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Nov-20-19 Kenneth S Rogoff
Willber G: <Colonel Mortimer: Not aid for political investigations there wasn't.> Mulvaney said otherwise:
Nov-20-19 Kibitzer's Café
diceman: <HeMateMe: skilled in killing controversies.> Yes they are. <billionaire who killed himself> Heh, heh, rrrrrrrrrright!
Nov-20-19 Tarrasch vs Marshall, 1912
sudoplatov: Seems like 29.Qe3 may hold. (Stockfish) It stops ...Qe2 with the Mate threat on g2 and attendant attack on the Knight. Looks like a time-pressure blunder. White has the better Pawn Ending but Bishop vs Knight may be enough to ...
Nov-20-19 Duras vs Nimzowitsch, 1912
beatgiant: <zydeco> At first glance, 61. Ke3 <Rg4> forces a rook trade and what looks, at first glance, like a winning king and pawn ending for Black. If there's a simple draw, I'm not finding it. Can you post a line to illustrate ...
Nov-20-19 M Sana vs C Blocker, 2014
Fusilli: <Boomie> Oh, yeah, Black was totally fine, probably slightly better most of the game. In the game I felt good when he traded knights on e3 and gave me a decent pawn center, but it still is equal. He blundered with 45...Bxb2. (See my
Nov-20-19 Jeremy Lim
Penguincw: < WannaBe: ... Toronto Raptors decided to not give rings to the players the team traded away mid-season... > I can understand if they didn't want to give out rings to every single player who played with them that season, but Jonas
Nov-20-19 Tal vs Polugaevsky, 1980
utssb: This all seems so familiar; feel like I've seen it in a book. I wanted 18.Bb5+ ab5 19.Nb5 Qa5+ 20.c3 but then ...Nc6 covers d8 and threatens the queen. So that's just an awkward, painful endgame after 21.Qc4 Qb6 22.Na7 Qe3+. Strangely ...
Nov-20-19 Yu Yangyi vs R Jumabayev, 2011
patzer2: Instead of 8...Be6 9. Bxe6 ⩲, Black can improve with 8...Nh6 = as in Black's win in L Kauffmann vs Arthur Mack, 1980 .
Nov-20-19 Vidmar vs Euwe, 1929
RandomVisitor: Black had a nice, close to winning move on move 26 [DIAGRAM] Stockfish_19111923_x64_modern: <52/85 1:30:28 -2.96 26. ... Qxb2 27.Qxa7 R4c7 28.Qa4 Bc3> 29.Rf1 Bf6 30.Rf2 Qc3 31.Kh1 Kg7 32.Rfd2 Qa5 33.Qxa5 bxa5 34.Nd4 Bxd4 ...
Nov-20-19 I Dolgov vs P Mikhailchuk, 1991
patzer2: Black's game starts to go bad with the passive 13...Kh8? 14. Ng5 ±. Instead, 13...Nce5! ∓ to -+ is good for Black.
Nov-20-19 I Dolgov vs P Mihalchuk, 1989
patzer2: Earlier in the opening, instead of the passive 13...Kh8? 14. Ng5 ±, 13...Nce5! ∓ to -+ improves for a clear Black advantage.
Nov-20-19 Marshall vs L Forgacs, 1912
zydeco: Tarrasch introduced 10....Be6 two rounds earlier and Rubinstein played 11.Na4. Marshall improves with 11.e4! cracking the center open. It looks like this game is won out of the opening.
Nov-20-19 V Zvjaginsev vs D Schwarz, 2016
luzhin: 44.Rxa6 followed by 46.Qxh6+ --what an amazing left-right combo.
Nov-20-19 Renato R Quintiliano Pinto vs Kaidanov, 2014
louispaulsen88888888: Itís quite difficult.
Nov-20-19 W Wimsatt vs H Knapp, 1914
louispaulsen88888888: Caught Knapping!
Nov-20-19 Grand Prix Hamburg (2019)
not not: Poland would happily play San Marino once a month for next two years! Unfortunately, opponents are also compulsory (and chosen by football gov body). Giri can feed of small fish to get into Candidates. What then? He might become a small ...
Nov-20-19 Smyslov vs Zhu Chen, 2001
louispaulsen88888888: Right, I meant 80.
Nov-20-19 A Volokitin vs I Kurnosov, 2008
louispaulsen88888888: Black should win after 86...Kxd6. Stockfish: 1) -132.62 (31 ply) 86...Kxd6 87.Kf4 g5+ 88.Kf5 Ke7 89.Ke4 Ke6 90.Ke3 f5 91.Kf2 fxg4 92.Kg3 Ke5 93.Kg2 g3 94.b4 cxb4 95.c5 Kd5 96.Kf3 Kxc5 97.Ke3 g2 98.Ke4 b3 99.Kf5 b2 100.Kf6 ...
Nov-20-19 K Alekseenko vs Leko, 2019
Tabanus: Not bad by Leko.
