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Vassily Ivanchuk vs Surya Shekhar Ganguly
Tradewise Gibraltar (2014), Catalan Bay GIB, rd 8, Feb-04
Queen's Gambit Declined: Semi-Tarrasch Defense. Exchange Variation (D41)  ·  1-0



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Kibitzer's Corner
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Premium Chessgames Member
  agb2002: White has a bishop and a knight for a rook.

Black threatens 33... Rxe3.

White can attempt an attack against every black piece with 33.d6:

A) 33... Rxe3 34.d8=Q+ Re8 35.Ne6+ fxe6 (35... Kg8 36.Qxe8#) 36.Qxd1 + - [Q+B vs R+P].

B) 33... Rd8 34.Qe5 (threatening 35.Qd6+ Kg8 36.Qe7 and 35.Qc7 Ke7 36.Nc6+)

B.1) 34... Rxd7 35.Qb8+ Ke7 36.Nc6+ Kf6 (36... Ke6 37.Qe5#) 37.Qe5+ Kg6 38.Ne7+ Kh6 39.Qf4+

B.1.a) 39... g5 40.Qf6+ Kh5 41.Qxf7+ Kh4 (41... Kh6 42.Nf5#; 41... Kg4 42.f3+ and mate in two) 42.Nf5+ Kg4 43.Ne3+ Kh4 44.Qxh7#.

B.1.b) 39... Kh5 40.Qf5+ g5 (40... Kh6 41.Ng8#; 40... Kh4 41.g3#) 41.Qxh7+ Kg4 42.Qh3+ Kf4 43.Qf5#.

B.2) 34... Qd2 35.Qd6+ Kg8 36.Qe7 Qa5 (36... Rf8 37.d8=Q wins) 37.Qe8+ and mate next.

B.3) 34... Qg4 35.Bxb5

B.3.a) 35... Rxd7 36.Qb8+ (36.Bxd7 Qd1+ and mate next) 36... Ke7 37.Nc6+ Kf6 (37... Ke6 38.Qe5#) 38.Qe5+ Kg6 39.Ne7+ Kh6 (39... Rxe7 40.Qxe7 Qd1+ 41.Bf1 + - [B]) 40.Nf5+

B.3.a.i) 40... Kg6(5) 41.Qxg7+ followed by 42.Qxg4+ and 43.Bxd7 with a won ending.

B.3.a.ii) 40... Kh5 41.Ne3+ followed by 42.Bxd7 wins a piece and a pawn at least (42... Qd1+ 43.Nxd1).

B.3.b) 35... a6 36.Qe8+ Rxe8 37.dxe8=Q(R)#.

B.4) 34... f6 35.Qc7 Ke7 36.Nc6+ wins.

C) 33... Rb8 34.Qe5 followed by 35.Qd6+ Kg8 36.Qe7 winning.

D) 33... Ra8 34.Qe4 followed by 35.Qe5 transposes to B or C.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Once: It's a two part puzzle today. The first part of the puzzle is spotting that the promotion trick 33. d7 works. It seems to leave the white queen hanging, but black can't stop white from making another (and pocketing the rook into the bargain).

The sequence that everyone else has got (but which is worth repeating) is 33... Rxe3 34.d8=Q+ Re8 35.Ne6+ fxe6 36.Qxd1

So black can't take the queen. That means that a new puzzle starts from 33. d7 Rd8

click for larger view

This is trickier. White doesn't have a tactical smiting move, but he does have a strong position. He now needs to build his attack against the black king and rook.

This is where I got stuck in human mode. White has several tempting moves to reposition the queen and then infiltrate on the weak dark squares especially c7 and the d6-e7 diagonal. I looked at Qc3, Qf4, Qe5. Frankly it felt like being a billionaire in a Ferrari dealership. So many tempting choices!

Fritzie confirms what Patzer2 has also found. All these queen moves win, but 34. Qe5 is the strongest. It is the only move that simultaneously keeps the black king out of e7 and threatens Qc7 and Qd6+/Qe7.

And if 34...Rxd7 35. Qb8+ weaves a mating net from which black cannot escape.

Hmm. I think I'll award myself half a point today. I spotted the first half of the combination but not the cleanest finish to the second. I like to think I would still have won from here, but not as crisply as Ivanchuk.

Good puzzle.

Mar-06-15  morfishine: <33.d7> forces 33...Rd8 (33...Rxe3? 34.d8=Q+ Re8 35.Ne6+ fxe6 36.Qxd1 and White wins)

Great, forcing finish by Ivanchuk


Mar-06-15  TheBish: Ivanchuk vs Ganguly, 2014

White to play (33.?) "Difficult"

White is already ahead two pieces for a rook, which is theoretically a winning advantage, but he has to be careful. His queen is attacked, and a move like 33. Qf4? fails to 33...Re1, winning the bishop with the threat of mate, with time to stop White's d-pawn afterward. White needs a forceful, powerful continuation.

