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Ljubomir Ljubojevic vs Georgi Tringov
Chess Olympiad Final-A (1972), Skopje MKD, rd 12, Oct-09
Nimzo-Larsen Attack: Indian Variation (A01)  ·  1-0



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Kibitzer's Corner
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Nov-10-10  solskytz: That's nice, by the way. Did you observe the cute:
37...Nxe4 38. Bxe4 de 39. Rxe4 Bc6 (I worked this over with Alekhine when we were analyzing in Baden Baden) and now it looks like white has an alternative to 40. Re1 in 40. d5...

but now watch this - 40...ed and 41. Nxd5 will lose at least a piece to 41...Bxd5. 42. Rd3 doesn't work on account of 42...Rh1 mate, and 42. c4 is more fun stuff after 42...Rh1+ 43. Kxh1 Bxe4+ and 44...Qxd2.

An interesting question would then be, from White's perspective, what is better on move 39 - to keep blockading the e-pawn, Nimzowitsch-style, or to go 39. Rxe4 Bc6 40. Re1, building on a dynamic balance of threats in case black retreats the rook, or allowing an interesting Q+N vs. Q+B ending, with sharp or tame possibilities according to taste...

Of course a thorough analysis of variations is due, which I'm not going to do right now... but it's amazing how different the character of ensuing play can turn out to be, just following one choice by white (39. to blockade or not to blockade?) and one by black (40... to exchange or not to exchange?)

Premium Chessgames Member
  Jimfromprovidence: I missed the game winning move put forth by <Aragon69> and others, 41 Nh5+ Kg8 42 Nf6+ Kg7 43 Qg5!, below.

click for larger view

The threat is 44 Nh5+, with forced mate to follow.

Beside the forementioned 43...Rh1 I was curious about 43...Rf1 as a defense.

click for larger view

This stops 44 Nh5+, so I guess white can now take the bishop with 44 Nxd7. But now black has the threat 44...Qd1, below. (threatening 45...Qxe2+).

click for larger view

It looks like 45 Qe5+ Kh6 46 Qe4 stops the threat.

This is a weekend puzzle, for sure!

Premium Chessgames Member
  OBIT: Heh, I was kicking myself last night for missing ...Rh1+ in one of my key lines, but now I realize I have plenty of company - there's lots of analysis here missing rook sacs to force draws or even wins.

In this position, there are so many variations where Black is able to stir up trouble that I think this puzzle deserves a promotion. This isn't a Wednesday puzzle, it's a Friday puzzle, at least.

Nov-10-10  Patriot: <OBIT>

You're right. There is quite a lot of analysis to force it thru to a win. It deserves Friday status in that regard. The rook sac is something I missed as well and should have considered (especially since it is a check!).

It makes for a tough puzzle but 41.Nh5+ would be an easy decision OTB (if you see it). That's because it carries virtually no risk. The worst thing that can happen is black takes the knight and white gets the queen and rook involved with a strong attack. That part I would calculate carefully in a game. As for the rest, there's nothing to lose. And concerning the rook sac, hopefully if I got to that point in the game I wouldn't fall for that trick. But that's just chess.

Nov-10-10  MaczynskiPratten: A lot of people seem to be assuming that Rh1+ simply wins in several variations. There's more to it, because White doesn't have to capture (just as Black didn't have to cature after Nh5+). After Kg2, the desperado line with Rg1+ Kf2 Rf1+ seems to fail to Kxf1 as Qd1+ by Black no longer picks up the Rook. The right reply to Kg2 is probably Bc6+ Kf2 Rh2+!

Also I looked at 41 d5 initially and dismissed it because of Rd1 which seems good for a draw at least as White no longer has Qd4+.

Nov-10-10  Suji: <Once> Very funny, I enjoyed that.
Nov-10-10  wals: Found that easily.

Rybka 4 x 64

A more or less even game up to move 35...

depth: 17 : 4 min :
Black error
(+0.94):35...Ra8. Best, Bc6, +0.67,
or Nf7, +0.77.

depth: 18 : 12 min :
Black blunder
(+4.67):40...Qxb3. Best, would have kept the flag flying for a while,

1. (1.02): 40...Kg8 41.Rf2 Bc6 42.d5 exd5 43.Nxd5 Qd6 44.c4[] b5 45.Qc3 Rb1 46.Qf3 bxc4 47.bxc4 Re1 48.Qf7+ Kh8 49.Qf6+ Qxf6 50.Rxf6 Bxd5 51.cxd5 Rd1 52.d6 Kg7 53.Re6 Rd2+ 54.Kh3 Kf7 55.Re7+ Kf6

2. (1.83): 40...Qa8 41.d5[] Kg8 42.c4 exd5 43.Qxd5+ Qxd5 44.Nxd5 Rd1 45.Nxb6 Bc6 46.g4 Bf3 47.Re7 Bxg4 48.Nd5

