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M61MG Wrestler
Member since Jun-28-09 · Last seen Nov-05-14
A forum for wrestling with the truth about the 2008 publication, "My 61 Memorable Games."

The book's authorship is in dispute, but words on the cover say "Bobby Fischer"--and that's where the wrestling match begins. Kibitzes on this page originally were posted to the Mrs. Alekhine discussion forum, which has now been returned to its original purpose. All posts are welcome, and only normal kibitzing rules are in effect.

<♗///////Brief Kibitz History to Date\\\\\\♗>

Links to important debates/revelations (Please suggest improvements or corrections)

(Note: Links within CG.COM may not direct properly if you have users on ignore.)

♗10. Dec 2007 Book Announced for Sale
Posts from this time period on removed by Admins. Pls suggest other links. External refs:

<GothicInventor> 15Dec,2007 <Ed Trice> First mentions book:


♗15. GeaxCool's Auction Research
M61MG Wrestler chessforum

♗20. Jan22,2008 First Surviving Mention of MG61MG on CG.COM Robert James Fischer

♗30.Mar23,2008 <Edward Labate> cites Larry Evans Robert James Fischer

Evans 1st M61MG Article

Evans 2nd M61MG Article

♗40. Mar 26, 2008: <Ed Trice> proposes the real "Helgi"

♗50. User: hackmate Joins Chessgames

<Hackmate> introduces himself as a flight attendant Robert James Fischer

♗60. First reported ownership of book
Robert James Fischer

Pictures of book http://my61memorablegames.files.wor...

♗70. User <Joshka> receives his copy of book Robert James Fischer

♗80. Jan19,2009 <chancho> links <hackmate> to <Art Hamilton> Travis Bickle chessforum

♗90. <Hackmate> defends the Fischer as author Robert James Fischer

♗100. Jan 30-Feb2 2009 Big Discussion Days
Robert James Fischer

Noteworthy: <James Demery> challenge with <hackmate> reply Robert James Fischer

♗110. Actual Authorship Essays

Mar04,2009 <JonD'SouzaEva>on Chesstalk thread, proposes real author (Also see Labate's post in same thread)

Aug09,2009 <JusttoClarify> gives rough timeline M61MG Wrestler chessforum

♗120. First use of "M61MG"
M61MG Wrestler chessforum

♗130. Mar03,2009<IMlday> Quotes his column on M61MG Lawrence Day

♗140. <IMlday> Discusses book and authorship

Mar04,2009 Robert James Fischer

Mar13,2009 Robert James Fischer

May03,2009 M61MG Wrestler chessforum

Aug06,2009 M61MG Wrestler chessforum

<Lively discussions follow each post>

♗150. Mar04,2009 <Joshka> announces Crag's List sale Robert James Fischer

♗160. Mar18-Mar20 2009-: <Ed Trice> explains events to <Jim Bartle> Ed Trice

♗170. <Edward Labate> Sums up the Opposing POV M61MG Wrestler chessforum

♗180. Edward Labate's page Defensive Exposé

<///Similarity of Kibitzers <Ed Trice> and <hackmate>\\\>

♗210. "Post your name" challenge 1 Robert James Fischer = challenge 2 Lawrence Day

♗220. Accusation pattern: Ed Trice & Hackmate: "How does it Feel"

Robert James Fischer = M61MG Wrestler chessforum (copy used because <Ed Trice> forum is closed)


If you know of an important milestone, event, or kibitz on M61MG, please suggest it for inclusion in the links above. Good links will go up here (your post with the suggestion will be removed).

<♗/////OTHER SITES\\\\\♗>


Chess Ninja: (note posts by <hoaxingfool>)

