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Tejas Bakre vs Beata Zawadzka
"Bakre worse than his Bite" (game of the day Apr-16-2023)
Skanska open (2004), ?, rd 6
Sicilian Defense: Dragon Variation. Yugoslav Attack Old Line (B78)  ·  0-1



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Kibitzer's Corner
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Jun-06-15  jith1207: Apologize in my previous posts, I have confused white and black in multiple places.
Jun-06-15  Viennablue: @ninja,jith: thanks!
Seems i missed a tuesday-level thing on todays saturday 😐
Jun-06-15  sfm: I am certain that 16.-,Rxc2+ would never have crossed my mind. It is as much a 'bolt from the blue' move as anything I have ever seen. White's position looks completely healthy and solid, with two perfectly positioned bishops, with one of them dealing with Black's important Bg7, and even overprotected.

White could of course simply have tried 17.Qxc2, as 17.-,Rc8 18.QxR+, appears to be at least 'quite safe'?!

Jun-06-15  morfishine: I have the Dragon book by Gufeld & Schiller (revised 2011) but this game isn't in it. Its probably due to <sfm>'s post where White improves with 17.Qxc2 Rc8 18.Qxc8+ Bxc8

In any case, I thought <19...Rxc2+> was best but after 20.Kxc2 Qc4+ 21.Kd2 Bxd4 22.Qe2 I was unable to find 22...Bc3+


Premium Chessgames Member
  Once: A funny thing happens in this game. Black gets to create the same mating combination on at least three occasions but on different squares.

Okay, that might sound a bit "crouching tiger, hidden dragon" So I had better explain.

Here is the basic mating pattern. The white king is caught in the centre of a web of black squares. It is as if he is standing on the central dot of the number 5 on a dice.

click for larger view

Sometimes known as a dovetail mate, and sometimes known by other names. That's not important right now.

We first come across this pattern after black's clever 22... Bc3+

click for larger view

Now 23. bxc3 would allow 23...Qxc3# and we have our first dovetail mate.

So instead the White king is forced to run away with 23. Ke3 Qc5+

click for larger view

And here we have the opportunity for another dovetail mate. If White tries to block the queen check with 24. Rd4 then 24...Qxd4# is the same pattern, but just a square higher up the board.

White has to run again with 24. Ke4 Bf5+:

click for larger view

It's not quite a dovetail, but the pattern is very similar. The White king is in the middle of a dice 5 pattern whilst being speared along the diagonals. Which sounds quite nasty.

25. Kf4 Be5+

click for larger view

And again. Not quite a dovetail, but similar.

And on it goes. Black hounds the white king with eight diagonal checks in a rapid sequence starting with 22... Bc3+.

A stunning finish. I saw the first couple of moves, but not the whole thing. Now it seems so obvious.

It's the third day of my novel giveaway. Details of a free book on my home page.

Jun-06-15  mrknightly: "Tejas Chainsaw Massacre"
Jun-06-15  dfcx: White has an extra rook but can't use it. Its king is in the middle open to attacks.

19...Rxc2+ 20.Kxc2 Qc4+!

A) 21.Kb1 Bf5+ and mate follows

B) 21.Bc3 Bxc3 22.bxc3? Qxc3+ 23.Kb1 Bf5+ and mate too.

C) 21.Kd2 Bxd4

C1) 22.Qe2 Bc3+ 23.Ke3 (bxc3? Qxc3#) Qc5+ 24.Kf4 (Kd3 Bb5+) Be5+ and white has to give up queen to avoid mate

C2) 22.Qf1 Bc3+ 23.bxc3 Qxc3+ 24.Ke2 Bb5+

C3) 22.Qe1 Qb3

C4) 22.Qg3 Bc3+ 23.bxc3 Qxc3+ 24.Ke2 Bb5+ and mates

Jun-06-15  jindraz: somewhat odd as a puzzle, since at the diagram position Black cannot reasonably do anything else besides Rxc2. The 16th move is the unbelievable one, and still harder to guess that 17. Bxc2 is the losing error
Jun-06-15  kevin86: The exchange sac sends the white king on a 10 mile hike!

Salute to D-Day (71 years ago today). The courageous invasion of Normandy that led to the Allied victory in WWII.

Jun-06-15  1 2 3 4: Definitely not "very difficult", got it all the way through 21 (stopped after that)
Jun-06-15  jindraz: 1 2 3 4: not very difficult...the only difficult part was 16...Rxc2, and I do not play dragon and I suspect it is a standard theoretical sac. I looked at the endgame after 17. Qxc2 and it seems that neither side has anything since the white bishop at b3 is very passive. The curious thing is that after 17. Bxc2 Qxa2 White gets a breather but it does him no good.
Jun-06-15  BOSTER: <goodevans: 22...Bc3+ is certainly a lovely move, but white seems to be playing into black's hands with 22.Qe2,cutting down the options for King's movement>.

Absolutely correct.

This is the pos. White to play 22.

click for larger view

Here white could play 22.Qf1.

