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Member since Aug-03-10 · Last seen Jan-24-22
Love the game of chess and hence I'm here, the players games that always bring a smile are the master pieces of Morphy, then Capablanca and Fischer. So many other players I enjoy Kasparov, Carlsen, Anand etc... Today I mostly cheer for Nakamura perhaps because he is one of the few top players I have watched play OTB, he also has a distinctive style. Add to this I'm rooting for other fellow compatriot Fabiano Caruana who appears to be the next best after Magnus.

Beyond and above chess I'm a bible believing Christian and love God's word. I'm very thankful for my 5 children and lovely wife too. I have at times lead an interesting life traveling around the world aboard the USS Missouri. Later getting a heavy fix of adrenaline repossesing cars and things of that sort. Full Member

   Jambow has kibitzed 3456 times to chessgames   [more...]
   Jan-21-22 Kenneth Rogoff (replies)
Jambow: <So why are they like this? I think it's because they've turned away from God. Blacks come from pagan countries and have pagan culture going way back. The ones that came here were exposed to Christianity and because of that, a significant number of American blacks adopted good, ...
   Jan-19-22 N Grandelius vs Rapport, 2022
Jambow: <offramp: This sort of mating position happens in 1000s of beginners' games...> Still it was finished by removing the defender with a plan B mating threat. 2700 chess no but good stuff for mortals and patzers like me. I just had virtually the same double mating attack as white ...
   Jan-19-22 V S Gujrathi vs Shankland, 2022
Jambow: Sam was very much equal until the end but it wasn't a massive blunder just an ill fated strategic concession that was methodically dismantled. A shame because Sam played very well holding the line, credit to Gujrathi.
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Word of God

Kibitzer's Corner
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May-04-14  optimal play: You’re probably right <Colonel>

In any case <OCF> is not going to acknowledge any of that "Romanist nonsense" ;)

So instead here's something from an Evangelical webpage...

<Does God love homosexuals? Of course! God loves all people.>

Case closed!

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: `Morning <optimal> !

Once Again:Thanks for reminding me about "Brother Sun and Sister Moon".I often sing or hum it on my daily walks...It is really uplifting.

With the best wishes for the rest of your day !

Australia is it ?
Then I should beg you : Good evening :)

May-04-14  morfishine: But the burning question is, and no pun intended for all you non-believers, does religion improve our chess? (Or vice versa, does chess improve our religion?)

Improve is the operative word here, so I tend to subscribe to Vince Lombardi's philosophy, that is its a sin if one does not try to improve one's self; or more pointedly its a profound sin if one does not refine or build on one's god given talents. Lombardi was a devout Catholic. He believed wholly in this principle and taught this in life and football


May-04-14  optimal play: <moronovich> By coincidence they just happened to show "Brother Sun Sister Moon" again on TV over Easter.

Of course I watched it again and enjoyed it just as much as ever.

St Francis certainly believed that God is Love.

Best wishes also to you.

I see from your profile that you're from Denmark.

Thanks for the Sydney Opera House and I hope Mary's enjoying being a Danish Princess :D

Premium Chessgames Member
  Colonel Mortimer: Evil happens when good people say nothing..

Thanks <moronovich> & <optimal play>

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Good evening <optinal play> ! ;)
Quite a coincidence,I may say.

<Thanks for the Sydney Opera House and I hope Mary's enjoying being a Danish Princess :D>

You are welcome and yes I guess she enjoyes it very much... Funny when I happen to say hello to her father just the day after the big wedding.There just around the corner he were.

Quite "strange" that you may perhaps soon hit your pillow while here it is just short after my brunch..

And thank you for "Crocodille Dundee"...We should go and see the good <Colonel> and have a cup of coffee or/and a walkaboutcreekbeer at "Wally´s" (?) looking at the sunset and perhaps a friendly game of chess !

Cheers to you.

