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Ilya Tsesarsky vs Inon Boim
Israeli League (2000), Ramat Aviv ISR, rd 4
King's Indian Defense: Petrosian Variation. Normal Defense (E93)  ·  1-0



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Kibitzer's Corner
Premium Chessgames Member
  Penguincw: Woo, Candidates tournament starts today!

Interesting Friday puzzle (been an easy week), I did not get this, but I knew there had to be a king lift involved (Kg2).

My solution was 27.hxg6+ Qxg6 28.Qh1+ Kg7...

Mar-11-16  Razgriz: Woah I did not see this at all. But I remember seeing a similar puzzle before where the solution was not to attack right away but involve/move the king.
Premium Chessgames Member
  al wazir: I went with 27. Qxg4, but after 27...Rxf2 (27...gxh5? 28. Qxh5+) white doesn't seem to have anything good.
Mar-11-16  Cheapo by the Dozen: I went with the move order Kg2/hg/Rh1+.

That should win a whole rook while perhaps keeping an attack, because we eventually get to the point

... Kg7
Bh6+ Kh8/Kh7

Seeing that, I didn't calculate out that White could withstand ... Rxf2+ in the other move order.

Mar-11-16  Cybe: Much stronger for Black is 29… Qe5+, Q:e5, 30… B:e5+, 31. K:f2. White wins, of course, but not so quick, then after Black’s 29… Qc7+?
Premium Chessgames Member
  whiteshark: I thought that <27.Kg2> doesn't work due to <27...Rxf2+ 28.Rxf2 Bxf2 29.hxg6+ Kh8 30.Kxf2 Rf8+> Then again, look it's Friday
Mar-11-16  dfcx: I was struggling between 27.d6 and 27.Kg2. The first option wins slowly. I might play OTB. Solving the puzzle I went with 27.Kg2
And black can only stop mate by sac'ing a rook for the exchange of queens.

27...Rae8 28.Rh1 Rxf2+ (Rxe6? 29.hxg6+ Kg8 30.Qxe6+ Rf7 31.d6 wins) 29.Kg3 Qe5+ 30.Qxe5 Bxe5+ 31.Kxf2 wins a whole rook.

Mar-11-16  patzer2: Got the first move 27. Kg2! in my attempt at solving today's Friday puzzle, but I missed the brilliant follow-up 28. Rh1! (+2.78 @ 21 depth, Deep Fritz 15).

My follow-up was 27. Kh2! Rae8 28. hxg6 = (diagram below):

click for larger view

Here, after 28. hxg6 (diagram above), Black equalizes with 28...Qxg6 29. Rh1+ Kg7 30. Bh6+ Qxh6 31. Rxh6 = (0.00 @ 20 depth, Deep Fritz 15) as play might continue 31...Kxh6 32. d6 Rxf2+ 33. Kg3 Ref8 34. Bxg4 R2f6 35. d7 Rg6 36. Qe7 Rgg8 37. Qe6+ Rg6 38. Qe7 Rgg8 39. Qd6+ Kh7 40. Kh3 Bf6 41. Qxc5 b6 42. Qc2+ Kg7 43. Qg2 Kh6 44. Qc6 Kg7 45. Bf5 Rh8+ 46. Kg4 Rh4+ 47. Kf3 Rh5 48. Ke4 Rg5 49. Be6 Rd8 50. Bd5 Re5+ 51. Kd3 Rh8 52. Bf3 Rc5 53. Qd6 Rc3+ 54. Ke2 Rh2+ 55. Kd1 Rxf3 56. Qxh2 Rd3+ 57. Kc2 Rxd7 = (+.19 @ 25 depth, Deep Fritz 15).

Instead of 29...Kc7+ 30. Kxg4 (#11, Deep Fritz 15 @ 17 depth), Black can put up more resistance with 29...Qe5+ (+2.78 @ 21 depth, Deep Fritz 15).

