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Ladislav Mista vs Jiri Fichtl
Czechoslovak Championship (1974), Rimavska Sobota CSR, rd 12, Apr-??
French Defense: Winawer. Petrosian Variation (C16)  ·  1-0



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Kibitzer's Corner
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Premium Chessgames Member
  fm avari viraf: It's a nice game where I like the Chessic ideas. Mista utilising the advantage, tactically outplayed Black!
Apr-01-07  johnsbrother: This one like most weekend puzzles got me. Can someone please let me know where to find a program that will allow me to cut and paste the moves from my internet games into a game viewer? thanks
Apr-01-07  outplayer: Is 17...fxe6 really forced. As Black i would play 17...Qxe6.
Premium Chessgames Member
  bright1: To outplayer, if 17. ... Qxe6 then white plays Qxe4 and the rook on a8 is hanging so black doesn't have time to play g5xBh4.

I think after Fichtl moves his rook, Mista can play Bg3 and has not only a stronger position but also a lead in development and an extra pawn.

Apr-01-07  outplayer: <bright1> You are correct though I still prefer an inferior position with some possibilities for equalizing than a totally lost position after 17...fxe6?
Apr-01-07  Alphalegacy: this puzzle wasn't too hard, Nxe6 was forced
Apr-01-07  LAK: Very rich position, indeed!

I spent a lot of time on this problem. I started by noting the following candidate moves: Bxg5, Nxe6, Rfe1, QxNe4, Nc3, Nf4.

Then I looked for tactical patterns. I saw that if the Black Queen did not protect the Ne4 White potentially had QxNe4 threatening the Ra8. I also noted that if the pawn e6 was eliminated, then a White Rook on d1 can work with the White queen on d7. That lead me to explore bringing a rook on d1, and then sacrificing the Knight on e6. I spent a lot of time on this branch calculating (for me) rather deeply to eventually reject this line.

The time was not ill spent, though. My calculations in that branch showed me the Queen can give a check on h5, and Black had little choice than to go to e7. So, after 17. Nxe6 fxNe6 18. Qh5+ Ke7, I spent some time on trying to bring a rook to the d-file, but it proved too slow. Then I hit upon the knight move to f4. It was very gratifying to see that the knight couldn't be taken due to the pin on the Black King by the Bh4. In my subsequent analysis, I only accounted for the Black queen moves to c6 and b7. I thought b7 was the most likely place for Black to place his queen, in order to cover his second rank, and in some variations to protect the e6 pawn through Qc8.

So, this was what I thought to be the main line:
17. Nxe6 fxNe6 18. Qh5+ Ke7 19. Nf4 Qb7 20. Qg6

I subsequently calculated variations with 20. ... Qc8, and 20. ... Ngf6 (to account for desperate Black moves). At that point I stopped searching concluding that White was better with a winning attack.

Checking my analysis with Fritz10, it becomes clear that although 17. Nxe6 is the best move by a large margin, apparently, 17. ... fxNe6 is not the best Black reply. Fritz gives:

(1.91/16) 17. Nxe6 Bd6 18. Ng7+ Kf8 19. exd6 Ngf6 20. Qf5 Kxg7 21. Qxd5 Nxd5 22. Rad1 Ndf6 23. Bg3 Nd7 24. f3 Nxg3 25.Nxg3 Rac8 26. Rfe1 Rc2

I wonder, however, whether 17. ... Bd6 is a "human" move. Is it reasonable to expect that a human would find it? Some of the stronger players might wish to comment on this.

If 17. ... exf6 is played, though, I was glad to see that the line I chose as the mainline is the one that Fritz also picks:

17. Nxe6 fxe6 18. Qh5+ Ke7 19. Nf4 Qb7 20. Qg6 with the sub-variations: (4.04/4) 20... Qc6 21. Rac1 Nc5 22. b4 Qe4 23. Rxc5 Qxg6 24. Nxg6+ Ke8 25. Rc7 gxh4 26. Nxh8 Bxb4 27. Nf7 Ne7 (4.04/4) 20... Nc5 21. Rac1 Qc6 22. b4 Qe4 23. Rxc5 Qxg6 24. Nxg6+ Ke8 25. Rc7 gxh4 26. Nxh8 Bxb4 27. Nf7 Ne7

Overall, I really enjoyed this problem. It has some very nice tactics, and it also exercises one's calculating ability.