Chess Notes (Edward Winter): Full Member

   M61MG Wrestler has kibitzed 26 times to chessgames   [more...]
   Nov-05-14 M61MG Wrestler chessforum (replies)
M61MG Wrestler: ==== <James Demery> The link has been updated to this one: Robert James Fischer As the owners of this website clean up the old trash, the links above get broken. You called on an investigation of the M61MG book's legitmacy, and Trice's puppet <hackmate> made up a
   Jun-16-14 Viktor Korchnoi (replies)
M61MG Wrestler: <petrosianic: a few words that Fischer didn't even say (see "My 61 Memorable Games Hoax"). > .
   Sep-27-12 Adams vs Gelfand, 2012 (replies)
M61MG Wrestler: Whereas Adams is seventh place....he needs to try harder. :)
   Feb-15-12 Robert James Fischer (replies)
M61MG Wrestler: <♗=== UGH ===♗> <Joshka: <rannewman> Those notes were collected and written over decades, and according to reports I've read, they measure some 22 inches high stacked on top of one another! The bootlegged book was printed in Iceland 2007. IM Larry ...
   Jun-23-11 jessicafischerqueen chessforum (replies)
M61MG Wrestler: New entry on my forum. ;-)
   Aug-12-09 chessforum (replies)
M61MG Wrestler: In my profile I am having difficulty getting certain lines to separate, without adding a blank line in between. How can I ensure that a line of text starts on a new line? Here is an example that DOES NOT SEPARATE with a carriage return: Evans 1st M61MG Article ...
   Jul-25-09 Kibitzer's Café (replies)
M61MG Wrestler: ♗/////NO ONE BANNED\\\\\ ♗ Reminder to all: If you want to discuss or investigate the book "My 61 Memorable Games", I invite you to visit my chessforum. Other sites on the internet may not allow the discussion from all users that takes place on my forum.
   Jul-25-09 Shirov vs R Panjwani, 2009 (replies)
M61MG Wrestler: ♗/////NO ONE BANNED\\\\\ ♗ If you want to discuss or investigate the book "My 61 Memorable Games", I invite your to visit my chessforum, on which no CG.COM user is banned from participating. Other sites on the internet may not allow the discussion that takes ...
   Jul-03-09 H Olafsson vs P Smirnov, 2008 (replies)
M61MG Wrestler: ♗////LINKS NEEDED\\\\♗ I'm looking for good links to headline the "Uncovering the Truth" page. See the short kibitz history on my forum. Improvements solicited, and most welcome.
   Jun-29-09 chancho chessforum (replies)
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Uncovering the Truth About M61MG

Kibitzer's Corner
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Premium Chessgames Member
  OhioChessFan: I went back to page 5 and read the excerpt. <riverbeast> comment on it is the end of the story:

<The crap in '61MG' is the typical prose (I've seen it hundreds of times before) of someone TRYING to sound smart...And failing miserably>

Premium Chessgames Member
  technical draw: <OCF> I agree with <riverbeast>. People trying to sound smart just obfuscate their prose.
Feb-20-12  JustToClarify: You know, I really wish Joshka and IMDay would just give up already. They are holding on to it longer than Trice has (Trice put the nail in the coffin of his involvement with the chess community when he took down the Gothic Chess web site a few weeks ago; while he still owns the domain, the page now points to a GoDaddy domain parking page)

Joshka, IMDay: You guys lost. My 61 Memorial Games was yet another Trice scam; Fischer had nothing to do with it. Stop kicking the dead horse already.

Holding on to this and starting a years-dead flame war again just makes you two look foolish.

May-22-12  PinnedPiece: Visual check for corrosion and dirty air.

No action needed.

Premium Chessgames Member
  M61MG Wrestler: ===

It would be interesting to know how many of the former wrestlers on this forum are now one of the 500+ "connections" of <Ed Trice> on his "linked in" account:

Highly unlikely that he has been back to

Anyone interested in a superfast CPU?


Apr-22-13  Gallicrow: Ed Trice is back and making new friends!
Premium Chessgames Member
  OhioChessFan: I've always said you can't trust that TD Bank:

Wire transfers can be sent to:

<TD Bank
657 Conchester Highway
Boothwyn, PA 19061

Apr-22-13  Jim Bartle: A company paid for a supercomputer which wasn't delivered on time, and he can't get a refund, right?

And it turns out the computer is not as powerful as advertised?

The highly-laudable piece in the Inquirer turned out to be an ad and not an article?

What am I missing?

Premium Chessgames Member
  technical draw: Important notice:

Technical Draw is not now nor has ever been associated with TD bank*.

*However if someone comes up with a cool Ponzi then I'm in.

Apr-23-13  JustToClarify: Ed Trice is now hated by the Bitcoin community:
Premium Chessgames Member
  OhioChessFan: User: Mercy
Apr-23-13  Jim Bartle: That is brutal.

I like this post:

"It is so sad that someone as great as Trice-a-roni has had such obsticles cast in his way. His university has no record of him graduating. The company he claims to work for is lost in the "Marvel" universe. He has been crushed by a car and divorced by a wife he never had. He lost Donald Trumps 15 million dollar debit card and then wonders why George Ross won't return his calls. He can't come up with the money for a retainer because he thinks folks should work for free. He travels to Iceland and gets sick when Fischer won't see him. Make two other trips back to Iceland( and meets Fischer but has no witinesses and then Fischer dies). His collaboration with Fischer on "my 61 memorable games" appears to have been ghost written with him by the imaginary Fischer he met with. The USCF has managed to screw up his rating, and only his, so badly that a 2277 rating claimed by Trice- a-roni can't peak above 1430 after five years of play!( The USCF program must have it in for him!) His Delorian stopped running after the professor took his flux capacitor and it spends it's life on blocks at his mommy's house"

Apr-23-13  Gallicrow: > JustToClarify: I wish I'd posted that... Wait a minute, I did!
Apr-23-13  Jim Bartle: Very nice, and you didn't even get into Gothic Chess and the multi-million dollar match with Karpov.
Premium Chessgames Member
  M61MG Wrestler: To my knowledge, "Edward Winter" has not yet to date been recognized, included, referenced or linked to in regard to the M61MG controversy.

