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   Jul-25-22 Daniel Freeman (replies)
Sargon: One more photo, taken on my birthday in 2000: Red baseball cap: unknown friend of Albert's. L to r: Albert Artidiello, my Mom, my wife Rose, Brad Hartley, my stepson Ron, and Daniel. I guess that's all for now. Everyone be safe. Best ...
   Mar-03-21 Loop vs Deep Gandalf, 2006 (replies)
Sargon: <goodevans: Outstanding pun. [...] I struggled with 'The Return of the King' though which seemed like one epic battle after another and I never finished it. It's staring at me right now from my bookcase opposite where I'm sat (right next to my Douglas Adams collection) so one ...
   Feb-24-21 Alekhine vs Capablanca, 1938 (replies)
Sargon: <keypusher: [...] <OhioChessFan: Alas, I thought they might actually run with [my pun] .> They honored it in spirit!> OCF had suggested <"A Great Game That Doesn't Lend Itself to a Good Pun">. Notwithstanding that assertion, when reviewing the game before ...
   Jan-01-21 chessforum (replies)
Sargon: Dear <MissScarlett> et al: I've updated <all> the zip files through 12/31/2020. Please let us know if anyone notices any issues, and we'll clear them up ASAP. Additionally, the Airthings Masters (2020) tournament should now be fully up to date. Apologies for the initial ...
   Nov-26-20 Skilling Open (2020) (replies)
Sargon: This tournament page now contains both the preliminary AND knockout games—at least for the time being.
   Nov-12-20 Chessgames Bookie chessforum (replies)
Sargon: <jingohanson: I wish I knew how to end the leg, how to have a payday, how to increase limits. Annie K. left Chessgames. She recommended I contact Sargon for assistance. [...] I don't know what to do. [...] > Greetings, <jingohanson>. First of all, please accept my apology
   Oct-03-20 K Georgiev vs Topalov, 1992 (replies)
Sargon: <Predrag3141: The game URLs (...?gid=...) work so poorly for me now that i could not click through to see the game (on Edge or Chrome). [...] > Is this true for other browsers as well? Please send an email with as much info as possible, including any relevant screen snaps.
   Apr-21-20 Spassky vs J Sunye Neto, 1986 (replies)
Sargon: <goodevans: <piltdown>, <al wazir> - You'll find plenty more comments venting frustration at these changes on today's puzzle page. Hopefully they'll get reversed out soon.> Please pardon the dust and quirks, everyone. These issues are temporary, and are being ...
   Apr-14-20 Kibitzer's Café (replies)
Sargon: The Caissars haven't <quite> arrived yet. Still doing to prep. They'll be up soon.
   Dec-25-19 Topalov vs Karpov, 2000 (replies)
Sargon: 74...Ka1 75. Nec1 Kb1 76. Kb4 Ka1 77. Ka3 Kb1 78. Na2 Ka1 79. Ndc1 Kb1 80. Nc3+ Ka1 81. Nb3#
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Premium Chessgames Member
  FSR: has used 142 of my puns, so I like to think that I'm pretty good in that area. Game Collection: Puns I submitted I have reason to believe that my greatest pun ever (maybe anyone's greatest pun ever) will be unveiled tonight.
Jan-04-20  Nisjesram: <walter007
Member since Dec-29-19 · Last seen Jan-03-20
Formerly <John Barleycorn>. It is only guest performance. In about a month or so CG owner&mgmt will have figured it out as well and apply draconic measures and suspend me again know, I am a sarcastic SOB.Some like it, many don't and I don't care., I promise, my new years resolution will be not to post here anymore.>

Success rate of new year resolutions has been bad , historically.


Jan-04-20  walter007: Come on <nizzle>, why do you respond to something you have NOT understood at all.

Ah yes, that's your style. Not knowing anything but babbling about everything all the time. like a 3 year old. try meditation. no offense :-) cheers :-)

Jan-05-20  Nisjesram: <walter007: Come on <nizzle>, why do you respond to something you have NOT understood at all. Ah yes, that's your style. Not knowing anything but babbling about everything all the time. like a 3 year old. try meditation. no offense :-) cheers :-)>

See , you throw insults for no reason - in other words you are an abusive troll.

However , when you become a racist abusive troll then you cross line.

