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Dulamsuren Yanjindulam vs Tamari Tsereteli
11th World University Championship Women (2010), Zuerich, rd 7, Sep-10
Sicilian Defense: Alapin Variation. Barmen Defense (B22)  ·  1/2-1/2



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Kibitzer's Corner
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Oct-31-10  LIFE Master AJ: <<<<Oct-31-10 <pittpanther:> Similar to dzechial and other's comments,> I am confused why black did not go for 34 Rxg2 Rxg2 35 Rd7+ Kb8 36 Rd7+ Qc7 37 Rxc7+ Kxc7.>

I thought the black rook could win the f-pawn and the game. Has anyone looked at this with Fritz or another engine?>

I think that several players already have, see the earlier posts.

I do care that the lines might contain a bust. However, you have to admire White's ingenuity here. 34.RxP/g2!! was surely an inspired try.

Oct-31-10  gofer: I don't see a win for white. I don't think I even see a draw! One plausible try is...

34 Rxg2 Rxg2
35 Rd7+ Kb8
36 Rd8+ Kb7
37 Rd7+ Qc7
38 Rxc7+ Kxc7

Now we get to

click for larger view

But I don't see the three connected white pawns having any real attacking stength. So white quickly loses Pf2 which cannot be protected, and Pc6 can be taken but only at the expense of the connected pawns, unless white brings the knight to bear and that is going to take time that white simply doesn't have! So this seems a forlorn hope. But is there something better? Can black be called upon to lure the queen off the b8-h2 diagonal? (i.e. 34 f3) The problem with this is 34 ... Qxf3! and now Rxg2 doesn't work, so white has lost a pawn for nothing!

I can't see anything worth mentioning, so I think we are meant to try for the draw.

Time to check.

Oct-31-10  gofer: It seems we are all thinking the same thing... ...a loss for white under all circumstances...

<Happy Halloween!>

Premium Chessgames Member
  patzer2: <LIFE Master AJ> I looked at it with Fritz 10, on a 2.1 GHz Intel core dual processor for 20 minutes, and the program on infinite analysis did generate a winning evaluation for Black after 34. Rxg2 Rxg2 35. Rd7+ Kb8 36. Rd8+ Kb7 37. Rd7+ Qc7! (-1.91 @ 24 depth).

Best play appears to go 37...Qc7+ 38. Rxc7+ Kxc7 39. Nc4 Rxf2 40. Kb3 f5 when White's practical chances of holding the draw appear to be slim to none.

Correcting my earlier post, I mean to say <In the followup, after 34. Rxg2 Rxg2 35. Rd7+ Kb8 36. Rd8+ Kb7 37. Rd7+ Qc7! to , Black will win the exchange and have a passed pawn to give> White <fits trying to hold the draw.>

Even though it may technically be a "busted solution" after 37...Qc7! , 34. Rxf2! is still the best move here as it is the only practical try for a draw. Other moves, such as 34. Ka5 Qxf2 (-3.77 @ 21 depth), make the win too easy for Black.

I got up to 34. Rxg2 Rxg2 35. Rd7+ Kb8 36. Rd8+ Kb7 37. Rd7+ in trying to solve the puzzle on my own, but after 37...Ka6? could not find the superb defensive resource 38. Na8!, which, as our sponsor observes, is an "only move."

While the possibility 37...Qc7! may make this a moot point, following 37...Ka6?, the game-saving resource 38. Na8! is a superb defensive gem worthy of a Sunday puzzle.

Oct-31-10  dufferps: dufferps: I was surprised at black's move
38. ... Rg8. I was thinking of something like 38. ... Qxf2. So I played with that a bit, and realized that white could turn that into a perpetual check - a draw. So (having seen how black lost his queen) I decided the correct move would be 38-... Qb8. That would give black a chance to trade his Queen for white's Rook and Knight, with the black Rook poised to capture a pawn at f2 or (with a check) at a2. (If white simply abandoned the attack on the seventh rank - rather than forcing the trade, black's Rook would be able to pick off a pawn or two and his queen would have checking capabilities on the a-file or b-file.) Black would win.
Oct-31-10  Marmot PFL: I could see that white's choice was either 32 Rxg2 or resign, but I think he was a bit lucky to draw.
Oct-31-10  ROO.BOOKAROO: 38...Qb8 is an interesting move, but I couldn't figure out how it would give Black a chance to trade his queen for White's rook and knight. I could see trading it for the knight or possible the rook, but not for both.
Oct-31-10  scormus: <LMAJ ... not legal> youre right, finger trouble. Should be 35. Rd7+. Sadly the line is busted anyway :(

But I'm glad W got the draw, albeit thanks to Ka6? The whole game was a great fight and fun to play right through to .... last ma(e)n standing!

