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Nov-29-20 Kibitzer's Café
TommyChess: JAMC Here Cums Alice
Nov-29-20 Robert James Fischer
fredthebear: <TommyChess> is the occasionally banned user <harryslime> sneaking around his ban, in case anyone couldn't tell. It does NOT take a bear to know a bear.
Nov-29-20 J Lakdawala vs L Christiansen, 1989
fredthebear: In general, it's safer to approach a knight from the opposite color square on which the knight sits. In the diagram, the knight on a dark square is approached safely on a light square. [DIAGRAM] In the game, White pays for approaching
Nov-29-20 Kenneth Rogoff
Everett: *lost... I mean the cacophonous dissonance rattling inside the heads of all those who now must accept that their guy, Trump, lost to someone who they believe is a basement-dwelling, demented, corrupt old fool. Tbh, throughout all my ...
Nov-29-20 Kashdan vs Denker, 1934
fredthebear: 2100?! Dr. Nunn would probably have been wrong. Arnold Denker had victories against Isaac Kashdan, Irving Chernev, I.A. Horowitz, Weaver Adams, Laszlo Szabo, Samuel Reshevsky, Reuben Fine, etc. His playing career spanned more than 70 ...
Nov-29-20 Denker vs Robbins, 1934
fredthebear: This is one slick Greek gift miniature! The finish in the 3x3 frame is a form of the Kill Box Mate/Rail Road Mate.
Nov-29-20 J Brach Sr vs J R von Pessler, 1910
Korora: A ♘ vs. five ♙'s. Helloooo, King Solomon.
Nov-29-20 Jeremy Lim
HeMateMe: al Michaels and chris Collinsworth not doing SNF tonight? They must have been yanked to do the makeup Pittsburgh game, Tuesday night. So the 'niners played without a quarterback today? That's insame. The league hates that NO coach Sean ...
Nov-29-20 Denker vs F Rundell, 1934
fredthebear: A fine distraction attempt/skewer by the White rook gains material on the back rank. If 23...QxRb8 24.Qc6+ Kd8 25.Kd7# by the B-Q spearhead. So, the exchange of queens 23...QxQa8 24.RxQa8 leaves White up a bishop. No, FTB is not Mr. ...
Nov-29-20 E S Jackson vs Denker, 1934
fredthebear: A most creative way to defend the loose Black rook on the 2nd! Arnold Denker won the Manhattan Chess Club tournament six times.
Nov-29-20 Denker vs R Willman, 1934
fredthebear: Black must give up material to prevent 21.Nf7#. Arnold Denker won the Manhattan Chess Club championship six times.
Nov-29-20 Erin Bian vs J L Watson, 2020
Knighthawkmiller: Erin Bian plays an excellent game with white against a French Defense author / national chess master.
Nov-29-20 Wesley So
stalkerone: Nawala na yung timidity against Magnus. Good for Wes. If ever, si Magnus na magkakaphobia kay Wesley.
Nov-29-20 Euwe - Bogoljubov (1941)
jerseybob: Great info here about Euwe's life in WW2.
Nov-29-20 Skilling Open (2020)
beenthere240: When games were often draws and fireworks were rare. Carlsen vs So in rapids is dynamite! You can’t take your eyes off the screen!
Nov-29-20 L Dreibergs vs Koblents, 1940
jessicafischerqueen: <Messiah> I just processed the correction slip now- appears to be successful. Thank you for your timely post!
Nov-29-20 W So vs A Liang, 2020
mrfuddington: I feel like black should have won this. He had a great passed pawn, no need to give back all his material with 28. Qe5.
Nov-29-20 Stahlberg vs Alekhine, 1935
perfidious: An amusing example of Stahlberg, that great specialist in the French, playing, as it were, against himself.
Nov-29-20 Fred Dewhirst Yates
MissScarlett: Yates did beat Lasker in a simul, when the latter visited Leeds in 1908 as part of his national tour, but the game hasn't come down to us.
