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Nikita Smirnov
Member since Feb-04-06 · Last seen Sep-10-09
I live in Sweden and I was born in 1995.My name is Nikita Smirnov and I was born in St. Petersburg,Russia.My current rating is 1667.But do not think that I am weak for my rating I recently got my rating (three years ago) my openings are The Queens Gambit,Nimzo-Indian,Sicilian Najdorf,Dutch Stonewall,Jeanish Gambit (1.c4 b5),Aljechin's Defence,Goring Gambit,Semi-Slav,Sicilian Dragon,Ruy Lopez,Latvian Gambit,Benoni defence,French,Evans Gambit,Sicilian Grand-Prix Attack,Sicilian Sveshnnikov,Chigorin Defense,Sicilian Dragon,Classic Sicilian and Nordic Gambit.My list of favourite players is here:

Mikhail Tal
Leonid Stein
Alexei Shirov
Alexander Morozevich
Rashid Nezhmetdinov
Alexandr Alekhine
Robert James Fischer

I like to sacarifice pieces in beautiful positions and i am really inspired by Mikhail Tal.

I love chess and I play chess 5 days every week (sometimes 6 when I have a Tournament).I have played many good games.Sad that many not are down written!This is the books that I am reading:

1."The Queens Gambit Accpeted" by Semko Semkov and Konstantin Sakaev. 2.Informator nr. 54 from 1992
3."Schnellkurs in Sizilianisch Najdorf Variante" (German language) by Norbert Heymann 4."New in chess yearbook nr. 21 1991"
5."Caro-Kann*Moderne Verteidigung (1.e4 g6)" (German language) by Norbert Heymann

6."The life and games of Mikhail Tal" by Mikhail Tal 7."Leonid Stein:Master of risk strategy" by Eduard Gufeld,Efim Lazarev

8."On the Endgame" by Cecil John Purdy
9."Combination Motifs" by Maxim Blokh
10."Experts vs. The Sicilian" by John Shaw and Jacob Aagard (Editors) 11."Modern Benoni" by Andrew Kinsmann
12."The Latvian Gambit" by Tony Kosten

I am also studying very good and I have some titles: fifth place in 96-92 tournament 2006,second place in my club tournament 2005,first place in my grade championships 2005,third place in B-final in Junior Grand Prix,Seventh place in my District Championships,Second place in 97-91 tournament 2006 and 12:th place in Sweden.Playing in group 1B in my club.I took third place in Minior (the youngest group)-SM (Swedish Championships) 2007.Some games:

Nikita Smirnov-Zdislaw Chobot
Result:1-0 Eco:A50 Tournament:Rilton 1600 Round:2 Rating White:1122 Rating Black:1420
1.c4 Nf6 2.Nc3 e6 3.d4 b6?! 4.f3?! Bb7? 5.e4 Bb4 6.a3 Bxc3 7.bxc3 d6? 8.Bd3 0-0 9.Ne2 Nh5 10.0-0 f5 11.Qc2 Qf6 12.exf5 exf5 13.Nf4 Nxf4 14.Bxf4 Nd7 15.Rfe1 c5 16.d5! g6 17.Re6 Qf7 18.Bxd6 Rfe8 19.Rae1 Nf6 20.Re7 Rxe7 21.Rxe7 Qf8 22.Bxf5! Re8 [22...ef5 23.Qxf5 Qh6 24.Bf4 Bc8 25.Qxc8 Rxc8 26.Bxh6 +- (Fritz 10)] 23.Be6! Kh8 24.Rxh7! Kxh7 25.Bxf8 Rxf8 26.Qa4 Ra8 27.d6 a6 28.d7 Rd8 29.Qd1 Bc6 30.Qd6! 1-0

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   Aug-23-09 Alekhine vs J A J Drewitt, 1923 (replies)
Nikita Smirnov: A typical double bishop sacrafice. Also called a Lasker (because he was first to make such a double bishop sacrafice). Great game. That is how chess shall be with many tactics.
   May-25-09 Tartakower vs Reti, 1925 (replies)
Nikita Smirnov: the famous triangle manouvre!
   May-14-09 yoozum chessforum (replies)
Nikita Smirnov: <ray keene> yes he was headmaster. But he sold the school to Harry Schüssler due to economic problems. And afterwards Karlsson went to Spain and now resides there with his wife. I am not sure now beacuse I left the school. It was just too far from my house, so I got ...
   Mar-26-09 R Janssen vs I Sokolov, 2002 (replies)
Nikita Smirnov: <<Nikita Smirnov: I think that 23... Bf3 would also work well.> Nice try, but I think the answer would be: 23...Bf3 24. Bxf3 Rd2 (Rxd1 Qxd1) 25. Be2 Black's mate threats have evaporated and he has lost a bishop for nothing, I am afraid.> Thx, I didn't ...
   Jan-01-09 D Volpinari vs M Alice, 2008 (replies)
Nikita Smirnov: Alice In Chains :D
   Dec-31-08 I Hatem (replies)
Nikita Smirnov: I Hate 'Em
   Dec-31-08 Kibitzer's Café (replies)
Nikita Smirnov: Happy 2009 to russia now! Soon in Sweden too...
   Dec-30-08 Pachman vs Eckert, 1940 (replies)
Nikita Smirnov: The Immortal Game Beta Version XD
   Dec-26-08 Vaganian vs A Planinc, 1975 (replies)
Nikita Smirnov: Qc7!!! Brilliant move.
   Dec-21-08 Ali Güvenç Gungor (replies)
Nikita Smirnov: It would have been fun if he won a game. Then we could have the pun "Ali G in Da House"
   Nov-15-08 W Addison vs D Byrne, 1963 (replies)
   Oct-03-08 Edinburgh CC vs London, 1825 (replies)
   Jul-31-08 The World vs G Timmerman, 2007 (replies)
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   Jun-23-08 Dubois vs Count Kushelev-Bezborodko, 1858 (replies)
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   Jun-21-08 F Vallejo Pons vs Leko, 2006 (replies)
   Jun-21-08 Karen Asrian Memorial (2008)
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   Jun-18-08 Keres vs E E Book, 1952 (replies)
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   Jun-14-08 F Slous vs W Bone, 1835 (replies)
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   Feb-15-06 Bacrot vs L Karlsson, 2005
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