33. d7! Rd8

Or 33...Rxe3 34. d8=Q+ Re8 35. Ne6+ fxe6 36. Qxd1 with an overwhelming advantage.

34. Qe5! (or 34. Qf4) Rxd7

Black lacks a good way to meet the threats of 35. Qd6+ and 36. Qe7, or 35. Qc7, e.g. 34...f6 35. Qc7 Ke7 36. Nc6+. Black ends the threat of a new queen, but now his king is flushed out to chants of "dead man walking!".

35. Qb8+ Ke7 36. Nc6+ Kf6

Or 36...Ke6 37. Qe5#.

37. Qf4+!

Saving e5 for the knight. Black's next move is forced since 37...Ke6 38. Qe5# is the mating pattern seen in the note above.

37...Kg6 38. Ne5+ Kh5 39. Qf5+! Kh6

Black gets mated after 39...g5 40. Qxh7# or 39...Kh4 40. g3#.

40. Ng4+ forces the win of the queen 40...Qxg4 41. Qxg4 for an easy win.

Mar-06-15  Nick46: Intuitively I played <33.d7> but won't award myself any further credits or pats on the back for all that.
Mar-06-15  diagonalley: ging ganguly guly guly guly gotcha, ging gang gu, ging gang gu(!) ... (after the scouts old fireside song) ... superb finish by ivanchuk... as <paavoh> pointed out - a prime example of Q+N co-operation
Mar-06-15  morfishine: <Nick46> As long as one sees that 33...Rxe3 fails, thats something
Premium Chessgames Member
  OhioChessFan: Not sure why a 2600 played this out to mate.
Mar-06-15  wooden nickel: Wonderful king hunt, although still a challenge for White to find the best continuations. 34. Nxb5 Qxd7 35. Nxa7 would have been an interesting endgame!

click for larger view

Mar-06-15  TheaN: Friday 6 March 2015 <33.?>

In theory, white is up in material, two pieces for the rook. However, in the current position black is pressing on one piece, and is in fact threatening to play 33....Re1 when the queen is moved, and it will become a problem for white to defend both the bishop and knight

So, we don't move the queen. <33.d7!> pawns on the sixth rank are dangerous, in the sense that the self dubbed 'seventh jump' can be one of strongest tempo gains in the game: white attacks the rook on e8 and meanwhile threatens to promote.

A) <33....Rxe3> does not work, because this allows white practically to replace his queen on d8 with the d-pawn off the board: <34.d8=Q+ Re8 35.Ne6+ fxe6 (Kg8 36.Qxe8#) 36.Qxd1 >. Two queens left the board, but one was a pawn. And it was not black's.

B) <33....Rb8 34.Qe5!> the point. If black does not put the rook on d8, this win immediately. With the rook on b8, it's truly forced that black plays <34....Rd8 35.Qd6+ Kg8 36.Qe7 > and black has no defense against both Qxd8+ and Qe8+.

C) <33....Ra8 34.Qe5> essentially not much difference, but black is not forced to replace the rook. The only sensible alternative loses, though <34....f6 (g6 35.Qh8#) 35.Qd6+ Kf7 36.d8=Q >

D) <33....Rd8 34.Qe5!> still! Although black attacks d7 directly and blocks d8, this is just as strong.

D1) <34....f6 35.Qc7 > c7 is also available to the white queen.

D2) <34....Rxd7> is key <35.Qb8+ Ke7 36.Nc6+ Kf6 (Ke6 37.Qe5#) 37.Qe5+ Kg6 38.Ne7+ Kh6 (Rxe7 39.Qxe7 should be won) 39.Ng8+ Kg6 40.Qe4+!> a long combination, but now black has three options that all lead to disaster:

D111) <40....Kg5 41.h4+ Kh5 42.Qf5+ Kxh4 (g5 43.Qxg5#) 43.g3#>

D112) <40....Kh5 41.Qf5+ g5 42.Nf6+ Kh6 (Kh4 43.g3#) 43.Qxh7#>

D113) <40....f5 41.Qe6+ Kg5 42.h4+! Kxh4 43.Qxf5! > and black has no adequate defense against 44.g3+/#.