3. (1.90): 40...Rf1 41.Nxe6+ Bxe6 42.Rxe6 Qxb3 43.Re7+ Rf7 44.Rxf7+ Kxf7 45.d5 Qb5 46.Qf2+ Kg8 47.d6 Qd3 48.Qxb6 Qe2+ 49.Kg1 Qe1+ 50.Kg2[] Qe4+ 51.Kf2 Qc2+ 52.Kg1 Qd1+ 53.Kg2[] Qc2+ 54.Qf2 Qxc3 55.Qa2+ Kg7

Nov-10-10  Uvulu: How would White deal with Black's defence in the event of 41.Nh5+ Kh8 42.Qh6 Rh1+?
Nov-10-10  gofer: <viv>: If you press the KIBITZ button you get a link under the text editor window to the "Kibitzing Help" page...

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Nov-10-10  DarthStapler: I considered the first move but I couldn't find anything convincing so I settled on d5
Nov-10-10  David2009: <Patriot>

I enjoy your posts which are well thought through and with sound practical advice. But I challenge <41.Nh5+ would be an easy decision OTB (if you see it). That's because it carries virtually no risk.> The risk is that Black escapes with his King (to a draw, as Crafty EGT very nearly manages to do) and that White is missing something better.

One thing that I am learning from these puzzles is not to go with my first reaction but to spend a moment checking for something better. I thought I had found it with 41 d5 since all I saw were 41...exd5? 42 Nh5+ winning easily in all variations plus other Black tries even less helpful. Thus 41 d5 appeared to be a risk-free way of increasing the pressure and opening lines, whilst pre-empting counter-play by ...Bc6.

When I was composing my original post Ljubojevic vs Tringov, 1972 I was mentally patting myself on the back for not accepting the first offer of 41 Nh5+ ("I'm learning something here, I've been too impulsive in the past").

Your mentor <Dan Heisman> in one of his articles (linked by your profile/ personal forum) has coined the term "hope chess" for over-optimistic people who consistently concentrate on their own plans and forget the threats of their opponents. This exactly describes my thinking in this puzzle - I completely missed Black's main threat in the puzzle position which is ...Qb1!. I think optimism is a great asset in life. But it's not necessarily useful on the chess board.

Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: This it was steady serious play flattening black Georgis king like a Ljubo '87 beaujolais. Lovely jubbly gip fools horse feint nxe6 delivers fell swoop knight across.

Propping up b3 ar Colle Zukertort strikes again nest pas.

Vaudevillle stage 41.nh5 dim out the lights. It fright knight in. Attempts upside-down english/ birds from hubby love pop 18.c3 net cul de sac opening long diagonal a3 e7 would slant black sap. Air teeth 40..qB3 trigger man, die varwe mir the Vinohrady h5 stumble one might ask?

Nov-10-10  VincentL: I have come back to this after some 20 hours, and see that all the early analyses, including my own, have many flaws.

None of the early posters considered Rh1+ as a defence/(attack!)- I saw it and dismissed it, as probably did others.

My continuation after Kf7 does not win (it loses to......Rh1+) and Kf8 I did not consider at all.

It would be interesting to know what Ljubojevic had prepared had black declined the knight. Anyone know if he made any comments somewhere after the game?

Nov-10-10  CHESSTTCAMPS: White has a knight for a bishop in a position where both kings are exposed, but the area around black's king is completely undefended by any pieces. Black threatens Qb1 or Bc6, but the back rank attack is too slow. Apparently, black has relied on protecting e6 as his primary defense, but white has a sneakier point of entry for his knight:

41.Nh5+! exposes the black king to the full force of white's majors:

A) 41... gxh5 42.Qg5+ Kh8 43.Qd8+ Kg7 44.Qxd7+ Kg8 45.Qe8+ Kg7 47.Rf2 Qa8 (otherwise 48.Qf8+ Kg6 49.Qf6#) 48.Rf7+ Kg6/h6 49.Qxe6#

A.1) 42... Kf7/f8 43.Rf2+ Ke8 44.Qg8+ Ke7 45.Qf8#

A.2) 44...Kg6 45.Rxe6+ Kf5 46.Qf7+ Kg4 47.Qf4#

A.3) 44...Kf6 45.Rf2+ Kg6 46.Qf7+ Kh6 47.R/Qf6#

B) 41... Kh8?! 42.Qh6(??) (first move considered) Rh1+!! (missed on first look) 43.Kg2 (Kxh1 Qd1+ 44.Kh2 Qxe2+ 45.Kg1 Qe1+ 46.Kh2 Qf2+ 47.Kh3 e5+ 48.g4 Bxg4+! 49.Kxg4 Qg2#!) Bc6+ 43.Kf2 Rh2+ 44.Kg1 Qd1+ wins for black!

