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   AuN1 has kibitzed 2375 times to chessgames   [less...]
   Jan-29-19 Vladimir Kramnik (replies)
AuN1: How sad. One of my very favourite players in the history of the game; beautiful chess and colourful personality. Always enjoyed following his career, and his interviews/analyses were among the best. I will miss seeing him in action, however the chess world has benefited so much from ...
   Jul-13-18 Dortmund Sparkassen (2018) (replies)
AuN1: <Sorry, my Polish friend. The neo-liberal globalist elites are not going to leave you Poles or the brave Hungarian people alone, they will continue to exploit you and demand that you get onboard with their sinister agenda of mass immigration of "refugees" to Europe, and sustained ...
   Jun-16-18 Kramnik vs Shirov, 1994 (replies)
AuN1: < FSR: <raju17> I think 31.Rh3 is met by 31...Rg6! (threatening 32...Qxh3 33.Bxh3 Nh2#), and if 32.Rxh2, then 32...Nxh2+ 33.Kg1 Nf3+ followed by 34...Nxd2 and wins.> I wondered the same thing, and the response to 31...Rg6 is 32.Rg3; kramnik should have then opted to ...
   Apr-16-18 GRENKE Chess Classic (2018) (replies)
AuN1: When are we going to get a thread forum for shamkir? Doesn't it start in a couple of days?
   Apr-16-18 Minic vs A Planinc, 1975 (replies)
AuN1: False, <dovif> and <danielbryant>; e5 is not defended (no pawn on d6 or knight on c6). White can respond to 9...c5 with a check on e5, followed by c3. 9.Qxd4 is just sub-par because white is already behind in development and it would only get worse with that continuation.
   Mar-29-18 World Championship Candidates (2018) (replies)
AuN1: < keypusher: <jphamlore> <For those who think Carlsen plays no opening innovations> Nobody thinks that. <He left Kramnik's favorite line in the exchange Queen's Gambit Declined in a smoking ruin....But probably wanting to knock Kramnik out of the ratings race for ...
   Jan-28-18 Tata Steel Masters (2018) (replies)
AuN1: It's a shame they're finding it necessary to do these tie-breakers; giri is the deserved champion, having vanquished mamedyarov and kramnik, the next two highest finishers behind carlsen and himself.
   Sep-13-17 World Cup (2017) (replies)
AuN1: <Marmot PFL: <tamar> Might have been this one Kramnik vs Ponomariov, 2009> Aronian vs Kramnik, 2010
   Aug-15-17 St. Louis Rapid & Blitz (Rapid) (2017) (replies)
AuN1: What's up with the broadcast? Can't seem to find a working one anywhere.
   Jul-23-17 Kramnik vs M Bluebaum, 2017 (replies)
AuN1: Wow. Incredible game. Shades of Karpov-topalov 1994 linares.
   Nov-14-16 Carlsen vs Karjakin, 2016 (replies)
   Sep-10-16 Baku Olympiad (2016) (replies)
   Jun-09-16 Magnus Carlsen (replies)
   Mar-08-16 World Championship Candidates (2016) (replies)
   Jan-25-16 Tata Steel Masters (2016) (replies)
   Nov-12-15 European Team Championship (2015) (replies)
