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Iweta Radziewicz Rajlich vs Karina Cyfka
Polish-ch (women) (2012), Warsaw POL, rd 8, Feb-25
Tarrasch Defense: Classical Variation (D34)  ·  1-0



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Kibitzer's Corner
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Jan-12-13  morfishine: <Jimfromprovidence> Thanks for the table-base! Its now saved in my profile.

Yes, Rb4/c4/d4/h4 are the winning moves

Jan-12-13  David2009: Saturday 12 January - an ending for a change
I Rajlich vs K Szczepkowska-Horowska, 2012 White 59?

click for larger view

The obvious first move is 59.Kf6 exploiting the fact that the Pb4 blocks the saving Rook check Rf4+. Rather than attempt to analyse I set the ending up on Crafty End Game Trainer link: and tried to win it OTB.

Alas, first time round I blundered the win away; the ever-alert EGT foiled me with the defence 59...Ra6+ 60.e6 Kg8 61.Rxb4 g3 62.Rg4+ Kf1 63.Rxg3 Ra7! 64.Rb3 Rf7+! draw since exf7 is stalemate. Second time round I found a win which I leave you to discover (hint: try to gain a tempo in the first line). Or just check how the game finished? Time to do just that:
Black defended differently and lost differently. Rather than post the win against Crafty EGT, I will leave others to do so: if no-one does I will post it later.

<Phony Benoni: Oh, no! There's seven pieces on the board! I'll have to use my brain instead of a tablebase!> Like it!

Jan-12-13  Marmot PFL: Seemed like a fairly basic ending. Black didn't defend very well, probably because it was hopeless anyway.
Jan-12-13  snakebyt: Seemed obvious to me too at first. I got the first first move Kf6. Then ...Ra6+ which sent everything in a different direction kinda. I still took out the bPawn w/ RXb3. But I didn't want the blk pawn to QUEEN UP!!! Which here in the end locked in blkK and became key to this pawn castle headlock. To me this is a brilliant ending! But what do I know... :)
Jan-12-13  LoveThatJoker: <59. Kf6>

A) 59...Ke8 60. e6 Kd8 (60...Ra8 61. Rh7 ) 61. e7+! Kc8 (61...Ke8 62. Rb8+ ) 62. e8=Q+ Kxb7 63. Qxa4

B) 59...Kg8 60. Rb8+ Kh7 61. e6 g3 [61...Ra6 62. Rxb4 Kg8 (62...g3 Kf7 ) 63. Rb8+ Kh7 64. Kf7 ; 61...Ra1 62. e7 Rf1+ 63. Kg5 Re1 (63...g3 64. e8=Q ) 64. e8=Q Rxe8 65. Rxe8 ] 62. e7 g2 63. e8=Q g1=Q 6. Qh8#

C) 59...Ra8 60. Rxb4 g3 (60...Ra6+ 61. e6 ) 61. Rh4 Kg8 62. Rg4+ Kf8 62. e6 Ra6 63. Rxg3


Premium Chessgames Member
  kevin86: A great and complex finish. At first I feared that white couldn't even SAVE the game. The final position is a hoot:black has a queen and rook while white has a solo pawn and rook.

White is destined to come out a rook and queen AHEAD!!

Jan-12-13  LoveThatJoker: Hi guys! Could someone be so kind to run my 'C' line through an engine please?

I am at the Art Gallery in my city, and I have no way of checking at the moment.

Thank you,


Jan-12-13  Marmot PFL: The only move I had any question about was 60 Rxb4 or e6. I don't think it matters anyway as the positions reached are the same. Other than that white's means seemed to be determined by the position and didn't require much if any calculation.
Jan-12-13  Marmot PFL: <Hi guys! Could someone be so kind to run my 'C' line through an engine please?> <C) 59...Ra8 60. Rxb4 g3 (60...Ra6+ 61. e6 ) 61. Rh4 Kg8 62. Rg4+ Kf8 62. e6 Ra6 63. Rxg3 >

61 Rh4? is inaccurate ex.61...Kg8 62 e6 Rf8+ 63 Kg6 g2 64 Rg4 Rf4!=. 61...Ra6+ 62 e6 Kg8 also draws. 61 e6 is the only way for white to win.

Jan-12-13  LoveThatJoker: <MarmotPFL> My Line is 61. Rh4 Kg8 62. Rg4+, and not 62. e6. Does the engine evaluate y his any differently? Also, what engine are you running?

Thank you,


Jan-12-13  Marmot PFL: <LTJ> I don't have a working engine on my comp, but with 6 or less pieces any ending table base will give you the outcome.

<My Line is 61. Rh4 Kg8 62. Rg4+, and not 62. e6. Does the engine evaluate y his any differently?>

62...Kf8 draws, if 63 e6 Ra6 (only move) 64 Rxg3 Ra7 (again only move). Now if say 65 Rb3, not 65...Ra8? 66 Rh3, but only 65...Rf7+! 66 ef7 and draws by stalemate (if the king retreats instead the draw is easy for black).

