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Keith Dow
Member since May-20-09 · Last seen Nov-29-12
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   Keith Dow has kibitzed 345 times to chessgames   [less...]
   Jul-09-11 Alekhine vs Molina, 1926 (replies)
Keith Dow: Dear detritus, "First-time commenter, shaking the rust off, so someone check my work... Tried for a quick mate, but it doesn't seem to be there. Best I could come up with was:" 31. ........ g5 32. Rh8+ Kg7 33. Rdg8+ Kf6 34. Rxh6+ Ke5 Now checkmate in three. 35. Re8+ ...
   Jul-06-11 0 (replies)
Keith Dow: "My minister made the observation yesterday that a great way for the United States to celebrate its independence today would be to recognize its dependence on God." A way to celebrate its independence is to celebrate its dependence? In case you forgot the story of Noah's ark, God ...
   Jun-28-11 Uhlmann vs H Liebert, 1992
Keith Dow: Yes he did. 40 .... d5+ 41. Kxd5 Rd1+ 42. Kc3 Bd3 43. Rd4 Be2
   Apr-29-11 Huebner vs K Rogoff, 1972 (replies)
Keith Dow: Dear PinnedPiece, "I can't make any sense out of 12.h4?? Help!!" The reason is quite simple. The board they played on was on top of a counter. The h4 move was played with gusto such that the force went through the board and became a counter attack.
   Apr-17-11 Bologan vs I Rogers, 1995 (replies)
Keith Dow: I looked through the opening explorer and got the following impossible game. 1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 Nf6 5. Nc3 a6 And now for the fun. 6. Be3 Ng4 7. Bc1 Nf6 8. Be3 Ng4 9. Bc1 Nf6 10. Be3 Ng4 11. Bc1 Nf6 12. Be3 Ng4 13. Bc1 Nf6
   Apr-10-11 F Horak vs F Batik, 1923 (replies)
Keith Dow: It is checkmate in 12. 19. ........gxh6 20. Qf7+ Kg4 21. Qxd7+ Kg5 22. Qg7+ Kh5 23. Qf7+Kg5 24. Bd2+ Qe3 25. Bxe3+ Bf4 26. Bxf4+ Kg4 27. h3 Kh4 28. Qf6+ Kh5 29. Qxh3#
   Apr-06-11 H Odeev vs So, 2010 (replies)
Keith Dow: donehung: @ licuan I think Nxg2 KxN Nf5+ No 27.........Nxg2 28 Rxg2 27 ... Qh4 28. Qf2 Nxg2 29. Qxg2 Nh5 With numerous threats.
   Mar-16-11 Albert Einstein (replies)
Keith Dow: Dear shach matov, "For whatever its worth the <Christian fundamentalists> are in fact some of the biggest supporters of the state of Israel (as was Einstein). Apparently they're waiting for the Messiah." They are waiting for the Messiah and Israel to be destroyed in the ...
   Mar-13-11 Fischer vs Spassky, 1992 (replies)
Keith Dow: Dear hottyboy90, No perpetual check. 58 ... Ra7+ 59 Kg8
   Mar-07-11 M Geveke vs R Storm, 1983
Keith Dow: Dear Saruman, Close. 8.Qf7+ Kd6 9.Ne4+ Kc6 10.Qc4+ Kb6 11. Nb1c3 a7a5 12. Be3+ c5 13. Nxc5 Nc6 14. Nb5 Nd4 15. Na4+ Ka6 16. Nxd4+ b5 17. Qxb5 Ka7 18. Nc6#
   Feb-24-11 Tal vs E Gonzales, 1972
   Feb-22-11 S Barth Stanford vs Y Orlova, 2010 (replies)
   Feb-18-11 Vladimir Malakhov (replies)
   Feb-16-11 J W Knudsen vs J Wright, 2011 (replies)
   Feb-02-11 G Strutinskaia vs T Voronova, 2008