And if black'd play the same <trick> 22...Bc3+, white could answer bxc3 23.Qxc3+ Ke2 24.Bb5+ Kf2 25.Bxf1 Rhxf1 and <sfm: An absolutely stanning> win is far away.

if 22...Qxd5 23.Ke1, and if Bb5 24.Rxd4.

Jun-06-15  agb2002: Black has a pawn for a rook.

White threatens 20.Bxg7 Kxg7 21.Qd4+ stopping the attack with a won game.

The position of both white bishops invites to play 19... Rxc2+ 20.Kxc2 Qc4+, recovering some material:

A) 21.Kb1 Bf5+ and mate in three.

B) 21.Kd2 Bxd4

B.1) 22.Qe1 Bxb2 threatening Bc3+ and to push the b-pawn looks winning. For example, 23.Qe4 Bc3+ 24.Ke3 Qc5+ 25.Ke2 (25.Kf4 Be5+ wins the queen) 25... Bb5+ 26.Rd3 b3 27.Qxe7 Bxd3+ 28.Kxd3 Qd4+ 29.Ke2 Qd2+ 30.Kf1 b2.

B.2) 22.Qe2 Bc3+

B.2.a) 23.bxc3 Qxc3#.

B.2.b) 23.Kc1(2) Qxe2 wins decisive material.

B.2.c) 23.Ke3 Qc5+

B.2.c.i) 24.Kd3 Bb5+ wins the queen.

B.2.c.ii) 24.Ke4 Bf5+ 25.Kf4 Be5+ 26.Kg5 f6+ 27.Kh4 (27.Kh6 Bf4#) 27... g5+ 28.Kh5 Qc8 and mate soon.

B.2.c.iii) 24.Kf4 Be5+ 25.Kg5 (25.Ke4 Bf5#) 25... f6+ looks similar to B.2.c.ii.

B.3) 22.Qf1 Bc3+ 23.bxc3 (23.Ke3 looks similar to B.2.c) 23... Qxc3+ 24.Ke2 Bb5+ 25.Kf2 Bxf1 26.Rhxf1 b3 - + [Q+2P vs 2R]. The rooks are tied to the first rank due to the promotion threat. This means that Black's royal family has enough freedom to win the ending.

B.4) 22.Qg3 Bxb2 threating Bb5 and to push the b-pawn looks winning. For example, 23.Qg5 Bb5 24.Ke3 (24.Rde1 Qd3#) 24... Qe2+ 25.Kf4 Be5+ and White will lose the queen to stop mate.

C) 21.Bc3 bxc3

C.1) 22.b3 Bf5+ 23.Kc1 Qxb3 looks winning,

C.2) 22.Rd3 Ba4+ wins.

C.3) 22.Qf1 Ba4+ wins.

Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: Pane glass ave seal i c2 over an above good:

etc able wire bus i c2 rook ave plum dress an c8 comes around co determine factor glide epi centre a monarch eg win i c2 banana skin slip under ash c4 reed flute a d2 and d4 dips again i e2 tu brute ave uniform appraisal two bishops strong deliver a damb squab queen a bind i a2 grapple go build ash c4 and pave fold i nap kind serve then am pan hadle g7 leg d4 angle hope a nut hive her c4 good rush i nape neck any joy janitor over jail mind jangle rove spark into life choose it is low ave learn it level until ever tile ground coffer team save ash c8 ive elevate c8 have in blew away am route won i c2 be proof jack bank gab bag gowrots c8 juice i c2 co determine rove get able success eg ment quarter back i a2 card it ardent ive aim c4 an c5 ergo a wave in tow quosh a quiff angle difficult re as on g7 ash d4 dives away angle black wins am fade fiddles side an ive a cream queen i e2 then am c3 vide to accolade call at e3 vets c5 checks around and e4 bad although aim f4 aint good either vow ash ive a black rook and queen and two bishops am distance afar am mids right rove treasure chest smidgeon dims then light on rack mission select over ide smoothe old rollie crew met match eg win coot bald light cover am very your honour at old gate monarch aint able to escape a nut yo live volume share at lane as pane change wind bishop for diddle up off jam did i a proxy ave yang ebony barbeque i a2.

And c4 then c5 lane checks around monarch cant escape clutches of ebony am route won twaddle c8 ive green it grass routes again cruise a queen vet good anwave as dip bogs ive gabs swat came thod ive carry angle ave ebony tibula ive elbow an back ebony win:

passage c8 as took tool
and boot a boon boosh hop low ave learn as
hopper hope posh strike g7 vet able good

diminish returns light rove around but cant escape swat came thod time bomb ive big as i a2 me severe call ash c4 check angle give c5 and two bishops win aims f5 etch eg won also e5 and mate due monarch rook to come over black past success am did ones up ply angle victor glide ya old one two sucker punch eg win eve for won i be proof bishops.

