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Zhao Xue vs Marina Guseva
Russia vs China (Women's Rapid) (2009) (rapid), Sochi RUS, rd 9, Aug-22
King's Indian Defense: Orthodox Variation. Gligoric-Taimanov System (E92)  ·  0-1



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Kibitzer's Corner
Premium Chessgames Member
  Phony Benoni: Make Way! Make Way for Her Royal Highness!
Dec-08-14  lost in space: I love Mondays!

32...Rh3+ 33. hxh3 (only move) 33...Qg1#

Dec-08-14  dfcx: 32...? black to play
33.gxh3 Qg1#
Dec-08-14  greed and death: 32... Rxh3+
33. gxh3 (forced) Qg1#
Dec-08-14  goldfarbdj: It being a Monday, I looked at Qxg2+ first. It pretty quickly became clear that the rook was right, not the queen.
Dec-08-14  M.Hassan: Mate in two:
33.gxh3(forced) Qg1#
Beautiful Monday to start the week
Premium Chessgames Member
  patzer2: The desperate 32. Bxg7? allows 32...Rxh3+ 33.gxh3 Qg1#, solving today's Monday puzzle.

Instead, 32. Be2!? creates a problem for Black to solve after 32...Nxe1 33. Bxe1 (diagram below).

click for larger view

Here (diagram above) Black must find 33...f3! to maintain a winning edge.

Fritz indicates play might go 33...f3! 34. Bf1 fxg2+ 35. Bxg2 Rg6 36. Rg4 Qe5 37. Bc3 Qf5 38. Be4 Qh5! 39. Rxg6 Qxh3+ 40. Kg1 hxg6 41. Bxg7 Kxg7 (-3.38 @ 20 depth per Fritz 12)

Dec-08-14  morfishine: <32...Rxh3+> and mate next move

<patzer2> Your suggestion 32.Be2 highlights White's problem on the g-file; After 31...Nf3, 32.gxf3 is not possible due to 32...Rg6 and White cannot defend both g1 & g2


Premium Chessgames Member
  agb2002: Black has a knight for the bishop pair and a pawn.

White threatens 33.Bxh6.

The g-pawn stops 32... Qg1#. Hence, 32... Rxh3+ 33.gxh3 Qg1#.

Dec-08-14  Cheapo by the Dozen: White had a lot of moves on which she could have played f3 and shut down most of Black's attacking possibilities.

That would have been a drawing move rather than a winning one, I think, her pawn advantage notwithstanding, but it still looks better for her than the actual events.

Dec-08-14  Bubo bubo: White has neglected Black's threat of 32...Rxh3+ 33.gxh3 Qg1#, but she was probably lost anyway.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Penguincw: Ah! Who doesn't love Monday puzzles? Simply sac the rook on h3 and then mate on g1.
Dec-08-14  zb2cr: The White Bishop on f1 cuts off the White Rook, allowing 32... Rxh3+; 33. gxh3 (forced), Qg1#
Dec-08-14  TheaN: Monday 8 December 2014 <31....?>

Major pieces supported by a minor piece is probably the most dangerous combination possible. Here, white allowed black to aim down the kingside with the queen and a rook, whilst the knight supports.

After <31....Rxh3+ 32.gxh3 Qg1# 0-1> black decisively exposed the weaknesses in the position.

Interesting to see where white really went wrong. 31.Be2 Nxe1 32.Bxe1 f3 doesn't look that nice either. I guess it was the simple pile up of black pieces on the king side that white underestimated.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Once: There is an odd passage of play leading up to the puzzle. This is the position after 28... Qg5

click for larger view

Fritzie thinks that white is comfortably ahead. She has an extra pawn and the bishop pair. Meanwhile black has to be wary of slipping into an endgame where her weak kingside pawns would be a liability.

Black's best chance is to huff and puff and do that back-arching thing that cats do when they want to look bigger. Black has to attack.

Right now, Fritzie is saying it's a white advantage of +1.6.

29. Rbe1 Rh6

click for larger view

The advantage increases to more than +2. Black's kingside attack should go nowhere (with best play) and white is increasing her control of the e file.

30. Qc1? Rf8

click for larger view

White blinks first. She is quite rightly afraid of black pushing to f3, so prevents it by pinning the knight against the black queen. But that's a grubby menial task for a queen to do. Better would have been 30. Bd2.

The evaluation falls to +1. White is still winning, but by less than before.

