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King's Indian, Samisch (E83)
1 d4 Nf6 2 c4 g6 3 Nc3 Bg7 4 e4 d6 5 f3 O-O 6 Be3 Nc6

Number of games in database: 809
Years covered: 1925 to 2022
Overall record:
   White wins 34.5%
   Black wins 36.7%
   Draws 28.8%

Popularity graph, by decade

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With the White Pieces With the Black Pieces
Rainer Knaak  12 games
Boris Spassky  10 games
Florin Gheorghiu  9 games
Heikki Westerinen  19 games
Igor A Zaitsev  17 games
Raymond Keene  9 games
NOTABLE GAMES [what is this?]
White Wins Black Wins
Spassky vs Korchnoi, 1968
Spassky vs Fischer, 1992
Bu Xiangzhi vs Zvjaginsev, 2008
Beliavsky vs Kasparov, 1981
Gheorghiu vs Kavalek, 1969
Spassky vs Fischer, 1992
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 page 1 of 33; games 1-25 of 809  PGN Download
Game  ResultMoves YearEvent/LocaleOpening
1. Saemisch vs Yates ½-½581925MarienbadE83 King's Indian, Samisch
2. Vidmar vs Yates 1-0531927LondonE83 King's Indian, Samisch
3. T Staynes vs H E Atkins  0-1291927Bradford - Huddersfield mE83 King's Indian, Samisch
4. A Zamikhovsky vs B Verlinsky  ½-½581931USSR ChampionshipE83 King's Indian, Samisch
5. Euwe vs Yates  ½-½551931Hastings 1931/32E83 King's Indian, Samisch
6. N Bautin vs A Gilman  0-1231934Gorky National tournamentE83 King's Indian, Samisch
7. E Gereben vs I Csath  0-1281934SopronE83 King's Indian, Samisch
8. L Roedl vs Bogoljubov  0-1381936DresdenE83 King's Indian, Samisch
9. Dmitrievsky vs G Stepanov (Schneideman)  0-128193712th Ch Leningrad sf group 8E83 King's Indian, Samisch
10. I Mazel vs M David  1-040193811th USSR Championship SemifinalE83 King's Indian, Samisch
11. V Makogonov vs M David  ½-½51193811th USSR Championship SemifinalE83 King's Indian, Samisch
12. J Vinuesa vs O Garcia Vera  ½-½421939RosarioE83 King's Indian, Samisch
13. W de Oliveira vs M E de Freitas  1-0441947Brazilian ChampionshipE83 King's Indian, Samisch
14. H Rossetto vs E Reinhardt  1-0471952Mar del PlataE83 King's Indian, Samisch
15. L Johnsen vs F Jost  ½-½481952Helsinki Olympiad Final-CE83 King's Indian, Samisch
16. T Ciejka vs K Borloy  0-1411954Budapest ttE83 King's Indian, Samisch
17. Diez del Corral vs M Napolitano  1-0301954ITA-ESPE83 King's Indian, Samisch
18. A Zamikhovsky vs N Kopaev  0-1331955Ukrainian ChampionshipE83 King's Indian, Samisch
19. Shchapin vs Y Kamenetsky  0-1271955Belarusian ChampionshipE83 King's Indian, Samisch
20. B Dorawa vs R Elstner  1-0281955GDR ChampionshipE83 King's Indian, Samisch
21. E Franco Raymundo vs F J Perez Perez  1-0471957ESP-chE83 King's Indian, Samisch
22. E Franco Raymundo vs F J Perez Perez  0-1381957MadridE83 King's Indian, Samisch
23. Tal vs V Zemitis ½-½361958SimulE83 King's Indian, Samisch
24. Botvinnik vs H L Tan  1-0311958Simul, 26bE83 King's Indian, Samisch
25. C Ary vs G Bibas  1-0421960Brazilian ChampionshipE83 King's Indian, Samisch
 page 1 of 33; games 1-25 of 809  PGN Download
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Kibitzer's Corner
Sep-29-06  Archives: Ive been playing this line from the White side for a long time now.

After 6..Nc6 I use to invariably play 7.Nge2 but after just recently reading a book I have now been experimenting with <7.Rb1> (There is no games with this move in this database)

click for larger view

If <7...Bd7> then 8.b4 e5 9.d5 Nd4 10.Nge2 Nh5 11.Qd2

click for larger view

Followed with maybe either
11...Qf6 12.Bg5
11...c5 12.dxc6
11...Qh4+ 12.Bf2 Qf6 13.Nxd4 exd4 14.Ne2
11...Nxe2 12.Bxe2 f5 13.0-0 Nf4 (13...f4 14.Bf2 Bf6 15.Qe1 g5 16.c5) 14.Bd1 Qg5 15.Kh1 Qh5 16.Bc2

<7...a5> 8.a3 and White will still advance with b4

click for larger view

<7...e5> 8.d5 Nd4 (8...Ne7 9.b4) 9.Nge2 c5 (9...Nxe2 10.Bxe2) 10.dxc6 Nxc6 with a good positional advantage to White

click for larger view

Premium Chessgames Member
  Zaltar: Archives, what book? How many pages does the book dedicate to this line?
Oct-08-06  Archives: <Zaltar> It is "The System" by Hans Berliner.