You and <big pawn> threw racist insults all the time along the lines of - "1)all Indians are cow worshippers " . I told you that is false . Many Indians eat beef. Even those who are vegetarians, educated people among then mostly don't worship cows. But you guys don't care for truth - you care for abusive racist trolling.

"2)all Indians worship cow because they are stupid. <nisjesram> is Indian. Conclusion is that <nisjesram> is stupid "

You came back with a sock puppet and continued with your racist insults .


<walter007: <Nisjesram: ... <big pawn> used to dominate this forum - he was king of this forum but then he got too ambitious/benevolent. ...> Nah, he got replaced by <Nizzle>, the cow whisperer of Radio India.>

Your other abusive trolling (including perverting my name ) is bad. But when you insist on being racist too then you cross line.


Jan-05-20  Nisjesram: <walter007><you are just one unlucky fellow who did not make it into the top 95% of Indian society.>

Is there any point of throwing personal insults that too false - even if they were true , there would not be any point.

Like I said - You are an abusive troll who throws insults without any reason - just for sport. And on top of that , when you throw racist insults too , then you cross line.


Jan-06-20  Nisjesram: <<walter007: <Nisjesram: You see that , <mort>? Some people come to this forum to have productive conversations , to learn - whereas you come here to troll/fight. Just saying :) no offence :) cheers :) > And what exactly is the reason you are here, <nizzle>? To meditate? To impress with your "no offence:). cheers :)" line?

Boy, get lost.> >

I had told you <saragon> that racist trolling of people like <John barleycorn> and <big pawn> is not acceptable to me. And you had assured me that you would act against people who post racist stuff , if what I am saying is true.

I showed you. If you and I both agree that <Walter 007>/<John barleycorn> made racist comments , then you must take action. Till then I will take break from this site.

Thank you , <saragon>.

Premium Chessgames Member
  thegoodanarchist: Karpov vs Kasparov, 1987 (kibitz #53)
May-02-20  Nisjesram: <big pawn><The people of Michigan should give the Governor the Kadaffi treatment. Storm the palace, drag out the queen and deliver her to the regular folks with their pitchforks>


1) is it not illegal in usa to publicly post stuff like this ?

2)<big pawn> publicly urging mob lynching of a governor of a state of america on this site !

I find it very disturbing


Jul-29-20  Nisjesram: You people have no consistency ...<big pawn> , <optimal play> and other members of their gang hurl personal attacks daily and you suspend me instead ...what is the logic ?

2)in the support forum , <big pawn> and members of his gang - <keyser soze> , <thegoodanarchist> and others - reportedly said that they don't want guidelines enforced in rogoff forum whereas i , <saffuna> , <nok> and others said that we would like guidelines to be enforced on rogoff forum

3) you people sided with <big pawn> and gang on this issue

4) so , now your message is that <big pawn> and his gang members are allowed to hurl insults , personal attacks daily but others  are not allowed to hurl personal attacks on them ? Is that the message you conveying ?

5) you suspended me for 24 hours for hurling personal attacks on <optimal play> and just a few hours after that <optimal play> hurling personal attacks not only me but on other users too who <big pawn> and gang considers their 'enemies'

He even perverting my user name calling me <nozzle> as usual ...i never pervert usernames and i have told these people umpteem times not to pervert user names...i don't hurl personal attacks on any user unless they mess with me first....

6) i don't know what you upto.

Either you explain or i leave....

All the best ....

P.s. check out this post of <optimal play> that i am referring to

 optimal play: <Big Pawn: <op: I suspect if Waza ever attended a Trump rally he might actually feel the same way as this woman> This woman is one in 1 million. There’s no hope for the rest of these idiots on this page. The libs are libs because they’re the stupid people. I’ve said before that the three pillars of liberalism are: Sodomy 
But the liberals themselves are characterized by these qualities: Wickedness 
The elite posters may have already noticed that I focus on exposing these three qualities in the libs whenever I debate them. The only way these people will ever be in lightened is if they accept the gospel. Then they will slowly be sanctified and enlightened.>
There's no hope for Larry the Idiot, or Nozzle the Parrot, or Perf the Poker Player, or Nobby the Commie, or Matey the Male Nurse or any of the other "libs" on this page, but Waza admits to thinking about Trump supporters and why they support him. He knows we're intelligent but he hasn't grasped that the additional requirement is morality. A Trump supporter is a moral person. 
Anyway, have you been to a Trump rally yet?

