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Peter Leko vs Levon Aronian
Dortmund Sparkassen (2006), Dortmund GER, rd 5, Aug-04
Spanish Game: Exchange. Normal Variation (C69)  ·  1-0



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Given 11 times; par: 93 [what's this?]

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Kibitzer's Corner
Aug-04-06  Marmot PFL: A Capablanca style rook ending by Leko. he had sustained pressure and there were several ways for black to go wrong besides 59...b5. It seems like black can draw if he plays59...Rd6 and meets Rg1 and g5 with hxg5 and Rh6 to meet Rxg7 with Rh3+ and Kxe4. I don't see any other winning try for white, so I would say an unfortunate loss for Aronian but obviously a satisfying win for Leko, for several reasons.
Aug-04-06  Confuse: congrats to leko for taking the lead in the tournament with this game! hope he continues his streak
Aug-04-06  positionalgenius: Us leko fans better not get our hopes up-Leko choked a huge lead at Linares.Lets hope to not see a repeat.
Aug-04-06  Hesam7: 59... b5 looks pretty bad. It looks like 59... Rd6

click for larger view

will hold. For example:

[A] 60. c4 Rd8 61. Rg1 Rh8 62. g5 hxg5 63. Rxg5 Rh3+ 64. Kd2 Rh2 =

[B] 60. Rg1 c6! 61. c4 cxd5 62. cxd5 g5 63. fxg6 [otherwise Black will get a fortress by playing Rf6-Rd6] 63... Rxg6 =

Aug-05-06  alicefujimori: Another example of Aronian's weakness, the endgame. Leko's technique was superb though. I especially liked the king march.
Aug-05-06  SnoopDogg: <Hesam7> Not so sure about that. c4 and Rg1 do nothing. First of all 60. Rg1? c6?? dxc6 seems to win for white. Central pawns will advance no problem.

Leko would have played 60. Rh1! with the idea of Rh5, g5, opening up the g-file where white can breakthrough. Black has to be careful because if the rook just sits on this rank, White will have f6+ and breakthrough and if he goes to the back rank then g5 is unavoidable. I hate giving lines because anyone with an engine can find the winning lines after Rh1 and should get a position like this

click for larger view

Aug-05-06  percyblakeney: To me it looks as if 59. ... Rd6 60. Rh1 c6 is a draw. I see no way to make progress for Leko after 61. c4 cxd5 exd5:

click for larger view

Aug-05-06  percyblakeney: ...but with some help from Rybka <61. dxc6 Rxc6 62. Rd1> looks very good for Leko. Maybe the best try against Rh1 is something like Rd8, for example <59. ... Rd6 60. Rh1 Rd8> but it's possible that white breaks through sooner or later whatever black tries.
Aug-05-06  SnoopDogg: <percyblakeney> Yes white does breakthrough no matter what black tries. You don't need to anaylze lines only need to have a good knowledge of rook endings and seeing that Leko has a huge space advantage, active rook to passive rook and passed pawn (central) the tactics will find themselves and white really has no difficulty. Which is why Aronian played b5 knowing trying to activate the rook was the last chance. Only chance.
Aug-05-06  percyblakeney: <Which is why Aronian played b5 knowing trying to activate the rook was the last chance>

...and he may have played it so quickly to try to take advantage of Leko being in slight time trouble. I thought it seemed careless to play such a move immediately, but Aronian probably knew what he was doing...

Aug-05-06  ahmadov: During the whole game Aronian was hoping for a draw, which is why he lost.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Mateo: The Rook ending was lost for Black anyway, so Aronian cannot be blamed for the way he played it. Great job by Leko.