Jan-12-13  James D Flynn: White is a pawn down but his pawn is one square more advanced and the Black K is confined to the back rank where it is subject to mating threats by K and R. 59.Kf6 Ke8 60.e6 Ra8(ifRa6(if Kd8 61.e7+ Ke8(if Kc8 62.e8=Q+ Kxb7 63.Qxa4 and wins) 62.Rb8+ Kd7 63.e8=Q+ K moves 64.Qxa4 and wins)61.Rxb8#)61.Rxb4 g3 62.Rg4 Kf8 63.Rxg3 Ra6 64.Rd3 Kg8 65.Rd8+ Kh7 66.Kf7 Ra1 67.e7 Rf1+ 68.Ke8 Kg3 69.Rd7 Rh1 70.Kd8 Ra8+ 71.Kc7 Ra7+ 72.Kd6 Ra6+ 73.Kc5 Ra5+ 74.Kb3 Ra8 75.Rd8 Ra1 76.e8=Q+ wins.
Jan-12-13  LoveThatJoker: <Marmot PFL> Thank you for looking up this Line for me with the tablebase.

I am still at Gallery, using the iPhone to communicate. No tablebase apps available!

I appreciate you taking the time to help me out.

When I get home, I will check out my solution in detail with engine. This said, I trust tablebase that It is a draw.


Jan-12-13  Marmot PFL: <I appreciate you taking the time to help me out>

Glad to. I admire the work that you and a few others you put into each position.

Jan-12-13  LoveThatJoker: <Marmot PFL> Thank you most sincerely.

To hear this from a fellow senior and dedicated member means a lot.


Jan-12-13  KingV93: I did not find this difficult and I stink at endgames. I guess today I am the blind squirrel!
Jan-12-13  Patriot: Black is up a pawn and threatens to promote the g-pawn. A draw is not a bad result for white.

The only candidates that look positive for white are 59.Rb6 and 59.Kd7. 59.Kd7 looks to be the best try.

59.Kd7 g3 60.e6 g2 61.e7+ Kg7 62.e8=Q g1=Q 63.Kc8+ is probably winning.

59.Kd7 g3 60.e6 Ra8 61.e7+ Kf7 and I'm not sure if white can make progress here.

Another candidate I just noticed is 59.Kf6:

59.Kf6 Ra6+ 60.e6 Ra8 61.e7+ Ke8 doesn't look promising.

59.Kf6 Ra6+ 60.e6 Ra8 61.Rh7 Kg8 62.Rg7+ and 63.Rxg4 may be ok.

The candidate 59.Rb6 doesn't look promising and I'm sure there is a lot more to this endgame. I'll go with 59.Kf6.

Jan-12-13  Patriot: <David2009> I won the first time against Crafty, which is rare.

59.Kf6 Ra6+ 60.e6 Kg8 61.Rg7+ Kf8 62.Rxg4 Rb6 63.Rc4 Kg8 64.Rc8+ Kh7 65.Kf7 Rb5 66.e7 Rb7 67.Rc4 Kh6 68.Kf8 Rb8+ 69.f8=Q Rxf8 70.Kxf8 b3 71.Rb4 etc. I'm sure there's a "better win" but that's definitely winning.

Premium Chessgames Member
  agb2002: White is a pawn down.

Black wants to push the passed pawns.

The first idea that comes to mind is 59.Kf6, creating a mate threat and freeing the path of the pawn:

A) 59... Ke8 60.e6 Ra8 (60... Kd8 61.e7+ wins) 61.Rh7 Kd8 62.Rh8+, etc.

B) 59... Ra8 60.e6

B.1) 60... g3 61.Rh7 Kg8 62.Rg7+ Kh8 (62... Kf8 63.e7+ Ke8 64.Rg8+ Kd7 65.Rxa8 + -) 63.Rxg3 (63.Kf7 Ra7+ 64.e7 Rxe7+ 65.Kxe7 Kxg7 - +)

B.1.a) 63... Rf8+ 64.Ke7 Rf1 (64... Rb8 65.Kf7 Rb7+ 66.e7 + -) 65.Ke8 followed by e7, Rd(f)3 and Kd(f)7.

B.1.b) 63... Rb8 64.Kf7 Rb7+ 65.e7 + -.

B.1.c) 63... Kh7 64.Kf7 Kh6 65.e7 + -.

B.2) 60... b3 61.Rxb3

B.2.a) 61... Rc8 62.Rb4 g3 63.Rh4 Kg8 64.Rg4+ Kh7 (64... Kf8 65.e7+) 65.Rxg3 + -.

B.2.b) 61... Re8 62.Rb4 g3 63.Rh4 Kg8 64.Rg4+ Kf8 (64... Kh7 65.Rxg3 is similar to B.2.a) 65.Rxg3 Ra8 (65... Re7 66.Rg8+) 66.e7+ Ke8 67.Rg8+, etc.

B.3) 60... Rc8 61.Rxb4 looks similar to some lines above.