Mar-06-15  TheaN: Sloppy that I missed 37.Qf4+; put things to an end way sooner. Nonetheless, what I posted is correct: especially the variation with 40....f5 is hard to see.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Penguincw: I considered 33.d7, but didn't want to play because I didn't see after 33...Rxe3 34.d8=Q+ Re8, 35.Ne6+!, and white is winning.
Premium Chessgames Member
  AvidChessMan: 33. d7 is the best move for white. The black rook is forced to block the white pawn’s advance. I like white next move, 34. Qe5, which gives the queen access to the back rank, thereby forcing the king out into the open. The d7 pawn was poisoned, in that sense.
Premium Chessgames Member
  kevin86: The pawn advance upset's black's position so much that he falls into a quick mate.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Jimfromprovidence: There's more to this puzzle than I first realized.

It begins 33 d7 Rd8 34 Qe5.

click for larger view

There are two threats; one is 35 Nf5, seeing 36 Qxg7# or 35 Nf5, seeing 36 Qe7+.

So to block both threats black first plays 34....Qg4. Next comes 35 Nf5 Qg5.

click for larger view

White now wins beautifully with 36 Qc5+ Kg8 37 Ne7+.

click for larger view

Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: Describe at dutiful delights again dancers and danglers ave dampner d8 although decides dinkers queen's a fag pin at e3 dog i e5 love the centralised affair doorknob dugouts:

dumbbell douched affinty in f1 dharmas cover g1 drastic measures dossiers ave i e5 deep epi centre as left rove fed good b8 an eg diffuse majesty munch e6 fled give fared f6 again dig effect dug math game district dog mack cudgle e7 mind over straight port of calls f6 l0 at ado no adroit ok in ogle a turn at back rank a doosy much ado b8 high as noon a tres bon bullrush am rook d7 bad lie dutiful crum pivots e7 ment not again f6 ave terminal decline conk out king dont you again know as team continue can fondue gore honour nosh i on jonty c6 light klondike struck clear clumps monkey non plus and i non sequitur logic c6 in uniform appraisal rook and majesty f8 on the road pontificate.

Arm f1 blocks nope quotient factor ave ply wrong nack son not over the moon use your nous novel now won bad over bridge e7 cadence ogle a doddle goad on had over load ominate a doon buggy rates f6 encircle for the swoop flight favour purr nod again a prod road soak to ad feel woad day over band have bullseye queen's a fag pin behemoth again line low bughouse bullshin besotted majesty ramble e7 give spark f6 blanklys a mate via bassoons bantered around i bucklers and barrages at building a path c6 honour in hope boiled down biscuits ave slab in ulterior motive e7 only catch f6 sits in safe for light fancies this blankets thrown over ash burrowed in borough fang hoof big bag flash huffle an shuffle bug down a flinch e7 win gab flog bash fog bash since f6 do the math mate in one or bet seven slightly longer eg i ment queen's a fag pin f4 lance do then pranced majesty racks e6,

got him an efface off hunts other bind bash an lush ha flubb e6 linch pin had blubb 35...Ke7 36.Nc6+ addendum in sight again moose bad dip caddy in light cascaded gadzooks add in drained and jaded c76 light effervescent laddy boy madden paddy field crop short c6 curtail ordinated sudden e7 liege nt often f6 waded an waddle majesty xanadu did a bind i spot band candy f6 cane bamboo shoot dandy f6 end send mend hand in pot i kind lined atcha c6 pond quandry rendezvous aim in crappy tho now i sanded d7 send for reinforcements arnt any backs c6 and f4 angle tend dune nubiled in wand and wander yonder hill i cuffer tile ground again change cannon fodder black over the crest c6 light chases him down bless cascade choose and chores chalice clangs cessate brave cleans manage have at lip cinches a wire couple courts cumber band around e7 cutoff in pocket curses culled cranks cervix a cut i curry favour ave a mind chains over sense in aim clocks and courted creaks cutters and cuffers cant bed cot e7 bald as a coot tech in cast e7 off majesty ramble gives f6 low in cat treacle paras chutes:

tickle continue crotchet quarter b8 back ash f4 arm cot tock creats tucked in caveat cage flinch eg win take at several feather boas wrapped around e7 deceide boat take hope in efface of flush c6 a toe f4 arm enough cuff rough cliff trough face clog fash see f4 at if you clear up tour e7 i ment majesty.

