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Simon P Finn vs Richard Heasman
Berks & Bucks (1993), England, rd 5
Scandinavian Defense: Icelandic-Palme Gambit (B01)  ·  0-1



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Kibitzer's Corner
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Premium Chessgames Member
  Phony Benoni: <sushijunkie> The puzzle for Friday, October 5 was:

Saidy vs C Brasket, 1972

click for larger view


Several users keep collections of these puzzles. My own is at Game Collection: Puzzle of the Day 2012.

Oct-06-12  znsprdx: 11.Kd1 what in the world was this? Who would play it in the real world This looks like a cooked game
Premium Chessgames Member
  paulalbert: I didn't work everything out, but my immediate instinct was that with white's K in the middle and black's lead in development, Nxd5 followed by a discovered check would lead to an overwhelming attack even if white took the black Q, so I was reasonably sure that was the key.
Oct-06-12  Alex56171: <db5500> See <Phony Benoni> second post above.
Oct-06-12  morfishine: <Phony Benoni> Well, you did it again: pointed out a line I looked seriously at, and this time, went for.

One correction: After <16.Kc3 Ne4+> Black doesn't have time to capture the White Queen since its checkmate :)

Oct-06-12  fokers13: Saw the Nxd5-queen sac as well as the Rd1 mating pattern within seconds.

Full credit today.

Also seems much easier than previous days but probably because i didn't delve too deep.

Oct-06-12  5hrsolver: 12... Nxd5 13.Qxc5 Ne3+ 14.Ke2 Bxc4+ 15.Qxc4 Nxc4+ 16.Ne5 Rxe5+ 17.Kf3 Re1

wins at least another piece or the exchange due to the undeveloped back rank of white.

Oct-06-12  kevin86: What a blunder,black leaves his queen en prise...and then does it again.

Oh,he mates three moves later!!

Holy Cow!!!

Premium Chessgames Member
  Phony Benoni: <morfishine> I've always considered it more fun to win my opponent's queen after I've checkmated them. It's the gift that keeps on giving.
Oct-06-12  David2009: Quick-look today with a poor Internet connection and sticky keyboard. Missed it completely. Here's the pre-puzzle position

click for larger view

(Finn vs Heasman 1993 12?) with a link to Crafty End Game Trainer to explore the various defences (starting 12.Qe3 to trigger the game combination):

Really nice puzzle and congratulations to everyone who solved it.

Oct-06-12  M.Hassan: "Very Difficult"
Black to play 12...?
Black is a pawn down.

The two Rooks occupying 'close-to-be-opened' files of d and e can work together majestically and efficiently:

13.Qxc5 Ne6++
14.Ke2 Bxc4+

<if 14.Kc1 Rd1#>

15.Qxc4 Nxc4+
16.Ne6 Rxe5+

So far, Black has become a pawn up, has successfully imprisoned Whites Rooks and is confident to win. Time to check
my line shows that White can resist much longer, unless I have missed something. Discovery: Either I have improved or the degree of diffculties of the puzzles have changed!. I saw the first move almost fast.

Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: Lined up for the big heave one of the golden oldies in the wool

knight take d5 phalanx to having break up the chain 13.Qxc5 and

knight goes to e3+ king up in e2 the light force wain gotcha

bishopc4+ 15.Qxc4 oh well it sayeth in e3xc4 black regaining his

pieces e5 trivial one in rooke8xe5 light has no development in 0l

gas for highball it urge in undulate again 13.cxd5 bxd5 winning for

queen cant escape at injury it dug in d2 table Rxe3 or donkey it

double in b4 as tardy it omen in d5 too f3 plutarch in stone the

crow squeeze brag queen down king churlish in exposed again d1 fold,

third option (effect ive) rever 14.qxc5 look in dire straights mate

ring b3+ I gun for Kc1 ascent rook in d1 er egg in old gate bishop

rook mate it vindicate king bottled in c1 melding so it e2? Engine

like nc6 for black ok now, ledge in d5!

Oct-06-12  Patriot: This is very difficult. White threatens 13.Qxc5. Black could just play 12...Qxe3 13.fxe3 Bg4 and get out of the potential pawn fork, since right now it isn't a threat because of the pin. But if we are to try to win, then 12...Bxd5 or 12...Nxd5 (threatening a discovered check) is the way to do it. 12...Qb4 is also a threat but 13.Kc1 looks like an easy way out or 13.Qc3. The one move that looks like it "might win" is 12...Bxd5.

