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Jorden van Foreest vs Awonder Liang
Reykjavik Open (2017), Reykjavik ISL, rd 9, Apr-26
Caro-Kann Defense: Advance. Short Variation (B12)  ·  1-0



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Kibitzer's Corner
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Feb-17-18  gofer: Well the only real choice was between <10 Nxc4> and <10 Bxc4> and I didn't much like the latter as it allows <10 ... Bxa3>.

<10 Nxc4 dxc4>
<11 d5 ...>

11 ... Qa6/Qc7/Qc6
12 dxc6 Qxc6
13 Nd5 Qa6
14 b3 b5
15 a4 +-

It all looks very difficult for black, not completely over by any means, but pretty ugly. This must have been a Caro-Kann Advance that went very wrong for black.


Missed the bishop exchange (which frees up the black king a bit more), but the result is pretty much the same. Nice to see the difference between 14 a4 and 15 a4. The line played looks much stronger!

Feb-17-18  goodevans: Once you eliminate <10.Bxc4 Bxa3>, finding <10.Nxc4 dxc4 11.d5> isn't terribly difficult.

I suppose what might just push this puzzle into weekend caliber is that there's no quick win of material. You have to see as far as move 15 in the game line before black's predicament becomes clear.

Another possibility that leaves black struggling but not completely dead (yet) would be <11...Qxb2 12.dxc6 bxc6 13.Bxc4 Qc2> but not <13...Qxc3? 14.Qa4 Be4 15.Ng5 Bd5 16.Bxd5 exd5 17.Rac1> which would be curtains.

Feb-17-18  mel gibson: Stockfish 8 agrees with only the first 2 moves & gives just a pawn advantage:

10. Nxc4 (10. Nxc4 (♘a3xc4 d5xc4 d4-d5 ♗f8-c5 d5xc6 ♕b6xc6 ♗e3xc5 ♕c6xc5 ♕d1-d4 ♖a8-c8 ♖f1-d1 ♕c5xd4 ♖d1xd4 ♘g8-e7 ♗e2xc4 ♖c8-c5 b2-b4 ♖c5-c8 ♗c4-b5+ ♘e7-c6 ♖d4-d6 ♔e8-e7 ♖a1-d1 ♘c6-b8 ♖d6-d7+ ♘b8xd7 ♖d1xd7+ ♔e7-f8 ♖d7xb7 ♗g6-e4 ♖b7-d7 ♗e4xf3 g2xf3 g7-g6 c3-c4 ♔f8-g7 ♖d7xa7 ♖c8-a8 ♖a7xa8 ♖h8xa8 a2-a4 h7-h5) +1.19/36 110)

score for White +1.19 depth 36

When Black resigns he's in big trouble
so he didn't defend as well as the computer:
Stockfish 8 says

22. Bb5 Be4 (♗g6-e4 ♕b7xe4
♖e8-b8 ♗b5-d3 g7-g5 ♖d1-b1 ♔f8-g7 a5-a6 ♕h6-g6 ♖b1-b7 ♕g6xe4 ♗d3xe4 ♖b8-e8 ♖b7xa7 ♘e7-g6 ♖a7-c7 ♘g6xe5 a6-a7 ♔g7-f6 a7-a8♕ ♖e8xa8 ♗e4xa8 ♖h8-d8 ♗a8-e4 h7-h6 ♖a1-a7 ♖d8-d6 g2-g3 g5-g4 ♔g1-g2 ♖d6-d8 ♖a7-a5 ♖d8-g8 ♖a5-a6 ♖g8-b8 h2-h3 ♖b8-b2 h3xg4 ♘e5xg4) -10.79/32 59

score for Black -10.79 depth 32

Premium Chessgames Member
  malt: 10.N:c4 dc4 (10...Qc7 11.Nd2)
11.d5 Bc5 (11...Q:b2 12.dc6 bc6 13.B:c4 )
12.dc6 bc6 (12...B:e3 13.Qd7+ Kf8 14.c7)
13.Qd2 Rd8 14.Bd4 Qb5 15.b3/a4
Premium Chessgames Member
  morfishine: All I could see was <10.Nxc4> 10...dxc4 followed by <11.d5> recovering the piece


Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: I thought 10. Bc4 was the best move. But it was the wrong choice. It probably loses. And I was filled with such hope! Such is life...
Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: <Saltshaker: <Caro-Kann Massacre> I never understood this 3..Bf5 business. Personally I prefer the SaltShaker variation with 3..e6, followed by ..Bd7:) Probably a stinky variation, but it tends to surprise people.>

I don't think there is anything wrong with Bf5. I have only tried the Caro once but it seems a good opening. It isn't completely wrong to "lock the B up" as sometimes that adds strength to the structure. But it might be more difficult to play.

Black possibly went wrong with Qb6 or maybe all was o.k. until c4.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: Just ran 8...Qb6 through my machine and despite it being apparently the third most popular choice it gets the thumbs up as the best move...So, after 9 Na3 c4? is the culprit it seems. 9...a6 is at least = almost slightly better for Black.
Feb-17-18  eblunt: Isn't 15 .... O-O-O better for black ? takes the threat of the fork away and pins the Knight
Premium Chessgames Member
  Once: The move I really like here is 15. a4

click for larger view

White creates multiple quiet threats. He might sink his knight into b5 heading for the juicy outpost of d6. Or he might push the pawn to a5 clearing the way for Qa4+.Or he might round up on the black c4 pawn with Nb5-Bxc4 or a5-Qa4+Qxc4.