Amazingly, last year he spent some time analyzing "My 61 Memorable Games" in "a serene, objective approach" and in his review he states about his commentary, "Additions will be made from time to time. The intention is to build up a solid factual basis for assessing the book’s authenticity. "

So, just to keep things tabulated here:

Read it for yourself.

Aug-08-13  PinnedPiece: Edward Winter must be getting low on topics.

He has to resort in the end to the same source(s) we have seen in this forum, to debunk the book.


Aug-27-13  JustToClarify: I think the reason the regulars haven't replied to Winter is because Gothic Chess and My 61 Memorable Games are both, well, history.

They may be of some interest to historians like Edward Winter, but Trice has thankfully stopped trying to sell his pathetic Gothic Chess or forged book for years now (he finally shut down completely in early 2012), and is now selling imaginary computers.

Someone really should tell Winter about what kind of person Trice is.

Dec-24-13  PinnedPiece: The scamming continues:

Trice's still-active Bitcoin production machines:


A recent post by Trice to the bitcoin community, quoted here:

Awarded "Best of 2013"

by "Wilmington" and wanted by several police departments besides.


Mar-09-14  JustToClarify: While Trice is wisely leaving the Wikipedia alone, it looks like a new Wikipedia user is spamming pointers to Edward Winter's web page (I suspect this spammer is Edward Winter himself). This included adding some nonsense to implying this book may be genuine.

I have cleaned up this mess by restoring the content Winter deleted, hunting down a newspaper article from Iceland saying the book is a hoax, and using that source to discredit the book.

Premium Chessgames Member
  M61MG Wrestler: ====

Very Odd that Edward Winter desires to become the goto authority on M61MG.

Putting a pointer to Edward Winter's "Chess Notes" in Wikipedia probably is not even as useful as putting a pointer to this forum!!!


Premium Chessgames Member
  James Demery: Between 100 and 110 above there is a reference to James Demery and a challenge to hackmate. What does this mean?
Aug-14-14  JustToClarify: Ed's Liquid Nitrogen Overclocking venture, like his previous Gothic Chess venture, is down: http://liquidnitrogenoverclocking.c... now says "Not Found

The requested URL / was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request."

Premium Chessgames Member
  M61MG Wrestler: ====

<James Demery> The link has been updated to this one:

Robert James Fischer

As the owners of this website clean up the old trash, the links above get broken. You called on an investigation of the M61MG book's legitmacy, and Trice's puppet <hackmate> made up a bunch of lies in reply.


Nov-24-15  Justin Flint: <TheFocus:

From Edward Winter's CHESS NOTES. I think this can put to rest the whole <M61MG>'s mystery: 9600. My 61 Memorable Games

At our request, Ađalsteinn Thorarensen (Reykjavik) has kindly provided an English translation of a paragraph about My 61 Memorable Games on pages 168-169 of the new book mentioned in C.N. 9568, Yfir farinn veg međ Bobby Fischer by Garđar Sverrisson (Reykjavik, 2015):

‘Some time after he came home [from hospital] we became aware of a new book in circulation, My 61 Memorable Games, which was claimed to be by Bobby. The book supposedly contained the 60 games that he had selected and annotated in his book My 60 Memorable Games with the addition of one game from his match against Spassky in 1992. Every time he had discussed the possibility of re-issuing this book [My 60 Memorable Games] he had been opposed to my idea of publishing it with revised annotations by himself and others, which I was convinced would make the book even more valuable. To Bobby, it was more important that the original sources should be preserved in their original form. To meddle with the text of an already published book was so ridiculous to him that I doubt whether he would have agreed to correct even obvious spelling mistakes, if found. My 60 Memorable Games was no less dear to him than many of his victories in chess. He was therefore very sad when I brought him the news of that counterfeit publication, which, we discovered later, had been illustrated with the Icelandic flag and photographs taken for private use by Icelanders with whom he was no longer associated.’>

Nov-24-15  Jim Bartle: Fantastic! That should convince everyone it's a fake.

Well, almost everyone.

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