Other options like 59.Rb8+ Kg7 60.K

Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: Misgiving rooks princess 58...g4 her un-doing as kettle of fish in see fed ridge opportune 59.Kf6 air enough kings at will penitance ogles son g8 slideagain jail bird rooka4 why shack up a8 so up line at whisk e6 pawn if in kingg8 a tepid leap you registering it old solution man bull shine through in credible wave rookb8+ in clear kh7 when fail safety ramble a 61.e6 affectively mint ra6 ford river trickle in too little too late Rxb4 and Rxg4 seal black fate again white can push in effect, o 66.e7 at ello lolly up I give footed 60.rb8+ escry in light a kingh7 61.e6 ra6 62.Rxb4 Kh6 63.Rxg4 Kh5 64.re4 rc6 65.Kf5 rc8 66.e7 in cadence rising black elects instead a8 to mind together choosing rane bow she wounds here I paper-cut 59.ra8 mister e6 is still coming to get you white has time for best rich in each again lister b4 you lent in bind feed him rook in absolve it is g3 in faffed 61.e6s cargo the mother-load rookh4 at bathe in cashes up 62 winch a g1 or in data bin Kg8 finder hog 63.rg4+ and rookh8 good enough to win king in flog reverse I need you kingf6 ie f8 dominated ask ask dojo b8 and e6 at winning popular for 59.Kg8?
Jan-12-13  Mendrys: I really enjoyed this game. To me the struggle over blacks isolated d4 pawn during the middle game is fascinating. There were no obvious blunders and then you get to the position right before the puzzle position.

click for larger view

If it is true in this position that "Passed pawns must be pushed!" as has been said by Tartakower and many other GMs then which one is it here? The text move 58...g4 is the losing move. It leaves black unable to effectively deal with the mate threat after 59. Kf6. Other moves probably also draw but if a pawn is to be advanced it must be the b pawn: 58...b4-b3 59. Ke6-f6 Ra4-f4+ 60. Kf6xg5 Rf4-f3 61. Kg5-g4 Rf3-c3 62. Kg4-f5 Kf8-e8 63. Kf5-e4 Ke8-d8

click for larger view

is suggested by my silicon friend and certainly appears to be a draw. It's interesting that even though she has 2 outside passed pawns it is Szczepkowska-Horowska that must find the correct move to draw.

Jan-12-13  Kikoman: <Kf6> and that's it.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Jimfromprovidence: Here's the answer to my initial query.

"Let's diverge from the text and proceed with 60...Kg8 61 e6 Ra6 62 Rxg4+ Kf8.

There are 4 and only 4 winning moves for white. What are they and why do they work?"

click for larger view

The answers are 63 Rh4, Rb4, Rc4 or Rd4.

The strategy is to threaten mate in one and force the response 63…Kg8, which all of these moves do. That way, black’s rook cannot drop down to the a1 a2 or a3 squares and harass white’s queen with checks.

The moves 63 Re4 or Rf4 allow just this as 63…Ra1, Ra2 or Ra3 all draw.

Moving along the g file also draws instead of wins for white. 63 Rg5 for example, allows for the saving 63…Ra7!

click for larger view

Black threatens 64…. Rf7! and white cannot capture as that produces a stalemate.

White wins in all cases by checking on the back rank on move 64 (except in the case of 63 Rh4, which makes white play one of those other three winning moves on move 64, first).

Jan-12-13  Patriot: <Jimfromprovidence> I found the 4 moves you mentioned because they are the only moves that mean to do something positive for white--namely checkmate. "What are my candidates that might be positive for me?" is a general question that can be applied throughout chess--anything else is a time-waster. And ironically, "wasting time" is a positive in the case of zugzwang.

I ran into a similar position as your first diagram against Crafty:

click for larger view

I played 63.Rc4, threatening mate on the move. (see my previous post on how it played out)

Jan-12-13  LoveThatJoker: <After having gone through my lines with Stockfish>, I can say that I came close on this one.

My 'A' and 'B' lines are good. In my 'C' line, I had the right idea, 59. Kf6 Ra8 60. Rxb4 g3 (60...Ra6+ 61. e6 ) 61. Rh4?

Analysis Diagram - Position after 61. Rh4? (A well-deserved question mark, btw).

click for larger view

I don't know why I thought I had to threaten mate in this position - I guess I'm rusty in my rook endgames at the moment. :(

I must re-visit them! Good show and excellent puzzle, <CG>!

0.60 (for correctly getting lines 'A' and 'B') out of 1 is fair for my work today.


PS. For the sake of thoroughness, I would like to add that in my 'B' line there is another "only move" moment - much like 61. e6 as in the game. (I hadn't noted this in my solution post, but I did see it while formulating it.)

59. Kf6 Kg8 60. Rb8+ Kh7 61. e6 g3 62. e7 Ra6+ 63. Kf7 Ra7 64. Rxb4 <Completely logical and easy to spot, but still the Only Move>

Analysis Diagram - Position after 64. Rxb4 <Only Move>

click for larger view

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