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Moshe Czerniak vs Kick Langeweg
Hoogovens 28th (1966), Beverwijk NED, rd 6, Jan-18
Sicilian Defense: Paulsen. Normal Variation (B45)  ·  1/2-1/2



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Kibitzer's Corner
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Feb-25-11  alachabre: Tempting is an attack on the h7 square, but at any time, Black's move Qxc2 gains initiative and defends h7. In addition to the threat against c2, the move f3 is threatening, if not immediately strong. I don't see any way to tempt the Black queen into a knight fork, bashing the d rook against the B on d6 doesn not seem to open any favorable lines.

25. Nf6+ gxf6
26. g5

looks strong, but Black appears to have many resources, let's see:

26. ... f3 or even fxg5 seem to offer more than enough resistance.

So before I give up on storming the castle, and play a defensive move that forever cedes the initiative, let me try that attack on h7:

25. Bxg7 Nxg7
26. Nf6+ Kh8
27. Qh3 Qxc2

and what about now:

28. Rd3

and if

28. ... Qxd3
29. Qxd3

renews the mate threat at h7. So then

28. ... h5
29. Qxh5 Nxh5
30. Rh3 is insufficient attack, so maybe simply

27. Rxd6 retaining the attack and a slight material advantage. But a further complication is, after 27. Qh3

27. ... Qc6+
28. Rf3 Qxc2
29. Rxd6 and an unclear positiion. So what if first,

25. Rxd6 Qxd6 allows the queen into a position to defend Nf6.

What am I missing? Maybe this:

25. Bxg7 Nxg7
26. Nf6+ Kh8
27. Qe4

Now Qxc2 is forced, Rd3 is still a good blocking move, and h5 as a defense is ruined. Well, long enough working the variation, that's what I play. I didn't work out ignoring the sac, but I think that will work out ok. Quickly, if f3 then Qh3 and Black has no time to accept the sac...

Premium Chessgames Member
  agb2002: From a Larsen opening, perhaps.

White is a pawn down.

Black threatens 25... Be5, eliminating White's dangerous bishop, and eventually ... Qxc2 and ... Qc6 Rd5 Nc7 taking advantage of the pin to trade queens.

The convergence of White's minor pieces on g7 suggests 25.Bxg7:

A) 25... Nxg7 26.Nf6+ Kh8 27.Qe4

A.1) 27... Nf5 28.Qxf5 Qxc2 (28... Qc6+ 29.Rd5 Qxc2 transposes to the main line) 29.Qxc2 Rxc2 30.Rxd6 Rxa2 31.Rxf4 + - [N vs P].

A.2) 27... Qc6 28.Rd5 Qxc2 29.Rd3 Qc6 30.Rd5 repeats moves.

B) 25... Rfd(e)8 26.Ba1 with the threat Nf6+ and Qh3 with attack.

I have the impression that the white king is too exposed to allow anything more that draw.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Once: I played a club game against a thumper last night.

What's a thumper? I will tell you, my friend.

A thumper is one of those chess players who insists on banging the piece down onto the board whenever he has played an aggressive move. It is as if the chess piece is a hammer and he is mercilessly squashing the life out of a cockroach innocently squatting on the square. And all the other pieces give a little sympathetic jump in the air, as bits of cockroach goo and carapace fragments scatter around the board.

A thumper metaphorically says "Ha!" with a testosterone-fuelled manly roar. He is saying something like "I have the agility of a stripy Bruce Lee, the musculature of Big Arnie in his lumpybumpy youth, the cojones of a pamplona bull and the sex appeal of George Clooney drizzled with Amoretto."

Or in chess terms, a thumper is saying "Now how are you going to get out of that?"

I like to imagine white thumping down 27. Qe4 with some Bruce-Willis-in-a-dirty-vest force. Unavoidable mate on h7! Take that!

click for larger view

The answer to a thumper is of course, the delicate slide. Every time he thumps down a red meat grunt move, you quietly and elegantly place your reply... slowly, softly and with a studied contempt for his theatrical banging and crashing. It's your hyper-accurate rapier against his nail-studded club. A ninja fighting a terminator.

Come to think of it, that is a movie I would pay good money to see...

So in reply to white's thumpy crashy 27. Qe4, black lifts his little pinky just so and delicately lifts his queen to c2, protecting the h7 square by x-ray. And if 28. Rc3, then 28...Qc6 pinning the white queen. Repeat until bored. A draw.