   Dec-26-10 Sagalchik vs A Kovalev, 1987 (replies)
   Nov-21-10 V Akhmadeev vs A Aleksandrov, 2008 (replies)
   Nov-06-10 S Vokarev vs S Azarov, 2008 (replies)
   Oct-31-10 D Yanjindulam vs T Tsereteli, 2010 (replies)
   Oct-11-10 Estrin vs Nunn, 1978 (replies)
   Sep-05-10 Antunes vs Flear, 1988 (replies)
   Jun-30-10 N Bojkovic vs Zhao Xue, 2008 (replies)
   May-27-10 D Rogozenco vs Onischuk, 1993
   Mar-26-10 P De Leon vs N Bucar, 2009 (replies)
   Feb-13-10 Einstein vs Oppenheimer, 1933 (replies)
   Jan-02-10 Spassky vs Sajtar, 1953 (replies)
   Jan-01-10 Fine vs Golombek, 1936 (replies)
   Dec-30-09 J Svenningsson vs J A Muhana, 1978
   Dec-26-09 A Huss vs Lobron, 1985 (replies)
   Dec-25-09 J Becerra Rivero vs H Spangenberg, 1994 (replies)
   Dec-25-09 Szen vs La Bourdonnais, 1836 (replies)
   Dec-18-09 Y Marrero Lopez vs A Perez Quinones, 2005 (replies)
   Dec-13-09 Nakamura vs McShane, 2009 (replies)
   Dec-07-09 A Stefanova vs I Sokolov, 2007 (replies)
   Oct-29-09 L Christiansen vs A Lagunow, 1991
   Oct-26-09 Carlsen vs T Hillarp Persson, 2006 (replies)
   Oct-17-09 So vs J P Gomez, 2009 (replies)
   Oct-15-09 Bronstein vs L Jap Tjoen San, 1997 (replies)
   Oct-15-09 E Berg vs Leko, 1995 (replies)
   Oct-12-09 Browne vs K Rogoff, 1974 (replies)
   Oct-11-09 Averbakh vs Fischer, 1958 (replies)
   Oct-09-09 Svidler vs Nakamura, 2009 (replies)
   Oct-08-09 Topalov vs Carlsen, 2009
   Oct-08-09 P Charbonneau vs P MacIntyre, 2009
   Sep-30-09 Deep Blue vs Kasparov, 1997 (replies)
   Sep-26-09 I Rogers vs T Tao, 2004 (replies)
   Sep-24-09 Razuvaev vs Ree, 1975 (replies)
   Aug-30-09 Shirov vs R Panjwani, 2009
   Aug-30-09 Y Gruenfeld vs Ljubojevic, 1979
   Aug-24-09 Gelfand vs Kamsky, 1996 (replies)
   Aug-24-09 James Tarjan (replies)
   Aug-18-09 E Alekseev vs Karpov, 2008
   Aug-12-09 D Good vs Pelletier, 2009 (replies)
   Aug-10-09 Euwe vs Botvinnik, 1936 (replies)
   Aug-09-09 Spassky vs Averbakh, 1955 (replies)
   Aug-09-09 D Eggleston vs A Khandelwal, 2009
   Aug-06-09 J Hawkins vs R Palliser, 2009 (replies)
   Aug-03-09 Naiditsch vs Nepomniachtchi, 2009 (replies)
   Jul-29-09 Vachier-Lagrave vs Harikrishna, 2008 (replies)
   Jul-26-09 de Firmian vs D Rensch, 2009
   Jul-26-09 Shirov vs Korchnoi, 2004 (replies)
   Jul-23-09 Alekhine vs A Romashkevich, 1906 (replies)
   Jul-21-09 Morozevich vs E Alekseev, 2009 (replies)
   Jul-17-09 M Weiss vs Chigorin, 1889 (replies)
   Jul-17-09 Velimirovic vs V Bukal Sr, 1971 (replies)
   Jul-15-09 Vachier-Lagrave vs Granda Zuniga, 2009 (replies)
   Jul-10-09 Grischuk vs Bareev, 2001 (replies)
   Jul-05-09 Jakovenko vs Leko, 2009 (replies)
   Jul-04-09 D Rensch vs J Bartholomew, 2008
   Jun-20-09 Quinteros vs Fischer, 1970 (replies)
   Jun-14-09 A Mein vs P Li Ying, 2008 (replies)
   May-28-09 B H Wood vs F Parr, 1950 (replies)
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