   Oct-26-15 Bilbao Masters (2015) (replies)
   Oct-16-15 World Blitz Championship (2015) (replies)
   Sep-28-15 World Cup (2015) (replies)
   Jun-25-15 Norway Chess (2015) (replies)
   Feb-25-15 FIDE Grand Prix Tbilisi (2015) (replies)
   Feb-11-15 Zurich Chess Challenge (2015) (replies)
   Feb-05-15 Tradewise Gibraltar (2015) (replies)
   Jan-25-15 Tata Steel Masters (2015) (replies)
   Dec-11-14 London Chess Classic (2014) (replies)
   Oct-23-14 FIDE Grand Prix Tashkent (2014) (replies)
   Oct-21-14 Radjabov vs Karjakin, 2014 (replies)
   Oct-21-14 Nakamura vs Jobava, 2014 (replies)
   Oct-20-14 Carlsen - Anand World Championship Match (2014) (replies)
   Aug-10-14 Tromso Olympiad (2014) (replies)
   Jul-12-14 Naiditsch vs Adams, 2014 (replies)
   Jun-13-14 Caruana vs Karjakin, 2014 (replies)
   Jun-13-14 Norway Chess (2014) (replies)
   Apr-27-14 Gashimov Memorial (2014) (replies)
   Apr-01-14 World Championship Candidates (2014) (replies)
   Mar-27-14 Magnus Carlsen (replies)
   Mar-13-14 D Andreikin vs Kramnik, 2014 (replies)
   Feb-02-14 Zurich Chess Challenge (2014) (replies)
   Jan-29-14 Zurich Chess Challenge (Blitz) (2014) (replies)
   Jan-26-14 Tata Steel Masters (2014) (replies)
   Jan-24-14 Aronian vs Karjakin, 2014 (replies)
   Jan-17-14 Tata Steel Challengers (2014) (replies)
   Jan-16-14 Aronian vs Nakamura, 2014 (replies)
   Jan-13-14 Caruana vs Karjakin, 2014 (replies)
   Jan-12-14 A Giri vs Naiditsch, 2014 (replies)
   Jan-08-14 The Caissars chessforum (replies)
   Dec-25-13 Groningen Chess Festival (2013) (replies)
   Nov-28-13 FIDE World Team Championship (2013) (replies)
   Nov-21-13 Anand - Carlsen World Championship Match (2013) (replies)
   Nov-10-13 European Team Championship (2013) (replies)
   Nov-09-13 Carlsen vs Anand, 2013 (replies)
   Oct-14-13 Russian Championship Superfinal (2013) (replies)
   Oct-03-13 FIDE Grand Prix Paris (2013) (replies)
   Aug-27-13 World Cup (2013) (replies)
   Jun-15-13 Tal Memorial (2013) (replies)
   May-09-13 Norway Chess (2013) (replies)
   Apr-30-13 Alekhine Memorial (2013) (replies)
   Apr-30-13 FIDE Grand Prix Zug (2013) (replies)
   Apr-01-13 World Championship Candidates (2013) (replies)
   Mar-31-13 Radjabov vs Carlsen, 2013 (replies)
   Mar-01-13 Zurich Chess Challenge (2013) (replies)
   Feb-28-13 Kramnik vs Caruana, 2013 (replies)
   Feb-27-13 Anand vs Caruana, 2013 (replies)
   Feb-27-13 Reykjavik Open (2013) (replies)
   Feb-25-13 Caruana vs Kramnik, 2013 (replies)
   Feb-04-13 Moscow Open (2013) (replies)
   Jan-27-13 Tata Steel Group A (2013) (replies)
   Jan-27-13 Tata Steel Group C (2013) (replies)
   Dec-18-12 SportAccord World Mind Games (Men's Rapid) (2012) (replies)
   Dec-14-12 Radjabov vs Ding Liren, 2012
   Dec-11-12 London Chess Classic (2012) (replies)
   Dec-09-12 Anand vs Nakamura, 2012 (replies)
   Dec-09-12 Kramnik vs G Jones, 2012 (replies)
