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Susan Freeman
Member since Sep-23-18 · Last seen Nov-30-23
My son was Daniel Freeman, one of the founders and trail blazers of this remarkable site, who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on July 24th , 2018. (My actual surname is not Freeman.) Full Member

   Susan Freeman has kibitzed 2815 times to chessgames   [more...]
   Nov-30-23 Kibitzer's Café (replies)
Susan Freeman: <HMM> It is said Kissinger did so poorly on negotiating with the Vietnamese because he did not understand the Asian mentality, whatever that is. Being of German background myself, I can understand that. Daniel and I were raised in a strict German household. Could be ...
   Nov-29-23 chessforum (replies)
Susan Freeman: <Have a question or a suggestion? The Chessgames Chessforum is a great way to contact the admins & programmers directly.>
   Nov-27-23 Susan Freeman chessforum (replies)
Susan Freeman: <stone> how have you tried to contact me? Phone? Email? I read the emails several times a day? I do not understand what you are talking
   Nov-13-23 Kenneth Rogoff (replies)
Susan Freeman: <gezfan> No CG employee accidentally deleted anything. You might be referring to a volunteer?
   Nov-04-23 Nakamura vs Caruana, 2023 (replies)
Susan Freeman: Great game!
   Aug-27-23 Biographer Bistro (replies)
Susan Freeman: <harrylime> Rogoff is still there. No need to panic. This site is improving every day.
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Kibitzer's Corner
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Premium Chessgames Member
  Susan Freeman: <harrylime<Why should I like the Packers ?> Because I like them lol
Nov-15-23  Rdb: <Messiah: <Rdb> you posted this exact same text in FOUR different user forums. I would get b& for the 1/100th of this. Quite obviously, you will not get any kind of punishment.>

<Messiah: This is just a test, please do not notice this kibitz>

So , what was the result of this test ? Did you get banned , <messiah> ?

Thank you. Regards 🙏🙏

Nov-15-23  Rdb: <Messiah: <Rdb: <Messiah: <Rdb> you posted this exact same text in FOUR different user forums. I would get b& for the 1/100th of this. Quite obviously, you will not get any kind of punishment.> <Messiah: This is just a test, please do not notice this kibitz>

So , what was the result of this test ? Did you get banned , <messiah> ?

Thank you. Regards 🙏🙏>

Interestingly, not>

Good to know .

Cheers .

Regards 🙏🙏

Nov-15-23  Rdb: <redthebear: So true <Messiah>. It's the CGs double standard in action -- as ever. Rdb is allowed to troll us, posting trash everywhere (same post 4x????). When we complain, CGs usually does nothing (look at all the old evidence rotting in the unkept forums) but delete our posts w/suspensions. So unfair.


<<fredthebear> has given last word to me this time>

That's ludicrous. No deal, ever.

<I need to just mind my own business , as I almost always do .>

The first part certainly is correct, the last part is another falsehood.

<I give compliment to admins ,>

It's the same shallow compliment repeated over and over again to gain favor and continue breaking the guidelines. It's like a tax he pays, so they let him go on, on, and on and on. Rdb also bashes other members while he says it. He tries to get FTB kicked out and then expects me to be friendly if not silent????

<...the kind of conversations that I want to engage in and such>

The only conversations Rdb accepts are those who agree with him. He denounces naysayers and labels them all as my buddies and orders me to control them. It's ridiculous. He doesn't give a tinker's damn about chess.

<There is no reason for <ftb> and me to tangle with each other - our paths do not cross at all>

Seriously?? Another floater.

To think, Rdb felt it necessary to post such rubbish in FOUR forums. It's trolling, plain and simple and the administration should be fair and put a stop to it. DELETE Rdb's trash!! A good, fair, consistent monitor would have done so same day, but the litter just sits there for months, years.>

Now , <fredthebear> needs to put up or shut up . He should show me that this assertion of mine is false - <"I <rdb> try to leave <fredthebear> alone , I do not respond to any of his posts , I do not engage with him at all unless he talks about/to me. Last I had spoken to or about him was in Aug 2023 when he spoke about me first at that time. Since August, this is the first time i have spoken to/about <ftb> and that too when <ftb> spoke to/about me first. May be i am misremembering . Show me , If so, please "

Regards 🙏🙏

Nov-15-23  Rdb: Now , I think that criticism of <messiah> and <fredthebear> towards admins is irrational - they are in the wrong and admins are in right .

However , you guys do not see me writing angry posts when these two people criticize admins so very often .

