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Ashot Anastasian vs Alex Yermolinsky
URS (1987)
Budapest Defense: Adler Variation (A52)  ·  0-1



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Kibitzer's Corner
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Apr-03-08  zooter: Two people including myself got this combination almost till the end...

<Dr. J: 18 ... Rxe3, 19 fxe3 Qg3, 20 hxg4 hxg4+, 21 Kh1 Bxe3+ wins the Queen because 22 Rf2 Qh4 mates>

<zooter: 18...Rxe3 would have been a bad shock for white...

If 19.fxe3 Qg3 20.hxg4 hxg4+ 21.Kg1 Bxe3+ 22.Rf2 Rh2 and white has no escape>

Alas, after 18...Rxe3 19.fxe3 Qg3 20.hxg4 hxg4+ 21.Kg1 Bxe3+ 22.Rf2 Qh2+ 23.Kf1 Qh1# is immediately available and there is no need for

a) Qh4 (really a surprisingly subtle and crushing move) b) Rh2 (more obvious move)

why delay mate by 1? :-)

Apr-03-08  whiteshark: Very similar thoughts as <YouRang>. :D
Apr-03-08  piever: <zooter: If 19.fxe3 Qg3 20.hxg4 hxg4+ 21.Kg1 Bxe3+ 22.Rf2 Rh2 and white has no escape>

I think this line is not good, because white can play 23 Qxe3 avoiding checkmate.

However I did even worse. I didn't even consider 22 Rf2 when solving this puzzle (although it's probably the most natural move...) and assumed white would have played 22 Qxe3 but after 22 ... Qxe3+ 23 Rf2 g3 black is clearly winning.

Apr-03-08  zooter: <piever: <zooter: If 19.fxe3 Qg3 20.hxg4 hxg4+ 21.Kg1 Bxe3+ 22.Rf2 Rh2 and white has no escape>

I think this line is not good, because white can play 23 Qxe3 avoiding checkmate.>

Yes, 22...Rh2 would be a big blunder in a winning position :(

Apr-03-08  Marmot PFL: I lost to a very similar attack as white a few years ago. Now I usually play 4.Bf4 just to have another piece around the king. 17.Na4? was a big mistake though. That knight needs to go to d5 (Nd5 could have been played on several moves) and then can come back to f4 if needed. Ex. 17.Nd5 c6 18.Nf4 and if 18...g5 19.Nd3 with favorable trades.
Apr-03-08  johnlspouge: Thursday (Medium): Black to play and win.

Material: even. Black has an attack focused on f2. Both the Black Bc5 and Ng4 attack both Pe3 and Pf2. The Black Rh1 and Qh4 form a battery on the h-file against Kh1, and they pin Ph3 to Kh1, so Ng4 is untouchable. The Black Re8 pins Pe3 to Qe2. The White Q-side (Ra1, Na4, and Bb2) is almost out of relevant play, so Black’s overwhelming local superiority indicates something should be available. Black must act rapidly, before White plays 19.Nxc5 to reduce the imbalance. If White captures Bxg7, he creates an open file leading to his K-side. In the present position, 19.Bxg7 is a bad move, because it solves Black’s chief positional problem, to activate Rh8.

Candidates (18…): Nxf2+, Bxe3, Rxe3


White can accept the sacrifice.

19.Rxf2 Rxe3 20.Qc2 [Qd2 is worse] Rxh3+ 21.gxh3 [Kg1 Rh1#] Bxf2 (threatening 22…Qxh3#) 22.Qf5+

and with 3Ps for N, while Black might have some pull, but the position is not decisive. Investigation of the candidate 18…Nxf2+ exposes the motif of Qh4 mating on the weak dark squares, however. Thus, the right candidate is


White can accept the sacrifice.

19.fxe3 Qg3 (threatening 20…Qh2#)

20.hxg4 hxg4+ 21.Kg1 Bxe3+

and White has as legal moves two interpositions and a capture.