   Dec-08-12 Adams vs McShane, 2012 (replies)
   Dec-03-12 FIDE Grand Prix Tashkent (2012) (replies)
   Nov-29-12 L Dominguez vs Caruana, 2012 (replies)
   Nov-29-12 Karjakin vs Morozevich, 2012 (replies)
   Nov-07-12 Kings' Tournament (2012) (replies)
   Oct-13-12 Aronian vs Carlsen, 2012 (replies)
   Oct-13-12 Karjakin vs F Vallejo Pons, 2012 (replies)
   Oct-13-12 Grand Slam Chess Final (2012) (replies)
   Oct-12-12 Caruana vs Aronian, 2012 (replies)
   Oct-05-12 FIDE Grand Prix London (2012) (replies)
   Sep-29-12 Aronian vs Caruana, 2012 (replies)
   Sep-28-12 Caruana vs F Vallejo Pons, 2012 (replies)
   Sep-26-12 Caruana vs Anand, 2012 (replies)
   Sep-25-12 Aronian vs Karjakin, 2012 (replies)
   Sep-09-12 Istanbul Olympiad (2012) (replies)
   Sep-04-12 Viswanathan Anand (replies)
   Sep-03-12 Teimour Radjabov (replies)
   Aug-12-12 Russian Championship Superfinal (2012) (replies)
   Aug-05-12 S Sjugirov vs Carlsen, 2010 (replies)
   Jul-30-12 Biel Chess Festival (2012) (replies)
   Jul-21-12 Dortmund Sparkassen (2012) (replies)
   Jul-12-12 Karjakin vs Kramnik, 2012 (replies)
   Jul-10-12 Sergey Karjakin (replies)
   Jul-10-12 World Blitz Championship (2012) (replies)
   Jul-08-12 World Rapid Championship (2012) (replies)
   Jun-19-12 Tal Memorial (2012) (replies)
   Jun-18-12 Aronian vs Caruana, 2012 (replies)
   Jun-17-12 Carlsen vs Tomashevsky, 2012 (replies)
   Jun-16-12 McShane vs Kramnik, 2012 (replies)
   Jun-03-12 Anand - Gelfand World Championship Match (2012) (replies)
   Apr-24-12 Kramnik - Aronian (2012) (replies)
   Apr-15-12 Russian Team Championship (2012) (replies)
   Mar-31-12 13th European Individual Championship (2012) (replies)
   Feb-02-12 Kenneth Rogoff (replies)
   Jan-29-12 Tata Steel Group A (2012) (replies)
   Jan-22-12 Tata Steel Group B (2012) (replies)
   Jan-20-12 Anish Giri (replies)
   Jan-18-12 Hikaru Nakamura (replies)
   Jan-15-12 Topalov vs Van Wely, 2012 (replies)
   Jan-15-12 Aronian vs Nakamura, 2012 (replies)
   Jan-15-12 Kinghunt chessforum (replies)
   Jan-14-12 Karjakin vs Aronian, 2012 (replies)
   Jan-10-12 Veselin Topalov (replies)
   Jan-08-12 Illya Nyzhnyk (replies)
   Jan-08-12 Nakamura vs A Giri, 2012 (replies)
   Jan-07-12 Kramnik vs Karjakin, 2011
   Jan-06-12 Reggio Emilia (2011) (replies)
   Jan-05-12 Kibitzer's Café (replies)
   Dec-23-11 Vladimir Kramnik (replies)
   Dec-12-11 London Chess Classic (2011) (replies)
   Dec-11-11 Kramnik vs Aronian, 2011 (replies)
   Dec-11-11 McShane vs Kramnik, 2011 (replies)
   Nov-24-11 Tal Memorial (2011) (replies)
   Nov-11-11 European Team Championship (2011) (replies)
   Oct-22-11 15th Unive (Crown Group) (2011) (replies)
   Oct-15-11 Governor's Cup (2011) (replies)
   Oct-08-11 Grand Slam Chess Final (2011) (replies)
   Sep-03-11 Carlsen vs Kramnik, 2011 (replies)
   Aug-14-11 Russian Championship Superfinal (2011) (replies)
   Aug-05-11 World Junior Championship (2011) (replies)