B.1) 42.Rf2! gxh5 (Qa8 43.Qh6) 43.Qh6 Rh1+ 44.Kxh1 Qd1+ (or Bc6+) 45.Kh2 and black can't stop mate.

C) 41... Kg8 42.Nf6+ is good enough.

D) 41... Kf7 (or f8) 42.Rf2+ Ke7 43.Qf4 Ra8 (gxh5 44.Qf8#) 44.Qf6+ Kd6 (Ke8 45.Ng7#) 45.Qe5+ Kc6 (Ke7 46.Rf7+! forces mate) 46.Qe4+ K-moves 47.Qxa8 gxh5 48.Qf3 and the material advantage should win easily.

D.1) 42... Ke8 43.Qf4 Bb5 (Qa3 44.Qb8+ wins or Bc6 44.Qf8+ Kd7 45.Rf7#) 44.Qb8+ forces mate quickly.

Time to see how Ljubojevic played it and what the other regulars had to say...

Nov-10-10  LIFE Master AJ: I spent about five minutes analyzing 41.d5. Then, rather suddenly, the knight check jumped out at me.

Which verifies Kotov's advice that all checks should be analyzed first. (He outlined the Soviet procedure for identifying candidate moves.)

Nov-10-10  LIFE Master AJ: BTW, I failed to use my own checklist, and as a result, wasted a lot of time looking at an inferior move.
Nov-10-10  BraveUlysses: <Once> - brilliant!
Nov-10-10  LIFE Master AJ: Oh, <bleep>.

I read <Once>'s post ... then laughed so hard I nearly peed my pants.

Nov-10-10  EXIDE: Thanks for making <> available. I have played this position and each time white loses the game. I wish someone would post the definite continuation for 41 Nh5+,Kg8. I am thinking 41Nh5+ is a losing move. This cannot be a Wednesday puzzle.
Nov-11-10  turbo231: I played Nh5+ against Hundini and I got mated. Houdini moved to kg8 and I didn't know what to do.
Nov-11-10  meppi: the move 1b3 and then with an early f4 seems to be a good way to play the bird opening without confronting the from gambit
Nov-11-10  LIFE Master AJ: 41.Nh5+ Kg8 (41...Kf7 42.Rf2+ Ke7 43.Qf4 Ra8 44.Nf6 Qb5 45.Ne4 Kd8 46.Qf8+ Kc7 47.Qxa8 ) 42.Nf6+ Kf7 43.Nxd7 Ke7 44.Ne5 Qb1 45.g4 Qg1+ 46.Kh3 Qh1+ 47.Kg3 Rg1+ 48.Rg2
Nov-11-10  CHESSTTCAMPS: In my line D, 46... Qd5 seems to equalize for black. Perhaps this is a Thursday puzzle only if you consider the lines that accept the knight. This is a Sunday-level problem IMO. It took me long enough to find the right continuation to win against 41.Kf8 (Crafty's line), but I may need engine help to work through 41... Kg8.

<LIFE Master AJ: 41.Nh5+ Kg8 (41...Kf7 42.Rf2+ Ke7 43.Qf4 Ra8 44.Nf6 Qb5 45.Ne4 Kd8 46.Qf8+ Kc7 47.Qxa8 ) 42.Nf6+ Kf7 43.Nxd7 Ke7 <snip>>

What about 42... Kg7 43.Nxd7 Qd5, threatening 44... Rh1# and 44... Qxd7? Mentioned by an earlier kibitzer.

<JimfromProvidence> in your first diagrammed position, what about 43... Rh1+ ?

Premium Chessgames Member
  Jimfromprovidence: <CHESSTTCAMPS> in your first diagrammed position, what about 43... Rh1+ ?

<aragon69> posted this earlier concerning the position after 41 Nh5 Kg8.

<The only correct path seems to be 42.Nf6+ Kg7 43.Qg5!! Rh1+ (43.-Qb5 44.Qd8+ Be8 45.Rf2! and the double threat of Qe7 and Qf6 can't be parried by Qd7 due to the royal fork) 44.Kg2!! Bc6+ (44.-Rg1+ 45.Kxg1 Qd1+ 46.Kf2) 45.d5 Bxd5+ 46.Nxd5 Qxd5+ 47.Qxd5 exd5 48.Kxh1>

It looks like the key idea is to ignore the rook and play 44 Kg2 below.

click for larger view

Now the queen move to d1 is not possible without check because of the forced mate threat beginning with Nh5+.

Nov-12-10  CHESSTTCAMPS: <Jim> Thanks for the response. I did indeed think that 44.Kg2 would be refuted by 44... Bc6+ (as it was in some other lines) and I didn't work it through.

A remarkable puzzle. When I wrote the preamble to my solution post and referred to black's back rank attack, I did not realize the full extent of black's resources.

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