12...Bxd5 13.Qxc5 Bxf3++ 14.Kc2 (14.Ke1 Rd1#) Bd1+ 15.Kc1 (15.Kc3 Ne4#) Re1. I'm thinking 16.b4 may help him slip out of this. Another try may be 14...Ne4 15.Qa3 Nd4+ 16.Kc1 Nxf2 threatening mate. 15.Qe3 looks like another possibility.

I'm not sure about this...

Oct-06-12  Patriot: I really had a difficult time visualizing this because there seemed to be so many good moves to consider.
Oct-06-12  Patriot: I noticed 12...Nxd5 13.Qxc5 Ne3++ 14.Ke2 but didn't even see 14...Bxc4+ which would've made all the difference.

Sadly, the easy 12...Qxe3 is better than the whole mess after 12...Bxd5.

Oct-06-12  rilkefan: <Patriot>, the easiest continuation I see - anyway what I might well have played over the board - is 12...Qb4. The position pretty much plays itself - black is hitting b2 (and e1) along with all the central stuff, and after Qa3 (or b3, or c3) the latter is still on without the queen sac. After Qxe3 fxe3 white gets a reprieve - and approximate equality given the strong center and pawn plus.
Oct-06-12  Patriot: <rilkefan> I think you make a good point about 12...Qb4. According to Houdini, it also wins (-2.40)! And yes, I figured that 12...Qxe3 is not a good choice if black wants to try to win.
Oct-06-12  James D Flynn: Pieces are equal, White is a pawn up, and 2 Black pieces ar currently under attack from the pawn on d5 if White unpins that pawn by a K move or interposing a piece , probably by Nbd2. Black can maintain equality of pieces by simply exchanging Qs and moving one of the pieces. However, Black is fully developed and his 2 rooks bear down ominously on the White K on d1. The position is crying out for a sacrifice on d5 to open lines to the K. Candidates Qxe3, Bxd5, Nxd5. 12……Qxe3 13.fxe3 Bg4 14.Nbd2 Rxe3 15.Be2and White has completed his development while Black has regained his P: the position is equal. 12……Bxd5 13.Qxc5 Bxf3+ 14. Kc2(if Kc1 Re1+ 15.Kc2 Bd1+ 16.Kc3 Ne4#) Bd1+ 17.Kc1(Kc3 Ne4#) Re1 18.Bd3 Rxh1 19.b4(ifKd2 Ne4+ 20.Kc1 Nxc5 wins) Be2+ 21.Kb2 Bxd3 and Black has R, b. and N for the Q which should be sufficient to win the longand difficult endgame. 12. …..Nxd5 13.Qxc5(if cxd5 Bxd5 14.Qxc5(or any Q move other than Qd2 when Bxf3+ wins) Bb3+ 15.Kc1 Rd1#) Ne3+ 16.Ke2(if Ke1 17. Ke2 Bxc4#) Bxc4+ 18.Qxc4 Nxc4+ 19.Ne5 Rxe5+ 20.Kf3 Re1 (the simplest , instead N6e5 has many intriguing mating possibilities but I see no clear win) 21.Bxc4 Rxh1 and R8d1 threatens when Bb3 or Be2 is answered by Nd4+ winnimg more material and the endgame is easily won.
Oct-06-12  James D Flynn: rilkefan, I did not even consider 12.Qb4. Mys first thoughts on it are 14.Nd2 taking the sting out of the sacs on d5 and if Qxb2 15.Rb1 Qxa2 15.Qc3 and how does Black save his Q? The win of a piece by dxe6 or dxc6 is only now available for White.
Oct-06-12  jancotianno: Was this puzzle the puzzle of the day not long ago because i think i recognise it? It seems very familiar.
Oct-06-12  Abdel Irada: <Ogni speranza lasciate voi ch'intrate

Part 1 of 3<<<<>>>>>

When I first looked at this position, I knew White was at death's door and knocking hard. So like was it to some of the immortal and evergreen games of centuries past, that I wondered how much Black had paid to obtain it. Then I saw my answer: a mere pawn!