The book is his theory on how Chess (specifically the opening) should be played. He gives lines for White to play against the various Black systems.

Against the KID, he suggests the Samisch variation with Rb1 followed by a b4 push. (As shown above)

It doesnt go into too much detail, but enough to get the general idea. There are no games in this database with 7.Rb1, although I have found about a dozen in an online database and have uploaded the PGNs to this site.

Oct-24-06  Archives: Oops, one response to <7.Rb1> I forgot above was <7...a6>

Which White then replies
8.b4 e5 9.d5 Nd4 10.Nge2 Nxe2 11.Bxe2 Nh5 12.Qd2

click for larger view

Oct-25-06  Archives: Been doing some more work on 7.Rb1

I played an OTB game just recently which followed one of the lines above, except my opponent came up with an interesting 11th move I hadn't considered or encountered...

7...Bd7 8.b4 e5 9.d5 Nd4 10.Nge2 Nh5 11.Qd2

click for larger view


Play continued with 12.Nxd4 exd4 13.Bxd4 Bxd4 14.Qxd4 Qh4+ 15.Qf2 Qf6

click for larger view

Although at a superficial glance, White may seem to have an imposing position (strong centre and a Pawn up), I think that Black has more than enough compensation (White has a naked King and weak dark squares around the King).

Oct-25-06  Archives: Hmm and I just realised that if the a-pawns are exchanged off then Black has an even better position

i.e. 7...a5 8.a3 Bd7 9.b4 axb4 10.axb4 e5 11.d5 Nd4 12.Nge2 Nh5 13.Qd2 f5 14.Nxd4 exd4 15.Bxd4 Bxd4 16.Qxd4 Qh4+ 17.Qf2 Qf6

The opening of the a-file is a definite bonus for Black giving him more than ample compensation for the pawn. So after 7...a5 maybe White should play 8.Qd2 instead of 8.a3

Oct-27-06  Archives: This is my latest attempt to work out some kinks in my new line.

After 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 Bg7 4.e4 d6 5.f3 O-O 6.Be3 Nc6 <7.Rb1 Bd7> 8.b4 e5 9.d5 Nd4 10.Nge2 Nh5 11.Qd2

click for larger view

12.Nxd4 exd4 13.Bxd4 Bxd4 (13...Qh4+ 14.Bf2 Qe7 15.Rb3) 14.Qxd4 Qh4+ 15.Qf2 Qf6 16.Qe3 Rae8 17.c5

12.bxa5 Nxe2 (12...c5 13.Rxb7 Bc8 14.Rb2) 13.Bxe2 Bc8 (13...Nf4 14.Bf1! or 13...Rxa5 14.Rxb7) 14.c5 dxc5 (14...Nf4 15.Bf1!) 15.Bxc5

12.Bg5 Nxf3+ 13.gxf3 Qxf3 14.Ng3 Nxg3 15.Bg2 Qg4 16.hxg3 Qxg3+ 17.Kd1

12.bxc5 dxc5 13.Rxb7 Qh4+ (13...Bc8/13...Qc8 14.Rb2) 14.Bf2 Qe7 15.Na4 Rfb8 16.Qb2

12.Bf2 Qf6 13.Nxd4 exd4 14.Ne2

12.Bxe2 f5 13.0-0 Nf4 (13...f4 14.Bf2 Bf6 15.Qe1 g5 16.c5 or 13...a6 14.c5 Nf4 15.Bc4 b5 16.Bb3 or 13...Qf6 14.c5) 14.Bd1 Qg5 15.Kh1

Oct-27-06  Archives: <7...e5> 8.d5

<8...Nd4> 9.Nge2 c5 (9...Nxe2 10.Bxe2) 10.dxc6 Nxc6 11.Qd2 Be6 (11...Nh5 12.Rd1) 12.Nd5 Rc8 13.b4

<8...Ne7> 9.b4 with either

9...Nh5 10.Bd3 f5 (10...Nf4 11.Bxf4 exf4 12.Nge2) 11.Nge2

9...a5 10.b5 Nh5 11.b6 c5 12.dxc6 Nxc6 13.Nd5

<8...Nb4> 9.a3 Na6 10.b4 Nh5 11.c5

Nov-20-06  Eyal: Some games with the 7.Rb1 (and b4) line:

[Event "IECC KO email"]
[Site "IECC email"]
[Date "1999.??.??"]
[Round "0"]
[White "Fedorko,Andrew"]
[Black "Vujanovic,Aleksandar"]
[Result "1/2"]
[Eco "E83"]
1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 Bg7 4.e4 d6 5.f3 0-0 6.Be3 Nc6 7.Rb1 a6 8.b4 e5 9.d5 Nd4 10.Nge2 Nxe2 11.Bxe2 Nh5 12.Qd2 Nf4 13.Bd1 f5 14.0-0 Nh3+ 15.Kh1 f4 16.Bf2 Nxf2+ 17.Qxf2 a5 18.a3 axb4 19.axb4 Bf6 20.Bb3 Bh4 21.Qg1 Ra3 22.Nb5 Ra6 23.c5 Bd7 24.Bc4 Bxb5 25.Bxb5 Ra2 26.Ra1 Rb2 27.Rfb1 Bf2 28.Qc1 Rxb1 29.Rxb1 Qe7 30.c6 Rb8 31.cxb7 Rxb7 32.Bc6 Ra7 33.Ra1 Rxa1 1/2

[Event "C1.1999.0.00243 "]
[Site "IECG email"]
[Date "1999.11.12"]
[Round "0"]
[White "Smith,Douglas Royston"]
[Black "Simon,Holger"]
[Result "1-0"]
[Eco "E83"]
1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 Bg7 4.e4 d6 5.f3 0-0 6.Be3 Nc6 7.Rb1 a6 8.b4 e5 9.d5 Nd4 10.Nge2 Nh5 11.Qd2 Nxe2 12.Bxe2 f5 13.0-0 f4 14.Bf2 Nf6 15.c5 g5 16.b5 axb5 17.Nxb5 g4 18.cxd6 cxd6 19.Rfc1 gxf3 20.Bxf3 Rf7 21.Qc2 Bg4 22.Nc7 Bxf3 23.gxf3 Ra3 24.Rxb7 Rxf3 25.Ne6 Qe8 26.Rxf7 Qxf7 27.Kh1 h6 28.Qc8+ Qe8 29.Qb7 Bf8 30.Rc8 Rxf2 31.Rxe8 Nxe8 32.Nd8 1-0

[Event "WC.2003.S.00003"]
[Site "IECG email"]
[Date "2001.04.01"]
[Round "0"]
[White "Roques,Pascal"]
[Black "Utesch,Wolfgang"]
[Result "1/2"]
[Eco "E83"]
1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 Bg7 4.e4 d6 5.f3 0-0 6.Be3 Nc6 7.Rb1 e5 8.d5 Ne7 9.b4 Ne8 10.Bd3 f5 11.Nge2 a5 12.b5 b6 13.a4 f4 14.Bf2 Nf6 15.Nc1 g5 16.Nb3 Qe8 17.Kd2 h5 18.Qc2 h4 19.Rbg1 Qh5 20.Kc1 Nd7 21.Be2 Bb7 22.Kb1 Ng6 23.Na2 Kf7 1/2

[Event "BL 0304 (Women)"]
[Site "Germany"]
[Date "2003.11.29"]
[Round "7"]
[White "Hielscher,Ursula"]
[Black "Mueller,Andrea"]
[Result "0-1"]
[Eco "E83"]
1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 Bg7 4.e4 d6 5.f3 0-0 6.Be3 Nc6 7.Rb1 a6 8.b4 e5 9.d5 Nd4 10.Bxd4 exd4 11.Nce2 Nh5 12.g3 f5 13.Bg2 Qf6 14.f4 fxe4 15.Bxe4 Re8 16.Qd3 Rxe4 17.Qxe4 Bf5 18.Qf3 Bxb1 19.g4 Re8 20.Qf2 Nxf4 0-1

[Event "Arco op"]
[Site "Arco"]
[Date "2006.10.21"]
[Round "3"]
[White "De Nisi,Mario"]
[Black "Maurer,Fritz"]
[Result "1-0"]
[Eco "E83"]
1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 Bg7 4.e4 d6 5.f3 0-0 6.Be3 Nc6 7.Rb1 a6 8.b4 e5 9.d5 Nd4 10.Nge2 Nxe2 11.Bxe2 Nh5 12.0-0 f5 13.c5 Nf4 14.Kh1 Nxe2 15.Qxe2 Qe7 16.Na4 Bd7 17.c6 bxc6 18.dxc6 Be6 19.Nc3 Qf7 20.Rfd1 Bc4 21.Qc2 fxe4 22.fxe4 Be6 23.h3 Bxh3 24.Kg1 Bg4 25.Rf1 Qc4 26.Qb3 Be6 27.Qxc4 Bxc4 28.Rfd1 Bb5 29.Nd5 Rf7 30.Rbc1 a5 31.bxa5 Rxa5 32.Nxc7 Rxc7 33.Bb6 Raa7 34.Bxa7 Rxa7 35.c7 Ba6 36.Rxd6 Bf8 37.Rxa6 1-0

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