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Karlis Ozols
Number of games in database: 146
Years covered: 1933 to 1985

Overall record: +46 -58 =42 (45.9%)*
   * Overall winning percentage = (wins+draws/2) / total games in the database.

With the White pieces:
 English (29) 
    A13 A10 A18 A12 A11
 English, 1 c4 e5 (11) 
    A22 A25 A21
 Reti System (9) 
    A04 A06 A05
 King's Indian Attack (6) 
 Grunfeld (5) 
    D74 D87 D78 D85 D73
 King's Indian (4) 
    E80 E67 E66 E77
With the Black pieces:
 French Defense (28) 
    C10 C18 C07 C02 C15
 French Winawer (12) 
    C18 C15 C16 C17
 Dutch Defense (8) 
    A81 A89 A85 A90
 French (6) 
    C10 C00
 Queen's Pawn Game (6) 
    A40 E00 A46
 French Tarrasch (5) 
    C07 C03
Repertoire Explorer

NOTABLE GAMES: [what is this?]
   K Ozols vs P Reid, 1937 1-0
   K Salbu vs K Ozols, 1936 0-1
   K Ozols vs Koblents, 1941 1-0
   K Ozols vs Richard Ollino, 1937 1-0
   K Ozols vs Nils Elisons, 1937 1-0
   K Ozols vs M Defosse, 1937 1-0
   K Ozols vs V Mezgailis, 1937 1-0
   K Ozols vs Rellstab, 1937 1/2-1/2
   S Kruger vs K Ozols, 1951 0-1
   K Ozols vs Petrov, 1937 1/2-1/2

NOTABLE TOURNAMENTS: [what is this?]
   Stockholm Olympiad (1937)

GAME COLLECTIONS: [what is this?]
   27th Australian Championship (1956-1957) by jessicafischerqueen
   1956-57 Australian Championship by optimal play
   3rd Australian Open (1951-1952) by jessicafischerqueen
   1951-52 Australian Open by optimal play

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(born Aug-09-1912, died Mar-23-2001, 88 years old) Latvia (federation/nationality Australia)

[what is this?]

Karlis Ozols was born in Latvia. Awarded the IMC title in 1977, he was joint Australian champion in 1956-57. Ozols was accused of taking part in war atrocities during World War II, but died before he could be prosecuted.

Wikipedia article: Karlis Ozols

Last updated: 2021-08-23 09:11:58

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 page 1 of 7; games 1-25 of 161  PGN Download
Game  ResultMoves YearEvent/LocaleOpening
1. K Ozols vs M Brakmanis  0-1301933Riga gameA36 English
2. K Ozols vs V Mezgailis  0-1271936Olympic SelectionA12 English with b3
3. K Salbu vs K Ozols 0-1331936non-FIDE Munich OlympiadE11 Bogo-Indian Defense
4. J Balogh vs K Ozols  1-0231936non-FIDE Munich OlympiadC16 French, Winawer
5. K Ozols vs Nils Elisons  1-02819376th Latvian congress grp.1A10 English
6. Nils Elisons vs K Ozols 1-0381937National Team TrainingA00 Uncommon Opening
7. K Ozols vs Koblents  1-04819376th Lat. congress grp.1A13 English
8. K Ozols vs Richard Ollino  1-03019371st SELL Baltic Student OlympiadA15 English
9. P Tautvaisas vs K Ozols 0-15019371st SELL Baltic Student OlympiadC10 French
10. K Ozols vs V Mezgailis  1-02219376th Lat.congress Group runner-up playoffA13 English
11. K Ozols vs V Mezgailis  0-13519376th Lat.congress Group runner-up playoffD85 Grunfeld
12. K Ozols vs Stahlberg  ½-½391937KemeriA13 English
13. E E Book vs K Ozols  ½-½291937KemeriC02 French, Advance
14. K Ozols vs Petrov  ½-½401937KemeriD02 Queen's Pawn Game
15. Keres vs K Ozols 1-0421937KemeriC00 French Defense
16. K Ozols vs W Hasenfuss 1-0361937KemeriA10 English
17. Fine vs K Ozols  1-0321937KemeriE37 Nimzo-Indian, Classical
18. K Ozols vs T Bergs  ½-½461937KemeriA11 English, Caro-Kann Defensive System
19. E Steiner vs K Ozols 1-0501937KemeriC10 French
20. K Ozols vs F Apsenieks 0-1411937KemeriA10 English
21. Alekhine vs K Ozols 1-0411937KemeriC15 French, Winawer
22. K Ozols vs V Mikenas 0-1711937KemeriA25 English
23. S Landau vs K Ozols  1-0451937KemeriE42 Nimzo-Indian, 4.e3 c5, 5.Ne2 (Rubinstein)
24. K Ozols vs M Feigin  0-1411937KemeriA13 English
25. Flohr vs K Ozols 1-0711937KemeriA13 English
 page 1 of 7; games 1-25 of 161  PGN Download
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Kibitzer's Corner
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Jun-13-05  vonKrolock: "War Crimes" - article and resp. "Chess Note" by Edward Winter on-line here
Jul-16-05  vonKrolock: The link to the Article above, that presents also Ozols in his human and Chess-playing facets, was, it seems, been changed to
Premium Chessgames Member
  offramp: Looks like John Demjanjuk might now be deported to the Ukraine.
Aug-09-06  BIDMONFA: Karlis Ozols