Nov-20-19 M Bagi vs V Zvjaginsev, 2019
luzhin: 61...Rg6!! is a problem like win:the point is after 62.d7 Kf5 63.d8=Q Rh6+ 64.Bxh6 g6 mate!
Nov-20-19 Fischer vs Reshevsky, 1962
RookFile: No joke, many times in these lines black wants to play ...Ng4 but that's not going to happen now. Fischer himself said that since black used a tempo with ...a6 maybe it's ok for white to use one with h3.
Nov-20-19 Alexandra Botez
posoo: oh NO here it is again. da LECHAROUS leering dat da nibble-nobbers just luv to do. I can feel da sweaty saliva pouring on to ur keybords from here oh SHUDER "onion rear bumpor" lol da metaphor is a litle creative but man dos it reek of ...
Nov-20-19 Nikolai Brunni
MissScarlett: First things first....<Nikolai Brunni>, are you still alive!?
Nov-20-19 German Samuilovich Fridstein
kashewnut: GSF was a pretty good postal player too: pity there are none of those games featured here.
Nov-20-19 Grigory Fridstein
kashewnut: aka German Samuilovich Fridstein I reckon. The Pirc/Ufimtsev book author who I note is cited as Grigory in some publishing countries. Can anyone clarify this issue for me?
Nov-20-19 John E Hawkes
kashewnut: For nosnibor That's not me. I'm the one who has written for the BCM (and many other publications, currently SCCA magazine) on postal chess.
Nov-20-19 Kharlov vs E Khlian, 1992
Great Bear: After 19 ...Kh8 20 Nf7#.
Nov-20-19 C Blocker vs Dzindzichashvili, 1984
MissScarlett: <they cut his column years ago> Didn't want kids, eh?
Nov-20-19 Tal vs Fischer, 1970
m.okun: This is a blitz, and thatís it. In a normal game, Tal would not have lost at least such an ending.
Nov-20-19 Petrosian vs Fischer, 1971
mckmac: Excellent video by Daniel King on this game.
Nov-20-19 S Takacs vs Noteboom, 1930
Phony Benoni: Doubling rooks on the file: generally a good idea. Doubling rooks on the rank: not a bad idea. Doubling rooks on the diagonal: not so hot. Case in point. If 42.Kxf3 Qe4+ and both White rooks drop off.
Nov-20-19 Jose Raul Capablanca
Otoy: <Check It Out: Capablanca was born on the same month and day my dad was born, and died the same year my dad was born.> I thought of it as an algebra quiz, I was waiting for the <what?>. So, you mean that your dad was born the day
Nov-20-19 Nimzowitsch vs Pirc, 1931
dashjon: 21...e4! and 23...Nd3! are Nimzowitzch system like moves. If anyone other than himself, being one the receiving end this, would have been a game to showcase.
Nov-20-19 Klovans vs Suetin, 1962
patzer2: In their 1994 Book, The Goring Gambit (Chess Digest Inc.), Ken Smith and John Hall indicate 12. Nd5 favors Black and site this game continuation as giving Black a decisive initiative after 17...Rc8 -+ (-4.50 @ 16 ply, Stockfish 9). ...
Nov-20-19 Biographer Bistro
Paint My Dragon: Thanks. The reason I asked was simply that Fiala had published all of the Pillsbury games back in about 2002, including Albin-Pillsbury. But no, I don't have any knowledge of Mansurov.
Nov-20-19 Botvinnik vs Denker, 1946
diceman: <According to Arnold Denker, beating the Soviet chess machine during that era was all but impossible.> Denker: The Russians fixed chess!
Nov-20-19 Kasparov vs Topalov, 1999
saffuna: <Rook sac. wow> Double rook sac. But the second one could not be taken.
Nov-20-19 Morozevich vs Leko, 2012
dashjon: A very fun game to watch!
Nov-20-19 Fischer vs Tal, 1960
dashjon: 19 Kh1 is one of my favorite moves of all time.
Nov-20-19 K Spraggett vs Kharlov, 1991
dashjon: very good form
Nov-20-19 Romanas Arlauskas
hemy: In November 1945 Romanas Arlauskas was a winner of Blomberg DP camp (British occupation zone) tournament.\ 3 Lithuanian and 5 Latvian chess players participated in a double round robin tournament. Results: 1. Arlauskas (Lithuania) 10.5
Nov-20-19 Zhong Zhang vs Gulko, 2002
plang: 6..bxc!? is highly unusual as Black normally retakes with the knight (one of the points behind 4..Nge7); also White sometimes creates the doubled pawns with 4 Bxc6 without Black using a tempo with ..a6. In the draw Tseshkovsky-Rajkovic ...