And all the while the a4 pawn prevents black from defending c4 with b5.

Meanwhile Black is scratching his head trying to work out how to get his Rh8 into the game and exactly what his bishop is supposed to be doing for its living.

Rewind one move to 16. Nd4 and we can see that Black is in an awkward situation.

click for larger view

He needs to move his queen somewhere where he can defend the c4 pawn and prevent the pawn-grabbing tactic for white of Qa4+ followed by Qxc4. The only square that seems to do this is 16...Qa6, but as we've seen that runs into the quiet but deadly 17. a4. Everything else just drops the c4 pawn.

Clever stuff. In human mode, I saw up to 16. Nd4 and was happy that White has a better position. I didn't see how much of a bind Black was in after 16. Nd4.

Feb-17-18  Muttley101: < eblunt: Isn't 15 .... O-O-O better for black ? takes the threat of the fork away and pins the Knight>

c4 pawn is pinned, so what do you do about either 16. b4 idea b5 and Bxc4, or 16. b3 idea Bxc4? 16 ... Bxd3 isn't going to save a pawn. I suspect 16. b4 directly is simplest.

As an earlier commenter said, 15. a4 also prevents ... b5 supporting the pawn. I suspect the computer evaluation here is "yooz busted, black."

Feb-17-18  Pasker: This should be a monday puzzle.
Premium Chessgames Member
  thegoodanarchist: Awonder how Black lost.
Feb-17-18  Marmot PFL: One of the easiest Saturday puzzles, took about 5 seconds to find and under a minute to analyze.
Feb-17-18  wtpy: I had seen this game before. Agree with those who say it was pretty easy for Saturday.
Feb-17-18  landshark: Got it as far as 14 Nd4 and like a lot of us - didn't see 15 a4 which is a beautiful quiet move. Not sure I'd have taken the risk OTB to play such a move (Nxc4) - unless something said to me, "Wait! This is a Saturday puzzle...."
Feb-17-18  landshark: Although on further review it does force a nice, comfortable position - so I probably would have played it. But it being Saturday, I took time looking for something even better which I couldn't find.
Feb-17-18  WDenayer: I do not understand why Black played 16. ... Qb6 Wasn't 16. ... Qa5 (with the idea of Qc7, attacking e5) or Nh6/e7 better? It is not difficult to see that taking on b2 leads to disaster.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Once: <WDenayer> 15...Qa5 (I presume you mean) fails to 16. Nb5:

click for larger view

White is threatening Bxc4 and Nd6+. Once the c4 pawn falls white will be able to play b4 to harass the Black queen. Fritzie calls this +2.44 - more than twice the advantage of the optimal line.

If 15...Ne7 16. Nb5 (again):

click for larger view

Again white is threatening Nd6+ to stop Black from castling as well as Bxc4 winning a clear pawn.

In the game, Black's plan of Qb6 and Qxb2 doesn't work but it's hard to come up with anything better.

Feb-17-18  Bratek: The first 2 moves are obvious,but the folow -up is way above my head!!!
Feb-17-18  stst: Interesting that early move 10 the position got White into an advantage, Be3 eyeing the Q, and the two N's in good spot to exploit this advantage. Lots of variations later, but try this N-sac line: 10.NxP harassing Q, dxN (too risky leaving it untouched) 11.d5 (the point, letting Be3 doing the job) Qc7 (may be bit reserved, but a variation proves also fateful... see later NOTE **) 12.dxN QxP
13.Nd4 (another N-harass) Qc7
14.Qa4+ Qd7
15.Nb5 a6
16.Rfd1 Qc6
17.Nc7 dbl+ Ke7
(almost game over)
18.Bc5+ QxB

IF 11...... Qxb2 (to show some frustrated refutation) 12.Rb1 (giving up Pa2, no problem, eyeing to open b-file) Qxc3 (sweeter?) 13.dxN bxc (leaving to promote? no way)
14.Rb7 (the point of 12.) Bc2
15.Qc1 RxB (looks lucrative!)
16.NxR QxN
17.Qa3 QxB (threatening Bd3 - White weak back rank) 18.Qxa7 (thrust!) Bd3 (too late)
19.Qa8# or delay with Rb1 to strengthen back rank - though not necessary....)

Well.. interesting.. but game would show something different ... quite often the case!!

Feb-17-18  AlicesKnight: I found the game line for the first 3-4 moves but things don't seem to be forced after this - a pawn up with better shape ought to win, but Black falls apart quickly here.
Feb-17-18  WDenayer: Once: thank you. You are right. So these moves do not work either. This position is already highly problematic for Black. Perhaps c4 is a mistake?
Feb-17-18  Jack Kerouac: Yes. I have a comment.
My Corporate Masters block my access to Chess games at work. Only look at before work, or at lunch time.
Any one else constricted?
Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: <landshark: Got it as far as 14 Nd4 and like a lot of us - didn't see 15 a4 which is a beautiful quiet move. Not sure I'd have taken the risk OTB to play such a move (Nxc4) - unless something said to me, "Wait! This is a Saturday puzzle...."> You didn't need to see a4. It is probably though that in a game you would find it and the position is better for White. You could play 14. f4 which means Black still has to find moves. 14. a4 at first looks bad from a positional point of view.

In any case you have to try those violent moves...'You don't want to be a lost [un]violent soul.'

You need some courage to win games as you can't see all the tactics...

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