May-06-14  optimal play: And thanks to you <Colonel> for your tireless work in "keeping the b*st*rds honest" over at the Rogoff page and other forums like this one! :D

<moronovich> <... Funny when I happen to say hello to her father just the day after the big wedding.There just around the corner he were ...> Really! Was he still wearing his kilt? :D

The good <Colonel> lives in New Zealand, but isn't it nice we can all connect from these different parts in the world thanks to the internet and :)

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: < Really! Was he still wearing his kilt? :D> I never had the courage to ask ;)

<The good <Colonel> lives in New Zealand, but isn't it nice we can all connect from these different parts in the world thanks to the internet and :)>

Yes,it is very nice :)

May-06-14  cormier:
May-07-14  Bobwhoosta: <Jambow>

Thank you for your gracious hospitality on your forum.

I have decided to repost the Scripture verses pertaining to the wrath of God on my forum. Anyone who claims to submit to Scripture but does not believe in the wrath of God may feel free to explain in my forum how they can possibly have those two contradictory viewpoints.

All are welcome actually...

Thanks again <Jambow> for allowing me to use your forum for so long.

May-07-14  SugarDom: Wrath of God? Biblical.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Jambow: <Bobwhoosta> A belated welcome sir. Only today just reactivated my forum by request.

I will no doubt venture back to Biblical apologetics, but for the near future I will turn my attention to my former exploits witha few ancedotes regarding my occupation as repoman.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Jambow: Where to begin??? Ok I will set the stage, after my active duty enlisment which included a two year tour abourd the USS Missouri I had a stint in the Navy reserves. I left active duty with a inguinal hernia on my left side. I got this while plaing football (grid iron) while physical trainiing. I suffered with it for two and a half years after the Navy physician dignosed my bulging hernia as a strain??? Zero med school and I knew he was a loon. During my discharge physical the doc said you have a hernia. He was bemused when I requested he take a picture of it. What for he says, I said I would like to send it to the Great Lakes physician he appearantly has never seen one. To give you an idea on the form when they asked who to contact in case of emergency I put 911... They said no we are looking for your next of kin or spouse. I replied I'm single and my dad is an auto mechanic, please call 911.

Ok now I'm back state side at Heinze VA near Chicago and awoken from surgery the day before Christmas... I was told if I could use the toilet they would release me. After my first step New Years celebration was sounding splendid, but I pushed on.

My active reserve duty was delayed two months post op. Friday night and I was due for my first drill the week following Saturday when the phone rings. (yeah they still rang then). This is so and so at the Navy Researve center on Lake street in Gary Indiana... you need to report tommorrow morning at 7AM? But but no a week from now is when I'm to report, and I was emphatic!

Premium Chessgames Member
  Jambow: So 7AM rolls around and my uniform is presentable if not 4.0 but my hair cut was clearly unsat. I meet in the office where I have my first encounter with chief ($%#@!) who immediatly says Bowman you need a hair cut. I explain my situation and clearly state I will get it cut as soon as the drill is over tonight. About an hour later as I pass by in the hallway Chief ($%#@!) Bowman you need a hair cut! Ok so being a clever person I see he has short term memmory issues. An hour later and again multiple times. Keep in mind we can't leave until drill is over. Now at the end of the day we have final Muster and passdown.

Chief ($%#@!) is of course giving it and after about ten minutes you can guess what happens in front of about 100 other reservists who have no clue who I am... Yep "Bowman you need a hair cut"!!! I politely raised my hand and chief says yes Bowman. Chief I tried to get my hair cut just like yours... He smiles and says you did. Yes sir I sat down in the chair and told them to make me look stupid but they wouldn't do it... The entire room was silent for what felt like eons and then the laughter broke out for perhaps a bit longer. Didn't know people could turn so red but day one and I'm a hit or infamous depending on who is yarning the tale. I say all this to say this is the day I met my future repo partner and freind still Sloan. Sorry if that is a bit much maybe not quite as dry as <AylerKupp>'s statistical analysis of the Anoplophora glabripennis gestational cycle... but verbose none the less...

Jun-10-18  Tiggler: <Jambow> 1967 sounds right: after that the cars would have wings, probably both front and rear. I don't think it is a lotus, however, mainly because of the light color.

