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Member since Feb-11-05 · Last seen Dec-06-19
Hi my name is Wayne and I live in Alberta, Canada. If Korchnoi can devote half-an hour a day to studying tactics at age 70+ what does that tell the rest of us? My favorite chess players are Judit Polgar, Alexei Shirov,Victor Korchnoi,Vassily Ivanchuk and Yasser Seirawan.
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   Albertan has kibitzed 2747 times to chessgames   [more...]
   Nov-29-19 Alexandra Kosteniuk (replies)
Albertan: Alexandra Kosteniuk is the European Women's Blitz Champion 2019! With 10 points in 13 games, she is the sole winner of the event in Monaco.You can view the results of the tournament at:
   Nov-29-19 Albertan chessforum
Albertan: FIDE Grand Prix Monaco Women's tournament --- Here are the pairings for the entire tournament.The first player has the white pieces: December 3 Round I Start at 3PM Harika Dronavalli - Dzagnidze Nana Paehtz Elisabeth - Zhao Xue Cramling Pia - Kosteniuk Alexandra ...
   Nov-28-19 jessicafischerqueen chessforum (replies)
Albertan: Hi Jessica I am doing fine thanks for asking :)How are you doing? You are right about an Alberta scientist making the discovery.There is alot of work being done in Alberta regarding dinosaurs.More than 10 genera of dinosaurs, including Triceratops, Centrosaurus and Styracosaurus, ...
   Nov-28-19 Vladimir Eduardovich Akopian
Albertan: The life story of Vladimir Akopian: part 1: part 2:
   Nov-25-19 Kibitzer's Café (replies)
Albertan: Daily Chess Games Restored For Iranian Users
   Nov-23-19 Natalia Konopleva
Albertan: WhiteShark according to a Google translate of the webpage you give she died of hypothermia. Here is some more information about her: "Natalia Konopleva has made the first success in the USSR girl's chess championships: 1959 1st; 1960 2nd-3rd; 1961 1st-2nd, 1962 2nd-3rd ...
   Nov-19-19 Evgeny Ilgizovich Bareev
Albertan: His Chessmetrics player profile can be viewed at:
   Nov-19-19 Levente Lengyel (replies)
Albertan: "His final published rating from the international chess federation FIDE was 2293, although he had not been active for a number of years. At his peak, he was regarded as a strong grandmaster, competing for his nation at the top level and winning medals." "Lengyel played for Hungary
   Nov-19-19 Eduardo Franco Raymundo
Albertan: Chessmetrics Player Profile: Eduardo Franco Raymundo
   Nov-03-19 Vladimir Kramnik (replies)
Albertan: Former world champion Vladimir Kramnik to train upcoming Indian chess players in Spain:
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Wayne's chess forum

Kibitzer's Corner
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Premium Chessgames Member
  Albertan: I have returned to playing tournament chess here in Edmonton. I began this return by playing in the Edmonton Chess Club's "Christmas Open", chess event. The tournament already started so I got a bye in round one last night. My opponent for this game was the present President of the Edmonton Chess Club, Terry Seehagen. Terry and I always have interesting games. He began the game by playing 1.e4 and because I am rusty I decided to reply classically with the move 1...e5 (rather than my usual Sicilian Defense). The game was interesting however my rust showed (according to analysis by Deep Fritz 12 and Deep Houdini 2.0 c x64). The difference in rating between us (336 points) and the fact that Terry has been playing superior chess and much of it since I last played him, plus some stupid blunders in the game by me, sealed my fate. I resigned the game on my 26th move because I saw I was going to be checkmated in two moves. Next week I will probably play someone with a lower rating than Terry's. It is wonderful to be back at the club and it is great to be playing tournament chess again! I am looking forward to playing in the annual ECC Team Chess Tournament on the December 17th/18th weekend! :)
Premium Chessgames Member
  jessicafischerqueen: Congratulations on return to the OTB circuit- sounds like you're already having a lot of fun. I hope I can find a few OTB games in Vancouver whilst on holiday this year.

That article about "chess etiquette" was great, thanks for the playlist as always!

Premium Chessgames Member
  jessicafischerqueen: Merry Christmas <Wayne>!