(1) 22.Rf2 Qh2+ 23.Kf1 Qh1#

(2) 22.Qf2 Qh2#

(3) 22.Qxe3 Qxe3+ 23.Rf2 g3 24.Rf1 Rh1+ 25.Kxh1 Qh6 26.Kg1 Qh2#

Refusal of the sacrifice is also fatal, ending with a Damiano’s mate (

19.Q moves Rxh3+ 20.gxh3 [Kg1 Rh1#] Qxh3+ 21.Kg1 Qh2#

I would say the candidate 18…Rxe3 looks fine ;>)

Premium Chessgames Member
  kevin86: I think that 18...♗e3 works as a winner,but it's clear that ♖e3 is the best move}.

I think that the idea of the puzzles is to find the bEST move-so clearly,♖e3 is the solution.

Apr-03-08  xrt999: I agree: 17.Na4 loses the game; after 17.f3 white's position is very good.
Apr-03-08  wouldpusher: Although 18. ... ♖xe3! is the best move here, 18. ... ♗xe3 also wins, albeit more slowly: 18. ... ♗xe3 19. ♕f3 (not fxe3?) ♘xf2+ 20. ♔h2 ♖h6 21. ♖ae1 ♖he6

click for larger view

Black now threatens ... ♘d3 as well as ... g5, and that doesn't look nice at all.

Apr-03-08  johnlspouge: <<Samagonka> wrote: Hi <johnlspouge>, [snip] I've heard something like "wer nicht hört muß fühlen" (who doesn't hear must feel", that's close to your thought but it's not really the same...I'm researching and hope to fill you in soon.>

Hi, <Samagonka>. My German is too rusty to reply to you without error, but I can still read it quite well, so you do not need to translate for me, if it is any effort. I am very curious as to where one might "research" German sayings. They contain a lot of useful wisdom, and I would enjoy collecting them. Many thanks!

My favorite Teutonic myth is about Odin drinking from Memir's Well of Wisdom, at the price of one eye. The idea of that one might know more by seeing less is profound.

I still calculate far too much ;>)

Apr-03-08  johnlspouge: <<MostlyAverageJoe> wrote: [snip] BTW, <Alphastar's> line <19. ..Rxe3?, 19. ..Qg3! wins after 20. hxg4 hxg4+ 21. Kg1 Rxe3 > also likely wins (-3.25), but not as forcefully as 21...Rh1+! [snip]>

This line also improves on my more lengthy mates after 21...Bxe3.

Apr-03-08  JG27Pyth: Missed this one. Saw the rook sac but burned out my mind trying to make some windmill-y thing work with Nf2+ but it wasn't there. The simple Qg2 threatening # in 1 Eluded me.

Nice analysis/breakdown of the position <JohnLSpouge> and thanks for this line:

22.Qxe3 Qxe3+ 23.Rf2 g3 24.Rf1 Rh1+ 25.Kxh1! Qh6+ 26.Kg1 Qh2#

I gave 25. Kxh1 an exclamation point. White can get to a much less pretty won ending from there, but the # is nice.

Jeremy Silman gives some rules for when to look for a combination (basically, exposed/vulenerable king, and loose pieces). This position doesn't really fit his criteria.

I've been blind lately -- I think it's the result of playing some blitz online... it just ruins your mind for real chess, and I'm not even kidding.

Apr-03-08  GibGezr: Saw it immediately. Not usual for me; I normally try a couple of poor choices before I stumble upon the correct solution. The rook just begged to throw itself upon e3, it was such a forcing move.
Apr-03-08  012: Wednesday puzzle <43. ...?> Apr-02-08 Judit Polgar vs Suba, 1993
Apr-03-08  jheiner: My thought process was pretty simple and informal on this one. Looking at candidate moves (there aren't that many) reveals captures on e3, f2 and h3. Nothing else jumps out and Black has little counterplay. I considered Bxe3, but Rxe3 is more forcing as it attacks the Queen, so must be responded to, and it controls the squares along the 3rd rank. But mostly it was the question of what would change when that f-pawn wasn't there. And the hole for the Queen on g3 jumps out.