OZOLS, Karlis

Aug-09-06  franksp: Some people I regard as war criminals get reelected and are very popular. I suppose an unprovoked invasion is OK as long as it happens to someone else.

Need I mention names?

Nov-18-06  vonKrolock: <franksp> T Bush or D Blair!?
Premium Chessgames Member
  technical draw: Osama Bin Laden?
Jul-10-07  whiteshark:

<Karlis Ozols – <Cecil John Seddon Purdy>>

New South Wales v Victoria match, 14 October 1950
Irregular Opening

1 Nf3 d5 2 g3 g6 3 Bg2 Bg7 4 d4 c5 5 dxc5 Na6 6 c4! d4!? 7 c6! Rb8! 8 cxb7 Bxb7 9 Qa4+ Qd7! 10 Qxd7+ Kxd7 11 O-O e5 12 Nbd2 Ne7 13 Nb3 Rhc8 14 Nfd2 Bxg2 15 Kxg2 Nf5 16 Rd1 Ke6 17 Ne4! Rxc4 18 g4! Nd6 19 Nxd6 Kxd6 20 e3 Ke7? 21 exd4 exd4 22 Bf4 Rbc8 23 Re1+ Kf8 24 Rac1 Rxc1 25 Bd6+! Kg8 26 Nxc1 Rd8 27 Ba3 Nc7 28 Nd3 Bf8 29 Bxf8 Kxf8 30 Rc1 Ne6 31 b4 Ke7 32 a4 Rd7 33 f4 Kd6 34 Kf3 f5 35 gxf5 gxf5 36 Ne5! Rc7 37 Rxc7 Nxc7 38 b5 Nd5! 39 Nc6 Kc5 40 Nxa7 d3 41 a5! Nxf4 42 Ke3 Kc4 43 b6 Nd5+ 44 Kd2 Nb4 45 b7 Na6 46 Nc6 f4 47 h4! f3 48 Ne5+ Kb5 49 Nxd3 Kxa5 50 Ke3 Kb6 51 Kxf3 Kxb7 52 Kg4 Kc7 53 Kg5 Kd6 54 Kh6 Ke6 55 Kxh7 Nc7 56 Kg6 Nd5 57 h5 Ne7+ Drawn.

Jan-26-08  Karpova: <Our shame; His haven
Australia's Nazi cover-up

By Michael Kapel & Zandy Alter>

Jul-29-09  myschkin: . . .


"Fingering the SS"

(by Mark Aarons, The Australia/Israel Review, 1997)

May-09-11  SvetlanaBabe: I saw him play at the end of his career at the Melbourne Chess Club at 483 Elizabeth St in the late 1970's. he was still more than competitiveagainst a new generation of budding IMs and GMs who felt very lucky to even draw against him! He was a top player.
RIP Mr Ozols. Keep playing that Leningrad Dutch!
Premium Chessgames Member
  offramp: < SvetlanaBabe: I saw him play at the end of his career at the Melbourne Chess Club...>

How tall was he?

Dec-13-13  SvetlanaBabe: Do you think on a chess site people want to know how tall Mr Ozols was? LOL!
Premium Chessgames Member
  perfidious: If Ozols had been a gnome, some should surely have been concerned over this-although it surely does not matter!
Nov-26-14  ljfyffe: Member of Australian team that finished fifth in the CC Olympiad VI (1969-1972) Final.
Premium Chessgames Member
  MissScarlett: <How tall was he?>

Good question! It seems from photos that he could have been up to 8 feet tall.

Jul-10-15  zanzibar:

Can you spot the 8' tall man in this picture?

Jul-12-15  jerseybob: zanzibar: Reminds me of a "Far Side" cartoon I saw years ago: A gunslinger looking into a saloon says "I'm lookin' for the the one they call Horseface". And sitting at a table, playing cards, there he was.
Jul-12-15  zanzibar: Recent sightings of the guy:

Wonder if he's got a <CG> account yet?