31. Qc2? Nf3!

click for larger view

White inexplicably sends her queen back to c2. In effect she has wasted two moves jumping from c2 to c1 and then back to c2. This would be fine against any black move ... except the move that black played. White was so afraid of 31...f3 that she probably didn't imagine that black could play the knight to f3 instead.

Right now, Fritzie is saying that there is only one move which doesn't lead to a forced mate for black. Patzer2's 32. Be2 keeps white in the game, although the evaluation falls to -2.3 as black snaffles the Re1 and keeps on attacking the kingside.

Instead white succumbs to one of the several possible mates.

Unusual how the white advantage dwindled away in this sequence. Don't they say that it is easier to attack than defend?

Premium Chessgames Member
  patzer2: <Once> Amusing and informative post. No doubt the Queen two-step 30. Qc1?! Rf8 31. Qc2??, followed by 31...Nf3! 32. Bxg7?? cost White a winning advantage and the game in one short three-move sequence.
Premium Chessgames Member
  gawain: No one has commented on this being a rapid game. To me, that explains a lot about White's poor choices over the final few moves.
Premium Chessgames Member
  patzer2: <Once> After your suggested improvement 30. Bd2!, Black has a myriad of possible defenses. However, White appears to hold a winning edge against all of them.

Playing it out move-by-move with Fritz 12, I came up with 30. Bd2! Rf8 (30...Nf3 31. Rxe8+ ) 31. Qd1 (+2.06 @ 20 depth -- diagram below).

click for larger view

From here (i.e. after 30. Bd2! Rf8 31. Qd1) play might continue 31...Ng6 (31...Ng4 32. Qf3 ) 32. b3 Qf5 33. Qf3 Qf7 34. Qg4 Ne5 35. Qxf4 Rf6 36. Qg3 Rxf2 37. Be2 Qf5 38. Bh6 Ng6 39. Bxg7 Qxe4 40. Bxf8 Rxe2 41. Rf1 h5 (41... Qe3 42. Qxe3 Rxe3 43. Bh6 Re2 44. a4 Rb2 45. Rf3 ) 42. Qg5 h4 43. Bh6 Re1 44. Rxe1 Qxe1+ 45. Kh2 Kh7 46. Qe3 .

Premium Chessgames Member
  patzer2: <gawain: No one has commented on this being a rapid game.> White is a GM with a 60% winning record. I'm sure she plays much stronger without the pressure of blitz/rapid time controls.
Dec-08-14  Castleinthesky: This was a "sight" or pattern puzzle, great for a Monday!
Premium Chessgames Member
  kevin86: Black does not complete the exchange of bishops...instead, delivers a quick mate by sacrificing the rook and mating with the queen.
Premium Chessgames Member
  whiteshark: <32... Rxh3+>, and that's it.
Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: Enough match in h3 ogle god for a win,

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kid victor g7 as f3 combine at go g5 tonnage im like at a stretch rook in down she goes tid bit plough in press have blooper a strike g7 aschew in e2 and carry on the fight to black at hand tidy a win dessert light focus of an g5 queen gritz in cooks her bet bacon sax jet in f3 oil cooker ala show boat lucky vice grip it tame in teed bread and butter g7 lid enact h6 in climb harvest am h3 mercy another bind xray in as h1 vilificate rook win evermore as on ar blink h6 at rail enter glide on h3 time's up it low in level ok a bind for won am flight ash cred a gleans an cat i giveoff aim each a dugoff in fly have oomph i be2 eg under the table line good in beck and call aim good gives a cab away,

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why inclusive at oh in deed it hind maneovre abreast in hoist holler out homlily home g5 nut honour in horde in hammer foot g5 old hot in potato hovel ahoy's in he inch effect her cuff at sine hoof cattled ai lance huffle check flight hoof creed chides and see hives all way in choose dish hid i satchel school dash g5 after glide on the cold stone h6 as h3 fog egg 33.gxh3 Qg1+#

Dec-08-14  thegoldenband: Great post from <Once>. And I agree that the rapid time control probably explains White's nonsensical Queen moves near the end -- they certainly look like desperate time-pressure.
Dec-08-14  Cheapo by the Dozen: The biggest tell for me that this was a fast game was Black make a couple of irrelevant-seeming queenside pawn moves before she attacked.

In slow chess, it's odd to change strategies so dramatically. In fast chess it happens all the time. You notice your game is weak, you try an unsound attack, and maybe it punches through.

Long ago I claimed to be an excellent player in lost positions, and attributed this to my great amount of experience in playing them.

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