However, White still wins after 29...Qe5+ 30. Qxe5 Bxe5+ 31. Kxf2 as play might continue 31...Rf8+ 32. Kg2 g3 33. hxg6+ Kxg6 34. Be3 Bd6 35. a4 b6 36. Rh4 Kf6 37. Bh6 Rh8 38. Bg5+ Kxg5 39. Rxh8 Kf6 40. Rc8 Ke7 41. Ra8 a5 42. Ra7+ Kf6 43. Rb7 (+8.02 @ 20 depth, Deep Fritz 15).

Black's decisive mistake appears to be 25...hxg4? allowing 26. h5! (+2.22 @ 24 depth, Stockfish 6).

Instead, 25...Kh8 = holds it about level as play might continue 26. gxh5 gxh5 27. Qe2 Bf4 28. Qxh5+ Qh7 29. Qxh7+ Kxh7 30. Be7 c4 31. d6 c3 32. Bb3 Rfd8 33. Rd1 Rd7 34. Rd4 Be5 35. Rd5 Rxe7 36. dxe7 Bf6 37. Bc2+ Kg7 38. Rd7 Re8 39. Rxb7 Rxe7 40. Rxe7+ Bxe7 41. h5 Kh6 42. Bg6 c2 43. Bxc2 Kxh5 to = (0.34 @ 42 depth, Deep Fritz 15).

Mar-11-16  gofer: The analysis of this position took a while, but eventually it becomes clear that black has almost no good moves!

The queen is stuck!

27 ... Qe5/Qh8/Qc7
28 Qxg6+ mating

The king needs to protect Pg6

27 ... Kh8
28 hxg6 (followed by Bf7 at some point)

Ra8 can't go anywhere really useful until Rf8 moves along the f file. i.e. Rae8 doesn't actually do much except allow white to continue with its main plan... ...and if black is really considering trading down its rook for Be6, then that would not help its cause...

Rf8 needs to stay on the f file as Rxf2 and/or Bxf2 is black's <ONLY> threat, so black's only possible hope is to play Rf3 trying to double its rooks on the semi-open f file, but white's next move can kill this idea...

The bishop needs to stay where it as Rxf2 and/or Bxf2 is black's <ONLY> threat, black's only other possible hope is to trade off DSBs with Bf6, but white's next move can kill this idea...

So, in summary, black's only real plan of any merit is <27 ... Rf3>.

<27 Kg2 ...>

27 ... Rd8
28 Rh1

27 ... g3
28 f4!

27 ... Rxf2+
28 Rxf2 Bxf2
29 Kxf2

27 ... Bf6
28 Rh1

<27 ... Rf3>
<28 Rh1! ...>

White lays the ground work for hxg6#, to which there is no response, so black must either find some checks to halt the deadly threat on its doorstep, or try to block the h file!

click for larger view

Blocking the h file fails horribly...

28 ... Rh3
29 hxg6+! Kh8 (Qxg6 Bf5 )
30 Rxh3+ gxh3+
31 Kxh3! Bxf2
32 Qf3! Qxg6
33 Bf6+ Kh7
34 Bf5

click for larger view

Finding checks just exchanges into a losing end game...

28 ... Rxf2+
29 Kg3! Qe5+ (Be5+ Kxf2 or Rf3+ Kxg4 )
30 Qxe5 Bxe5
31 Kxf2 g3+
32 Kg2

click for larger view

After the dust has settled black has ended a whole bishop up, with a passed pawn on d4 this is a clearly won endgame...


Okay, the game line was different, but the execution was very similar.

Mar-11-16  crazyhead: this puzzle baffled me i sometimes dispare
Mar-11-16  Oliveira: If Black goes 27... Rxf2+, 28.Rxf2 Bxf2 29.hxg6+ Kh8 30.Bh6! wins the Queen already, but with 30.Qf5!! (computer move) White is delivering checkmate.

click for larger view

Premium Chessgames Member
  Longview: I followed two candidates of attack

1) 27. Kg2 with the idea of moving R-h1 if given time. ...Rxf2+ is the implied weakness induced. Not sure how to overcome that yet.