Delightful stuff. Almost none of which I saw in human analysis puzzle-solving mode before reading the kibitzing. After an easy Thursday, a diabolical Friday.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Phony Benoni: <David2009> I don't see the theme as being the same as P Charbonneau vs H A Hussein, 2008. That game involved a straightforward defense of h7 by a ♕f5; in this game the defense of h7 was by a defensive skewer/x-ray.

Using the skewer/x-ray to win material is very common, but its defesive use isn't. However, I should have thought of it since I'm familiar with a famous example from Rossolimo vs P Reissmann, 1967 <23.?>:

click for larger view

Rossolimo uncorked the Marshall-like <23.Qg6!>. Reissman tried the defensive skewer <23...Qc2>, but had to resign after <24.Rh3!>

By the way, the <Search Kibitzing> function on this site is a good way to find and refer to other kibitzes. By using the search:

vampyre +user: "Once"

I was able to quickly find the post you referred to. The big bonus is that clicking on the link immediately sends you to the actual post, without having to scan through several page of kibitzing.

P Charbonneau vs H A Hussein, 2008

Premium Chessgames Member
  takchess: A lot of interesting stuff going on in this position. I'm stumped by appropriate move order and what lines Black defensive moves can stop. I'm first posting my thoughts without looking at the solution.

Here are my candidate moves

remove the bishop from defending the g7 square. Is this a necessity?

Rf5 quiet move to activate to Hfile
Rd3 (same thing) Are these too slow or not helpful?

g5 open the g file for pin or Queen x f7. will blacks fpawn push,ep and rook take stop this?

NXg7 out of the box. I think unlikely.

Bxg7 more likely followed by Nf6 and g5/qh3.

Qh3 this is where you want the queen but is it too slow?

Counter play concerns: Can bishop e5 prevent mate, Is a Queen check an annoyance or part of serious counter play? Do I need a rook on defense to block this counterplay? Is Blacks Kg7 and h pawn push an effective defense in some lines.

Most of these ideas are balancing an immediate strike (is it strong enough ?) vs preparation (is it too slow ?). Does the queen start on h3 and shift over to the diagonal.

I'm going to think more on this. Hmmm......

Feb-25-11  LIFE Master AJ: I saw no win, maybe I am losing it.
Premium Chessgames Member
  playground player: <Once> Yes, thumping can be carried to an annoying extreme (which may be why your opponent did it). But the little habit that most irritates me is moving a chessman by timorously nudging it forward with a fingertip. Dunno why, but I really hate that!
Feb-25-11  wals: Rybka 4 x 64

Despite the blunder

22...Bxg2+, =-0.30, Black was able to draw the game.
Better was, d 14 : 4 min :

1. (-1.47): 22...Qc7 23.Nxf4 Bxg2+ 24.Qxg2 Nxf4

2. (-1.30): 22...f3 23.Bxf3 Bxf3+ 24.Qxf3 Rxc2[] 25.Ba3

Feb-25-11  zibik: <Once> English may not be my native language, but It seems to me that you are one hell of a storyteller. You should write books. Or have you already?
Premium Chessgames Member
  Once: Trying to, trying to.
Feb-25-11  kramputz: Gocha fooled
Feb-25-11  Sharpen Your Tactics: So is the played postion considered to be best play? Is that the original proposed answer? Well if so, I feel better about not coming up with a win. My final thought on this postion was fxg7 followed by Nf6 and either g5 or Qh3. Interesting result. I had expected possibly a pin at qc6 but not a reverse pin.
Feb-25-11  LoveThatJoker: I'm going to go with 25. Bxg7

If Black doesn not accept the B, then at the very least he will be losing a pawn.

So the critical line is 25...Nxg7 26. Nf6+ Kh8 27. Qh3 Qc6+ 28. Rf3 h5 29. Nxh5:

A) 29...Nxh5 30. Qxh5+ Kg7 31. Qg5+ Kh8 32. Rd5!! and White wins due to the threat of Rh3#! Note that even if the Q were on b7 (instead of c6) 33. Rh3 would still be a threat as the best Black could do is move his f-pawn and play Qh7 to parry the threat; in this case, White would have a comfortable material advantage. Furthermore, it goes without saying that if Black's Q were on b7, White could have and can still capture the B on d6!