Raided e7 and in f6 super b8 advance act f4 quarter ash flogs at good head spear ave in 6d and angles d7 sac blacks camp i wag tail of the dog divided into fifths cleft if any,

glass seal wax on have off fervent 37.Qf4+ had flash hand bad held inch ad wick horse candle and queen's a fag pin f4 arm flame inched a grin again vide vet f4 an bashed cashed in hashed majesty f8 lashed d7 gashed depends at had him hid a while go castle d7 immaterial to zone in uniform appraisal mad f4 house hod carrier pad have in hard it

ardent in aim radish shade ha doot a hud hauled hang and alf f4 won hent up hint a nosh and nash shun shin then shon hunt queen's a fag pin farm faces and finds the bridge water under ash flows fan f4 are trumpet call clean c6 fades flaps fends off e7 and give bunt e5 jump eline over falls a vest safe in a fend off f4 feats e6 of strength an feet films at frown foggy patch,

flume feature feels feckless fed feint fleece femur key in light super f6 man f4 won any i be proof ever fenced off fern i cattle prod over horse c6 feast fetter chains an fey f4 off good snuff e6 to dig fog fled sniff f6 dig off did affabled too f4 lieu in flood ah fiefdom 37...Ke6 mate in one gangway 37...Kg6 mate in seven.

Premium Chessgames Member
  whiteshark: Aargh, missed the winning 35.Ne6+ and went nuts thereafter.
Mar-06-15  scassislusor: I wonder whether Black was in time trouble since Rd7 was tantamount to resignation, somewhat like Nakamura last week with his move Kh6. The rest was inescapable in both cases which each player must have seen.
Mar-06-15  Chess Dad: All I was able to get was 33. d7.

I didn't find the correct move after 33... Rd8.

Mar-06-15  haydn20: About 4 times a year, as with this one, I see the move and the main lines in my mind's eye, without moving pieces on a board. Much more often, I am stumped by a lesser puzzle. I wonder if this is typical of a mediocre player like me?
Mar-06-15  stst: 33.d7

IF (A)..... RxQ
34.d8=Q+ Re8
35.Ne6+ fxN
36.QxQ and Black lost heavy material

IF (B).... Rd8 to block the P from queening,
34.Qf4 (eyeing for back rank + as well as Ne6+) RxP
35.Qb8+ Ke7
36.Nc6+ Kf6 (Ke6 ===> Qe5#)
37.Qf4+ Kg6
38.Ne5+ Kg5
39.g4+ Kh4
40.Nf3+ mate, or losing Q by QxN, then QxQ

time to check Chucky's choice

Mar-06-15  stst: got it!!

.. Chucky's choice of 34.Qe4 instead of Qf4 has the same effect -- protecting the N as well as eyeing for back rank Qb8+

The last steps of Black's defense actually ran softer in the game than moving the K further to the right files, but, probably Black saw the King was already somehow trapped.

Mar-06-15  houtenton: How comes that I had big problems with last wednesday and tonight (I just came back home late) I needed about 5 seconds to see the whole thing. Are there more with the same kind of experience? Less pieces on the board are more convenient to me.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Longview: This was a hard one to find a good move to make. The first I considered was d7 and the second was Qd3. I still found it difficult to get through what I though would be good defenses though. I favored Qd3 but Houdini says my first choice was the best! I see via <gofer> what I overlooked was Ne6+ clearing the file for Qxd1. I saw the other.

<33 d7 ...>

33 ... Rxe3
34 d8=Q+ Re8
35 Ne6+ fxe6
36 Qxd1

<Haydn>, pal I am right there with you. I tried the Ne6+ earlier, since it was a check, but as an initial move all I saw was the exposure of the e pawn to the Black Queen. I never thought of the reverse.

Great review guys. Makes it easy when you see the moves, eh.

Mar-06-15  CHESSTTCAMPS: White has the material advantage of N+B for a rook, in addition to a powerful passed pawn on the 6th rank, screened from capture by the active Nd4. It is known that Q+N can be superior to Q+R in many attacking positions. In this situation, the advanced pawn and the vulnerability of black's back rank enhance that advantage.

33.d7! takes full advantage of the opportunity. White's existing queen can not be taken and the rook is tied by the need to protect the back rank:

A) 33... Rxe3 34.d8=Q+ Re8 35.Ne6+ fxe6 36.Qxd1 wins.

B) 33... Rd8 34.Nc6 Rxd7 35.Qc5+ Kg8 (Ke8? 36.Qe5+ Kf8 37.Qb8+ wins) 36.Qxb5 (threatening Qb8+. Not 36.Ne7+ Kh8!, then 37.Qc8+ is met by Rd8) g6 37.Nxa7! and white appears to have a clear win by promoting the a-pawn. 37... Rxa7? 38.Qb8+ wins the rook)

B.1) 35... Qd6 36.Qxd6+ Rxd6 37.Nxa7 followed by 38.Nxb5 leaves white with a winning passed a-pawn.

B.2) 35... Rd6 36.Qxb5 Rd7 37.Nxa7 transposes to B.1.

C) 35... Rb8 36.Nc6 Ra8 37.d8=Q Rxd8 38.Nxd8 Qxd8 39.Qxa7 and white's extra piece prevails.

Time for review....

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