My guess is this car:

Driver would be John Surtees, who often used no 14, which might be the number on the car in your logo

Premium Chessgames Member
  Jambow: Might be Surtees Honda the former MotoGP champion was the only one who won the premier classes on both two and four wheels. Yes certainly was before 1968 since there was no wings. Hard to get a color for me the Lotus was of course British racing green with yellow stripes.

I would really like Dan Gurney's Eagle as my logo. The only American to win an F-1 race in a car of his own making and the starting of the tradition of spraying champagne after winning Spa Francorchamps. He also passed this year...

Premium Chessgames Member
  Jambow: I don't think the car is white it is darker with a broad light colored stripe down the center, much like the Lotus. I had to blow it up about 400% to see it although the resolution is pretty low.
Jun-10-18  Tiggler: <Jambow>:<I would really like Dan Gurney's Eagle as my logo.>

I made you a 48x48 pixel .gif of Dan Gurney in his Eagle at Spa where he won the Belgian GP. You can use this for your logo if you like (of course I stole it from the original image, just as I did for my own logo).

How do I send it to you? email me at if you like, then delete this post so I don't have stalkers from getting after me.

Jun-10-18  Tiggler: Here is the image I started from. Of course it does not look this great as a 48x48 pixel gif.

Jun-12-18  AylerKupp: <jambow> Kudos to you! I was checking to see who might have addressed some posts to me so that I could respond to them (I think it would be rude not to) and I saw this reference to me. You’re right, not as dry as my statistical analysis of the Anoplophora Glabripennis gestational cycle and not quite verbose enough, but you are in the right track. However, unfortunately for me and fortunately for you, you have a ways to go to match my dryness and verbosity.

But how did you know about what an Anoplophora Glabripennis (a.k.a. Asian long-horned beetle) was? I certainly had to look it up. And, frankly, it’s gestational cycle seems more interesting that my statistical analyses. :-)

But this is one reason why I frequent this site. The things you learn by visiting <>!

<Tiggler> is right, the picture in your avatar could be a pre-1968 (when Honda retired from F1) Honda RA300. But it could be anyone of other cars since F1 cars in that period looked very similar, and the resolution of your avatar is so low that it’s hard to make out the details. And I don’t think it’s a Honda from that period since all Honda F1s at that time were painted all white, the Japanese F1 colors, and your picture shows a wide white or light-colored racing stripe along the center of the car and a darker color for the rest of the car. And other manufacturers like Lotus sold some of their 25s and 33s F1 cars to privateers who could and would paint their cars any color they wanted as long as they were not representing the car’s country of origin. And Team Lotus cars at that time typically had a yellow racing stripe with the rest of the car being British racing green, which was a relatively light shade of green which might be the color that the car in your avatar was painted; see for example And the car in your avatar did not even need to be a F1 car since F2 cars looked very similar although they were quite a bit smaller.

However, given your previous involvement with repossessing cars, perhaps a more fitting avatar could be a picture or cartoon of a tow truck pulling a car like or Just a thought.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Jambow: <But how did you know about what an Anoplophora Glabripennis (a.k.a. Asian long-horned beetle) was? I certainly had to look it up. And, frankly, it’s gestational cycle seems more interesting that my statistical analyses. :-)>

Lol glad you saw the humor in that and I grabbed a species at random I must confess. Well the converstaion of which I was only tangently involved in has covered a few pages and frankly I simply treated it as one conversation as I just reopened my forum for traffic.

I actually looked at the avatar and tried to figure out what it was, my initial thought was Jim Clark's Lotus 49 but the stripe might be to wide. I looked briefly at F2 cars from that era also. Ruled out the Surtees Honda because of coloring scheme. Tiggler hooked my up with GIF and I will probably upload it today.

Actually your statistical prowess is an asset I just like poking fun and yes you go on a bit occasionally, but so do I, maybe a bit less technical but often enough dry and verbose.