Keep giving me the news and especially updates on your OTB adventures. I hope I can play some OTB in Canada soon.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Albertan: The joys of chess and the value of the pieces:

Premium Chessgames Member
  Albertan: Last weekend I played in a chess tournament at the Edmonton Chess club. This tournament was called the WBX Team chess tournament,it was a great deal of fun to play on a team. It is amazing how playing on a team can influence how you prepare and perform in a tournament. If some of you have never played in such an event basically what happens (in our event) is that there is one strong player who is on board one, two middle-rated players and one lower-rated player play on the same team.Each player tends to play a player around the same rating, which makes the games very competitive and interesting. In my case I played players who were 500,230,485,and 517 rating points higher than me. Despite these rating differences the games I played were very even for a long time and very interesting to play. I highly recommend that if you belong to a chess club which meets regularly that you talk to your Chess club executive about staging such an event. Each year in our club the players on a team think of a team name, and also some teams have actually gone as far as having a company make t-shirts for them to wear during the tournament. Humans are social animals, psychological research indicators that members of our species perform at our best when we are in a social setting such as this, although of course this may not be the case because of psychological and sociological factors.I really enjoyed this competition,although sadly my back and pelvis did not! Sigh!
Premium Chessgames Member
  Albertan: I am playing in my chess club's annual Christmas Open tournament this month. So far the games have been very interesting.Last night I played against one of the young prodigies in our club. This 8 year old gets regularly coaching from a player who has a CFC rating over 2000. It is amazing how well he played, in fact he really challenged me with his tactical prowess. I was able to win a pawn in the opening, however I had to give the pawn back because he had launched a vicious attack against my king with his pieces. We adults do not give children of this age enough credit for their intelligence (both social and cognitibe). He played the opening like a GM, knowing the main good moves against my Ruy Lopez. The game lasted 37 moves and I feel lucky to have gained a draw against him,considering my king was under direct attack. The prodigies I have played in chess always seem to know how to attack an opponent. This certainly was the case in this game we played. Thank goodness I have good defensive skills. Even though he was only 8 years old I found my opponent had an amazing ability to concentrate at the board. And what was really nice was to see his parents staying at the club while he was playing, to give him some support before and after the game. I have found in all of my years of being a tournament director that Chess parents are amazing human beings. They realize that their child has talent or an interest in chess, and these wonderful adults give up a great deal of their time for the sake of their children.We have some wonderful parents like this in our club in Edmonton!
Premium Chessgames Member
  brankat: Hello my friend!

It has been a while.

May You have a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Premium Chessgames Member
  ketchuplover: Happy Holidays :)
Dec-24-11  Thanh Phan: <Albertan> Thanks to several of your links among many you provided, the chess world has advanced many steps in my eyes, wish the best ever Mr Wayne for now umtil the end of days ~ ever thanks toward your useful links and hope your holidays bring a smile as reward
Premium Chessgames Member
  Albertan: Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings to all of you!! :)
Premium Chessgames Member
  Albertan: Happy New Year's Eve and Happy 2011 to all of you!!
Dec-31-11  Birthday Boy: Happy New Year! Mr.Albertan! Hope you enjoyed the 2011 year and Goodluck! =)
Premium Chessgames Member
  Albertan: Thank you Birthday Boy!:) Happy New Year to you,have a great one in 2012!
Premium Chessgames Member
  Albertan: The last round of the Edmonton Chess Club Christmas tournament was played on December 27,2011. I faced another young player whose last name is Zita. Unfortunately for him he forget that the "touch-move" rule was in place during the game and he touched two pieces,on move 13, which forced him to move a knight and left his queen enprise for me to take. Having played through this game with Deep Fritz 12 I am a bit disappointed because I missed a very good continuation on move 13 which would have won a whole piece! Back to the tactics exercises for me!

On Monday I start a match which I was able to set up with another member of the Chess Club. We are both about the same rating so it should be fun! I have never played in an over-the- board match before. I won the toss for the colors so I have white in the first game! I will keep you up-dated to the score in the match as it proceeds. Since I do not watch to face his Berlin Defense against the Ruy Lopez, ie. 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 Nf6 I guess I will be forced to play an opening other than 1.e4 in this match, unless I re-learn how to play the Scotch game or Giu. Piano by then!