And a queen act c4 aims c5 lane check around ash i clink at fly dipoff aim dead duck deem ive a flight am cad giving at ever am beck an call good game thod infer tile ground goose i do queen cuffed aim camp at dutiful crum pivot able jocular sentry strides c8 inter glide i co determine over although difficult to see at bad dead duo disc beset i almighty ramble give spark ash bold choice lane delve duo c4 dream and i alive no more aim deal i c2 first strike an queen ash at i a2 raid affable duo i cab fine i a2 queen affix a cut i curry favour ave a win creative i do an a call i cascaders 19...Rxc2+ bullseye said bullshine bright off ive got bash have at carte blanche c8 approach ive green it grass on otherside an delve good bed head be flich eg win a c2 custom good i carry on.

As why inclusive then bag ever tickled bide hope ever be mosh pit low ave learn slip ave fold ive road bans heap hob ever stroke g7 ash d4 dids one up i d7 delicate delivery also f5 etch inter move ave win blip hem c4 brush eat ive uniform appraisal bishop d7 waits at wings vet i f5 point honour and hope a nut ever click bash ever castle first i co determine then none too shabby gone ramble vet bath etc early am c8 rook theobald i c2 tumbles son am vow an bathe light bush ein bovver her wobble fall from grace aint fave possible go build c8 lip castle a c2 command good boy heap on light ave learn her bind able go cob and cockles ave muscles cock gun c4 aims codify and code c5 cove coffer tile ground hog cog under a cosh am pool coin and cojoin as cajole go crock pot crocodile verdict c8 rook smashes inter glide a c2 stroke fetch eg win am cold collar come and communicate rook a c2 custom and uncouth all at one time thod carry on why inclusive wind for deed bishop g7 take aim d4 cougar and coop low ave learn and queen croque monsier ash:

Jun-06-15  Tiggler: I missed 22. ..Bc3+, the only move.
Jun-06-15  Tiggler: <goodevans: I guessed 19 ... Rxc2+ but thought the follow up would be 20 ... Ba4+.

Can't say I'm entirely convinced about today's puzzle. 22 ... Bc3+ is certainly a lovely move, but white seems to be playing into black's hands with 22 Qe2, cutting down the options for his king’s movement. Surely there was something better at this point?>

22. Qf1 was better, but black plays ..Bc3+ all the same. White can capture 23. bxc3 but after .. Qxc3 24. Ke2 Bb5+ skewers the white Q.

Black ends up with Q versus two Rs, and the passed b-pawn will ensure the win.

Premium Chessgames Member
  fm avari viraf: Beata beats Bakre into bits with his super tactical Dragon.
Jun-06-15  Moszkowski012273: 17.Qxc2 would of drawn. As would 19.Bxg7...
Jun-07-15  morfishine: <kevin86: ...Salute to D-Day (71 years ago today). The courageous invasion of Normandy that led to the Allied victory in WWII> My Great-Uncle Bill (Brother of my Grandmother) went in on 'Utah Beach'. He would regale us of his exploits while struggling with a terrible stammer. We'd ask him what he did in the war. He'd stutter "K, K, K, Kill...Nah, Nah, Nah, Notzees"

I'll never forget him


Premium Chessgames Member
  sleepyirv: <Bakre Worse Than His Bite>
Apr-16-23  nalinw: Great game looking for puns ..... this one is ok - but I think the one suggested in 2015 is better

<mrknightly> "Tejas Chainsaw Massacre" - the diagonal checks by the Bishops and the Queen remind me of the teeth of a saw ....

Premium Chessgames Member
  Teyss: The first Rook sac 16...? was a Sunday puzzle in 2007, the second one 19...? a Saturday puzzle in 2015.

22...? would be a good mid-week puzzle after White's inaccuracy 22.Qe2: better is Qf1 as noted above. 23.Ke3 (bxc3 Qxc3#) Qc5+ 24.Ke4 (Rd4 Qxd4#) Bf5+ 25.Kf4 Be5+ 26.Qxe5 (else mate as in the game) dxe5+ 27.Kg3 (Kxe5 Qe3#). White is up in material and has a crushing position.

click for larger view

Great game, decent pun. "Bakre worse than his Beata" would have been a bit better.

Apr-16-23  goodevans: <nalinw: Great game looking for puns...>

Right on both counts.

<fm avari viraf>'s "Beata beats Bakre into bits with his super tactical Dragon" was okay-ish but got Beata's gender wrong.

My thought today was simply "You Can't Beat a Zawadzka" but back in 2015 I chose "How to Train Your Dragon" based on the film.

But, yes, <mrknightly>'s "Tejas Chainsaw Massacre" is best.

Apr-16-23  goodevans: <Teyss: The first Rook sac 16...? was a Sunday puzzle in 2007, the second one 19...? a Saturday puzzle in 2015.>

Back in the days when <chrisowen> used to put a bit more effort in. These days he literally can't string two sentences together.

Apr-16-23  Nosnibor: "Steady Barker" was a local saying years ago. In this case it was not applied.
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