B) 29...Nf5 30. Ng3+ Kg8 (best) 31. Nxf5 and White wins as he has the threat of Qh6 and not to mention either capturing directly on d6 or inserting Ne7+ forking K and Q.


Feb-25-11  LoveThatJoker: I checked my stuff with Houdini. And without question Black has some really neat resources here. Ultimately (based on what Houdini said) it seems as if though 27. Qh3?! is dubious as it fails to comprehend that White should be playing for a draw at this point.

Although in it's evaluation, Houdini gives 27. Qh3 only about a (-0.30) in Black's favour, it is still worse for White than 27. Qe4 which Houdini says leads to perpetual check.

No points for me today.

My streak ends officially at 18 straight correct answers. Starting from Monday, February the 7th and ending with my last correct answer which was on Thursday, February the 24th.

I will keep attempting to make (and better) DiMaggio's magic 56 straight though.


Feb-25-11  Akavall: I found all the right moves, except that I didn't see 27...Qc6, 27, Qc2...thinking I found a win. Those are nice defensive moves; I just checked that black can't defend h7.
Feb-25-11  WhiteRook48: ah I was looking for a win arrgh
Feb-25-11  newzild: <Once> <Trying to, trying to.>

I just finished writing the first draft of a novel myself. 285 pages. I can hardly bear to open the thing up and do the second draft, though.

Feb-25-11  gropek: White to play

M Czerniak vs K Langeweg


Difficulty: Difficult

Black is a pawn up.

White has a good fianchetto bishop and an advanced knight.

But because of those pawns on g4 and f4, the attack seems difficult.

After some time of thinking, I came up with an idea that could be promising.

I can't calculate precisely all the lines, but, unless I'm overlooking, white should win with that.

So, the line starts with:

25. Bxg7 (Sacking the bishop to give the f6 square for the knight, and to free the h-file for the queen)

now, I think black must recapture, because after something like 25... Rd8, White could simply retreat with 26... Bb2, and keep his benefits without losing a piece.

25. ... Nxg7

26. Nf6+ Kh8

27. Qh3 (Threatening mate) Qxc2 (it seems the only reasonable move to stop mate, at least in my head)

28. Rd2 (Trying to decoy the queen) Qg6

29. Rd6 Qc2

30. Nxh7 Qxh7

31. Rh6 (Winning material and mating soon)

Im not really good on imagining the chess board in my head, so I probably overlooked some obvious defense or some better line, but I guess thats my best try in this position.

Oh geez, after 29.Rd6 the knight on f6 is blocking the attack on the queen, so the queen doesnt need to go back to Qc2

In that case, I'll try 29. Rd5, aiming f6 and blocking the queen.

Ok, I've been trying to solve this for 40 minutes now, im tired.

So let's check!

Feb-25-11  gropek: Oh, I failed.

Well, it happens...

Feb-25-11  kutuzov: Yeah Qh3 is definitely the better option to Qe4. I wouldn't say you were wrong, Gropek.

After 26. Rd6, the queen may not have to go back to c2, but there isn't much black can do. Even if he does something pointless like a5, the Nxh7-Rh6 maneuver works. If 30...Qd6, then 31.Ng5+ with mate to follow.

Darn him for messing up the combination.

Feb-25-11  DarthStapler: I got the first 3 moves but I missed the Qxc2 defense
Feb-25-11  M.Hassan: "Difficult" White to play 25.?
White is a pawn down.
Taking the pawn on g7 could be the starting move:

25.Bxg7 Nxg7
26.Nf6+ Kh8
27.Qe4 Qxc2
28.Rxd6 Qxe4
29.Nxe4 f5
And after 4 moves, the same!! White is still a pawn down!!. I dont know. Let's check

Feb-26-11  patzer2: For yesterday's Friday puzzle, I went for 25. Bxg7! Nxg7 26. Nf6+ Kh8 27. Qh3!? which the computer programs give as slightly better for Black.

However, the complications in that line are so great, I'd think White has realistic OTB chances that give him at least even chances.

Yet from a practical perspective, White's line with 27. Qe4! to avoid further complications and force a draw by repetition of moves was the best decision.

Feb-26-11  LIFE Master AJ: Hmmm. I feel a little better. (Apparently it was only a draw.)
Premium Chessgames Member
  kevin86: An ironic finish! Black is able to either pin the queen or challenge the queen to prevent mate. White cannot do more than oscillate to attempt to chase away the queen.
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