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Joseph Henry Blake vs George Archer Hooke
"Off the Hooke" (game of the day May-21-2010)
Casual game (1891) (probably analysis), London ENG
Philidor Defense: Lopez Countergambit (C41)  ·  1-0



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Kibitzer's Corner
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Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: I solved this once before. Qxf6+ has to be the move as you are looking for the old knights in the centre mate a la the one where the Q is sacked, is it Philidor's?

I started working it out and then I remembered it looked familiar. I knew it involved dropping the knights back as otherwise the K races over to a6 etc So, it just shows these ideas and sacs etc stay in the old noggin...

Very witty game? Arranged by the players?

Apr-10-15  PhilFeeley: I'm shocked! Queen sac on a Friday? Unheard of!
Apr-10-15  morfishine: <9.Qxf6+> forces mate:

(1) 9...gxf6 10.Nd5#
(2) 9...Kxf6 10.Nd5+ Ke5 11.Nf3+ Kxe4 12.Nc3#

I knew I'd seen this. Its game #15 in Chernev's "The Best 1000 Short Games Of Chess" He also lists the venue as 'London 1891'

Cooked or not, the position is interesting.


Premium Chessgames Member
  Bubo bubo: Friday, but not that difficult:

9.Qxf6+ Kxf6 (or 9...gxf6 10.Nd5#) 10.Nd5+ Ke5 11.Nf3+ Kxe4 12.Nc3#

Premium Chessgames Member
  scormus: Nice elegant and instructive game and puzzle. Maybe a little too instructive - looks a bit like a training exercise. Still I do like the 2N retreat #

Tuesday's remains the toughest puzzle so far this week ;)

Apr-10-15  morfishine: Philidor would wince if he saw this game. Pawns are the soul of chess, but thats pointless if your King is forced mated
Premium Chessgames Member
  Penguincw: Ooh. Queen sac. I thought it was Friday today. :|

Anyway, my guess was 9.Nd5+ Nxd5 10.exd5 Ne5.

Apr-10-15  Caissas Clown: "Difficult" was managing NOT to talk myself out of 9.Qxf6. Normally I have little chance on Fridays , but this was quite simple.
Apr-10-15  CHESSTTCAMPS: Trying to make everything complicated this week, I came up with

9.Qxf6+! Kf6 10.Nd5+ Ke5 11.f4+? (missing the simple finish) Kd4 12.Be3+ Kc4 13.Nxc7+ d5 (allows the dark-squared bishop to become a defender- ... Be6 14.Bxe6+ d5 15.Bxd5+ Qxd5 16.Nxd5 puts white a piece ahead) 14.Bxd5+ Kb4 15.a3+ (c3+?? Ka5 16.b4+ Nxb4 17.cxb4 Bxb4+ followed by 18... Qxc7) Ka5 16.b4+ Nxb4 (Ka4 17.Bb3#) 17.axb4+ Kxb4 18.Ke2! Qxc7 19.Rhb1+ Kc3 20.Rb3+ Kc2 21.Ra2#

Good practice for long-distance vision, anyway, even if this line does not have a hole other than the fact that a much simpler solution is available.

Apr-10-15  TheaN: Friday 10 April 2015 <9.?>

White has black in a Legál-like bind with the queen still on the board, and starts a king hunt with <9.Qxf6! Kxf6 (else Nd5#) 10.Nd5+> 10.e5+? is not the right way <10....Ke5>.

This is the crucial position. White can easily go wrong with 11.f4+? or 11.Bf4+? which forces the black king to the queen side, but how much you analyze subsequent hunts, the black king is safe on a5 or a6. No, the mating net is here and now: <11.Nf3+! Kxe4 12.Nc3# 1-0>.

Ironically, the mate persists if the bishop on f7 is removed, and white has no single piece over the 3rd rank. The knights control the central squares, the pawns the 3rd rank and the c1-bishop, whom also has not moved, f4. Black accomplishes his own demise by playing f5 too early, which is the last square for the mate. It's a beautiful mate.

Why this is <difficult> is the tendency to play 11.(B)f4+ with tempo. Moving the Ng5 then looks weird, as it gives up defense of e4. In the position at hand, that is exactly what white wants. He gives up e4, but defends d4 and prevents black from escaping.