BTW- here's a couple of my favorite Far Sides:

Jul-13-15  jerseybob: zanzibar: Good stuff!
Nov-04-16  optimal play: <offramp: <SvetlanaBabe: I saw him play at the end of his career at the Melbourne Chess Club...> How tall was he?> Was he wearing his old WWII Nazi uniform?

Anyway, he competed in the 1969 Australian Championship finishing a credible =5th

This win is from round 5...

[Event "Australian Championship"]
[Site "Melbourne"]
[Date "1969.01.02"]
[Round "5.11"]
[White "Ozols, Karlis Alexander"]
[Black "Pope, Arthur Harrison"]
[Result "1-0"]
[ECO "E81"]
[PlyCount "75"]
[EventDate "1968.12.27"]
[EventType "swiss"]
[EventRounds "15"]
[EventCountry "AUS"]
[SourceDate "2007.10.17"]

1. c4 g6 2. d4 Nf6 3. f3 Bg7 4. e4 d6 5. Nc3 O-O 6. Bg5 b6 7. Qd2 c5 8. d5 Nbd7 9. Bh6 Ne5 10. Be2 a6 11. Bxg7 Kxg7 12. f4 Ned7 13. Nf3 b5 14. cxb5 axb5 15. Bxb5 Ba6 16. Bxa6 Rxa6 17. O-O Nb6 18. Qe2 Qa8 19. b3 Ra7 20. Nd2 Rc8 21. Nc4 Nfd7 22. g4 Nxc4 23. bxc4 Rb8 24. Nb5 Ra4 25. e5 Nb6 26. exd6 Nxc4 27. dxe7 Qxd5 28. e8=Q Rxe8 29. Qxe8 Nd2 30. Qe5+ Qxe5 31. fxe5 Rxg4+ 32. Kf2 Nxf1 33. Kxf1 Ra4 34. Nc3 Ra3 35. Rc1 f5 36. exf6+ Kxf6 37. Ke2 Ke5 38. Kd3 1-0

click for larger view

13/15 [+11/=04/-00] clear 1st Walter Shawn Browne

11/15 [+09/=04/-02] =2nd Douglas Gibson Hamilton

11/15 [+08/=06/-01] =2nd Alfred Flatow

10/15 [+06/=08/-01] 4th Paul Dozsa

8½/15 [+06/=05/-04] =5th Otto Weber

8½/15 [+05/=07/-03] =5th Karlis Alexander Ozols

Premium Chessgames Member
  Jonathan Sarfati: Come on, Ozols wasn't 8; tall; he is just standing on a higher step.
May-12-21  Nosnibor: In 1963 Ozols won a tournament in Melbourne ( +6 -0 =1 ) ahead of Alexander Kotov and beat him in their individual game.
Oct-11-21  optimal play: <Nosnibor: In 1963 Ozols won a tournament in Melbourne ( +6 -0 =1 ) ahead of Alexander Kotov and beat him in their individual game.>

Yes, I've located his famous win against Kotov, but haven't been able to find any other games from that tournament.

<<<Victorian Wins>

Karlis Ozols, of Victoria, won the Melbourne invitation tournament ahead of Russian grandmaster Alexander Kotov.

Kotov, who has been a contender for the world chess title, is touring Australia as a guest of the Australian Chess Federation.>

Canberra Times (ACT), Tuesday 5 November 1963, page 26>

[Event "Melbourne Invitational"]
[Site "Melbourne, VIC, Australia"]
[Date "1963.??.??"]
[EventDate "1963.??.??"]
[Round "?"]
[Result "1-0"]
[White "Karlis Ozols"]
[Black "Alexander Kotov"]
[ECO "A10"]
[WhiteElo "?"]
[BlackElo "?"]
[Source ""]

1. c4 d6 2. g3 g6 3. Bg2 Bg7 4. Nc3 e5 5. e3 Ne7 6. Nge2 O-O 7. O-O Nbc6 8. Nd5 f5 9. d3 Kh8 10. Nec3 g5 11. f4 gxf4 12. gxf4 Ng6 13. Qh5 exf4 14. Nxf4 Nxf4 15. Rxf4 Ne5 16. Rh4 h6 17. e4 Ng4 18. Nd5 c6 19. Rxg4 fxg4 20. Bxh6 Kg8 21. Bg5 cxd5 22. Bxd8 Rxd8 23. Qxd5+ Kh8 24. d4 Bd7 25. Qh5+ Kg8 26. e5 Be6 27. Be4 Rd7 28. d5 Bf7 29. Qh7+ Kf8 30. Qf5 Re7 31. e6 Rc8 32. Bd3 Bxb2 33. Rf1 Bd4+ 34. Kh1 Rcc7 35. Qxg4 1-0

click for larger view

Premium Chessgames Member

K Ozols vs Kotov, 1963

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