   Jul-31-11 Kramnik vs Nakamura, 2011 (replies)
   Jul-31-11 Dortmund Sparkassen (2011) (replies)
   Jul-26-11 Carlsen vs Nakamura, 2010 (replies)
   Jul-23-11 Biel Chess Festival (2011) (replies)
   Jul-19-11 World Chess Team Championship (2011) (replies)
   Jun-28-11 S Ernst vs A Giri, 2011 (replies)
   Jun-20-11 Bazna King's Tournament (2011) (replies)
   Jun-10-11 YouRang chessforum (replies)
   May-19-11 World Championship Candidates (2011) (replies)
   Apr-23-11 Karpov vs Csom, 1977 (replies)
   Apr-23-11 Kamsky vs V Akobian, 2011 (replies)
   Apr-16-11 Garry Kasparov (replies)
   Apr-13-11 Shilov vs Kramnik, 1987 (replies)
   Mar-29-11 20th Amber Tournament (Rapid) (2011) (replies)
   Mar-27-11 12th European Individual Championship (2011) (replies)
   Mar-23-11 Levon Aronian (replies)
   Mar-21-11 20th Amber Tournament (Blindfold) (2011) (replies)
   Feb-18-11 Aeroflot Open (2011) (replies)
   Feb-02-11 Tata Steel Group A (2011) (replies)
   Jan-28-11 Kramnik vs Carlsen, 2011 (replies)
   Jan-22-11 Tata Steel Group B (2011) (replies)
   Dec-20-10 London Chess Classic (2010) (replies)
   Dec-17-10 Kramnik vs Carlsen, 2010 (replies)
   Dec-12-10 Bundesliga (2010/11) (replies)
   Dec-11-10 Ian Nepomniachtchi (replies)
   Dec-11-10 Short vs Anand, 2010 (replies)
   Dec-07-10 Aronian vs Kramnik, 2009
   Nov-28-10 V Gashimov vs Grischuk, 2010 (replies)
   Nov-18-10 World Blitz Championship (2010) (replies)
   Nov-14-10 Tal Memorial (2010) (replies)
   Nov-13-10 Karjakin vs Kramnik, 2010 (replies)
   Nov-05-10 Mamedyarov vs Nakamura, 2010 (replies)
   Nov-05-10 Aronian vs Kramnik, 2010 (replies)
   Oct-31-10 Cap d'Agde (2010) (replies)
   Oct-29-10 Nanjing Pearl Spring Tournament (2010) (replies)
   Oct-28-10 Topalov vs Kramnik, 2008 (replies)
   Oct-28-10 Kasparov vs Kramnik, 1996 (replies)
   Oct-24-10 Carlsen vs Topalov, 2010 (replies)
   Oct-24-10 Etienne Bacrot (replies)
   Oct-21-10 European Club Cup (2010) (replies)
   Oct-15-10 Grand Slam Chess Final (2010) (replies)
   Oct-14-10 Carlsen vs Shirov, 2010 (replies)
   Oct-11-10 V Vepkhvishvili vs D Magalashvili, 1966 (replies)
   Oct-09-10 Kramnik vs Carlsen, 2010 (replies)
   Oct-06-10 Jobava vs Carlsen, 2010 (replies)
   Oct-06-10 Khanty-Mansiysk Olympiad (2010) (replies)
   Oct-03-10 Svidler vs I Salgado Lopez, 2010 (replies)
   Sep-30-10 Shakhriyar Mamedyarov (replies)
   Sep-30-10 Vassily Ivanchuk (replies)
   Sep-29-10 Nakamura vs Wang Hao, 2010 (replies)
   Sep-23-10 B Wexler vs J Saadi, 1960 (replies)
   Sep-21-10 amadeus chessforum (replies)
   Sep-19-10 Shanghai Masters (2010)
   Sep-17-10 Leko - Gelfand Match (2010) (replies)
   Sep-03-10 Kramnik vs Shirov, 2010 (replies)
   Aug-30-10 Arctic Securities Chess Stars (2010) (replies)
   Aug-25-10 Karpov vs Larsen, 1982 (replies)
   Aug-24-10 Rising Stars - Experience (2010) (replies)