Jul-29-20  Nisjesram: Part 2

So , now i am going to blow whistle on every rule break by <big pawn> , <optimal play> , <kryser soze> , <diceman> , <thegoodanarchist> and other members of their gang

2) also these repeat rule breakers better not pervert my username from now on.

3) i wish <nok> and others take a stand about all this.

Oct-07-20  Ybr: <Keyser Soze: <Ybr> the brown bastard is back. Hey Indian scum. You can't trash on my forum anymore.

And I'm reporting you to adm. You were banned and gotta stay that way curry boy.

Nobody cares for Absolute crap fake guru.

You lost the debate. Get over.. nobody respect you or will in the future.

Best regards>

If <keyser soze> is not penalized for this racist abuse , then i would leave this site

Premium Chessgames Member
  diceman: <Ybr:

then i would leave this site>

As a decade long repeat offender, I doubt it.

Oct-07-20  login:

I whistled several of Keyser Soze's similar phrased racist slurs towards Indians in general weeks ago on Rogoff. To zero effect, once I checked even the posts remainded untouched. Instead the user is jumping around like a teenager on steroids seemingly 'enjoying' posting his ill worldviews and feeling invicible - now bragging about imaginative 'powers' to ban users. Quite odd.

But what has the Sargon handle to do with it? If your User: Nisjesram account is terminated for good, why now you don't even find the decenty at all and condole an 'archenemy's' premature death - at last this should be possible after weeks of timelessness 'meditation'? I believe he would have accepted a small honest gesture from you. Disappointing, but good luck anyways.

Oct-07-20  Keyser Soze: sod off, login

I've been cyberstalked by that guy. Had to put him on ignore again , after consecutives abuse on my fo rum. So my " abuse" is deserved. Could care less for your hurt sensibilities. Sargon isn't a moderator anyway

Wanna help the site? Buy some membership. Busyboding much imnsho.

Oct-07-20  login:

There is no deserved 'abuse'; everyone around knows both your history, too. I have not ran to admins for you or him having a go at each other ( as I said). And you seem to enjoy it quite a lot for years, so spare me the victim card Keyser. Unasked you yourself unasked valued the citizens India as poop on several independent occasions.

You can argue me on what I said and what you do not agree, but please not that double faced scandinavian granpa treatment (making up things like 1. my intend was helping the site 2. therefore I need to buy a membership or I fail to help the site in the first place, which would devalue my posting as troll) - I really do not deserve that.

One more thing

Que isso?
Santa Claus (kibitz #2065)

Merry Christmas Rio.

PS: I do not know Sargon (seems inactive), so I asked.

Oct-07-20  Keyser Soze: No victim here..At least you know my history. Im here, not hiding, b-yatch. Unlike you.

well, your history, we can only guess, cos you are a sock.


That bum who fancies buying the site and no one wanted his fifthy money? lol! Thats my pick

So if you know history of kibitzers, for sure you know how to use the proper channels to talk to adm, since <definitely> you are an old costumer ..

Its not here (??), or chessforum

You can help the site (COUGH COUGH!) and complains about anything , anyone, anytime you want <<here>>:


Otherwise you will be looking like an old fart whining around, butthurted about something... No wonder no ones pays attention . I just replied you because you quote me, but thats the last one.

PS: I sense malice on you. I dont trust you goodwill , and your past tone on chessforum few days ago, showed a resented and vindicted person.

Did the site adms (or kibitzers) treated you bad in the past? You want a cookie? A shoulder? You don't helping anything this way, as much as I can be wrong here. Period.

As for the rest, you can shove up your butt, sock..

Chat terminated , and to the bin you go.

Happy whinings!

Oct-07-20  login:


- b-yatch (try вıтcн)

- bum who fancies buying the site and no one wanted his fifthy money (never heard that one, sounds crazy)

- old fart whining around, butthurted about something (isn't it you that is whining and playing the victim)

Three remarks Soze if I may

1. I'm around half your age when you told the truth about your activities outside CG.

2. I never had a ban or punishment, if that is what you were asking on this site ever. I had in fact 1-2 postings purged in the official chessgames forum lately (maybe for off topic) while the page got cleared. No site admins, including former and deceased ones treated me bad or vis versa. All your fabulations about me are wrong, sorry can only become better from here on.