Ah well, another queen sac monday!..... wait.

Apr-10-15  TheaN: Okay, even after long analyzing I failed to spot <9.<9.Qxf6! Kxf6 10.Nd5+ Ke5 11.f4+?! Kd4 12.Be3+ Kc4 13.Nxc7+!> also works, on account of 13....Kb4 14.a3+ Ka5 (Ka4 15.b3+) 15.b4+! Nxb4 16.axb4++ Kxb4 17.Kd2!! which is a brilliancy on its own.

click for larger view

Black can only delay mate an additional move, of which one is 17....d4 18.Rhb1+ Kc4 19.Bxd5#. More beautiful is a pass from black, 17....a6 18.c3#.

Instead, black should play <13....Be6!> which was what stopped me from playing it partly as well, but of course it's still easily won after <14.Bxe6+ d5! 15.Bxd5+ Qxd5 16.b3+! Kb4 17.Nxd5+ >.

Glad that 'missing' these king hunts I spotted the quicker and more beautiful mate.

Apr-10-15  Pedro Fernandez: Well, this puzzle was qualified as Difficult but it is not so hard to find the solution given that the black king is quite restricted, thus 9.Qxf6+ is the first obvious move and after this honestly find the mate is relative easy. But there is another interesting (and larger) variation by playing 10.e5+!?. In my OTB analysis I found the following variation (I can't assure it is totally correct as I spent just a few minutes). 10.e5+

click for larger view

...Kxe5 (another way is mate) 11.f4+! Kd4 (11...Kf6 12.Nd5 mate) 12.Nf3+ Kc5 (unique)

click for larger view

.Be3+ Kb4 (unique)14.Nd5+! Kc4 (14...Kb5 will be played next) 15.Nd2+ Kb5 16.Nc3+

click for larger view

This position is quiet complex, 16...Kb4 leads to mate in the following alternative: 17.a3+ Ka5 18.b4+ Ka6 19.b5+ Ka5 (unique) 20.Nb3 mate.

click for larger view

A complete study beginning with 10.e5+ requires a lot of time, though I repeat, the correct solution is not too hard to find out it.

Apr-10-15  Pballa: Wow, I went down a path lol. I still think it works. Maybe someone with an engine handy can check it for me.

9. Qxf6+ Kxf6 10. Nd5+ Ke5 11. f4+ Kd4 12. Be3+ Kc4 13. Nxc7+ d5 14. Bxd5+ Kb4 15. a3+ Ka4 16. b3+ Ka5 17. b4+ Nxb4 18. axb4+ Kxb4 19. 0-0 Kc3 20. Rab1 Ba4 21. Nb5+ Kxc2 22. Rfc1+ Kd3 23. Rc3+ Ke2 24. Rb2+ Kd1 25. Rd2+ Ke1 26. Rc1+ Bd1 27. Rcxd1#

Apr-10-15  whiteshark: When the ♘♘pair is at its best.
Apr-10-15  CHESSTTCAMPS: <Pballa: Wow, I went down a path lol.> Been there, done that. 19.Ke2 should make the path a bit easier, but I haven't checked using an engine yet.
Apr-10-15  Pedro Fernandez: Interesting your variation <Pballa>. Well, I considered the alternative 13...Kb4 (instead your move 13...d5) and leads to mate at the move 17. It is not necessary a machine as almost all the moves are obligated. However you're playing the solution move 10.Nd5+ so that a longer mate doesn't make much sense. By curiosity I have studied the alternative move 10.e5+!? (instead of the right 10.Nd5+). After I did post my OTB analysis (incomplete!), by curiosity I used my Stockfish_x64 and it announces +M9.
Apr-10-15  kevin86: The knights advance to attack and retreat to mate. The queen is sacrificed for three knight moves...and mate.
Apr-10-15  Pballa: <However you're playing the solution move 10.Nd5+ so that a longer mate doesn't make much sense.>

I'm not offering my line as a solution. I'm just saying that's what I calculated before I saw what was played in the game. I posted to see if my variation led to a forced mate. Obviously what was played in the actual game is the best line.

Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: Skims f6 offer tile ground as boot around.

