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Nov-27-21 Kenneth Rogoff
al wazir: Before covid vaccines were developed there were 8 billion potential culture media in the world -- 8 billion vulnerable individuals in whom new, potentially more infectious or more lethal strains could develop via mutations, who could ...
Nov-27-21 Jeremy Lim
saffuna: Yes, not exactly Moses Malone.
Nov-27-21 Trebitsch Memorial (1935)
Tabanus: Der Morgen, 9 December 1935, p. 4: <Skandal beim Wiener Schachturnier. Das achtzehnte Trebitsch-Gedenkturnier wurde Sonntag beendet. ... Die Tatsache, dass Schachmeister Müller an den vierten Platz gekommen ist, hat eine interessante
Nov-27-21 Carlsen vs Nepomniachtchi, 2021
savagerules: Carlsen has sacked a pawn early in each of the two games. So far it's an interesting and entertaining match and looks like Carlsen wants to win decisively unlike his previous two World Championship matches where they went to tiebreaks
Nov-27-21 J Polgar vs Short, 1997
Murky: Polgar's 21. e5 is a mistake. Much better was 21. f5 with the threat of 22. f6 and mate on g7. 21... Qe7 appears to be the only defense, but that fails to 22. Bxc4 bxc4 23. Rf3. Now there is no way to stop f5-f6 without catastrophic loss of
Nov-27-21 Kibitzer's Café
Schwartz: Sonny Rollins Trio Aix En Provence ----
Nov-27-21 R Majella vs D Liu, 2001
Olavi: The final position is drawn.
Nov-27-21 Saint-Amant vs Staunton, 1843
FSR: Soltis calls Saint-Amant's astonishing swindle beginning with 32.b5!!! the greatest ever perpetrated in match history. It had a dramatic impact on not only the game, but also the match. Before this game, Staunton had scored 7.5 out of 8, and ...
Nov-27-21 Saint-Amant vs Staunton, 1843
FSR: Cute pun, but Saint-Amant vs Staunton, 1843 would have been a more appropriate game for it. Soltis calls Saint-Amant's astonishing swindle beginning with 32.b5!!! the greatest ever perpetrated in match history. It transformed the game, ...
Nov-27-21 Nigel Short
saffuna: Short playing a casual game against "Fatality" from the CFN club youtube videos, wine glass in hand.
Nov-27-21 Carlsen - Nepomniachtchi World Championship Match (2021)
moronovich: <Anand had played 1. e4 all his life, then switched to 1. d4 (with much trepidation) for the first five whites of his 2008 match against Kramnik.> As well as Fischer switched away from his beloved 1.e4 against Spassky.
Nov-27-21 Kudrin vs H A Machado Jr, 1988
goodevans: <awfulhangover: Black had a draw if 23.- Qf4!! Comps can create artistic savings.> Oh, okay. I'll just take your word for it then. What I looked at this morning must have been a mirage.
Nov-27-21 Eqrem Konci
Dionysius1: <All names can be read backwards>?? Not out loud though.
Nov-27-21 S Prokofiev vs D Oistrakh, 1937
Cheapo by the Dozen: This "video" of a recording of Oistrakh playing the less famous of Prokofiev's violin concertos features a chess picture.
Nov-27-21 Biographer Bistro
jnpope: If I recall correctly that advertisement ran more than once. I'm not sure if the advert on the 9th showed up in a search I think I had to visually find it. As for the number of editions I have no idea.
Nov-27-21 Reshevsky vs Bisguier, 1972
LoveThatJoker: <wordfunph> Lovely find. Submit a GOTD pun for it. LTJ
Nov-27-21 Euwe vs Alekhine, 1935
LoveThatJoker: White's tactical sequence from moves 12 to 17 are an utter joy to play through. LTJ
Nov-27-21 Euwe vs Alekhine, 1935
LoveThatJoker: <41. ? White to play and win> would make for a great Tuesday puzzle. Sparkling finish from Euwe here! LTJ
Nov-27-21 Nepomniachtchi vs Carlsen, 2021
mow8x8: Welcome back, Ulhumbrus! I recall (must be your memorable name) your helpful posts on this site in earlier World Chess championships.
Nov-27-21 P Izmailov vs Yuri Krasnov, 1926
nizmo11: The critical position occurred after 22...Nc4?: [DIAGRAM] GM Marin (and Stockfish, too ) shows that 23. ♖g3! was winning: 23... ♘xb2 24.♘d5! ♖c5 25. ♘xf6 gxf6 26. ♕xh7+! and mate in three. In the game
Nov-27-21 Carlsen vs Nakamura, 2020
Messiah: Ouch! :-)
Nov-27-21 Kramnik vs Carlsen, 2007
Messiah: Whoops! :-)
Nov-27-21 E Konci vs J M Ribeiro, 1960
OhioChessFan: Maybe in d minor pieces? Hmmmm.