Premium Chessgames Member
  brankat: Best of luck in Your match!

During a match it is usually best not to bother too much with other chess related things. Like, for example, posting here and keeping the rest of us updated. That can wait until after the match. What You need for the duration of the match is to remain focused.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Albertan: Branko thsnk you for your kind words and your support they mean a great deal to me.I lost the first game of the match last Monday. I had the white pieces and the board soon became what GM Shirov calls "a mess" on one of his videos. The Opening was the Queen's Gambit Declined, Baltic Defense. I resigned on move 43. Now I have to find a way to win with the black pieces tonight against my friend.I hope he plays 1.e4 so I can play my favorite Sicilian Paulsen variation :) I will tell you what happens later tonight. :)
Premium Chessgames Member
  TheFocus: I hate to tell on myself, but I never really let it sink in that you are from Alberta. To me, Albert Tan made sense as a name.

I really have to get out more.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Albertan: My friend and I played the second game of our match on January 9,2012 at the Edmonton Chess Club. I had the black pieces and after he began by playing 1.e4 I decided to play classically with

The game continued

2.Nf3 and I decided to play

(Petroff's Defense)
I have never played this defense over-the board. I played a good game ,I ended up winning a pawn because of a pin I created and I won a second pawn. A rook endgame ensued with me up two pawns. The game ended after 63 moves when my opponent resigned because he would have had to give up his remaining rook to prevent one of my pawns from queening. This win means the score in the match is now 1-1 after 2 games, and I will have the white pieces on January 16 in game 3!

Premium Chessgames Member
  Albertan: Game 3 of my match with fellow Edmonton Chess Club member Ron Johnson took place on January 16. The game lasted 18 moves where upon we agreed to a draw. The opening was a Ruy Lopez. This draw means the match is tied 1.5-1.5 going into the last game which will be played January 23rd.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Fusilli: Hi <Albertan>! Nice to see you are having fun with a match! Good luck for the last game! Just remember to breathe deeply and train your brain to jump from strategic thoughts to tactical thoughts to positional thoughts and back to strategic. Those are my two cents of wisdom of the day!

One thing I dislike of American open tournaments, as I believe we discussed before, is the grueling schedule. I would like my local club to organize a low-key tournament, with just one game a week. A round-robin, say, with all players of approximately the same caliber. I will talk to the club manager again about it one of these days...

Premium Chessgames Member
  brankat: <Albertan> Best of luck in the last game!
Premium Chessgames Member
  brankat: Everything OK?
Premium Chessgames Member
  Albertan: <brankat: Everything OK?>

Sorry Branko, I have had a bad cold for weeks and have been trying to go to sleep early.Thanks for your concern!

<Premium Chessgames Member> <brankat: <Albertan> Best luck in <the> last game!>

Thank you Branko!

<Premium Chessgames Member> <Fusilli: Hi <Albertan>!>

Hi Mariano thanks for the advice.

I played the last game of the 5 game match on Jamuary 23rd. I had the black pieces and I ended up losing the game and the match! The game lasted only 26 moves and was a Sicilian Defense. My opponent played really well in tbe game and the match and I ejoyed playing! Thanks to all of you for your interest and your support! You are awesome!

Premium Chessgames Member
  Albertan: FIDE Grand Prix Women's tournament

The second leg of the FIDE Grand Prix Women's Grand Prix Series 2019-2020 is to start on December 2nd in Monaco. The tournament lasts until December 15th.For more information go to: and A list of the twelve participants in the Monaco event is as follows:

Koneru, Humpy
Goryachkina, Aleksandra
Lagno, Kateryna
Paehtz, Elisabeth
Gunina, Valentina
Harika, Dronavalli
Kosteniuk, Alexandra
Cramling, Pia
Muzychuk, Anna
Muzychuk, Mariya
Dzagnidze, Nana
Zhao, Xue

"Sixteen players compete in four WGP tournaments. Each of the sixteen players participate in three out of four WGP tournaments.Each WGP tournament is played with twelve players round robin.In each WGP tournament every player scores WGP points according to her position in the final standings.The winner of WGP Series is a player who scores the most number of cumulative points earned in all three WGP tournaments she played.The two players who score the most number of cumulative points in WGP Series qualify to the FIDE Women Candidates Tournament to be held in the first half of 2021."