Oct-31-10  VincentL: I have about two minutes to look at this.

Almost by pure guessing, I think this may start 34. Rxg2 Rxg2 35. Rd7+ Kb8 36. Rd8+ Kb7 (better than Ka7).

The idea is to advance the white pawns, keep mating threats alive, keep the white king away from checks and perhaps force black to exchange Q for R in order to stop these threats.

No time for more - letīs see what happened.

Oct-31-10  VincentL: I have quickly read the other posts.

Can white win this? Most do not think so. Any analysis from engines?

Oct-31-10  rilkefan: <Once>: "After 35. Ka5 black plays either 35...Qf5 or 35...Qg4 and the rook check on d7 suddenly doesn't look so appealling."

That's why I suggested Ka5 to start with above, the idea being that maybe black can't use the move. If nothing else white is threatening Ka6 and Na8.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Jimfromprovidence: < An Englishman> <Final question for tonight: Since 33...Qf4 allows White's Knight to capture the Queen by traveling to a8 (!), was the move best for Black in the position?>

How about 33...Qh3, below?

click for larger view

In addition to protecting the g pawn, now there is also a mate threat for white to deal with as black looks at 34...Kb8, 35...Ra7.#

Premium Chessgames Member
  agb2002: White has a rook, a knight and a pawn for a queen.

Black threatens 34... Qxf2.

The attempt to achieve perpetual with 34.Rxg2 Rxg2 35.Rd7+ Kb8 36.Rd8+ Kb7 37.Rd7+ fails because of 37... Qc7.

Any stalemate idea doesn't seem to work.

Another option is 34.Ka5 to create a mate net but after 34... Qxf2 35.a4 Qxg1 (35... f5 36.Ka6 followed by Na8+, Nb6+, perpetual) 36.Rxg1 Kd8 the black king escapes and the f-pawn will start running. However, White can push his b-pawn and then the c-pawn. I don't see anything better for White.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Once: <rilkefan> I don't think white has time for 34. Ka5. Here's the position after 34. Ka5 Qxf2

click for larger view

Now white doesn't have the Rxg2 deflection trick. Black is threatening Qxa2+ and Qe2/Qb5#. It takes Fritz a while to win from here (as black) but the outcome never seems in doubt. Here's one possible continuation:

34. Ka5 Qxf2 35. a4 Kb8 36. Rd8+ Kb7 37. Rgd1 Qg3 38. Rg1 Qh2 39. Rdd1 Qb8 40. b5 Qg3 41. bxc6+ Kxc6 42. Ka6 Qf2 43. Rd6+ Kxc5 44. Rd5+ Kb4 45. Rb5+ Kc3 46. Rc1+ Kd3 47. Rb3+ Ke4 48. Rc4+ Ke5 49. Rb5+ Ke6 50. Rc6+ Kf7 51. Rc7+ Kg6 52. Rc1 g1=Q 53. Rxg1+ Qxg1

Oct-31-10  tacticalmonster: 1) White has a knight, a rook and a pawn for a queen

2) Black's g2 passer is extremely dangerous: It ties down one of the rooks to defensive duties

3) White's f2 and a2 pawn are weak. If they fall, white king will be exposed to attack

4) The White king and the queenside majority can assist in the king attack. The White king can produce a stalemale pattern in this queenside pawn structure

5) White knight are in close proximity around black king that can potentially give perpetual check possiblity

candidate: 34 Rxg2(what else?)

34...Rxg2 35 Rd7+ Kb8 36 Rd8+ Kb7 37 Rd7+ Qc7! after this I don't see a way forward for white. If 38 Rxc7+ Kxc7 The knight vs rook ending is lost because I don't see a way for white to defend the weaknesses of a2 and f2 pawn

Oct-31-10  rilkefan: <Once>: "34. Ka5 Qxf2 Now white doesn't have the Rxg2 deflection trick. Black is threatening Qxa2+ and Qe2/Qb5#"

But his Q is tied to g2 to prevent the deflection, and white is happy to play a4.

"35. a4 Kb8 36. Rd8+ Kb7"

Thanks, K->b8->b7 keeping the white K from a6 hadn't occurred to me. I think I'd find this a harder line as black, actually, but lost is lost.

Oct-31-10  Prelate: Rxg2 = the move of despair - which was the only reason I found it.
Oct-31-10  wals: I at least got Rxg2.