I would be interested to hear how a strong player went about solving this problem.

Apr-01-07  IMDONE4: got the puzzle, although i didnt see the need to continue analyzing after Rc1
Apr-01-07  outplayer: 17...Bd6!? is really awesome.
Apr-01-07  Fezzik: @Kwesi,

I like the idea of 0-0#! for an April Fool's position. Another one would be 1.f4 e6 2.g4 Black to move.

Apr-01-07  kevin86: A unique idea:double check from a knight in the corner. This was not the day for a "foolish" puzzle,since it is Sunday. A good puzzle for a MONDAY would be:

click for larger view


black to move-make the best move!

Oct-09-07  syracrophy: <kevin86> C'mon, man! Stop making jokes like that between chess experts like us! Of course that black has mate in 35 after 2...d5
Jan-07-22  Brenin: 17 Nxe6, threatening the royal fork 18 Nc7+, looks good, e.g. 17 ... Qxe6 18 Qxe4, threatening 19 Qxa8+, or 17 ... fxe6 18 Qh5+ Ke7 (18 ... Kd7 or Kd8 19 Rad1) 19 Nf4, threatening 20 Nxd5 and 20 Ng6+.
Jan-07-22  mel gibson: A very complicated position.
I chose the same move as the text but only on instinct.

Stockfish 14 says:

17. Nxe6

(17. Nxe6 (♘d4xe6 ♗f8-d6 ♗h4-g3
♘e4xg3 ♘e6-g7+ ♔e8-f8 ♘e2xg3 ♗d6xe5 ♖f1-d1 ♘g8-f6 ♕g4-e2 ♕d5-c5 ♖a1-c1 ♗e5xg3 ♖c1xc5 ♔f8xg7 ♖c5-f5 ♖a8-e8 ♕e2-d3 ♗g3-b8 g2-g3 ♖e8-e6 h2-h4 g5-g4 ♕d3-c3 ♖h8-e8 ♖d1-d5 ♔g7-g6 h4-h5+ ♔g6-g7 b2-b4 ♖e8-e7 ♔g1-h2 ♗b8-c7 ♔h2-g2 ♗c7-b8 ♕c3-d4 ♗b8-c7 ♕d4-b2 ♖e7-e8 ♕b2-c3 ♗c7-b8 ♕c3-d4 ♗b8-c7 ♕d4-b2 ♖e8-e7 a2-a4 ♖e7-e8 a4-a5 ♖e8-e7 a5-a6 ♖e6-c6 ♔g2-h2 ♗c7-b8 b4-b5 ♖c6-e6 ♕b2-d4) +5.81/44 508)

score for White +5.81 depth 44.

Premium Chessgames Member
  al wazir: I didn't come close to solving it the first time, and I didn't come close this time either. I still think black has alternative moves that would have made white's task much harder.
Jan-07-22  hdcc: Play Mista for me.
Jan-07-22  Brenin: As <mel gibson> has pointed out, along with others nearly five years ago, the engines recommend 17 ... Bd6 as Black's best response. I think this is a move that only a brave and ingenious (or desperate) human being would find, creating an escape for Black's K via f8, and threatening either Bxe5 or Qxe5 (aiming at White's h2). Nevertheless, after a far from obvious sequence of moves, with pieces en prise all over the board, White comes out with Q vs B+N, and a clearly winning position
Jan-07-22  Stanco: I solved it. I knew it has to be 17.Nxe6 because black queen can't take. At first my thoughts were around the operation on d-file, c7 fork, and taking the knight on e4, but then I spot mate motives on h5-e8 diagonal and quickly spotted devastating 19.Nf4
Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: I coward v its eulogy Nxe6 hobble v its a cliff muffy its v abled it v in sub I coward v its eunuch v its shalk blacks bug mantle o q i c its waferthin fare its v dr puddy red its drippy juvenile its letches v its tranquil v its hi kan bag within x its muffy fox pay z its i lamb jalfrezi its v i flush effaces it fetch eg ins fase it dank hit jericho no y energy quarrel v its bad exhonour c in purty mange its i gas v its huffles its v ins push ins gg abi licky fo co a bed its v i led ins bushed its run v its why i jag let kit fc footy i other aa basin ala it ie ogle v its latch cf file it bro dj ins disc it mech ins nose its calibrate v it side fag its v dhl its v c did decks it self hag v its cams ave it cdt jar c v its flaccid death let dag to q coe its dont its v fage its o fab i felt die info ok its v ins pinch of dal ins spinach riso it valium u no it cats whisker it wipe again the slate v its clean dial in matron x lavish ja stamp oo deffy no it war ins chess hammer knight at v i tan skaven mast i slon da bishop lsd h4 ins u no it junior v it fishtail avatar i jah tee v it sim god nike it ins lot troll v it orc tar rash mystic meg jiri candle its pow deaf v its jam Nxe6 dip!
Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: Mad no its no stave e6 no no?
Jan-07-22  KevinDenelsbeck: I'm definitely a patzer. I saw the first move but not, in any encouraging way, the sequence that followed. It looked like a dead-end, with plenty of outs for black and White's bishop still hanging.
Premium Chessgames Member
  agb2002: Black threatens gxh4 and Qxe5.