Nov-27-21 USA-ch / Zonal (1969)
Scuvy: One of the overlooked gems of US chess literature is the tournament book written by Morton Siegel. As a teenage scholastic player I obtained a copy from the USCF for a whopping $1 or $2 (can't recall the exact price). It has biographical ...
Nov-27-21 Harry Nelson Pillsbury
Chessist: The display ended in the same session, and it was played over the board from one o'clock in the night to Saturday. Marshall's score was +2 -4 =2.
Nov-27-21 M Gruender vs A Anarkulov, 2004
DaltriDiluvi: This seems like a rather early resignation by White even though he's probably losing. (I have not checked the game with a computer.)
Nov-27-21 Caruana vs Korchnoi, 2011
PawnSac: This was the 4th and last game between Fab and Victor. Fab won the first 3 in 2008. My guess.. Victor was smarting from the 2 Ruy losses and prepared a little surprise for Fabi.
Nov-27-21 J Friedel vs Gumar Moiseev, 2008
GrahamClayton: Friedel finished his tournament with style - 31. Ne6! blocks the black queen from defending f7, while 36. Qg7+ forces checkmate.
Nov-27-21 Damien Laporte vs Marie Christine Duc, 2005
GrahamClayton: Duc scored 1/6 in the tournament - judging by this performance, 0/6 would have been a better score!
Nov-27-21 Riumin vs Botvinnik, 1935
login: Preface Kott (kibitz #2) by vonKrolock Chapter 22 Unrelated
Nov-27-21 S Press vs M Simmons, 2002
GrahamClayton: Press seems to have the better position - he will capture the e6 & d5 pawns, and then can quickly push his K-side pawns. Maybe he was under time pressure?
Nov-27-21 Gledis Kapidani
login: 'Interesting' fake player/story. But the audience here is not really alert anymore. 'God of defense' ...
Nov-27-21 Wesley So
sochessfanatic2015: Ano next tournament ni Wesley? Bukod sa SSC, meron ba syang OTB tournament bago matapos yung taon?
Nov-27-21 World Championship Candidates (2020/21)
macer75: Congratulations to Ian Nepomniachtchi for his victory!
Nov-27-21 US Championship (1972)
Helios727: It does not seem right that America was reduced to two players in the interzonals and yet at the same time the 24-player interzonal was expanded to 36 players in two interzonals.
Nov-27-21 Efimenko vs S Zhigalko, 2011
keypusher: [DIAGRAM] White resigned after 35.Qh8+ because of 35....Ke7!! 36.Qxg7 Rf8! 37.dxc3 Rxf7 and, incredibly, there is no good defense to ...Nf6 and ...Rh7+. From Aagard's <Calculation> book, another continuation I'd never see.
Nov-27-21 Maroczy vs Spielmann, 1932
DanQuigley: Here are my thoughts on the game. 7...Bg4?! I have no problem with Black's sixth move, but this looks a bit dubious to me. What comes of pinning the f3 Knight and giving White's Bishop on d3 free reign? I think 7...Bf5, though less ...
Nov-27-21 Tarjan vs Adorjan, 1983
areknames: < Great game title, especially in light of the role that white's knight played in the endgame.> Yes, most definitely!
Nov-27-21 L Eperjesi vs Wang Shuai, 2001
Saniyat24: Wang Shuai not getting the feng shui right...!
Nov-27-21 J Trapl vs Opocensky, 1961
Saniyat24: Both Kings felt pretty safe in the opposite corners until Trapl trampled and infiltrated through the h-file...!
Nov-27-21 I Hausner vs Zsuzsa Polgar, 1983
sp12: Could white have played 24. Nf2 instead of Kh1?
Nov-27-21 D Tan vs R Westwood, 2004
Saniyat24: Tan, can play the Caro-Kann...!
Nov-27-21 Ian Nepomniachtchi
cro777: It is a draw in the first game of the world championship match. Nepomniachtchi ​arrived in the playing hall alongside his second Vladimir Potkin: Nepo's seconds are also Karjakin and GM Sergey ...
Nov-27-21 Marshall vs J Mortimer, 1902
KEG: Post III 27... Rh8? With 27...Nd5, Mortimer would take the sting out of Marshall's attack. After the text, bu contrast, he should not have survived very much longer. 28. Qg3+ Kf8 [DIAGRAM] 29. Qf4 This may still allow White to win, but ...
Nov-27-21 Korneev vs I A Nataf, 2006
cro777: A rare line (8...Na5) in the Ruy Lopez, Morphy Defense (the main moves are 8...Bb7 and 8...d6) The same line occurred in the first game of the World Championship match in Dubai Nepomniachtchi vs Carlsen, 2021 Position after 13...Bd6 ...
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