Nov-29-20 Henry Ernest Atkins
MissScarlett: Leicester Evening Mail, November 6th 1940, p.6: <Christmas Gifts For War Prisoners PARCELS of Christmas fare are being dispatched to prisoners of war from the Red Cross centre at the Bishop's House, Leicester. where 3,000 packages
Nov-29-20 Szabo vs Ivkov, 1964
jerseybob: <jerseybob: Since there's no mate in the corner, what about 50..Nf5(instead of Nd7)to get the knights back on defense and in some lines threaten a queen swap?> Never mind! That gives up the Ne3 fork. Instead, 50..Nh5, as suggested
Nov-29-20 D Dubov vs R Svane, 2019
carpovius: Mate in 14? After 25.Bxd5 all moves are forced. Wow!
Nov-29-20 A Hambleton vs L'Ami, 2019
OrangeTulip: Nice game by L’ Ami! With a very special dance by the black king!
Nov-29-20 Fischer vs Petrosian, 1971
perfidious: It is a simple matter for so many to play armchair quarterback; after all, their arse was not in the chair at Buenos Aires and neither of these titans had software to hand, which would have beaten the spots off any human, at their ...
Nov-29-20 J Lakdawala vs M Nietman, 1987
FSR: 9...Bb7 was much better.
Nov-29-20 L Szell vs P Dely, 1978
Messiah: Terrible!
Nov-29-20 Ivkov vs J Penrose, 1974
jerseybob: <Granny O Doul: The odd-looking to me move was 14...Na7, rather than ...Nb8. The Black knights step on each other's feet.> I agree with as far as it goes; from b8 the knight could move to d7. But leaving the b6 pawn as the sole ...
Nov-29-20 Gelfand vs Shabalov, 2004
FSR: Bermuda Short.
Nov-29-20 Alekhine vs Levenfish, 1920
KEG: Post IV 32. Kg4 "!!"--(Alekhine) There have been all sorts of comments made concerning this move. The best of the lot is by <Phony Benoni> on this site, who has pointed out the humor in the move in light of what happened to Levenfish
Nov-29-20 Chika Pride vs Ashley Todd, 2020
FSR: 19.Qd7# was better. Nice game by both sides.
Nov-29-20 Ashley Todd vs Rachel Miller, 2020
FSR: Now <that's> a bad game!
Nov-29-20 V Babula vs F Braga, 2002
Ivan Karamazov: <chrisowen> The election is OVER!! Would you please, PLEASE, quit it with the political diatribes?!!? Or at least take it over to the Kenneth Rogoff page, where idiots have been yelling at each other like that for years?? And
Nov-29-20 Alekhine vs Yates, 1922
morfishine: This game title is sure to be a hit
Nov-29-20 Tal vs Robert E Byrne, 1971
perfidious: This was a misfortune; see Alexander V Ivanov vs Yermolinsky, 1993 for a calamity.
Nov-29-20 A Jokel
OhioChessFan: Possibly a decent club player in NYC.
Nov-29-20 P Popovic vs Korchnoi, 1984
FSR: <Olavi> I greatly doubt that Popovic would have found a win over adjournment on his own. Humans had considered the ending a draw for centuries. Timman, one of the strongest players in the world, only managed to understand the ending ...
Nov-29-20 Irina Krush
jessicafischerqueen: <HeMateMe> Thank you! I haven't seen that horror movie yet, but I'm going to look for it now.
Nov-29-20 Bird vs Tarrasch, 1885
Telemus: <zanzibar: The tournament book has this game ending after 38...Qg6, [..] > Tarrasch wrote in "Dreihundert Schachpartien": "Mr. Bird spielte noch 39. Dg6:, hg 40. Tg4, und gab dann, als ich für die Drohung c4-c5 nebst Th4‡ ...