White is way ahead in development, the c- and d-files are open, the black king remains in the center, the black rooks are defenseless and the black queen is overburdened with the defense of e6 and the knight on e4. These details suggest 17.Nxe6 fxe6 (17... Qxe6 18.Qxe4 and there's no time for gxh4 due to Qxa8+) 18.Qh5+

A) 18... Ke7 19.Nf4

A.1) 19... Qb7 20.Ng6+

A.1.a) 20... Kd8 21.Nxh8 gxh4 22.Rfd1+ Kc7 (22... Ke7 23.Qf7#; 22... Kc8 23.Qe8+ Kc7 24.Rd7+ Kc6 25.Qxe6+ Kb5 26.Rxb7 wins) 23.Rac1+ B(N)c5 (23... Kb8 24.Qe8+ Qc8 25.Qxc8#) 24.b4 wins decisive material.

A.1.b) 19... Ke8 20.Nxh8+ and 21.Bg3 wins decisive material.

A.1.c) 19... Kf7 20.Nxh8+ Kg7, unclear.

A.1.d) 19... Kd7 20.Nxh8 gxh4 21.Qf7+ Be7 (21... Ne7 22.Ng6 and the bishop is trapped; 21... Kc6 22.Qxe6+ and the attack looks easier) 22.Tac1 traps the black king in the center (22... Nc5 23.Rfd1+ and b4).

A.2) 19... Qc5(6) 20.Rac1 seems to help White.

A.3) 19... Qd4 20.Rfd1 also seems to help White.

A.4) 19... Qa(b)5 leaves White with several interesting options (Rac1, Rfd1 and Ng6+).

B) 18... Kd7 19.Rfd1 Nd2 20.Bxg5 looks good for White (20... hxg5 21.Qxh8; 20... Bb4 21.Bxd2 Bxd2 22.Nc3 followed by Rxd2 and Rd1).

C) 18... Kd8 19.Rd1 as in B.

Premium Chessgames Member
  PawnSac: < hdcc: Play Mista for me. >

not bad! Did you enter it?

Jan-07-22  latebishop: Has anyone looked at the defensive possibilities in 17...h5?
Jan-08-22  jes47: I had a variant. After 19 ... Qb5 I played 20 Ng6+, and White has an easy win. Stockfish rates this +6.25 and suggests the following continuation: 20...♔d7 21.♕f3 ♗c5 22.♕xe4 ♕c6 23.♖fd1+ ♔c7 24.♕xc6+ ♔xc6 25.♘xh8 gxh4 26.♘g6 ♖e8 27.♘f4 h5 28.♖ac1 ♔b5 29.♖d7 a6 30.b3 ♘h6 31.a4+ ♔a5 32.♘d3 h3 33.♘xc5 bxc5 34.gxh3 ♘f5 35.♖xc5+ ♔b4 36.♖c6 ♖g8+ 37.♔f1 ♔xb3 38.♖xa6.
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