Ebony herald e7 riguer ill as f6 offer up small resistance mate as soon am ive fire go ok gash amp line low good band job ha dug ash big jig have saw d4 use am f6 and gas forge gowrot f7 an woof fag agile f6 skim agile at head whiff f6 at air flight fay hay as way ah ha wag tail of dog d4 tonnage vets wheel ive around ah i rib hair

ball right rig d4 irk
i have cuffed it eddy am waver f6 food face
flock change find as lunge flood de fang

black horse f6 it da vow ave ya hoof quack along as coy quote boot tibulars bake proof f6 at puds up catch blind ive back tell as nip lip blip be nimble and quick f6 candle stick bin limp mind jangle eminate jim lap jam smoothie im as act worth again dime and nickle engine pound black hearld e7 rig d4 erm in at our behest agile f6 at good game link feel spin koinus e7 herald horse c6 bad fan caught to bind lit obvious again jathas f7 at seek back fetch f6 band have choose at mack bojangles angle ah ash hold plod ever tickle grund f6 at enact ive quad won i be proof angle f6 feels about right just calm down enter f6 at fly dipoff ash camp fence

Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: Aim dead in it now ave inter focus flight
again fluffs am cad c6 act dead duo dips an

dutiful crum pivot able glean c6 as pincer f7 away am plug fervent forces eg hearld e7 rig iller f6 up good tip queens e7 instead.

I of horse c6 engage canters 7...Nc6 aorta chance vibe vet no jest ave judge c6 brave over eg i ment queens e7 guess better evermore at culpa c6 angle cave ogle age old again lovely spread e7 foie grass put inter flake ohm an move at notes f6 annotate took ave spark bin door as put inter f6 over ape ogle ar rove save odd ive team order f6 at wovern fabric axe oblong again ever ave jealousy cajole at load i c6 jed it edicts e7 ave jeep d8 jenga block heebie jeebies away jeckyl and hyde g5 jive jello mould by jove jeremiah harvest thin picks c6 why then again manage over g5 beef jerky f7 at no jest ive jet juvenile delinquent jew d4 jezebel an goes herald e7 agog ok wangle change create queens e7 first eg oh sore point us call all choose class c6 bad as chances carafe e7 pour on scorn as carry inter f6 light wins affable mission select fetch caller e7 cancer ridden caper c6 cloister centre upon why am crimps and clacks at rails cushion ar blimp cloves counter glide f6 cudgel smooth cutlass cub hold caster sugar choose clocks cumber - band counts cobbles again couple roads crock c6 monsieur as tell again creates and craves e7 costly cutters ave.

I cuvees e7 ment good cowhorn and cowbell cattle prod you see cayenne vets pepper e7 him an dislocate tack cat cute caught act as chute vet tick tock clarinet match continuum as herald canute e7 cruton cot ave tonnage wheel c6 as bad covets thy neighbour ash i vent catty cog flinch cage flush fog choose f7 give fang as chin chug flow enough cuff face ghost c6 dank an dusty coils cadaver tickle reaps fa da dee advance his aims abreast 7...Qe7 exactly again plug as evermore each - way ecumen f7 effigies left an egghead eminate epicure saints f7 epidural cover e6 height epithany as ave head equates and equator ash line errands ermines pluck over ash d4 exocets missile over am earlier guise c6 essays e7 entraps eunich f7 good climbs everest eyeball execute ave safe gg get flog egg - face queens eg fog off f7 as goof get serious business arm d4 agog question of am fashion eg liege nt herald e7 kin kong account accent accord game clinch e7 win match give gem sparkle catch ave mace ghoul ash i erstwhile 9.Qxf6+ at cuff carafe inter fac flock why knock hill i pill f6 feckless chuff fickle flock flack f6 jacket sound proof cliff haveconifer tree g5 assist tile ground spread e7 foccacia now antic f6 inch ease at fleece focal point focus again cap fend ave spout f6 fracus faces and fetches scuffle go scarf wrap up fat chance bishop fuschia pink and vociferous again vilificate cow fence fasten flight fluffs fagend fallacy again freight train foghorn queen fritter ave inter glide festoon feeble catch c6 allow fillers ave do it eddy am wave invert route.