   Aug-15-10 Dortmund Sparkassen (2010) (replies)
   Aug-06-10 Kramnik vs Anand, 2008 (replies)
   Jul-28-10 Biel Chess Festival (2010) (replies)
   Jul-26-10 E Iturrizaga vs V Kulakov, 2008 (replies)
   Jul-21-10 Mamedyarov vs Naiditsch, 2010 (replies)
   Jul-19-10 Kramnik vs Naiditsch, 2010 (replies)
   Jul-19-10 Leko vs Le Quang Liem, 2010 (replies)
   Jul-18-10 Kramnik vs Leko, 2010 (replies)
   Jul-18-10 Alexander Morozevich (replies)
   Jul-18-10 Euwe vs Yanofsky, 1946 (replies)
   Jul-16-10 Ponomariov vs Kramnik, 2010 (replies)
   Jul-15-10 V Pupols vs J S Morgado, 1970 (replies)
   Jul-14-10 Dortmund Sparkassen (2009)
   Jun-27-10 King's Tournament (2010) (replies)
   Jun-19-10 Van Wely vs A Giri, 2010 (replies)
   Jun-11-10 Karpov Poikovsky (2010) (replies)
   Jun-09-10 ACP World Rapid Cup (2010)
   Jun-06-10 Leon Rapid (2010) (replies)
   Jun-06-10 Karjakin vs I Sokolov, 2010 (replies)
   Jun-06-10 Kosteniuk vs Y Dembo, 2005 (replies)
   May-17-10 FIDE Grand Prix (2010) (replies)
   May-09-10 Anand - Topalov World Championship Match (2010) (replies)
   May-04-10 Gavrikov vs Gelfand, 1995 (replies)
   Apr-03-10 Anand - Kramnik World Championship Match (2008) (replies)
   Mar-23-10 Amber Tournament (Rapid) (2010) (replies)
   Mar-21-10 Amber Tournament (Blindfold) (2010) (replies)
   Mar-20-10 Anand vs R Kempinski, 2010 (replies)
   Mar-16-10 Robert James Fischer (replies)
   Feb-18-10 Linares (2010) (replies)
   Jan-31-10 Corus Group A (2010) (replies)
   Jan-17-10 Carlsen vs J Smeets, 2010 (replies)
   Jan-11-10 World Team Championship (2010) (replies)
   Jan-07-10 C Lutz vs J Balcerak, 2000 (replies)
   Dec-24-09 Russian Championship Superfinal (2009) (replies)
   Dec-21-09 Fischer vs Spassky, 1992 (replies)
   Dec-21-09 London Chess Classic (2009)
   Dec-18-09 V Akobian vs Bareev, 2009
   Dec-17-09 Nakamura vs Kramnik, 2009 (replies)
   Dec-10-09 Ponomariov vs Gelfand, 2009 (replies)
   Dec-09-09 Spielmann vs B Hoenlinger, 1929 (replies)
   Nov-29-09 Jobava vs Grischuk, 2009 (replies)
   Nov-29-09 Areshchenko vs Jakovenko, 2009
   Nov-26-09 BNbank Blitz (2009) (replies)
   Nov-26-09 L Dominguez vs Caruana, 2009 (replies)
   Nov-26-09 Svidler vs T Nyback, 2009
   Nov-20-09 World Cup (2009) (replies)
   Nov-19-09 Tal Memorial (2009) (replies)
   Nov-16-09 Kramnik vs Aronian, 2009 (replies)
   Nov-14-09 World Blitz Championship (2009) (replies)
   Oct-30-09 J Klavins vs Tal, 1954 (replies)
   Oct-30-09 European Team Championship (2009) (replies)
   Oct-30-09 H Munoz Sotomayor vs H Salazar Jacob, 1990 (replies)
   Oct-29-09 Ruben Rodriguez vs Van der Wiel, 1982 (replies)
   Oct-25-09 Shabalov vs Bologan, 2005 (replies)
   Oct-25-09 Taimanov vs Polugaevsky, 1960 (replies)
   Oct-24-09 I Sokolov vs Aronian, 2006 (replies)
   Oct-04-09 Wang Yue vs Radjabov, 2009
   Sep-29-09 Pearl Spring Chess Tournament (2009) (replies)
