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Jesus Seoane Sepulveda vs Ignacio Prieto
Cadiz, ESP (1986), tt
King's Gambit: Accepted. Quade Gambit (C37)  ·  1-0



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Kibitzer's Corner
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Premium Chessgames Member
  agb2002: White is one rook down.

Black doesn't have useful checks after 15.Kd2:

A) 15... Qxa1 16.Qe8+ (or 16.Nxc6+ as in B) 16... Kxe8 (16... Rxe8 17.Nf7#) 17.Nf6+ Kf8 (17... Kd8 18.Nf7#) 18.Bh6#.

B) 15... Qxh2 (or 15... Qg2) 16.Nxc6+ dxc6 (16... bxc6 17.Bxe7+ Nxe7 18.Qxe7#) 17.Bxe7+ Kd7 (17... Nxe7 18.Qxe7#) 18.Nf6#.

C) 15... Qxd5 16.Qxd5 + - [Q vs R+N].

D) 15... Qe4 16.Qe8+ as in A.

Aug-29-14  gofer: White has TWO mate threats

16 Nxc6+ dxc6 17 Bxe7+ Bxe7 (17 ... Kd7 18 Nf6#) 18 Qxe7#

and the rather prosaic

16 Qe8+! Kxe8 (Rxe8 Nf7#) 17 Nf6+ Kf8 (17 Kd8 18 Nf7#) 18 Bh6#

With TWO immediate mates available, all we need to do is stop being in check for a move, so both Kf2 and Bf1 are not going to do that.

<15 Kd2 ...>

White now has two mate threats AND Rxh1 winning easily!

15 ... Bb4+?
16 Nxb4 mating

15 ... Nxd5?
16 Bxe7+ Bxe7
17 Qxe7#

15 ... Re8
16 Rxh1

15 ... Qe4?
16 Qe8+! Kxe8 (Rxe8 Nf7#)
17 Nf6+ Kf8 (17 Kd8 18 Nf7#)
18 Bh6#

15 ... Qxa1?
16 Nxc6+ dxc6
17 Bxe7+ Bxe7 (17 ... Kd7 18 Nf6#)
18 Qxe7#

<15 ... Qxd5>
<16 Qxd5 ...>

Black has delayed mate for a few moves by exchanging its queen for a rook and a knight, but this position has death written all over it...



Aug-29-14  morfishine: White wins in a number of ways, though <16.Qe8+> is the most pleasing

Nice find <FSR>!


Aug-29-14  eblunt: If 16 ♕e8+ had been the only mating possibility after 15 .... ♕xa1 then this would merit a 'difficult' however 16. ♘xc6+ is pretty straightforward .. remove one of the e7 defenders with check, leaving 3 on 2 at e7.
Aug-29-14  Refused: I went for 15.Kd2 Qxa1 (what else)
16.Nxc6+ dxc6 17.Bxe7+ Kd7 18.Bf8+ Kd8 19.Bxd6 Bd7 20.Qf6+ Kc8 21.Qxh8+ Be8 22.Qxe8#

Not as beautiful as the game continuation, but I think it does the trick.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Once: That's a fun finish. I went for the 16. Nxc6+ option, but wish I had seen the queen sacrifice instead. It's most gratifying to sacrifice both rooks and your queen and still give mate.

That's when people throw gold coins or bandy words like immortal and evergreen.

From the starting position, you've just got to play 15. Kd2 offering the a1 rook. Having sacrificed one rook, the second one will only pine for its mate if you don't make it a buy-one get one free offer.

Incidentally, after 15. Kd2 we have a really interesting position ...

click for larger view

Black controls all four corners of the board. That would be a fantastic achievement if we were playing Othello, but in chess it turns out to be as meaningful as the "trophies" that my ipad and PS3 keep giving me.

Enjoyed that one.

Aug-29-14  geeker: This game brings to mind the title of an old book by Minev and Seirawan: "Take My Rooks"!
Aug-29-14  zb2cr: 15. Kd2 gets out of check, and White has 2 mate threats looming as well as a threat on the Black Queen. What could be sweeter?
Aug-29-14  dufferps: I think Sepulveda had this won way back earlier. I can't find any way for black to win or survive after 7.Qxg4. Black has allowed white to develop both knights while pushing pawns and exposing his queen,
Aug-29-14  patzer2: For this Friday puzzle, found mate-in-three with 15. Kd2 Qxa1 16. Nxc6+ dxc6 17. Bxe7+ Kd7 18. Bg4#.