3. And mother of god, what on earth has all that to do with you just casually using racial slurs and derogatory language towards all Indians on this site on several occasions. Telling you have admin rights here and the power to ban ppl?

Can't make this up. One single posting Keyser and you bring just your virtual Ouija board leading your defense starting a séance? A pretty stale way to combat an argument for such a loudmouth. Besides malice was there anything else you could sense the second you ran away, a bit of fear around your non existing spine, just heavy weights balancing your lack of arguments or simply an old fart's pair of soaked panties?

Dare you weasle back and answer with your gifted premium Santa Claus account :=)

Premium Chessgames Member
  OhioChessFan: <FSR> and <Miss Scarlett> are Pantheon level punsters.
Oct-07-20  Ybr: <login:

I whistled several of Keyser Soze's similar phrased racist slurs towards Indians in general weeks ago on Rogoff. To zero effect, once I checked even the posts remainded untouched. Instead the user is jumping around like a teenager on steroids seemingly 'enjoying' posting his ill worldviews and feeling invicible - now bragging about imaginative 'powers' to ban users. Quite odd.>

That settles it then

You guys won't see me on this site again.

Thank you , <login>


Oct-13-20  Ybr: <thegoodanarchist: < Diademas: <<Ybr: <technical draw> [...] P.s. i would be very respectful to you as long as you are civil and respectful to me...>>

No he won't.>

LOL! It's why we all like <Diademas>.

<<technical draw: <Ybr>. Hello, Yul Brenner. Welcome to the site. (Unless you were here under another username then please what name?)>

User: Nisjesram, but I guess you already knew that. I can highly recommend the "ignore" function, or you will never hear the end of it.>

Heh heh! Might never hear the end of it, but then, it makes for great comedic grist for the laugh mill:>

Look <login> , i have no interest in posting on this site

It is just that i posted to help some people who were talking nonsense , making fools of themselves and spreading stupidity

2) look at this post of <thegoodanarchist> for example ...all he does is propaganda for the stupidity of <big pawn> and gang.... ...omv argument has been thoroughly refuted ....but these people don't have brains to understand even Absolute let alone refutation based on Absolute and still instead of showing honesty these peoole keep spreading their stupid propaganda ...

3) this latest post of <thegoodanarchist> is a good example

4) and <al wazir> - he too insists on making fool of himself by reoeating his stupid hypothesis "humans are machines "...a hypothesis which is not only not falsifiable but easily refuted by hypothesis of Absolute which is falsifiable

5) so , as these people were making fools of themselves and spreading falsehoods , i posted to help general , i don't like to post on this site. I like to read instead ...posts of <johnlspouge> , <keypusher> ...

6) also , <big pawn> and <optimal were making fool of themselve by writing stupid posts about monty hall problem of maths/probability ....their intelligence level is lower than intelligence level of <thegoodanarchist> and <keyser soze> even.

7) so , i explained solution of monty hsll problem to <big pawn> and <optimal play> ...that was my last post in rogoff forum

8) and that is it...just posted that time to help these people , otherwise , i have no interest in posting on this site....and i have no clue what you talking about in later part of your post

Premium Chessgames Member
  Chessgames Bookie: Sargon, Can you help me give the bettors a payday, or put me in contact with someone who can? They want an infusion.

thanks, jingohanson, acting Bookie

Premium Chessgames Member
  thegoodanarchist: < Ybr:

Look <login> , i have no interest in posting on this site>


Actions speak louder than words.

Premium Chessgames Member
  thegoodanarchist: <Ybr:You guys won't see me on this site again.>

Member since Oct-03-20 · Last seen Nov-13-20

Premium Chessgames Member
  Chessgames Bookie: Sargon, Could we get an adminstrator to close out the Fall Leg of the Chessbookie? Prizes and reset all to $1000, or more if we're not going to get a mid-leg payday? Thanks, jingo

Gens una sumus!

Jan-30-23  stone free or die: RIP <Sargon>, the unsung yeoman of <CG>.

So tragically youth - it seems that <Sargon> has died, back in Sept 2022. Far too young.


Hopefully he and <Daniel> are cracking a few jokes and brews upstairs. Let's also hope they're saying a few prayers for <CG>, we need them.


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