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Robert Huebner vs Thomas Luther
GER-ch 74th (2002), Saarbruecken, rd 8, Nov-29
Scandinavian Defense: Panov Transfer (B01)  ·  0-1



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Kibitzer's Corner
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Premium Chessgames Member
  FSR: <Abdel Irada: ... 17. ...Qxf1†! 18. Bxf1, Nf3† 19. Ke2, Nd4† 20. Kd1 ...

There are other king moves, but they are all plainly worse. 20. ...Nc6† 21. Qd2, Rxd2† 22. Kxd2, bxc4

Black finishes this forthright combination two pawns ahead and obviously has the advantage, although I'd hesitate to say I could prove a win against a player of Huebner's skill. In fact, after 23. Rc1, it's not clear to me that Black can hold both pawns. Ceteris paribus, I would anticipate an eventual victory for Black, but only after a grueling struggle.>

Spot on (including 20.Kd1!, improving on Hübner's play). Well done.

Feb-17-13  apexin: Insane: i was thinking about 17...Rhe8 but didnt thik the queen sacrifice will be the right answer and opted for that .white doesnt have any threats that im aware of so i thought 17...Rhe8 should still work and on the next move Qxf1 and Bxc4 dicovered check but i forgot the king is on f1 already. edit: 17...Rhe8 18.Qc5+ Qc6 doesnt lose but is not best. Of course Qc5+ is a mate threat and 17...Qf1+ has to be played if he wants to win.
Feb-17-13  Shams: <Abdel> Any reason you prefer the dagger to the plus sign as an indicator of check?
Feb-17-13  morfishine: Black is up a pawn, but White has a winning combination starting with Qc5+, eventually winning a piece. Black must find a forcing sequence or lose. There is only 1 candidate: 17...Qxf1+

<17...Qxf1+ 18.Bxf1 Nf3+ 19.Ke2 Nd4+>

click for larger view

White is forced to return the Queen: 20.Ke3 or 20.Ke1 is met by 20...Nc2+ forking the Queen leaving Black up the exchange; and if the King moves to the d-file, 20...Nc6+ also forks the Queen

PM: I didn't see that White could avoid losing the exchange with 21.Qd6; Very nice finish by Black to go into a 2-pawn up endgame

Feb-17-13  morfishine: <Adbel Irada> Nice find with 20.Kd1! A real weakness for me, especially lately: finding the best moves for the losing player
Feb-17-13  nilba: If today was monday, I would have gotten it right
Feb-17-13  Abdel Irada: <Shams: <Abdel> Any reason you prefer the dagger to the plus sign as an indicator of check?>

I prefer to avoid a certain ambiguity that can arise with evaluation glyphs. This doesn't come up much here (and may now be obsolete), but sometimes winning moves are represented by a plus sign (or two for "game over" moves), as for example in "29. Bxe7+," denoting a bishop capture on e7 that leads to a won position. Using the plus sign for check, this would be confusing.

Besides, the longer I can keep the dagger out of reach of the monobrachial shiv, the better for us all. ;-)

Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: Safe in the knowledge black, is a given pawn ahead,

all we need to do is simplfy it starting with a general 17...Qxf1+ in stipulate hack in crag having question of a fashion you in concubine cage a rites of passage in reaped 16.Nb5?

Instead be free for another bind, dressed to the nines tincture i footed 16.bf4 at his pb he ram cone fab idea it now oke doke h3 or e8 mind you black would maage from heavens it time in a glass h3 our in strike the bell it phantom in e8,

3h an i cull in at our aim clinch in knightf3, booby it is light coffin event ooh re bush chance rooke8 same applies haggard it clean f3 in got express right route hook in evermore see he benefits tranquil in f3 penitance.

Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: Ja bd6 doesnt save him, going back to b5 juggernaut open it is reading back in success ago ok c6xb5 inwards account for herd in cattle preening a course at staking 17.bf4 chipped off our incorp,

use in fell it nap of the clot hoefed guard it entrees in each again door b5 read, step I'd engage stiff a quoffed 17.Qxf1+ in volley I tear off f1 quested in flashing along heading bill queen 17 seize of wry play,

doh a hastened 18.Bxf1 just in reach for knight in wall it o fiancees 18...Nf3 ringed in e2 a double grip blew in wave forges the path a widenings 19.ke2 in really it honour in effect judge the mettle I outcoming 19.Nd4+ i think in devious again dangle a frayed king hanging by a rope at digs on 20.kd2 or 20.kd1 outcome the same black has cooped 20.Nc6+ go duty it is rank and file go castle montaged in a qu a d6 having color in cheek exactly it dine oh saw in at eddy it tease in he coast again for aim inceed,

enter a loose molly cuddle knight, he fly down change double tag in ado juggle juicy another d6 grapple in wrack his mind oh to 22.Bxd6 Bxc4 pooled in slushy it fun in at he door son find aim intrepid dashed, rook each too mercentary minors in job done king cant reach to penetrate as black milks his key a b4 advantage. It seem king like for together in black aye the fold in done pt rues it shoulder gg a pinger bill to right off in.

Feb-17-13  morfishine: Why did White unnecessarily return the Knight with 16.Nb5?, when 16.Be3 would've thwarted Black's combination? Chivalry perhaps; White had a piece to give, and it was only sporting for him to return the piece to his fellow countryman.

Kind of reminds me of the 'Makhtesh Ramon' mountain goat. These male goats, armed with a huge curved antler-array, will bash their heads together as they compete for mating rights. The vicious combat can go on for hours. Whats curious is that scientific observers have detected chivalry in their contests. Since the combat occurs high up in the mountains along steep ridges, one or the other goat will frequently slip and lose their balance. Invariably, the opponent will cease attacks until the goat has regained its balance. Thats only fair. Sometimes, they've been observed actually helping each other regain their footing before they resume bashing their heads in.

Those are the rules and they must be complied with.

Another curious facet of these competitions is frequently, if not always, a third party goat will follow the combat closely, perhaps learning for the future. There's another rule that the third goat must not enter the combat. Occasionally this rule is broken, usually by a young goat, and the third goat will try bash the head in of one goat when he sees an opening. At the point, the two original goats will gang-up on the rule breaker, and drive him off with a series of vicious head thrusts; After that, they return to beating their own heads in again.

Chivalry and rules

Luther's lofty final combination probably left Huebner feeling rather. sheepish...

Feb-17-13  mistreaver: Sunday. Black to play. 17.? Insane.
Black has a very pleasant position with seemingly many threats, altought his king's position IS a bit awkward.
The main idea is to give mate to the white king, because he can't step the d' file, and the other rook can come to e8 and bishop on c4 would also be strong. Now it is only about finding the optimal move order.
For instance:
A) 17 ... Nf3+
18 Bxf3 Qxf3 brings not much joy after
19 Qc5+ Qc6
B)I quite like the other blow:
17... Qxf1+
18Bxf1 Nf3+
19Ke2 Nd4+
I think this should be the winning line, because now white king can't step on the d' file because of Nc6 losing the queen. If he goes back on e1 then Nc2+ is a killer fork.
There only remains
20 Ke3 Re8+
21 Kd2 Nc6+
and i think black wins.
I think this line is correct, altought it is a bit too forced for Sunday. Time to check.
Wohooo, first time a got a Sunday puzzle. Altough it was pretty straightforward and easier then other Sunday puzzles, and i didn't see the resource Qd6, i think i can claim full point for tuday, making it 5/7 this week.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Jimfromprovidence: Nice two-part puzzle; the first is finding the line that gets the advantage and the second is getting the endgame right.