56. d4 Kf6 57. dxe5+ Kxe5 58. Rd5+ Rxd5 59. cxd5 b5 60. axb5 a4 61. Kd3! <The winning idea. The White King goes to the Queen side.> Kd6 <Black cannot be saved with his King staying at e5. For instance, 61...a3 62.Kc4! Ra8 63.Kc5 a2 64.Ra1 Ke4 65.Kc6 Ra3 66.c4 wins for White.> 62. Ra1 Ra8 63. Ra3 <After 63...Ke5 64.Kc4!, White wins easily.> 1-0

Aug-05-06  euripides: <percy> in the position you posted, White might aim for Rf1-f4-e4+. Once the king is dislodged White should win, and if g6 White can play fg followed by Rf5+ and then Kf4.
Aug-05-06  percyblakeney: <euripides> Yes, the more one looks at it, the more it seems as if Leko could have won the rook endgame even without playing the best move all the time. He prepared it thoroughly for more than 25 moves to get the optimal setup and had little time left but sure had calculated it well...
Aug-05-06  EmperorAtahualpa: Here is Crafty's evaluation of the final position:

63...Ra7 64.Kc4 Ra5 65.e5+ Kxe5 66.Kxc5 h5 67.gxh5 Kxf5 68.d6 cxd6+ 69.Kb4 Ra8 70.Rxa4 Rh8 71.b6 Rxh5 72.Ra5+ d5 73.Rxd5+

(eval. +2.30; depth 17ply; 305M nodes)

Aug-05-06  Albertan: Aronian played a rare continuation on move 5 ...Be7. Usually Black plays 5...f6 and play continues 6.d4 exd4 7.Nxd4 c5 8.Nb3 Qxd1 9.Rxd1 Bg4 10.f3 Be6
Aug-05-06  Albertan: Leko's 9.b3 appears to be a theoretical novelty. In the following game White played Bd2:

[Event "Havirov"]
[Site "Havirov"]
[Date "1968.08.??"]
[Round "7"]
[White "Nowak, Erwin"]
[Black "Pantaleev, Dimitar"]
[Result "1-0"]
[ECO "C68"]
[PlyCount "183"]
[EventDate "1968.??.??"]

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 a6 4.Bxc6 dxc6 5.O-O Be7 6.d3 Bf6 7.Nbd2 Ne7 8.Nc4 Ng6 9.Bd2 Be6 10.Ne3 c5 11.Bc3 Qd7 12. a4 O-O 13.b3 b5 14.Nd2 Be7 15.Ra2 f6 16.Kh1 Bd6 17.Qf3 Ne7 18.Rfa1 Qc6 19. Kg1 Qb7 20.Qe2 Nc6 21.Nf5 g6 22.Qg4 Kf7 23.Nh6+ Ke7 24.Qh4 Nd4 25.Bxd4 cxd4 26.Rf1 Qc6 27.axb5 axb5 28.Rfa1 Rxa2 29.Rxa2 Qc3 30.Nf1 Qe1 31.Ra6 Qc1 32.Rc6 Ra8 33.Ng4 Kd7 34. Qxf6 Bxg4 35.Rxd6+ cxd6 36.Qf7+ Kc6 37.Qd5+ Kc7 38.Qxa8 Be2 39.Qa7+ Kc6 40.Qa6+ Kc5 41.b4+ Kxb4 42.Qxd6+ Kc3 43.Qc5+ Kb2 44.Qxb5+ Kxc2 45.Qc4+ Kb2 46.Qb4+ Ka1 47.Qa4+ Kb1 48.Qb4+ Kc2 49. Qc4+ Kd1 50. Qa4+ Ke1 51.Qb4+ Qc3 52.Qb1+ Bd1 53.h4 Qb3 54.Qa1 Qxd3 55.Qa5+ Qc3 56.Qxe5 Be2 57.Ng3 Qb4 58.Qf4 Qd2 59.Nxe2 Kxe2 60.Qxd2+ Kxd2 61.e5 d3 62.e6 Kc3 63 e7 d2 64.e8=Q d1=Q+ 65.Kh2 Qd6+ 66.g3 Qf6 67.Qe3+ Kc2 68.Kg2 Qg7 69.h5 gxh5 70.Qe2+ Kc3 71.Qxh5 Kd4 72.Qd1+ Kc5 73.Qd3 Qb7+ 74.Qf3 Qb1 75.g4 Kd6 76.Qf6+ Kd5 77.Kg3 Qg1+ 78.Kh4 Qh1+ 79.Kg5 Kc5
80.f4 Qh2 81.Qe5+ Kc6 82.Qe6+ Kb5
83.f5 Qd2+ 84.Kf6 h6 85.Kf7 Qg5
86.Qg6 Qf4 87.f6 Kc6 88.Kg7 Kd6
89.Qd3+ Kc7 90. Qf5 Qb4 91. f7 Qe7
92.Kg8 1-0

Aug-05-06  Hesam7: <SnoopDogg: I hate giving lines because anyone with an engine can find the winning lines after Rh1>

Why do you avoid giving lines? You made another claim without giving any lines on this page: Deep Blue vs Kasparov, 1997, I asked you a question and I am still waiting for your answer.