I must therefore look upon this game as a collaborative suicide. But how to effect it?

In such a case, one does not respect material. A queen becomes no more than flotsam; there is but one target and one aim, and therefore but two choices worth examining.

At first, I was taken by <12. ...♗xd5?>, but although I strove amain, I could find nothing after <13. ♕xc5, ♗xf3††; 14. ♔c2> that didn't rely upon a further blunder by White.

As I have said, however, there were only two moves worth considering, so from here it was but a short step to the real key: <12. ...♘xd5!<>>. And now, any other move being hopeless, White has two options, the first of them readily disposed of.

<(1) 13. cxd5?, ♗xd5!>

What is White to do? With his queen attacked by the rook on e8 and his king on an open file about to be filleted by Black's choice of discovered checks, his course is set, for better or worse:

<14. ♕xc5...>

Again: What else? It's either take the queen and hope, or submit to the attack with the queen actively joining in it. (Besides, this sets a subtle trap: So enamored of his double checks as not to examine them in detail, Black could still go wrong here with <14. ...♗xf3††?>, when the white king escapes on c2.)

<14. ...♗b3††!>

But Black, having found so much, will not let victory slip his grasp now, and the game ends after <15. ♔c1 ▢, ♖d1#>.

(See Part 2 below.)

Oct-06-12  Abdel Irada: <Ogni speranza lasciate voi ch'intrate

Part 2 of 3<<<<>>>>>

White, however, needn't go gentle into that good night. After the knight sacrifice on d5, he can also choose to take the queen without opening the c-file, leading to our main line:

<(2) 13. ♕xc5, ♘e3††<>>

What a paradoxical-looking move. As the diagram shows, it's as if Black were shooting blind, and blasted away at the square the white queen just fled:

click for larger view

But of course the queen is not Black's target; she is mere flotsam.

Now White has three legal moves, but two lead to swift and bitter death:

<(2.1) 14. ♔c1??, ♖d1#>

<(2.2) 14. ♔e1?, ♘c2†; 15. ♔e2, ♗xc4#>

So much for the Ungood and the Bad; there remains only the Ugly:

<(2.3) 14. ♔e2, ♗xc4†<>>

Since <15. ♔e1, ♖d1#> is not an option, White flings flotsam in the teeth of his pursuers:

<15. ♕xc4, ♘xc4†<>>

And so great is the abjection of his position that White must now fling away his knight as well.

<16. ♘e5 ▢...<>>

(See Part 3 below.)

Oct-06-12  Abdel Irada: <Ogni speranza lasciate voi ch'intrate

Part 3 of 3<<<<>>>>>

Here Black has multiple ways to carry on with his assault, but I give the nod to the one the leaves White the fewest defenses:

<16. ...♘4xe5<>>

This position deserves another diagram, for although much heavy material has left the board and there is no immediate prospect of mate, White is still in a desperate bind.

click for larger view

From a pawn down, Black is now in the endgame with a pawn plus. Ordinarily, this would mean but a slight edge. But this is no ordinary position.

After 16 moves and many tactics, White has not a single developed piece. His king is trapped in the center on an open file controlled by an enemy rook, and potential discoveries and their aftermath make it hard for him either to remedy this or to develop safely. Meanwhile, although I'm not equal to examining every possible option for attack and defense, Black is at leisure to construct a mating net, and many of the lines I've looked at from here do indeed lead to mate — not infrequently after further sacrifices on Black's part.

Ultimately, then, I think we can regard whatever murder-suicide pact these players have made as an unqualified success. White may linger for a bit, but as Virgil says, "The lost have only this one deliverance: to hope for none."

Oct-06-12  Abdel Irada: <Calling Dr. Kevorkian...<>>

Upon finally looking at this "game," I see that this Finn not only lacks all knowledge of openings Scandinavian, but when put to the test, chose to shuffle off this mortal coil at double-time.

Oh, well. One may hope he saved himself some suffering.

Oct-10-12  rilkefan: <James D Flynn>, in your line black has 15...Ne4. But I would have played the discovered attack 13...Bxd5 (with ...Bxf3+ to come), which is similar to the game but doesn't risk dropping the queen if I miscalculated.
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