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Vitaly Tseshkovsky vs Boris Itkis
16th Soviet Team-ch final B (1983), Moscow URS, rd 4, Jul-26
French Defense: Winawer. Advance Variation General (C16)  ·  1-0



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Kibitzer's Corner
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Mar-27-13  nottogoodabeginner: too easy even for a beginner
Mar-27-13  master of defence: Interesting. After 44.Nxd5+ black's get mated or lose the queen.
Mar-27-13  Patriot: White is up a rook for 2 pawns.


43...exd5 44.Qxc7+ Ka6 45.Qc8+ Simplify and win.

43...Qxd5 44.Qxc7+ Ka6 45.Qc4+

43...c6 44.Qc7+ and mate next

I don't see much else for defense.

Mar-27-13  Patriot: 43.Rxc7+ -- Ok, that works too!
Mar-27-13  Bartimaeus: An interesting puzzle. White is ahead in material and the King is under attack via the c7 square which is subject to both visible and discovered threats. The point seems to be to choose the correct piece to begin the attack with.

Started out with 43. Nxd5 and now all 3 pieces attack c7. However, 43...Qxd5 puts paid to this. Now, 44.Qxc7+ Ka6 45. Qc8+ Qb7 and the mate threat is defended. White will still win due to his material advantage but this doesn't seem to be the right line of attack

43. Rc7+ seems more promising.

A) 43. Rc7+ Ka6 44. Qd3+ and we have the exchange of Queens leading to a won endgame

B) 43. Rc7+ Kxc7 44.Ne6+ (double-check) Kb7 45. Nxd4 winning the game

C) 43. Rc7+ Kxc7 44. Nd5+ (double-check) and this is really strong as black either loses the Queen or gets mated

C.1) 44...Kc6 45. Ne7+ winning the Queen

C.2) 44.. Kc8 45. Qc7#

C.3) 44.. Kd7/8 45. Qc7+ Ke8

C.4) 44.. Kb7 45. Qc7+ Ka8 46. Nxb6#

C.5) 44.. Kb7 45. Qc7+ Ka6 46. Qxb6#

Looking at the game line seems like white went with option C. Nice puzzle demonstrating how beautifully the Queen and Knight work in tandem.

Mar-27-13  smitha1: What does White do after 43 Nxd5 Nb5 holding the c Pawn and attacking White's Rook while leaving the Knight standing in front of the lance of the Black Pawn?
Premium Chessgames Member
  Phony Benoni: <smitha1> After <43.Nxd5 Nb5>

click for larger view

White plays 44.Rxc7+ anyway. Now 44...Nxc7 allows 45.Qxc7+ and mate next move, while king retreats get mated after 45.Qg8+. That leaves 45...Ka6, when I see the following forced mate for White (though there may be shorter lines): 45.Nb4+ Ka5 46.Nc6+ Ka6 47.Nb8+ Ka5 48.b4+ Kxb4 49.Qb3+ Ka5 50.Nc6+ Ka6 51.Qa4#.

44.Rxc7+ is an easy move to find when in puzzle-solving mode; any move that may draw the king into a double check is worth investigating. It might not be that easy if you were actually playing the game; with a rook ahead, you might go into safety first mode and try to trade pieces. (That h-pawn looks ready to roll.)

Mar-27-13  M.Hassan: "Medium/Easy"
White to play 43.?
White has a Rook for 2 pawns.

Rook can give the firs ax to Black's camp:

43.Rxc7+ Kxc7
<if...Kc6 45.Ne7+ and it's Royal Fork>

45.Qc7+ Ka8
46.Qd8+ Kb7
47.Qxb6+ Ka8

If King declines the Rook:
43.Rxc7+ Ka6
<if...Ka8 44.Qg8#>
44.Qd3+ Nb5
45.Qxf5 exf5
White is stronger and has a passed pawn on h file.
Let's check actual game

Mar-27-13  Abdel Irada: <<•>Easy come, easy go?<•>>

I don't yet know how White came to be a rook ahead, but since he is, and since the rook can take a pawn with check, and, if taken entice the king into a double check, and since, after all, this *is* a puzzle, it is almost compulsory to examine the sacrifice:

<<•> 43. Rxc7†! ... >.