   Sep-24-09 Kasparov vs Karpov, 1990 (replies)
   Sep-24-09 Kasparov vs Karpov, 2009 (replies)
   Aug-24-09 Topalov vs Kramnik, 2009 (replies)
   Jul-22-09 Karpov vs Ribli, 1986 (replies)
   Mar-26-09 Amber Tournament (Rapid) (2009) (replies)
   Mar-26-09 Aronian vs Topalov, 2009 (replies)
   Mar-26-09 Ivanchuk vs Karjakin, 2009 (replies)
   Mar-26-09 Leko vs Kramnik, 2009 (replies)
   Mar-26-09 Karjakin vs Ivanchuk, 2009 (replies)
   Mar-20-09 Anand vs Radjabov, 2009 (replies)
   Mar-19-09 Morozevich vs Karjakin, 2009 (replies)
   Mar-19-09 Radjabov vs Wang Yue, 2009 (replies)
   Mar-17-09 Morozevich vs Topalov, 2009 (replies)
   Mar-14-09 Anand vs Leko, 2009 (replies)
   Mar-14-09 Aronian vs Ivanchuk, 2009 (replies)
   Mar-14-09 Kramnik vs Morozevich, 2009 (replies)
   Mar-07-09 L Dominguez vs Ivanchuk, 2009 (replies)
   Mar-07-09 Carlsen vs Grischuk, 2009 (replies)
   Mar-02-09 Linares (2009) (replies)
   Mar-02-09 N Sakr vs Ali Atwi, 2001 (replies)
   Mar-01-09 L Dominguez vs Carlsen, 2009 (replies)
   Mar-01-09 Wang Yue vs Grischuk, 2009 (replies)
   Feb-28-09 Larsen vs Botvinnik, 1956 (replies)
   Feb-28-09 Grischuk vs L Dominguez, 2009 (replies)
   Feb-24-09 L Dominguez vs Radjabov, 2009 (replies)
   Feb-23-09 Topalov - Kamsky Candidates Final (2009) (replies)
   Feb-23-09 Morphy vs J L Preti, 1858 (replies)
   Feb-21-09 Ivanchuk vs Grischuk, 2009 (replies)
   Feb-21-09 Wang Yue vs Carlsen, 2009 (replies)
   Feb-21-09 Kamsky vs Topalov, 2009 (replies)
   Feb-18-09 Aeroflot Open (2009) (replies)
   Feb-18-09 Kamsky vs Topalov, 2009 (replies)
   Feb-15-09 Wojtkiewicz vs Skembris, 1990 (replies)
   Feb-02-09 Mate of the King (2009) (replies)
   Feb-02-09 E Ghaem Maghami vs Karpov, 2009 (replies)
   Feb-01-09 Corus Group A (2009) (replies)
   Feb-01-09 Adams vs Van Wely, 2009 (replies)
   Feb-01-09 L Dominguez vs Karjakin, 2009 (replies)
   Feb-01-09 Morozevich vs Ivanchuk, 2009 (replies)
   Feb-01-09 J Smeets vs Aronian, 2009 (replies)
   Feb-01-09 Caruana vs Short, 2009 (replies)
   Feb-01-09 Wang Yue vs Carlsen, 2009 (replies)
   Jan-31-09 Van Wely vs Kamsky, 2009 (replies)
   Jan-31-09 Morozevich vs Carlsen, 2009 (replies)
   Jan-28-09 Carlsen vs L Dominguez, 2009 (replies)
   Jan-27-09 Karjakin vs Movsesian, 2009 (replies)
   Jan-27-09 Adams vs Carlsen, 2009 (replies)
   Jan-27-09 Morozevich vs Radjabov, 2009 (replies)
   Jan-27-09 L Dominguez vs Stellwagen, 2009 (replies)
   Jan-24-09 Phony Benoni chessforum (replies)
   Jan-20-09 Botvinnik vs Capablanca, 1936 (replies)
   Jan-20-09 Paul Morphy (replies)
   Jan-20-09 Carlsen vs Aronian, 2009 (replies)
   Jan-19-09 Karjakin vs Wang Yue, 2009 (replies)
   Jan-19-09 Kamsky vs Morozevich, 2009 (replies)
   Jan-05-09 Botvinnik vs Fischer, 1962 (replies)
   Dec-25-08 Kasparov vs Kramnik, 2000 (replies)
   Dec-25-08 Stahlberg vs Capablanca, 1935 (replies)
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