Nov-29-20 C H Alexander vs Aitken, 1948
jessicafischerqueen: "Quite an infamous game due to the double error on move 27 both players missed 27...Qxf3+ it was thought the score was wrong but Aitken's moves and comments from one of his score books make it 100% certain that position ...
Nov-29-20 Carlsen vs A Diamant, 2003
Stonehenge: I had changed it to B37, but it takes the program some time to catch up with.
Nov-29-20 Caruana vs F Vallejo Pons, 2011
Messiah: Terrible!
Nov-29-20 Alekhine vs G Goossens, 1933
OhioChessFan: 26...Bd6 came back about the same. ) +0.57 (47 ply) 27.e5 Be7 28.f4 Kc8 29.f5 Kd7 30.Bg7 b4 31.Bh6 a5 32.g4 b5 33.Kd2 Bh4 34.Bf4 a4 35.g5 Bf2 36.Kd3 b3 37.axb3 a3 38.Kc2 Bd4 39.Kb1 Kc6 40.Ka2 b4 41.Bd2 Bxe5 42.Bxb4 Bxh2 43.Bd2 Kd5 ...
Nov-29-20 Karpov vs Ulf Andersson, 1969
woldsmandriffield: There is a photo of this game in progress after 27 a4 was played. Does anyone know how to upload images to games in
Nov-29-20 Doda vs Hort, 1962
Honza Cervenka: I guess that there is a typo in this game. 19...Na6 and the following moves 20.Nde2 (why not 20.b5?) 20...g5 (What?) 21.Be3 (Why not 21.Bxg5?) don't make any sense. It seems to be apparent, that 19...Ne6 was played. Of course, in ...
Nov-29-20 Norman Perrin
Nosnibor: Any relation to Reginald Perrin or am I all lost at sea on this one?
Nov-29-20 Grigor Minchev
KeiserP: Searching news about the Halloween Gambit, which still is my favourite ( together with Tennison and Englund gambits ), I found this site. I can confirm Gregor Minchev really exists and has participated at the second Halloween Gambit ...
Nov-29-20 Odd Lie
Stonehenge: Tintin Quarantino has made a film about COVID-19.
Nov-29-20 Tal vs Koblents, 1957
Chesgambit: Tal miss Ng4 and played Nd4 Be8 wins
Nov-29-20 F Wiltenburg vs K Sakai, 2003
OhioChessFan: A 1500 should know better than to play such a junk opening against a 2200.
Nov-29-20 Fedorov vs Kasimdzhanov, 1996
RandomVisitor: 22.exf5 was better but 22...Rxf5 (22...Bd8 23.f6) is complicated. Better for white might be 19.Bd2: [DIAGRAM] Stockfish_20112608_x64_modern: NNUE evaluation using nn-c3ca321c51c9.nnue enabled <63/85 6:59:06 +2.06 19.Bd2 Nxd2 ...
Nov-29-20 Lipnitsky vs Panov, 1952
kingscrusher: Nice example of handling minority attack
Nov-29-20 Karpov vs Kasparov, 1985
perfidious: In his 1978 match with Korchnoi, Karpov also missed a chance in a won ending, which was far less difficult than the analyses published here.
Nov-29-20 Karpov - Kamsky FIDE World Championship Match (1996)
fisayo123: This match was Karpov's last real effort after 25 years as either the #1 or #2 dominant player in the world. He held the #1 spot for about 8.5 years and the #2 spot for about 14 more years. Las Palmas 1996 saw the beginning of the ...
Nov-29-20 Alekhine vs Evans / Kurrik / Parry, 1933
schnarre: ...Textbook example of effective use of Knight pair vs. Bishop pair!
Nov-29-20 Denker vs Fine, 1944
sachistu: <Predrag3141> The line cited by Kavalek is also given by Denker in his notes to the game (see Chess Review, 1944) e.g. 18...Na6 19.Qxa5 bxa5 20.Rxb7 Nb4 21.Bxb4 axb4 22.Nf7. However, instead of 22...Qxd4 (given by Denker and ...
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