As far as my former profession I actually avoided tow trucks as much as possible. Saved me lots of money as they are expensive to operate and quite noisy too. I was more of a Repo ninja operating in the shadows of the night as often as possible. I will recount on tale later involving a tow truck that was pretty funny later. About half the cars were in Gary Indiana if you have ever heard of it. It had the distinction of being rated Murder capitol of the USA during that period. I had more testicular mass than cerebral volume in hindsight.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Jambow: So Sloan calls me up and says hey I just got a gig repossesing cars I have to grab a car in Hammond I'll be by in an hour to get you. I don't know anything about repossing cars, yeah that makes two of us. Get our first car by going to the door. The people swear they mailed the check yeah what ever either give us the keys or we tow it. Monday comes around boss says the check came in Saturday and the bank missed it. One of the few times someone was telling the truth. They got their car back and we made a couple of bucks. Pretty dull but you always remember your first.

Next car huge blue Cadilac... Go by the residence a few times never there, but he owns a carpet store in Hammond. We drive past no car and are now about 5 or 6 lights down the road I look in the passenger mirror and there she is right out front. Sloan turn around it just pulled up: No way you see a car in the rear view mirror that far away: Just turn around and go back already. A couple of lights away and yeah how did you see that? Pretty big car and my vision was tested 20/10 when I left the Navy, probably 20/7 or 5 but that was as far as they tested was down to 20/10 which was a simple read. So quickly we devise a plan that we will pull into the space ahead of the beast and Sloan gets out with a map in his hand and asks the driver directions while checking the VIN... If it is our car he will nod and I will get out then. So he nods I'm approaching and hear protesting: No no this is my bosses car he is inside the carpet store. Sure the whole family is in the car but ok I will go in the store while Sloan keeps the Cadilac there. I get a few steps across the sidewalk to the front door when I hear the tires squealing and see Sloan diving over the hood and doing a summersalt in the middle of Kennedy Avenue, and instantly back to his feet swearing away... I did what any good friend and partner would do I slid down with my back against the glass door holding my stomach laughing. Of course I let him know he was supposed to keep him from leaving. Heh heh heh... Shut up and get in the Nissan. The 500ci Cadilac was not going to be caught by a 95hp Nissan so after a brief chase even my eyes couldn't see the blue beast anymore. Back to the office. John the boss is kinda exited: hey this guy is filing a police report because you guys ran him off the road with your motorcycles.

John several problems with this first it is January and I'm not riding a motorcycle to Hammond, second we were in Sloan's Nissan which has less HP than a bike, and third if I'm in a Cadilac nobody on a motorcyle is running me off the road. Well he was so scared he turned the car in so we all get paid. We guess he probably ran some of the Invaders off the road. They were an old school club that operated in Hammond then, still nobody to mess with. I'm sure the wife and kids had an exiting day too and I would love to hear their rendidtion of that day.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Jambow: <AylerKupp> <Tiggler> or anyone else that might have accidently got lost here are there any fans of the classic movie Grand Prix...

I remember reading somewhere that while filming the movie they were doing a scene in which some former world champion driver (Brabham or Surtees perhaps) was supposed to pass James Garner driving theother car. Finally the director stops and has the former champion pull over, and scolds him you are supposed to pass him, pass him I can't catch him...

Garner I guess was naturally pretty fast.

Jun-15-18  Tiggler: Well, meah, why would one want to see a movie (I admit that one is better than most) when one can see the real thing?

As for Garner being too fast for Surtees or Brabham, excuse me if I chuckle.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Jambow: <Tiggler> Why not do both? Apparently you have or are rating Grand Prix by the reviews?

Right it was Jochen Rindt... Garner, on the other hand, took to the circuit as if he’d been racing his whole life.

<Parts of the filming required a sequence shot over three or four corners around an actual F1 circuit such as Brands Hatch. Then, when the cameras were out of the way, there was a sprint around the back half of the track to get back in position. Grand Prix employed a number of professional drivers, including Graham Hill, Jack Brabham, Jackie Stewart, and Jöchen Rindt. Garner so effectively diced it up with these greats in the free-for-all that they reportedly remarked that he could have competed in Formula 1 – and at one point, Rindt had to abashedly admit that he couldn’t keep up to Garner during a filmed chase scene.> From his bio and no offence I'm going to go with the people who were there.

I believe I heard it on the extras for the movie also, maybe it was director John Frankenheimer. Rindt was supposed to pass him and couldn't even catch him...

James Garner was a genuine fast driver, which you are either born with or you are not.

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