2) seems initially more direct: 27. h6 which will push the Queen away to either h8 or c7 but there is no protection to allow Qxg6 then the h file is blocked by whites pawn making R-h1 useless. Back to Kg2 and black's best reply ???

Ahhh. well at least I got the first move identified.

Mar-11-16  Cheapo by the Dozen: Ahh. Found the flaw in my line.

27 Kg2 (something)
28 hg+ Qxg6
29 Rh1+ Kg7
30 Bh6+ Qxh6

That last very simple move is what I was overlooking. White winds up with Q+B vs. 2 rooks + bishop + more pawns.

Mar-11-16  1.e4effort: Well, you learn something new every day some days, and today is one of those days! I liked what White had going, but didn't even consider bringing the King into the fray. Most POTDs are about immediate checks, so I'll claim that as an excuse.
Premium Chessgames Member
  gawain: Subtle. And educational.

I should have studied the position longer before giving up.

Premium Chessgames Member
  agb2002: White has a bishop for a rook and a pawn.

Black threatens Rxf2 and g3.

The first idea that comes to mind is the maneuver 27.hxg6+ Qxg6 28.Qh1+ but after 28... Kg7 the attack seems to evaporate.

The pawn thrust 27.d6 allows 27... Rxf2 28.Rxf2 g3 and the white king might be in danger.

These details suggest 27.Kg2 to allow Rh1 with check after hxg6 and to unpin the f-pawn:

A) 27... Rxf2+ 28.Rxf2 Bxf2 29.Kxf2 and Black looks defenseless against the advance of the d-pawn. For example, 29... Rf8+ 30.Kg3 Qc3+ 31.Kxg4 Qg7 32.d6, etc.

B) 27... Rf3 28.hxg6+

B.1) 28... Qxg6 29.Qxg4 Raf8 30.Rh1+ Kg7 31.Bh6+ wins (31... Kf6 32.Qxf3+, etc.; 31... Kh7(8) 32.Bf8+ and mate next).

B.2) 28... Kh8 29.Qxg4 Qxg6 (due to 30.Qh5+ and mate next) 30.Rh1+ Kg7 31.Bh6+ as in B.1.

C) 27... Rf6 28.Qxg4

C.1) 28... gxh5 29.Qxh5+ Rh6 (29... Qh6 30.Bxh6 Rxh6 31.Bf5+ Kg7 32.Qg5+ wins the rook also) 30.Bf5+ wins the rook.

C.2) 28... Raf8 29.hxg6+ Qxg6 (29... Rxg6 30.Rh1+ wins) 30.Rh1+ Kg7 31.Bh6+ Kh7(8) 32.Bxf8+ wins.

Premium Chessgames Member
  paulalbert: Amazingly got this one essentially right. The idea of moving the K to g2 so the R could go to h1 seemed like a natural attacking idea, and I saw that permitting Rxf2ch was not that scary since black had no follow up after Kg3.
Premium Chessgames Member
  kevin86: A king advance is the last thing I expected!
Mar-11-16  stst: Difficult in charting out Black's defense...suggest White a waiting move:

27.Qxg4 then of course if gxh5
28.Qxh5 and mates.
Black will definitely moves differently, maybe Rd8 to prevent passing pawn, or advance its own pawn d4....