Taking the rook may be "natural," but it doesn't take long to work out that it loses. In fact, of Black's four options, only one appears to offer a ghost of a chance; we will return to it after ruling out the others.

< (1) 43. ... Kxc7?
44. Nxd5†† ... >

Now there are five options – all bad.

< (1.1) 44. ...Kc6
45. Ne7† >

The royal fork is decisive.

< (1.2) 44. ...Kb7
45. Qc7† >

Black's shāh is equally māt after either (a) 45. ...Ka6 46. Qxb6# or (b) 45. ...Ka8 46. Nxb6#.

< (1.3) 44. ...Kc8
45. Qc7# >

< (1.4) 44. ...Kd8
45. Qc7†, Ke8
46. Qe7# >

< (1.5) 44. ...Kd7
45. Qc7†, Ke8
46. Qe7#>

What if Black declines the rook?

< (2) 43. ...Ka8??
44. Qg8# >

< (3) 43. ...Ka6
44. Qd3† >

The queens come off, leaving White a rook ahead, the Black king locked out of play, and an advanced passed h-pawn ready to administer the coup de grâce.

This leaves the only (quasi-) playable defense:

<<•> (4) 43. ...Kb8!

44. Nxe6! >

White threatens 45. Qg8† with mate to follow, and Black has no real defenses. On (a) 44. ...Nf3† 45. Kc1 and all the threats persist, while (b) 44. ...Nxe6 45. Rf7† and (c) 44. ...Qxe6 45. Re7† both lose the queen.

All told, this problem seems almost unfair. With a rook in hand, it's easy to sacrifice, and since the sac can't be accepted, and can't be declined without leaving the king still more vulnerable, victory comes almost of itself.

Mar-27-13  sofouuk: i hate it when more than one move wins. and yes, i went with 1.Nxd5 too. hey, it's just easier to calculate
Mar-27-13  Abdel Irada: <hey, it's just easier to calculate>

Here we think differently. :-)

To me, the fewer options my opponent has, the better.

Mar-27-13  scormus: Neat puzzle, W has a material edge already that should be enough to win if Qs, Ns are exchanged, but should avoid giving B any play.

43 Nxd5 looks promising but is there something more cool. Yes, 43 Rxc7+! After ... Kxc7 44 Nxe6++ consolidates W's advantage after which its "technique."

However 44 Nxd5++ is a real killer, leading quickly to # or winning BQ.

So ++ features again in this week's puzzles, I wonder if there will be more

Premium Chessgames Member
  agb2002: White has a rook for two pawns.

Presumably, this position belongs to a blitz game.

The possibility of a crushing double check with queen and knight suggests 43.Rxc7+:

A) 43... Kxc7 44.Nxd5+

A.1) 44... Kb7 45.Qc7+ and mate next.

A.2) 44... Kc6 45.Ne7+ and 46.Nxf5.

A.3) 44... Kc8 45.Qc7#.

A.4) 44... Kd7(8) 45.Qc7+ Ke8 46.Qe7#.

B) 43... Ka8 44.Qg8+ Qf8 45.Qxf8#.

C) 43... Kb8 44.Nxe6 with many threats (Qg8+, Rf7+, Nxd4, etc.). For example, 44... Nf3+ 45.Kc1 Qxe6 46.Re7+, etc.

D) 43... Ka6 44.Qd3+ Qxd3 45.Kxd3 followed by the promotion of the h-pawn and a mate attack.