However, I missed the mate-in-three with flash after 15. Kd2 Qxa1 16. Qe8+! Kxe8 (16... Rxe8 17. Nf7#) 17. Nf6+ Kf8 (17...Kd8 18. Nf7#) (17... Kd8 18. Nf7#) 18. Bh6#

Premium Chessgames Member
  Penguincw: I can't say I've ever came across a puzzle where the first move was to move out of check. However, I'll admit, this puzzle is pretty easy for a Friday.
Aug-29-14  Lighthorse: <patzer2: For this Friday puzzle, found mate-in-three with 15. Kd2 Qxa1 16. Nxc6+ dxc6 17. Bxe7+ Kd7 18. Bg4#.>

Yes..that's exactly the one I found too, and I also missed the Queen sacrifice version.

Aug-29-14  patzer2: Not familiar with this variation of the King's Gambit Accepted, but it would appear 5...Qh4+?! is a mistake. Instead 5...Nc6! 6. d4 Nxe5 7. dxe5 Qh4+ to gives Black a comfortable advantage.

Losing outright is 9...Bd6?, as Black's last chance to put up meaningful resistance is with the <wild and crazy> 9...Be7!? (diagram below)

click for larger view

Fritz indicates White secures a one to two pawn advantage after:

9...Be7!? 10. Nxf7! (not 10. Qxf7+? Kd8 11. Qg7 Bh4+! ) 10...Bh4+! 11. Qxh4 Kxf7 12. Nd5! d6 13. Qf4+ Kg6 14. d3! Nd7 15. Qg3+ Kf7 16. Qf2+ Kg7 17. Nxc7 Ne5 18. Nxa8 Nf6 19. Nc7 Nfg4 20. Qg2 Qxh2 21. Qxh2 Nxh2 22. Be2 Nhf3+ 23. Kd1 Bg4 24. Be3 a6 25. Bf4 h5 26. Bxf3 Bxf3+ 27. Kd2 Rc8 28. Nd5 to .

Aug-29-14  Castleinthesky: Nice to get a Friday, I worked out another variation before I looked at the answer because I saw that taking the rook would have lead to mate. Black chose the shorter route to defeat.
Aug-29-14  rozzatu: Maybe the first friday I solved from a year or so: easy. But it is a very pretty theme.
Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: Bad too king scramble if culture line bade riff:

the point up a d2 i dabble first sure bet risk little in fire for won i every elope mind too find fold in tease fad a glean king's a pave flow in cad good eline bishop stays put kind to methodical honey pot hang over the cliff aim hope check at got to gel aim gave a go said in caddy to drive a cuddle up coddle hopper f7 more likely to mate as i sac to do king's a flap engages d8 recind addendum balls in lights court black queen thinks oh what a tangle web we e4 weave given h6 when first we practice to decieve act head quarter giddy on h1 key made delve the dream to be heads up ash dangle bishop flights out of sync better e7 i ment threatens aim h4 check off in d6 gives the game away although to and fro between ace in jocular framing dutifuls a king's at face pin down dead as eg ment often eg liege nt in gable horse glib d5 to be taken and oh ever e5 could gob stopper d8 king's alive proof dead i after 15...Qxa1 no escape so ago this ok cutoff line delve erm ever um bless to be a hone in queen seeks to gain both rooks alive no more yet he:

miscalculates and cad total king's a flap gog light could mate drive after chappie over a slide 15.Kd2 Qxa1 mate in 3 black ogles son ar went wrong back pounce a hive 14...Qh1+ seals his fate bat off under i over 14...h6 better band join bold job in ar good jangle band just to bind a boot abort h6 mission lurvly pack around a d8 got the hump bash out mind a ok a real peach h6 just about holds frame knight bades and crows f6 over undulate again earlier as put e4 stay at forming an opinion ha hone training hatchet job bind love hack away i happen stance hackle chain h6 to free boot g5 line wobble over hi-light him head quarter d8 a nice bouquet hocus pocus quench ay wire for queen had effect up in happy quest hall crock monsieur no what i mean h6 coming strong in de frag have had flog rich gaff guffaw had e4 single handicap flog ave chaff happen blow up a cloud patch affirm and affix a cut i curry favour return f7 like jesus having question of a fashion why choose alike d6 am dint e7 and plod a keep entre am ash e4 central lide a:

h6 up to be cog pin down as carry in lights f7?

Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: A monarch livings h1 a1 dupe up ride a d2 lion quad as cut tell to the hilt shaped flower f7 head for warmer climes i be proof f6 mate in 1 ha dead price so:

dash a slice bail hile exchange up rooks at dues in catch hunt is on ar nosh in aim f6 light daccord horde hammer f7 an dangle a f8 like a rose g5 bishop eg a roof top finish bishop more delicate poise f6 traps down black monarch eg win h6 staves off immediate pressures and could in a stroke of luck save the day band over bug jog on down g5 the price is right juggle bounce heavens holder heaves having as he effective bishop heffa-lump higgle piggle of options up ride queen a lion h1 and a1 house twins right royal coup yet gets a mate in between hogfest hassle won hanker mitigate ala green gauge:

hive mind feel hoof e5 off he goes up in switch inch a feint huffle stride rich efface up man horded in da house safe licks ok hubbles around scope glib do a kind frame ever to vow danger ha fade in hoist line g5 liege ar flood d8 ah friend advance his e4 aims h1 pernicious a1 good for light having kandy kane stripe f7 in ever d5 a dash around the houses h1 plus right ruck a1 run down over ha damage done in focus at back be step up to dink as again for among bakes a noodle in shape up ride a blade 15.Kd2 focal point a1 info ok line low good light:

really doesnt put a foot wrong in bade d5 forth better although fights on a queen down ado a dip dent in a dog house scrum scrabble ratchet e8 back oh a d8 good plummet aside above the rest f8 a dinks kind mission misshap a dote hand in ogle for:

to dose up double dip sure bet hip any good reason
a dilemma re establish add well e8 a dingle f7

bury in flights again a doozy do in bed flow bind feel large f6 land lubber f7 sacrifice be find change d8 and miss over ignoble f8 a mission cease and decist desecrate and dessert d8 post amp dissolve it down in jail house blues to chew pass the f8 grand in dutch again manage have good king's gambit face pin fable chess is a funny old game copped the lot deja vue i would 15...Qxd5 show down delve queen home dents around f7 recapture wins a dancer 16.Qe8+ ok effect hug the rail e8 off huge game on for whites hive a clean break i be proof e8 sturdy vow mate a bash ever left in the lurch pack around d8 fanned the heave spark flames he blanche d8 find arrives aim fond you dispatch evermore heavy plug a furnaces hot and cold for i sidestep 16...Kxe8 17.Nf6+ glad affable gander off in fang tooth queen hustles e8 take and elsewhere lights pieces on the case to mate hoof a flight stuff of dreams short gain got him black by the curly as e8 and step f8 ash enter foot and flint kick up dust g5 will mate a gumball rally of to ghost by the back door huff good if the shoe fits ok i save success f8 and angle h6 fleur de force f6 mate in 1 murky oh to protocol local f6 land local hunch desire i foretell as hope on a slammer 17...Kf8 18.Bh6#

Premium Chessgames Member
  kevin86: Easy for Friday: Black must choose to be mated by the three minor pieces or immediately by a smothered mate.
Aug-29-14  JimNorCal: Also, see <FSR>'s comment to this game.

Pillsbury vs Maroczy, 1903

Premium Chessgames Member
  FSR: Black should trade queens, with approximate equality - although it's still complicated. Pillsbury vs Maroczy, 1903 If Black makes the mistake of grabbing the rook, GM John Shaw, in his recent book on the King's Gambit, says that his best chance is 9...Nh6! 10.d4 d6 11.Bxh6 dxe5 12.Qxe5+ Be6 13.Qxh8 Nd7 14.Bxf8 0-0-0 15.Qxh7 Nxf8 16.Qh6 Ng6 17.0-0-0 Rh8 18.Qd2 Qxh2 19.Qxh2 Rxh2 20.Bd3 with a large advantage to White in light of his extra pawn.
Premium Chessgames Member
  gawain: Fantastic finish. I did pretty well except for not noticing that White's king is being checked! A minor flaw.

Once I saw the smothered mate with Qe8+ Rxe8 Nf7# I assumed that there had to be a simple mate also after the king takes. And there was. For this was "only" a Friday, after all.

Aug-29-14  gars: Very beautiful! I saw the first line <gofer> shows, not the second one.
Aug-29-14  patzer2: <FSR> Thanks for sharing GM John Shaw's interesting 9...Nh6! recommendation. It may well offer Black better practical chances than the difficult 9...Be7!? Fritz first choice.
Aug-29-14  TheBish: J Seoane vs I Prieto, 1986

White to play (15.?) "Difficult"

Our king is in check, so that's the first order of business. Black has just captured our rook on h1 (apparently), so one option would be to sacrifice the other rook -- a classic theme, the double-rook sacrifice -- in order to gain a tempo to launch an attack on the Black king.

15. Kd2!

This is easily the best move, and not too hard to find as the other rook is not needed. Note that Black would be able to defend if White had played 15. Bf1(?) Qe4+ 16. Be2 h6!.


Or 15...Qxh2 16. Nxc6+ dxc6 17. Bxe7+ Kd7 18. Bf6+ Be7 19. Qxe7#. This also works now in the main line, but there is an even shorter mate which I found first that is flashier. I found it because of all the minor pieces near Black's king, and the position was similar to another tactics position I remembered.

16. Qe8+! Kxe8 (or 16...Rxe8 17. Nf7#) 17. Nf6+ Kf8 (or 17...Kd8 18. Nf7#) 18. Bh6#.


Got it! Maybe the position I remembered was from this game?

Mar-15-15  Alex Schindler: Just saw this game in a sweet video from GM Simon Williams. I believe he got it from the same John Shaw book that fsr did. It's quite a beauty.

The completely intuitive qh4 check was a bad decision...

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