Anyhow as you mentioned 60. Rg1 c6? is not good for Black, but Black might hold after 59... Rd6 and this is the (mostly forced) line I came up with:

59... Rd6 60. Rh1 Rd8 61. Rh5 Rc8 62. g5 hxg5 63. Rxg5 Rh8 64. Kd3! [64. Rxg7? Rh3+ 65. Kd2 Kxe4 =] 64... Rh3+ 65. Kc4 Rh4 66. Rxg7 Rxe4+ 67. Kb5 Kxd5 68. Rxc7 Rf4

click for larger view

Honestly I don't know if this is draw or win. Any ideas are welcome.

Aug-06-06  SnoopDogg: Sorry to keep you waiting on Deep Blue Hesam. I was gone for a while studying and plus I found out Karpov discovered e4!! and Rxc5!! 9 years before I did. (the move your probably missing EVERY engine hates it) (in response to Qf4) Which gives excellent play on the dark squares and is one of the few positions where I can actually say Junior is way off in evaluating black's compensation saying it has no comp and giving white 3.00+ advantage while it demonstrates time and time again when I play it that it has no idea what's happening.

Anyways the reason I hate giving lines is because everyone has engines and they always try to pass it off as their own work. I'm just not going to spit out lines like some patzer than compliment another patzer for finding something with Fritz. Also there are way too many variations and honestly i just skip over so called "anaylsis" when I see someone just copyed and pasted a 50 move line with no sub variations Dionyseus style claiming because Rybka played itself to a draw in Kramnik vs Aleksandrov, 2006 that's evidence or even anaylsis for 1/2-1/2. Sorry for the rant but I'm not going to act like a copy and paste machine. I'll give my knowledge of what's going on in the position, what the plans should be and how to achieve the plans, etc. Because that is chess and that's how you improve, not by impressing fellow kibitzers by saying this looks drawish to me just because Fritz sees nothing, but to a master everything is perfectly clear.

Anyways about Deep Blue 35. Rxc5!! found by Karpov leads to good drawing chances. White has no way to breakthrough because of the darksquare weaknesses and is one of the best defense setups I've really ever seen. Very impressive find by Karpov. Also black's passed pawn gives white trouble. Even though those idiot engines say white's about a piece up.

Aug-06-06  alicefujimori: <SnoopDogg><I'm just not going to spit out lines like some patzer than compliment another patzer for finding something with Fritz.>Who are you to call others patzers? Some prefer to use computer aided lines to analyze the position. Some others like you like to stick to explanations of ideas and plans rather than giving lines. It's just a different preference. You don't have to believe in what the lines posted by others says, nor do you have to agree with its assessment. But brushing off others by calling them patzers just because you don't like their way of posting analysis is plain rude and disrespectful.
Aug-06-06  Hesam7: <SnoopDogg> having a GM norm does not mean that you are better than the engines or the others who use it are patzers. Engines misevaluate sometimes but most of the time they are quite helpful. I personally use them a lot and beside <Dionyseus> I have not seen anyone else post 50 move long lines as analysis. At the end I want to mention that giving lines does not mean that they are engine lines.

You have not responded to my post about <this> game.

Your suggestion in Deep Blue vs Kasparov, 1997 seems bad even without an engine. I have posted a reply to you on that page.

Sep-26-06  positionalgenius: This game is truly of Leko's all time greats.
Nov-04-06  suenteus po 147: I remember thinking before this game that Aronian had better tread carefully. Leko wasn't soon to forget this: Leko vs Aronian, 2006

Revenge is sweet. Too bad Leko wasn't able to take the whole tournament.

Nov-07-06  Jafar219: Enjoyable positional play by Leko! So simple and deep.Just perfect!

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