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Free Speech Zone (Non PC) (Big Pawn)
Big Pawn: < OhioChessFan: I think we're in agreement, but to clarify for others, "the gospel was for____" means "to be preached to _____". If you don't agree, we'll have to back up a step.> Yes, it gospel of the Kingdom was for Israel and ...
Moves Prediction Contest (OhioChessFan)
WannaBe: Gonna retire in a few month?! Congrats! =)) 🍾🥂 Do they still give out golden watch anymore?
FSR chessforum
FSR: Submitted: [Event "Budapest"] [Site "Budapest HUN"] [Date "1976.??.??"] [EventDate "1976.??.??"] [Round "?"] [Result "0-1"] [White "NN"] [Black "Zsuzsa Polgar"] [ECO "C20"] [PlyCount "18"] [Source " ...
Glory, Glory Tottenham Hotspur (jessicafischerqueen)
beatgiant's broken brainstorms (beatgiant)
beatgiant: <AylerKupp> We have at least three different definitions of fairness here, and those are driving the three different approaches to achieve it. There's the definition you stated, which is (correct me if wrong) "a setting is fair ...
Romanian chess... and more! (floryncd1970)
floryncd1970: Thousands of thanks! I have already compiled about 3000 games, while in public databases one can find about 2600 games. But he played much more - about 4100 of classical games - and of course other rapid and blitz games, which ...
perfidious chessforum
chancho: <Georgie Lovelace: Amazing that these libs are so shameless that they actually have the balls to show up on the Rogoff.> Rumor has it, (not really, it's obvious) the troglodyte who wrote the above comment is the notorious trolling ...
The Troll Factory (Troller)
Ybr: < Troller: <Is it possible if i debate him in your forum and you moderate the debate using the rules of debate created by <big pawn> in his forum ? Thank you.> I am unfortunately not active enough in here to moderate ...
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