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   GreenFacedPatzer has kibitzed 83 times to chessgames   [less...]
   Oct-14-11 Morozevich vs Eljanov, 2011 (replies)
GreenFacedPatzer: I'm surely being an idiot, but I don't understand Eljanov's last losing move at all. What would have been wrong with 40 ... Qxd6 ? That superficially seems to resolve black's immediate difficulties, while that knight trade made the situation impossible.
   Sep-27-11 Ivanchuk vs F Vallejo Pons, 2011 (replies)
GreenFacedPatzer: Ouch: unforced error at the end. Black was under a lot of pressure anyway, but hanging your queen like that... looks like something I would do.
   Aug-19-10 Nakamura vs Van Wely, 2010 (replies)
GreenFacedPatzer: Now, that's what happens to me when I take the poisoned pawn! It's shocking to see it happen to a GM --- they know all about poisoned-pawn variations and how to escape in one piece. Van Wely must be kicking himself.
   Mar-25-10 Grischuk vs Carlsen, 2010 (replies)
GreenFacedPatzer: D'oh! Magnus must have been studying my blindfold tactics!
   Mar-24-10 Ponomariov vs Carlsen, 2010 (replies)
GreenFacedPatzer: <If he just keeps his rook on the e file, isn't this a dead draw?> No, his mistake(s) must come earlier. By move 80, Carlsen's rook on the f file forever prevents Ponomariov's king from coming to his pawn's defense. Sooner or later, Carlsen's king and rook together ...
   Mar-18-10 Carlsen vs Karjakin, 2010 (replies)
GreenFacedPatzer: Carlsen wanders into trouble early, and Karjakin doesn't let him escape. Well played by Karjakin, particularly coming off that loss in the blindfold.
   Mar-18-10 Karjakin vs Carlsen, 2010 (replies)
GreenFacedPatzer: Beautiful throughout.
   Mar-15-10 Svidler vs Carlsen, 2010 (replies)
GreenFacedPatzer: One of you people with deep board sight or an engine: Where was this likely to go after move 25? I can see a nest of terrible black threats starting with the discovered check, but there's too much going on for me to unravel.
   Mar-12-10 Bird vs NN, 1869 (replies)
GreenFacedPatzer: It's nice to see Bird win one. He was quite a good player, really, but most of his famous games consist of him getting clobbered by the very best players of his era. NN, on the other hand, almost never has a good day, no matter who he plays.
   Feb-11-10 Carlsen vs Anand, 2009 (replies)
GreenFacedPatzer: Very slow response to <ParisAttack> comment in August: <We will have to wait for 32 piece Table Bases! If Moore's Law hold's up I calculate 24-28 years.> Nope, we will never have 32 piece tablebases. Let's figure out how many positions would be in such a ...
   Jan-30-10 Hikaru Nakamura (replies)
   Jan-27-10 Kramnik vs Ivanchuk, 2010 (replies)
   Jan-25-10 Corus Group A (2010) (replies)
   Jan-24-10 Karjakin vs Short, 2010 (replies)
   Jan-21-10 Shirov vs Caruana, 2010 (replies)
   Jan-21-10 Nakamura vs Carlsen, 2010 (replies)
   Jan-19-10 Anand vs Nakamura, 2010 (replies)
   Jan-18-10 Short vs Nakamura, 2010 (replies)
   Jan-18-10 Van Wely vs Carlsen, 2010 (replies)
   Jan-17-10 Magnus Carlsen (replies)
   Jan-07-10 Grischuk vs Nakamura, 2010 (replies)
   Jan-07-10 C Lutz vs J Balcerak, 2000 (replies)
   Dec-23-09 Miles vs M Nedobora, 1994 (replies)
   Dec-22-09 J Bethmann vs P Leisebein, 1990 (replies)
   Dec-18-09 R Gibbons vs G Thornton, 2003 (replies)
   Dec-18-09 Y Marrero Lopez vs A Perez Quinones, 2005 (replies)
   Dec-17-09 I Jelen vs Larsen, 1977 (replies)
   Dec-16-09 Santa Claus (replies)
   Dec-16-09 Van Wely vs A Aleksandrov, 2003 (replies)
   Dec-16-09 London Chess Classic (2009) (replies)
   Dec-14-09 Kramnik vs Short, 2009 (replies)
   Dec-13-09 Ni Hua vs Carlsen, 2009 (replies)
   Dec-11-09 Plaskett vs Watson, 1983 (replies)
   Dec-10-09 Uhlmann vs Larsen, 1971 (replies)
   Dec-10-09 McShane vs Kramnik, 2009 (replies)
   Dec-07-09 J Rott vs F Blatny, 2002 (replies)
   Dec-04-09 Furman vs Keres, 1948 (replies)
   Dec-03-09 B Blumenfeld vs NN, 1903 (replies)
   Dec-03-09 Kamsky vs Leko, 2008 (replies)
   Dec-02-09 Bird / Dobell vs Gunsberg / Locock, 1897 (replies)
   Nov-24-09 R Nezhmetdinov vs Y Kotkov, 1957 (replies)
   Nov-23-09 J Polgar vs Morozevich, 2009 (replies)
   Nov-23-09 Szabo vs Ivkov, 1964 (replies)
   Nov-22-09 Kotov vs Botvinnik, 1955 (replies)
   Nov-19-09 M Pavlovic vs G Cabrilo, 1991 (replies)
   Nov-18-09 Aronian vs Carlsen, 2009 (replies)
   Nov-13-09 Carlsen vs Ponomariov, 2009 (replies)
   Nov-10-09 Keene vs W Reichenbach, 1975 (replies)
   Nov-10-09 Anand vs Leko, 2009 (replies)
   Nov-06-09 Fischer vs J H Donner, 1966 (replies)
   Nov-05-09 Tal Memorial (2009) (replies)
   Jun-01-09 V Gashimov vs Kramnik, 2009 (replies)
   May-22-09 M Tauber vs P Bachmayr, 1991 (replies)
   May-21-09 Shirov vs Wang Yue, 2009 (replies)
   May-19-09 D Stets vs M Oleksienko, 2009 (replies)
   May-13-09 Averbakh vs Korchnoi, 1965 (replies)
   May-12-09 A Reggio vs Chigorin, 1901 (replies)
   May-08-09 F Handke vs H H Hernandez, 2003 (replies)
   Apr-30-09 D Calangi vs L Lumongdong, 2007
   Apr-29-09 A Misetane Burjan vs K Albert, 1992 (replies)
   Apr-28-09 J Dueball vs G Jacoby, 1976 (replies)
   Apr-24-09 Huebner vs Korchnoi, 1987 (replies)
   Apr-23-09 Schlechter vs Gunsberg, 1901 (replies)
   Apr-15-09 Chigorin vs Schlechter, 1905 (replies)
   Apr-06-09 Adams vs S Vanderwaeren, 1994 (replies)
   Apr-01-09 NN vs G Abrahams, 1929 (replies)
   Mar-27-09 T Fogarasi vs N Medvegy, 2003 (replies)
   Mar-26-09 Radjabov vs Carlsen, 2009 (replies)
   Mar-26-09 R Janssen vs I Sokolov, 2002 (replies)
   Mar-20-09 Tal vs E Nievergelt, 1959 (replies)
   Mar-16-09 H High vs Keene, 1964 (replies)
   Mar-06-09 Ivanchuk vs Aronian, 2009 (replies)
   Feb-13-09 Piket vs Gulko, 1990 (replies)
   Jan-15-09 Anand vs Morovic Fernandez, 1990 (replies)
   Jan-12-09 Niloofar Nayab vs C Carrero, 2008 (replies)
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