Or, another quiet waiting move is ready to shift the back-rank R to h, thus 27.Kg2....then depends on how Black reacts

Mar-11-16  StevieB: Not even close. Maybe next time right Ginny? Woof!
Mar-11-16  dhotts: 27.d6! is a comfortable win for White without too much effort or complexity.
Mar-11-16  King Harvest: Some of you have mentioned wondering about Chris Owen's posts, and even conjectured about the sense of them. Please allow me to explain. As usual with these kinds of things once the underlying logic is clarified and contextualized, well, the mystery goes away ...... Ok, you'll no doubt have noticed that Chris Owen nearly always posts twice in quick succession. Indeed often the second message precedes the first -- hmmm... I suppose that's hard to follow but it will make sense soon. You see the first message contains the coded key to a code in the second coded message which is itself a coded key needed to encrypt the first message and around and around. Confusing? Not really. You see Chris Owen from the future is desperately trying to communicate with Chris Owen in the past. These coded messages at this point in the cycle typically relay some version of the same basic content: "no no don't build the PoRtAL don't come to the future NO YOU FOOL LANGUAGE IS BROKEN HERE NOTHING MAKES SENSE we can only communicate in the code I established in the blue notebook I left on the desk beside the PoRtAL having been forewarned of just this terrible eventuality by myself from a previous future -- USE THE NOTEBOOK!!!... The second?(first) message by the other Chris Owen reads something like: "NO NO YOU DAMN FOOL You've already come to the future that's why you're there -- I'm the Chris Owen from the future sent here by me (you) to get the notebook leaving past you in the future -- anyway, damn us all! This notebook is filled with doodles and scribbles and inane gibberish and a rambling grovelling altogether woeful letter to a "Nancy Hagenbuckle of Detroit MI" -- who the hell is she I don't remember her?

Eventually, through the exchange of these future/past letters the Chris Owenses will eventually cycle into a destiny wherein they realize that the miserable, embarrassing, godawful letter to Miss Hagenbuckle is in fact the master code that allows the messages to make sense, that allows sense itself to exist, and they will begin to understand each other (because at the moment no Chris Owen in any time frame has the slightest idea what these messages mean -- when they do understand it will be all of them, simultaneously, it's happened many times, indeed it's always happening)... at any rate, everything works out in the end, or rather in the beginning, or well, anyway, everywhen that can work out, does -- But, and this will come as something of a blow to the Chrisses -- I'm afraid the motivating purpose, the grand dream, that led Chris Owen (all of them) to his (their) impressive and perilous defeat of the laws of time, space, and causality will, I'm absolutely certain, come to nought. It's no use. None. That is to say, Miss Hagenbuckle of Detroit MI, will never, ever, take you back Chris, none of you, not one. Nothing can change that.


Mar-11-16  CHESSTTCAMPS: White is down an exchange and a pawn, but the white queen and attacking bishop pair exert tremendous pressure on the circumscribed black king position. White only needs to add the final piece to the attack.

27.Kg2!! threatens 28.Rh1 winning immediately. 27.hxg6+? Qxg6 gives black the luft on g7 that he needs.

A.27... Rxf2+ 28.Rxf2 Bxf2 29.hxg6+! Kh8 (Qxg6? 30.Bf5 wins) 30.Qxg4! Qxg6 (otherwise 31.Qh5+ wins) 31.Bf5! leaves no satisfactory queen move, e.g.

A.1 31... Qf7 32.Qh3+ Kg7 (Kg8 33.Be6 wins) 34.Qh6+ Kg8 35.Be6 wins

A.2 31... Qd6 32.Qh5+ Kg7 (Kg8 33.Be6+ mates next) 33.Qh7+ Kf8 34.Qh8+ Kf7 35.Bd6+ Qxe6 (Kg6 36.Qh6#) 36.dxe6+ wins

B.27... Qe5 28.Qxg6+ Kh8 29.Qh6#

C.27... Kh8 28.hxg6 Qe5 (Rxf2+ 29.Rxf2 transposes to A) 29.Rh1+ Kg7 30.Rh7+ Kf8 31.Be7+ mates next.

D.27.... Rae8 28.Rh1! (threatening hg#) Rxf2+ 29.Kg3 Qc7+ 30.Kxg4 Rxe6 31.hg6+ Kg7 32.Rh7+ Kf8 33.Bh6+ Kg8/e8 34.Qxe6+ wins.

Time for review...

Mar-11-16  CHESSTTCAMPS: Failed to analyze 30... Kg7, but essentially on target.

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