<FSR> <Houdini 3 gives as best 20.Kd1! (rather than Hübner's 20.Kd2) Nc6+ 21.Qd2 Rxd2+ 22.Bxd2 Bxc4 23.Bxc4 bxc4 24.Rc1 b5 25.a4 a6 26.b3 Rd8 27.axb5 axb5 28.bxc4

And now 28...b4! is a critical finesse. Everything else gives Black only a small advantage.>

There's a nice deviation in this line, 27...Na5!?

click for larger view

The idea is to clear the left side of the board by playing 28...Rxd2+, then a knight fork and you end up with something like this, with white to play.

click for larger view

Feb-17-13  ajax333221: the line 24... b4+ 25.Kxc4 Rd4+ was much better
Feb-17-13  gambler: The position seem sabsolutely winning for black. My first idea was Re8 setting up a mating net. Black can also defend agaisnt counter-attacks, so in theory we have the time.

However, there might be something quicker and more accurate, time to calculate... lets see.

Feb-17-13  David2009: Huebner vs T Luther, 2002 Black 17...? Insane

I am coming to this very late in the day. Try 17...Rhe8 seeing 18.Rc1 Qxf1+ 19.Bxf1 Bxc5+ 20.Be3 Nf3# (I think); if 18.Bxh2 Bxc5 19.Qc5+ Qc6 20.Qxc6+ bxc6 and White loses the B on e2. If 18.Qc5+ Qc6 19.Qxc6+ bxc6 20 Be3 Nxf1 21.Kxf1 bxc4 and Black has a winning material advantage. Time to check:
Missed it. Puzzle position:

click for larger view

colours reversed

click for larger view

set up on Crafty End Game Trainer: Alas, the calm robot escapes my net in the colours-reversed equivalent of 18.Qc5+ Qc6 19.Qxc6+ bxc6 20.Rh1! Bxc4 21.Be3. Bah - with hindsight my solution was far too straightforward to be "insane".

Here's a link to the position at move 18 (with correct colours) to explore the better defence 20.Kd1!:

Playing robot against robot, Black enters a R + B vs R + B of opposite colour ending two pawns up, presumably a winning advantage.

Premium Chessgames Member
  agb2002: Black has a bishop, a knight and a pawn for the bishop pair.

White threatens 18.Qc5+ Qc6 (18... Kd7 19.Rd1+ Ke8 20.Rxd8+ Kxd8 21.Qc7+ Ke8 22.Bxh2) 19.Qxc6+ bxc6 20.Bxh2.

Black can win material by provoking a knight fork with 17... Qxf1+ 18.Bxf1 Nf3+ 19.Ke2 Nd4+

A) 20.Ke1(3) Nc2+ followed by 21... Nxb4 - + [R+N+P vs B].

B) 20.Kd1 Nc6+ 21.Qd6 Rxd6+ 22.Bxd6 bxc4 (22... Rd8 23.c5) and Black has another extra pawn.

C) 20.Kd2 Nc6+ 21.Qd6 (21.Kc3 Nxb4 22.Kxb4 Bxc4 23.Bxc4 bxc4 - + [R+2P vs B]) 21... Rxd6+ is similar to B.

D) 20.Kd3 Nc6+ is similar to B.

Feb-17-13  BOSTER: If in the pos. <POTD> white had a move, he would play Qc5+ (if Qc6 Qxc6 bxc6 Bxh2) Kd7 Rd1+ Ke8 Rxd8 Kxd8 Qc7+ Ke8 and Bxh2. So, black can't play 17...Nxf1 because white has a good game, but black can exchange the queens (17...Qxf1) and go in the ending with couple pawns extra. Where is the <Puzzle>?

<Patzer2> I was surprised how fast you changed your mind about 10...Bxc3+ in the game : Schmidt vs Jansa under <pressure>. <They> suggested after 11.Bd2 Bxd2+ 12.Qxd2 to move the knight to a5,or b4,or b8. But knight can go simple to Nd4 and return the pawn, and after this white has no any attack, but only king on e1, and the weak a2 pawn.

Even if 12.Qxd2 Nb8 13.Qh6 Qa5+ 14.Kf1 Qc3 15.e5 f6 16.h4 Bg4 black has no problem. Of course, the best way is to ask Fritz to evaluate this pos.

