26...Kd7 27 Bh3+) 27 Qf8+ Kd7 28 Bh3+ looks ; (B) 24...Kd7 25 Qxe6+ Kd8 26 Nf7+ mates or wins the Q after 26...Ke8 27 Nd6+ Qxd6 28 Qxd6 and White has QBPP vs RBN a winning material advantage;
This leaves (C) 24...Kd8! Now 25 Nxe6+ Kd7 26 Nc5+ Kd6 27 b4 leaves an unclear position with White a Rook down; meanwhile Black threatens 25...fxNg5 winning. Try 25 Qxf6 seeing 25...cxb3! 26 axb3! and White has powerful threats: e.g. 27...Qc8!? 27 Nxe6+ Kd7 28 Bh3 seems good. Time to check (I am not confident I have solved this but I have spent a lot of time on it):
I have rejected what appears to be the winning line! Pity.

click for larger view

is the pizzle position with link to Crafty End Game Trainer.

Serious flaws in my analysis of the puzzle position. The EGT plays my line B as far as 27 Nd6+ but then plays 27...Kd8 and I can find nothing better than perpetual check. Time to read the other kibitzes and discover whenther a draw is a fair result in this position, or if there is a win in the 24...Kd7 line.

<Once: I think the exchange is worth it.> Sorry mate, you've invested a whole Rook...

<Ghuzultyy: [snip] Now things start to go wild....> The understatement of the year! :)) Really impressive analysis- thanks and congratulations. The EGT deviates towards the end of your line and counter-attacks with a5: (24...Kd7 25.Qxe6+ Kd8 26.Nf7+ Ke8 27.Bh3 f5 28.Bxf5 Bc8 29.Nd6+ Kd8 30.Nxc8 Nxf5 31.Nb6 Ra7 32.Qg8+ Kc7 33.Nd5+ Kb7 34.Qf7+ Kc6 35.Qxf5 cxb3 36.Qxe4 bxa2 37.Nf4+ Kd6 38.Qe6+ Kc7 39.Qxa2 a5 to leave

click for larger view

Black threatens 40...a4 followed by 41...Qb3: can you polish the EGT off?

<cyclon> how do your lines fare against the EGT?

<scormus> glad you enjoyed the royal wedding

May-08-11  cyclon: <David2009:> I haven't tried.
May-08-11  cyclon: cyclon: <David2009:> I checked my line 33.Bxe4 and it gives only +0.47 after some difficult moves. I didn't notice a relatively simple move 33. -Nc6. Instead (33.Bxe4) it recommended 33.Nc5 giving around +2.00.
May-08-11  EXIDE: This is way way above my level. Still going thru <Ghuzultyy> analysis, one must wonder if the great chess masters are really capable of so much analysis or is it play by instinct.
May-08-11  Ghuzultyy: Maybe wohl has calculated it all out, if he has, really good job.

I had a tough time finding the solution, it took me a lot of time which wohl didn't have. I looked at the variations on the board but he calculated on his head.

It is a deep position and really hard to be sure of the move. But that makes him a master anyways doesn't it

Premium Chessgames Member
  Jimfromprovidence: I could not get anywhere after 24...Kd7.

There's a very good side puzzle for those interested after 26...Kc6, below (instead of the text 26...Kd6).

click for larger view

May-08-11  rilkefan: <There's a very good side puzzle for those interested after 26...Kc6>

I'm not finding any resistance for black after Qxe7, between the mates after Na4 or a revealed check or fork with Nd7, or the black king getting chased into white's territory after fleeing to d5.

May-08-11  WhiteRook48: I got the first two moves
Premium Chessgames Member
  Jimfromprovidence: <rilkefan> <I'm not finding any resistance for black after Qxe7, between the mates after Na4 or a revealed check or fork with Nd7, or the black king getting chased into white's territory after fleeing to d5.>

Yes,that move works fine. I saw something more subtle which wins a bit more material.

May-09-11  LIFE Master AJ: A late note. (Monday's problem is already up.)

I found 23.RxB/f6!, as the only move ... otherwise White has nothing. (Despite spending close to an hour, I only got about eight moves deep, and still did not find the winning line.)

Why are Sunday's so hard?

May-09-11  LIFE Master AJ: On some days ... I see things very quickly ... and work them out with ease.

Then others - I work like crazy (like a dog!) ... and don't get much for my efforts. (I hope someone else will tell me that this occasionally happens to them as well.)

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Oh yeah , it happens frequently to mee too.As does it to many people I do know.
May-09-11  Ghuzultyy: <David2009:Black threatens 40...a4 followed by 41...Qb3: can you polish the EGT off?>

I tried to defeat EGT from that endgame which seemed like totally won by white. I failed for almost 1,5 hour before I gave it up. Here is the line I used:

click for larger view

<39...a5 40.e4>
So the queen can move.

<40...a4! 41.Qa3+ Ke6> I tried 42.Qf3 before and couldn't win. So I tried something different.

<42.Kg2 (!)>
Prevents Qa1+ which defends the a pawn undirectly. Its importance can be seen after analysing 42.Qf3 variations.

click for larger view

<42...Qb1 43.Qf3 Qb7 44.Qf5+ Kd6 45.h4!> Time to use the pawn army.

<45...Kc5 46.Qf8+ Kc4 47.Ne3+ Kb3> And here, I gave it up. There is definetely a win somewhere for white but this endgame is way too complex.

If anyone finds it please kibitz so I know that I didn't try for nothing.

Final Position:

click for larger view

May-10-11  njchess: This puzzle took quite a bit to solve, if only because one needed to prove the value of the rook sac. I stopped after 28. Qxf6 reasoning that Black's king was too exposed and his pieces were too uncoordinated to survive for very long. In one sense, this puzzle wasn't too difficult if only because there were no credible alternatives to 23. Rxf6.
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