Yep, got this easily. Upon looking at the kibitzing, there are more options, but the line played is optimal. Thanks for the analysis <johnlsplouge>.

Apr-03-08  dzechiel: Black to play. Material even. "Medium."

I was in Los Angeles last night at the Dodger game, which due to a rain delay, didn't end until 11:40p and I didn't get home until almost 1:00a.

Well, at first glance it appears that black will sacrifice a piece on e3. The question is, "WHICH piece will black choose to sac?"

I choose the rook for two reasons:

1) Both the black bishop and black knight directly or indirectly control key squares around the white king (g1 and h2).

2) The rook really can't be captured by the pawn because that would leave g3 availble for the queen.

So let's try it:


If 19 fxe3 then 19...Qg3 20 hxg4 hxg4+ 21 Kg1 Bxe3+ 22 Qxe3 (22 Rf2 Qh2+ 23 Kf1 Qh1#) 22...Qxe3+ 23 Rf2 (23 Kf1 Rh1#) 23...g3

picking up the rook, which means winning the queen for two minor pieces.

Time to check.

Apr-03-08  wals: Missed out. A big difference between
18. ...Rxe3 and 18. ...Bxe3. O well live and learn.
Apr-03-08  johnlspouge: <<dzechiel> wrote: [snip] Well, at first glance it appears that black will sacrifice a piece on e3. The question is, "WHICH piece will black choose to sac?">

Your logic in answering the question was much better than mine. Obviously, there is something left for me to learn (see below).


If 19 fxe3 then 19...Qg3 20 hxg4 hxg4+ 21 Kg1 Bxe3+ 22 Qxe3 (22 Rf2 Qh2+ 23 Kf1 Qh1#) 22...Qxe3+ 23 Rf2 (23 Kf1 Rh1#) 23...g3>

Note that <MAJ>'s 21...Rh1+ is superior to 21...Bxe3 in your line, which I also gave, almost move for move. While I am pleased to have learned a lot from you, <dzechiel>, I am disturbed that I am emulating your inaccuracies, too...

Oh well, time to watch "Single White Female" again, for the 50th time ;>)

Apr-03-08  patzer2: Black solves today's Thursday puzzle with the demolition of pawn structure tactical shot 18...Rxe3!! See <MostlyAverageJoe>, <johnlspouge> and <dzechiel>'s posts for a good discussion on how to conduct the follow-up to this attack.
Apr-03-08  SuperPatzer77: <dzechiel>, 18...Rxe3!, 19. fxe3 Qg3!, 20. hxg4 hxg4+, 21. Kg1 Bxe3+, 22. Qxe3 Qxe3+, 23. Rf2 g3! (Black is clearly winning - <piever>), 24. Raf1 (only move) Rh1+!, 25. Kxh1 Qh6+, 26. Kg1 Qh2#. 0-1 - See that Black is able to set up the mating net.

<piever> - you're doing a bang-up job of analyzing this game.

Instead of 24. Raf1, 24. Bd4 Qxd4, 25. Raf1 Rh1+!, 26. Kxh1 Qh4+, 27. Kg1 Qh2# 0-1.

Apr-03-08  DarthStapler: I kept thinking Bxe3, but I figured out why Rxe3 wins
Apr-03-08  johnlspouge: Scrub everything I said about Rh1+. Now that I am at home, I read <MAJ>'s post again, and I saw he was talking about the line beginning with the 18...Bxe3 sacrifice. Apologies, <dzechiel> and others (including myself).
Premium Chessgames Member
  FSR: Ironic that the game is decided by "a shot" by Black.
Jul-04-14  LawrenceBernstein: Textbook Budapest... misguided play by White.
Premium Chessgames Member
  fredthebear: 403 error
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