Rybka 4 x 64

depth 19 : 5 min :
White blunder
(-1.33):16.Kb3. Best, Rxg2, -0.41.

depth 18 : 8 min :
White blunder
(-4.19):25.Nxf8. Best, Rae1, -2.23.

depth 19 : 15 min :
White blunder
(-5.21):26.Rad1. Best, Be3, -3.13.

depth 20 : 6 min :
White blunder
(-10.60):28.Nd7. Best, Ne6, -4.00.

depth 21 : 4 min :
Black blunder
(-4.94):28...Rh7.Best, Kb7, -10.60.

depth 21 : 3 min :
White blunder
(-8.67):30.Rd8+. Best, f3, -3.46.

depth 19 : 4 min :
Black blunder
(-4.30):31...Rg7. Best, Qe5, -8.67.

depth 20 : 3 min :
Black blunder
(-2.62):32...Kc7. Best, Qh4, Qf4, -4.30.

depth 19 : 4 min :
White blunder
(-5.85):33.Nb6. Best, Ne3, -2.33. increases pressure on g2.

depth 23 :
Black blunder
(=0.00):37...Ka6. Best, Qc7, -3.45,
parry a check, intercept..

depth 19 : 3 min :
Black blunder
(+6.29):51...Ra5. Best, Rb4, Ke4, Ke6,

depth 26 : 5 min :
White blunder
( (-0.60):52.b7. Best, Nb4+, +6.29.

White made about 7 major blunders, Black 5, and the game dragged out to a draw, at move 66.

Oct-31-10  Patriot: 34.Rxg2 looks like the only try. 34...Rxg2 35.Rd7+ Kb8 36.Rd8+ Kb7 37.Rd7+ but I didn't see the main line after this. 37...Qc7 38.Rxc7+ Kxc7 looks really dangerous for white. But white has nothing to lose on was his only chance! And it worked.
Oct-31-10  Hortensius: This wasn't insane...
Oct-31-10  CHESSTTCAMPS: In this ending, white has a rook, knight, and pawn for a queen, but the confined condition of the black king suggests vulnerability to Arabian and other checkmates if white can safely use his king as an attacker with Ka5-a6. On the other hand, black's g2 pawn is near promotion and ties down white's rooks. If black gets in 34...Qxf2, white will have no counterplay. I have looked at this position for a while now (on and off) and concluded that white has no realistic option to safely play for a win. But white should grab the opportunity for active play to force favorable material reduction:

34.Rxg2! Rxg2 (Rf7/h7/d7?? 35.Rg8) 35.Rd7+ Kb8

Now black can give up the queen to stop a perpetual check. The trapped king on b8 may tempt white to play for more, but this would be a big mistake: 36.Ka5? Rxf2 37.a4 Ra2! 38.Ka6?? Rxa4+ 39.Nxa4 Qc4+ followed by 40...Qb5#. So white should play sensibly and liquidate pawns without wasting tempos on pointless king moves.

36.Rd8+ Kb7 (Kc7 37.Rd7+ repeats) 37.Rd7+ Qc7 38.b5 and now

A) 38... Rxf2 39.bxc6+ Kxc6 40.Rxc7+ Kxc7 41.Kb5 f5 (Rxa2? 42.Nd5+ draws) 42.a4 and black has no way to make progress with the white king within the square of the f-pawn.

B) 38... cxb5+ 39.Kxb5 is no better than A

C) 38... Qxd7 39.Nxd7 Rxf2 40.b6! (to tie up the black king with the protected passed pawn) Rxa2+ 41.Kb3 Rf2 42.Nf8 and white will be able to stop the f-pawn by getting the knight to d3 and the king to e3.

Time to see what happened....

Oct-31-10  CHESSTTCAMPS: Crafty Endgame Trainer busts my line C in a hurry and a few other variations I tried. Much to learn here. Have fun!

Oct-31-10  CHESSTTCAMPS: I have to concur with earlier kibitzing that suggests the game continuation was a swindle and black should have won with 37... Qc7.
Nov-01-10  LIFE Master AJ: <patzer2>
Thank you for your post.


ALL! Good analysis job, there is no doubt that many of you deeply explored the position ... and have proven it was a slightly flawed problem. (But certainly an enjoyable exercise ... I looked at a few lines myself, but found nothing new that someone else has not already discovered.) Again - good job.

Nov-02-10  njchess: I thought this was pretty easy puzzle. The clue for me was that Black's king was going to be under almost continuous pressure if her rook recaptured. Black must have been pissed not to win this one.
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