Feb-17-13  Patriot: White has the bishop pair for a pawn. The white king is immobile and the one move that I like is 17...Qxf1+.

18.Bxf1 is forced.

18...Nf3+ 19.Ke2 Nd4+ and now black can at least win the queen back with the exchange: 20.Kd3 Nc6+ 21.Kc3 Nxb4 22.Kxb4.

I'm not seeing much to calculate here.

Feb-17-13  James D Flynn: Black is a pawn up but his K position looks precarious : White threatens 18.Qc5+ Qc6(not Kd7 19.O-O-O+ Ke1 20.Rxd8+ Kxd8 21.Qd6+ Bd7 22.Bxh2 winning the piece that threatened the White R on f1 and threatening to win the Black R on h8) 19.Qxc6+ bxc6 20.Bxh2 winning a piece for 2 or 3 pawns with the better endgame). 17….Nf3+ 18.Bxf3 Qxf3 19.Qc5+ Qc6(Kd7 20.Rd1+ still gives White too many chances to harass the Black K) 20.Qxc6+ bxc6 21.cxb5 cxb5 22.Rac1+ Kb7 23.Rc7+ Kb3 24.Rh1 Re8+ 25.Kf1 and Black is still pawn up but with Bs of opposite colours it looks somewhat drawish. 17….Bxc4(ignoring the threat and aiming to come first, now 18.Bxc4 loses immediately to Nf3+ 19.Ke2 Rhe8+20.Be3 Nd4+ and whether the K retreats to the d file or e1 the N will check on c6 or c2 and win the Q ) 18.Qc5+ Qc6(not Kd7 19.O-O-O+ followed by Bxc4 winning a piece)) 19.Qxc6+ bxc6 20.Bxh2 Rhe8 wins the B on e2 with check and threatens mate on e2)21.Rg8(the only escape square is f1) Rxe2+ 22.Kf1 Rd2(now the f2is indefensible and mate is imminent 23.Rxg7 Rxf2+ 24.Kg1 Rxh2 25.Re1 Bd5 ad White has only a few check before the R mates on h1).
Feb-17-13  Patriot: Ok, I didn't see that 21.Qd6! prevents white from losing the exchange. After that it's about black having more pawns and the better position.
Feb-17-13  LJLMETAL: White's 35th move is a mistake! The best thing for white to do is keep the rooks on the board
Feb-17-13  Tiggler: What's this? - Q sac Sunday. 17...Qxf1+ 18 Bxf1 Nf3+ 19 Ke2 Nd4+ must win back the Q and leave black at least the exchange +p ahead. Must be good enough to win.

Let's just post this and look to see what I missed.

Feb-17-13  Garech: Outstanding game! Is this line still viable?


Feb-18-13  morfishine: Hi <Jimfromprovidence> Nice post, as usual! I think in diagram #2, Black should not have too much trouble winning, since he can gain the opposition when needed. For example, after 1.Ke4 Kc6 2.Ke5 Kd7 3.f4 f6+ 4.Kf5 Ke7 5.h4 g6+ 6.Ke4 Ke6

click for larger view

White would have to improve significantly in my line to draw

Or, if White tries first <1.f4> then 1...Kc5 2.Ke4 Kd6 3.h4 f6

click for larger view

I don't see how White makes headway after 4.f5 g6; Here, if 5.Kf4 Kd5 6.Kg4 Ke4 and Black is winning due to the sideways opposition

Premium Chessgames Member
  FSR: <Jimfromprovidence> Good idea! In your line, White's best try appears to be 28.bxa6 Rxd2+ 29.Kxd2 Nxb3+ 30.Kc2 Nxc1 31.Kxc1 Kc7 32.Kc2 Kb6 33.Kxc4 Kxa6 34.Kd5 Kc7. White's king is better placed, but Black is a pawn up and presumably will win unless White has some miracle drawing line.
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