You guys do not see me fighting with these two guys when they complain and criticize admins

I think you guys got my point/drift

Peace and respect

Regards 🙏🙏

Nov-16-23  Rdb: So , I see that <fredthebear> has no response to my challenge

I proved that < I leave <fredthebear> alone and it is he who talks to/about me and then only I respond and then too he huffs/puffs , gets abusive and such whereas I try to remain calm >

<fredthebear> has no refutation/rebuttal

Nov-18-23  Rdb: <Susan freeman> , I saw a post from you on rogoff forum addressed to me and now when I looked for it to answer it , I can not find it . Did you delete it later ?

Thank you . Regards 🙏🙏

Premium Chessgames Member
  Susan Freeman: <Rdb> I really do not remember. LOL
Nov-18-23  Rdb: <Susan Freeman: <Rdb> I really do not remember. LOL>

OK. 🙏🙏

Nov-21-23  Rdb: Reposted from rogoff forum

<johnlspouge> or someone else should repost this post if it resonates with what they stand for, with the cause that they reoresent

Quite a few things to talk about :

1) that awesome post (series of posts) by <keypusher> about <some/many people thirsting to be disinformed > (I had obliquely , briefly talked about it earlier when I said that blood of <nok> is always boiling , his heart always bleeding for Palestinians and when you are so full of passion , then you may lose some objectivity - you got to be calm and dispassionate and free from 'us vs them ' otherwise it is easy to be in a state where you do not go where evidence/proofs lead but instead you look for evidences that support your beliefs - lack of scientific temperament . In other words , you get thirsty to be disinformed )

2) brilliant exchange between <checkitout> and <keypusher>.

<What was motive of hamas ? Why did they do what hhey did ? Why this 7th Oct massacre ? Was it because they were crazy psychopaths , did they lose capability of rational thinking and act driven purely by emotions without any rational regard for consequences , long term impact on their goals and such or did they do it because they thought it helped their cause in short or long term , they had thought about it and their thinking was sound/impressive?>, asked <cio>

Now , some/many people derided <cio> but not <keypusher> , he gave insightful , comprehensive , exhaustive reply.

3) I do not know about <cio> but I have no hesitation in admitting that I am very, very stupid compared to where I want to be in next few years and I was very , very stupid a few years ago compared to what I am today . And that is because some of the people in this forum helped me , they saw that I earnestly wanted to learn and expand my intelligence/understanding and they helped me. Instead of derision , they chose to help in response to my honesty , sincerity , earnestness , dedication/devotion

4) <al wazir> - Now, it is becoming <al wazir> vs sane people of this forum.

Now , I like <al wazir> and I am committed to have an effective communication with him with the help of <johnlspouge> , <keypusher> and others in an ecology of mutual respect because <al wazir> deserves respect because he is honest and when he grasps something , he acknowledges that he was wrong , he not driven to be right, he wants to learn and teach, he wants constructive conversations .

Why <johnlspouge> and <keypusher> ? Because they stand for clarity/depth of understanding/thinking , they stand for truth and scientific temperament (to honestly , dispassionately , objectively go where evidences/proofs lead) , they understand harms that disinformation/misinformation cause.

I am reminded of quote of my hero lokmanya tilak incidentally.

<There are higher Powers that rule the destiny of things and it may be the will of Providence that the cause which I represent may prosper more by my suffering than by my remaining free> - lokmanya tilak , father of revolution of india.

5) with the help of <johnlspouge> , <keypusher> and others, if they please, I would create effective, constructive communication (if not consensus) with <al wazir> and <nok> about all the issues including pedophilia

<fsr> , <cio> and others should take me off ignore

6) I would engage with these conversations as soon as I get time - hopefully within a couple of weeks

7) we would make this forum a great source of learning , critical thinking , scientific temperament, clarity/depth of thinking/understanding in an ecology of humility , mutual respect , peace , calmness , quiescence

Amen !

Nov-21-23  Rdb: <al wazir> < Here's why Israel won't be able to "destroy Hamas":>

I do not quite understand it and I would request to be educated when the time comes (within a couple of weeks , hopefully)

See , when I said I am debating whether to write that series of posts or not ....the thing that was on my mind ...when gandhism is appropriate and when violence is justified , I do not quite understand ....Gandhi urged Britain and allies to embrace non violence as response to the brutality, barbarism of nazis , however , 'history is written by winners ' as they say . And now they say "churchil good , Kenedy good , Chamberlain bad "

Chamberlain was soft to Hitler, Churchill was tough.

And now they say that Palestinians should resort to gandhism.


I would write a series of posts within a couple of weeks hopefully (that is the intention, at least ) and then would request to be educated .

Regards 🙏 🙏

Premium Chessgames Member
  Susan Freeman: <Fred> if I remember correctly the deleted post you are referring to was on a tournament page and was off topic. There was nothing wrong with the post per se. Be careful of that. You are not the only one. CG tries to keep the tournaments objectively * clean*. This is for posterity and learning purposes.
Nov-23-23  Everyone: There are rules???