Humpy Koneru leads the standings after one event.Tied for second are Ju, Wenjun and Aleksandra Goryachkina.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Albertan: FIDE Grand Prix Monaco Women's tournament

Here are the pairings for the entire tournament.The first player has the white pieces:

December 3
Round I
Start at 3PM
Harika Dronavalli - Dzagnidze Nana
Paehtz Elisabeth - Zhao Xue
Cramling Pia - Kosteniuk Alexandra
Goryachkina Aleksandra - Lagno Kateryna
Gunina Valentina - Koneru Humpy
Muzychuk Mariya - Muzychuk Anna

December 4
Round II
Start at 3PM
Dzagnidze Nana - Muzychuk Anna
Koneru Humpy - Muzychuk Mariya
Lagno Kateryna - Gunina Valentina
Kosteniuk Alexandra - Goryachkina Aleksandra
Zhao Xue - Cramling Pia
Harika Dronavalli - Paehtz Elisabeth

December 5
Round III
Start at 3PM
Paehtz Elisabeth - Dzagnidze Nana
Cramling Pia - Harika Dronavalli
Goryachkina Aleksandra - Zhao Xue
Gunina Valentina - Kosteniuk Alexandra
Muzychuk Mariya - Lagno Kateryna
Muzychuk Anna - Koneru Humpy

December 6
Round IV
Start at 3PM
Dzagnidze Nana - Koneru Humpy
Lagno Kateryna - Muzychuk Anna
Kosteniuk Alexandra - Muzychuk Mariya
Zhao Xue - Gunina Valentina
Harika Dronavalli - Goryachkina Aleksandra
Paehtz Elisabeth - Cramling Pia

December 7
Round V
Start at 3PM
Cramling Pia - Dzagnidze Nana
Goryachkina Aleksandra - Paehtz Elisabeth
Gunina Valentina - Harika Dronavalli
Muzychuk Mariya - Zhao Xue
Muzychuk Anna - Kosteniuk Alexandra
Koneru Humpy - Lagno Kateryna

December 8
Round VI
Start at 3PM
Dzagnidze Nana - Lagno Kateryna
Kosteniuk Alexandra - Koneru Humpy
Zhao Xue - Muzychuk Anna
Harika Dronavalli - Muzychuk Mariya
Paehtz Elisabeth - Gunina Valentina
Cramling Pia - Goryachkina Aleksandra

December 10
Round VII
Start at 3PM
Goryachkina Aleksandra - Dzagnidze Nana
Gunina Valentina - Cramling Pia
Muzychuk Mariya - Paehtz Elisabeth
Muzychuk Anna - Harika Dronavalli
Koneru Humpy - Zhao Xue
Lagno Kateryna - Kosteniuk Alexandra

December 11
Round VIII
Start at 3PM
Dzagnidze Nana - Kosteniuk Alexandra
Zhao Xue - Lagno Kateryna
Harika Dronavalli - Koneru Humpy
Paehtz Elisabeth - Muzychuk Anna
Cramling Pia - Muzychuk Mariya
Goryachkina Aleksandra - Gunina Valentina

December 12
Round IX
Start at 3PM
Gunina Valentina - Dzagnidze Nana
Muzychuk Mariya - Goryachkina Aleksandra
Muzychuk Anna - Cramling Pia
Koneru Humpy - Paehtz Elisabeth
Lagno Kateryna - Harika Dronavalli
Kosteniuk Alexandra - Zhao Xue

December 13
Round X
Start at 3PM
Dzagnidze Nana - Zhao Xue
Harika Dronavalli - Kosteniuk Alexandra
Paehtz Elisabeth - Lagno Kateryna
Cramling Pia - Koneru Humpy
Goryachkina Aleksandra - Muzychuk Anna
Gunina Valentina - Muzychuk Mariya

December 14
Round XI
Start at 1PM
Muzychuk Mariya - Dzagnidze Nana
Muzychuk Anna - Gunina Valentina
Koneru Humpy - Goryachkina Aleksandra
Lagno Kateryna - Cramling Pia
Kosteniuk Alexandra - Paehtz Elisabeth
Zhao Xue - Harika Dronavalli

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