Nov-20-19 Zukertort vs W A Lindsay, 1874
Honza Cervenka: 6...Nge7 in this line is a bad idea for immediate 7.Ng5 0-0 (7...d5 is a bit better but also insufficient) 8.Qh5 h6 9.Nxf7 +- Zukertort went astray with 12.dxe7 (12.Qa4+ was much better) and 13.Qb3 (13.Nd2 was a lesser evil, as ...
Nov-20-19 Nimzowitsch vs Marshall, 1912
Sally Simpson: *** Hi Jim, A harmless nit-pick coming up but it has an instructive point. Thought I'd better post before a fan of Alexey Troitsky passes by and I did derive quite a bit of pleasure from ...
Nov-20-19 Steinitz vs Von Bardeleben, 1895
HarryP: Surely this is the most beautiful win ever for White in the Giuoco Piano.
Nov-20-19 Duras vs A E Post, 1904
thegoodanarchist: <offramp> I will surely click on the link next chance I get to do so.
Nov-20-19 S Niemzowitsch vs Neumann, 1899
laskereshevsky: in the decades already found at least 2-3 times this position in exercise diagrams (like move and win or found the mate in 2-3-4 moves stuffs) [DIAGRAM] and easily see the combination ♕f5+ - ♘xf5 - ♙e6#..... Now
Nov-20-19 A Becker vs Yates, 1929
Honza Cervenka: 26.Qxb4 is a little combination winning a Pawn. If 26...Qxb4 27.Nxb4 Rxb4, then simple 29.Ba3 wins the Knight on e7 after retreat of the Rook. Pretty game by the founding father of the Vera Menchik Club.
Nov-20-19 Rubinstein vs Prins, 1931
keypusher: <YoungEd: I guess 4. g4 intends to trap the knight, preparing 5. e3. But it just looks too weakening. I might try 4. e4 Nf5 5. e4, which looks better to me for White.> For whatever it's worth, 4.g4 is SF's favorite move, at least ...
Nov-20-19 V Osnos vs Razuvaev, 1977
Straclonoor: 40.Qf3? missed clear win. Analysis by Stockfish 051119 64 POPCNT: 1. +- (10.41): 40.Rd3 Kg7 41.Nf6 Qh6 42.Qg4+ Qg6 43.Qxg6+ Kxg6 44.c5 Ne7 45.c6 a6 46.a4 axb5 47.axb5 Rf8 48.c7 Ra8 49.b6 Ra1+ 50.Kf2 Rb1 51.Nd7 Rb2+ 52.Ke3 Nf5+ ...
Nov-20-19 Karasev vs Chekhov, 1977
Straclonoor: 32....Raxa2! with treat 33.Rxb2 Ra1! and mate next move goes to win a piece and the game. Analysis by Stockfish 051119 64 POPCNT: -+ (-6.79): 32...Raxa2 33.Nf1 Ra1 34.g3 Rxf1+ 35.Kg2 Rfb1 36.Rxb2 Rxb2 37.Rxb2 Nxb2 38.Kf2 Nc4 39.Ke2 ...
Nov-20-19 Chekhov vs Gurgenidze, 1977
Straclonoor: Gurgenidze twice had real chances to win the game. First Analysis by Stockfish 051119 64 POPCNT: -+ (-4.67): 33...Nd1+ 34.Rxd1 Rxd1 35.Rxb7 Rd2 36.Kb3 Rd3+ 37.Kb2 Rc8 38.Nxb4 Rxg3 39.Rd7 Rc4 40.Nd3 g6 41.Rd8+ Kg7 42.Rd7 Ra4 43.a3 ...
Nov-20-19 Kharlov vs I Farago, 1992
WTHarvey: Ends with a White mates in 3. [DIAGRAM] 32. ? If 32...Kh7 33.Rg5+
Nov-20-19 GCT Bucharest Rapid & Blitz (2019)
Pedro Fernandez: Hi <AylerKupp>, I still don't understand why Giri is already classified by rating, sorry. Currently Giri is 2776 while MVL is 2777, and yet has to take the rating into account until January. Which is the reason? Thanks and ...
Nov-20-19 I Saric vs Aydin Suleymanli, 2019
SkySports: Spectacular game!
Nov-20-19 Chiburdanidze vs E Donaldson-Akhmilovskaya, 1977
woldsmandriffield: [DIAGRAM] A critical game along Chiburdanidzeís path to the womenís world championship. It is 31 moves since the last capture or pawn move. Black resigned - a strange decision. 87..Ke4 88 Qf6 Re5 89 Kc3 Kd5 90 Qf3+ Kc5 91 Qf4 ...
Nov-20-19 P de Groot vs Anderssen, 1875
mifralu: This game was played by C P Hofstede de Groot and the game score is incomplete. Additional moves: < 18. ... Rf8 19. Rf6 Rxf6 20. gxf6 Kf7 21. Rf1 Nd8 22. h4 Ne6 23. b4 a5 24. b5 a4 25. b6 cxb6 26. Bxb6 Ra6 27. Be3 Rc6 28. Rb1 Rxc3 29.

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