Premium Chessgames Member
  morfishine: White wins with 43.Rxc7+ followed by 44.Nxd5++

(1) <44...Kd7> 45.Qc7+Ke8 46.Qe7#

(2) <44...Kb7> 45.Qc7+ Ka8 46.Nxb6#

(3) <44...Kc6> or 44...Kc8, 45.Ne7+ forks the Queen

Premium Chessgames Member
  morfishine: <Patriot> Very good! I didn't consider leading off with 43.Nxd5, which turns out just as deadly
Mar-27-13  Geronimo: One point for me about this puzzle is to overcome a natural tendency to avoid losing a rook if I can give up a lesser piece instead. Here the double check with knight and queen after the rook sac is just too tempting though. 43. Nxc7 may win, but the text move is more elegant.
Mar-27-13  nottogoodabeginner: white doesn't need to capture black's queen. It's mate no matter what black does
Mar-27-13  mistreaver: Wednsday. White to play. Medium/Easy. 43.?
White is a clear rook up, and i don't see any threats for him. But anyway, since this is a puzzle, we have to carry some combination out.
43 Rxc7+ Kxc7 (everything else simply loses, on a6 white exchanged queens, on back rank he gives mate). 44 Nd2 dis ch
44... Kb7
45 Nxd4
I don't know, perhaps this is wrong, in OTB game i would simply play 43 Nd3.
Time to check
Ahhh, i missed Nd5 after Rxc7 with mate or winning the queen. 0.5/1.
Mar-27-13  maxfrank: I chose the consistent 43Rxc7+ Kb8 44Nxd5 e.g. ...Nf3+ 45Kc1
Premium Chessgames Member
  whiteshark: <Phony Benoni:

<44.Rxc7+ is an easy move to find when in puzzle-solving mode; any move that may draw the king into a double check is worth investigating. It might not be that easy if you were actually playing the game; with a rook ahead, you might go into safety first mode and try to trade pieces. (That h-pawn looks ready to roll.)>>

So let it be written!

Mar-27-13  zb2cr: This one has many short variations. If you can keep all of them straight, it's easy to see that 43. Rxc7+, Kxc7; 44. Nd5+ leads to mate or the loos of Black's Queen. Since Whit is already a Rook up, it's not really a sacrifice.
Mar-27-13  cocker: For me the difficulty was seeing that Black loses queen or is mated in final position.
Mar-27-13  David2009: Tseshkovsky vs B Itkis, 1983 White 43?

In this unusual puzzle White is a Rook ahead so has a choice of wins. The most direct seems to be 43.Rxc7+ Kxc7 44.Nxe6++ K moves (where?) and White has mating threats with the simple NxNd4 in reserve. Time to play this out against Crafty End Game Trainer: ====
The game ended differently: 43.Rxc7+ Kxc7 44.Nxd5+! forcing mate or the win of the Queen.

click for larger view

The EGT declines the Rook with 43...Rh6 and loses quickly, so here's a link to the game position when Black accepts the sacrifice: The game line 44.Nxd5+ does indeed win the EGT's Queen, so let's look at the alternative 44.Nxe6+. The EGT replies 44...Kd7! (a move I should have seen and analysed - egg on my face!) 45.Kd7 45.Nxd4 Qxh5. Fortunately for me, Black's King is too exposed to survive and I win by co-ordinating my pieces and then finding a way to escape the nuisance checks: 46.Qg7+ Ke8 47.Qg8+ Ke7 48.Qe6+ Kf8 49.Nf5. The Black checks will soon run out with my King better placed and/or gaining more material, meanwhile the mate threats hinder Black. In fact the ever-pragmatic EGT now goes quietly: 49...Qf7 50.Qc8+ Qe8 51.Qxe8+ and it is all over bar the checkmating.

Clearly there are many ways for White to win in the original puzzle position: here's a further Crafty EGT link to explore some of them: As always when playing the EGT interactively, you are white, drag and drop the move you want to make.

Mar-27-13  goldenbear: I would have probably played Ne2 and cast a "you're still playing?" glance. That wins faster than the game continuation because if your glance is good enough, you will force immediate resignation.
Mar-27-13  puliskarakter: this is too easy.
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