Won d4 an figment finesse foamers fervent faffers an flushes herald e7 rig again flocker flapper famines tell ave g5 lass assist f7 razzle crisp fattens flowers off fog free give inter tru fatter engage I do then ave cuff other bind as crew gaff g5 flow divide into fifths eg ment quater back i fluffs if thought again lifts off d4 up on time thod carry back inter f6 light continues 9...Kxf6 10.Nd5+ dip an donkey as have inter glide an build horse good drive spark as pair check down dance line bunt dont you know as head hope acts and i dives over sense at wave cart d5 horse am check as good hive spark again low inter guild horse light wins d5 hoe an down dents black herald e7 riguer ill as f6 interflout 10...Ke5 11.Nf3+ did farm again clean kicker ala show boat infer tile ground score at clean hit ok ave officer and gentle touch eg f3 at win thin pick as pair koinus e7 angle f6 feel e5 an ice rise skate again clean bill of health if f3 any glass seal eg wax ive inline crow as head an f3 crow foot aloof guys e5 caught at headlights off tender spot ace e4 it is done and i vases dusted ave passed over straight port of f3 call flog check around.

Clock king it edict ave get able give spark off clutch eg win dish up ave investigate 11...Kxe4 12.Nc3#

Apr-10-15  Eduardo Leon: <9.♕xf6+ ♔xf6 10.♘d5+ ♔e5>

I got stuck here for quite a while, trying to make 11.♗f4+ work:

A. 11...♔d4 12.0-0-0+? ♔c5!, and the black king escapes.

B. 12.♗e3+ ♔c4 13.♘c3+? d5 14.♗xd5+ ♔b4 15.a3+ ♔a5 16.b4+ ♔a6! 17.b5+ ♔a5!, and the black king is safe - certainly not comfortable, but he's a queen up!

B. 13.♘xc7+ d5 14.♗xd5+ ♔b4 15.a3+ ♔a5 16.b4+ ♘xb4 17.axb4+ ♔xb4, and, in this critical position, I couldn't see <TheaN>'s excellent 18.♔d2!. (One can only see so far!)

But, anyway, doesn't matter, because I eventually saw...

<11.♘f3+ ♔xd4 12.♘c3#>

Why make one's life so complicated?

Apr-10-15  Eduardo Leon: Incidentally, this reminds me of a game I played as a kid, in which I lost the queen earlier than move 10 - it wasn't a sacrifice, just me being careless. Nevertheless, I won by mating with the four minor pieces, earlier than move 20.

Of course, my adult self would've resigned immediately after losing the queen. It's almost unbelievable how growing up tends to make one less confident about their own chances.

Apr-10-15  poachedeggs: Wow...FIVE white pieces mate the black king on e4.
Apr-10-15  Pedro Fernandez: Well <Pballa> indeed I was a bit unfair with you since the fact that you found the right move 10.Nd5+ and afterwards a variation which leads to mate too, by no means it is a "loss of time" since it have theoretical value, no doubt! So my apologizes.
Apr-11-15  patzer2: Here's a look at a few key moves in the Friday puzzle game (9. ?) with Deep Fritz 14:

<3...f5?> This gives White a clear and strong advantage. Better was 3...Nc6 =, 3...Nf6 = or 3...Be7 =.

<4. d4!> After this reply, Black's game goes down hill as he can no longer equalize against strong play.

<4...Nf6?!> Objectively stronger was 4...exd4 or 4...Nc6 , but this would have worked out OK if Black had followed up with a stronger move on his next turn.

<5. Nc3!?> This worked out OK due only to Black's weak reply. Stronger is the Fritz recommendation 5. Ng5! d5 6. exd5 e4 7. Nc3 Qd6 8. Qe2 h6 9. Nh3 to .

<5... exd4 6. Qxd4 Bd7?> This practically loses. Instead Black has an even game after 6... Nc6 7. Qe3 fxe4 =.

<7. Ng5> Fritz prefers 7. e5! , but 7. Ng5 might be sufficient against stronger play.

<7...Nc6??> Necessary was 7...Qe7 8. Bf7+ . Now it's mate-in-five after <8. Bf7+ Ke7 9. Qxf6+ Kxf6 10. Nd5+ Ke5 11. Nf3+ Kxe4 12. Nc3#>

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