<Everyone> thought the fun of the game goes like this: randomly delete any of the bear's posts and see what happens

Nov-26-23  stone free or die: We'll go through the usual channels, but let's note the festering boil, untreated, only gets worst.

Two parts tripe, three parts scree, with a meaningless aside of chess (which may or may not even be true) makes four parts heartburn.

Please realize this stuff goes on and on and on from forum to forum...

Robert Huebner (kibitz #272)
Robert Huebner (kibitz #288)

Nov-26-23  stone free or die: <You say you are always around, but I've tried to contact you for two weeks. It's absolutely ridiculous that the techies march to the orders of zanzibar. It was a quiet summer and fall until z came back telling everyone what to do. They communicate behind the scenes to specifically harass my account. So unfair.>

I think <CG> could do better. we all know the problem existed over the summer as well.

You know, I've tried to ignore this kind of invective thus far, but it seems to do little good, especially in this round.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Susan Freeman: <stone> how have you tried to contact me? Phone? Email? I read the emails several times a day? I do not understand what you are talking
Premium Chessgames Member
  Messiah: <Susan Freeman: <stone> how have you tried to contact me?>

By badmouthing others and duplicating posts.

Nov-27-23  stone free or die: <<Messiah> By badmouthing others and duplicating posts.>

This is rich, coming from <Messiah>, the master of junk posting.

<I do very rarely attack members.>
Sinquefield Cup (2023) (kibitz #88)

While this is mostly true, the guy has a special place in his heart for me (and a few select others) - basically another stalker and pot-shot master.


Nov-27-23  stone free or die: <Susan Freeman: <stone> how have you tried to contact me? Phone? Email? I read the emails several times a day?>

Despite the conspiracy theories held by a dear few about my machinations behind the scenes, other than a few toots of the whistle, almost all of my correspondence with the admins on <CG> has been done on open forums, in plain view.

So no, <Susan>, I haven't tried to contact you in private in any fashion.

* * * * *

<<cont> I do not understand what you are talking>

Well, I would think the Huebner links would be self-evident enough but I'll elaborate briefly.

Both of those posts were flagged by me, via the whistle blowing system <CG> suggests. Both those posts are clear examples of <FredtheBear> unnecessarily trolling <perf> on a player page.

If this isn't clear enough, I'll spell it out - what does a listing of quotes from the <Rogoff> page have to do with this player?

Robert Huebner

It doesn't matter exactly how the thread went off the rails, but you could go back and reread it starting from here:

Robert Huebner (kibitz #253)

I believe the animus between members is clearly unilaterally started by one side, the same one selectively copying excerpts from <Rogoff> wholesale.

To me spreading <Rogoff> elsewhere is clearly red-flag stuff, and should be nipped in the bud. It doesn't even need deep review.

It wasn't done on the 22th post, and so the post on the 26th appears, as expected.

As I said, I've flagged both of those posts, and likely should have flagged a couple of earlier ones.

If allowed, as it was previously, you can expect the same tripe to appear on page after page here on <CG>.

Well, that's enough for now, and we haven't even begun to talk about the obsessive, and disturbing, antics on the collection pages.


Nov-29-23  rdb.f: Hello ,

I am a friend of <rdb>

Here is a message from <rdb>

<Why am I unable to access for last few days ?

I get the message ' 403 forbidden' .

Thank you . Regards 🙏 🙏 >


Premium Chessgames Member
  fredthebear: So clever. Reminds us of the troll sfod who harasses members non-stop in these forums and the garbage just sits in here for days, weeks, months, years, rotting away to the troll's satisfaction. These forums are a pile of rubbish.
Nov-30-23  rdb.f: I am not using vpn , tor nodes , temporary proxies etc.

I have tried different browsers - 3 different browsers - but problem is persisting

I am having withdrawal symptoms by now - it has been several days now . is my only addiction now - I do not drink coffee/tea , no tobacco/alcohol/drugs ....I just like to imbibe every day . And it has been several days now . Withdrawal symptoms ....I would need to increase level of my meditation dtastically if I do not start getting my daily dose of soon .

Regards 🙏🙏

P.s. I am sending this message to my friend who lives in a town 250 km away , he created an account and is now communicating with you guys , forwarding my mesaage to you guys🙏🙏

Nov-30-23  Rdb: I switched off wi/fi and now I am able to access

Something is off with my wi/fi.

Thank you .

Regards 🙏 🙏

Premium Chessgames Member
  Messiah: <Rdb: I switched off wi/fi and now I am able to access

Something is off with my wi/fi.

Thank you .

Regards 🙏 🙏>

who cares

Nov-30-23  Rdb: Rdb: That was meant for <stevemcd87> /<susan freeman> who urged me to email him and this message of mine conveying him that I might not need to email now.

Regards 🙏 🙏

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