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Susan Freeman
Member since Sep-23-18 · Last seen Aug-16-22
My son was Daniel Freeman, one of the founders and trail blazers of this remarkable site, who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on July 24th , 2018. (My actual surname is not Freeman.) Full Member

   Susan Freeman has kibitzed 2363 times to chessgames   [more...]
   Aug-14-22 chessforum (replies)
Susan Freeman: I am not in charge. I have asked the one in charge to be more open minded. I saw nothing wrong with your posts I this certain case. Or cases as they may be
   Aug-13-22 Biographer Bistro (replies)
Susan Freeman: <chess.o.rama> may we have an example please? or do you mean from aug 7-aug10? if that is the case it is because nobody replied those days.
   Aug-12-22 Kenneth Rogoff (replies)
Susan Freeman: <Harry> oh wait. you said persecuted? I thought prosecuted. lol
   Aug-11-22 Kibitzer's Café (replies)
Susan Freeman: <Hazz> we could all meet at my place....or name your pub in Liverpool. I have sunshine.
   Jul-25-22 Daniel Freeman (replies)
Susan Freeman: <Z> There are good reasons we run on GMT. you are always trying to micromanage things of which you know nothing. Please don't do that.
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Kibitzer's Corner
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Premium Chessgames Member
  gezafan: <<saffuna:> the Alpha Male you exalted nonstop was defeated in November>>

Wow. Thanks for letting us know that. (sarcasm)

Jan-15-21  Ybr: <big pawn><Finally, I told you a long time ago. I said, "<Tuna>, if you promise to post seriously, substantively and with insight, and contribute valuable posts that find themselves at the top of Graham's Hierarchy of Disagreement, and you turn over a new leaf and stop trolling, then I will let you into the Free Speech Zone".

But you did not take me up on that, so you remain with your nose pressed up against the glass on the outside, fogging up my windows.>

Substantive, serious, insightful ?

Yeah , right !

<Big pawn> , you don't even understand philosophy of Absolute let alone undersranding refutation of <omv argument> based on philosophy of Absolute and instead of learning and accepting that <omv argument> is shallow and wrong , you banned me from your forum. You don't want your beliefs to be challenged ,you believe what you want to believe (as opposed to going where logic and proof/evidence takes you) and close your eyes and ears to all the refutations and same is the state of all those people of your gang whom you call elite posters - none of them understands Absolute and instead of acknowledging that <omv argument> is very shallow and thoroughly refuted , they run away and hide and still keep on bragging <we are extraordinarily intelligent , we post substantively, seriously, insightfully>


Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: It is clear as broad daylight that something has gone completely wrong in <BP´s> life.

Just put him on ignore and I promise you:
It´s a deligth,not reading all his ramblings.

Jan-15-21  Keyser Soze: <I will be here, enjoying free speech, writing offensive (to you) posts and there's not a damn thing you can do about it.


Zamzibar still whining to ban you?Poor guy . He craves for some CGs power/influence, but doesnt have <any> , despite his effort and his slave job here . LOL!!


<moronovic: Just put him on ignore and I promise you: It´s a deligth,not reading all his ramblings.>

Too bad libs don't want that. They want him banned. Like on twitter. Not going to happen.

<6. No trolling.>

Those are the rules.

Libs in the <Free Speech Zone> enjoy themselves in there.>

Good stuff. jim bartle is a troll . He should not be allowed there.

Hey Susan, when you gonna <close> the Rogoff? I think is time. Let we members discuss politics on private forums. That's my take.


Premium Chessgames Member
  Diademas: <Keyser Soze: Hey Susan, when you gonna <close> the Rogoff? I think is time. Let we members discuss politics on private forums. That's my take.>

"And when my testies drop I might return with an original thought of my own."

Jan-15-21  Keyser Soze: That's my take, <didididimas>.
Premium Chessgames Member
  thegoodanarchist: <Diademas: <<<Keyser Soze: Hey Susan, when you gonna <close> the Rogoff? I think is time. Let we members discuss politics on private forums. That's my take.>>>

"And when my testies drop I might return with an original thought of my own.">

I was wrong - your new avatar <IS> appropriate!

Jun-10-21  login:

Dear Mrs. Susan, hi boss,

it's a shame we are missing a (short) paragraph that can displace/enhance the 'current' placeholder

'A more detailed biography is planned.'

over at your son Daniel Freeman 's site.

If the task proves a technical barrier (missing editing rights on your account, formatting issues) you can drop a provisional submission/entry right here in your forum (where you have full controll over possible inevitably/unwanted inputs from our crazies) at any time. Soon after it will be noticed some editorial homunculuswill sort everthing out over at Demetrius's page.

Alberto A Artidiello 's bio might be suited as guideline (in anticipation of the most usual 'baiting' feedback, there is no need for you to mention the cause of death at all, it is not even wanted see Chessgames Editor Guide , Bio, Guideline 7).

If Rogoff is not involved it should be handled with all required civility.

2021 marks an anniversary for this site, it would feel (a bit) better for you and the vigorous gang, when this gap is finally filled for good.

Again this is for personal notice only please do not hesitate to nuke it when the 'message' is delivered.

Have a good weekend/take care


Premium Chessgames Member
  George Wallace: <Susan>, not for nothing, I want to make sure you have a more complete picture of the Rogoff page. You can see that some people come here trying to censor <right wingers>, like <BP>. They say "Daniel wouldn't allow it" in an attempt to manipulate you, using your son's name, tugging at your heart. It's rather despicable.

But allow me, <Susan>, to share something here, something that will enlighten you I'm sure. Look at what the <not right wingers> are posting on the Rogoff page and then ask yourself if <Zanzibar> or <Nok> or any of the other pearl-clutching cry babies came here demanding censorship of the following:

The Left have been openly advocating for both pedophilia and concentration camps for their political opponents.

<al wazir: Pedophilia doesn't always harm the child.>

Kenneth Rogoff (kibitz #460832)

<al wazir: What we need now is help from the Chinese. Currently they have detained over a million Uighurs in so-called "vocational training centers" in Xinjiang. These are actually concentration camps in which the prisoners, who are members of Muslim minorities, are infused with communist doctrines and nationalist sentiment, enforced by physical coercion.

This is pretty severe, but it's the sort of thing the commies are good at.

Here in the U.S., we have 75 million people who are similarly in need of having their thinking realigned. But straightening out ignorant, deluded, bigoted, paranoid citizens is *not* the sort of thing we Americans are good at.

Do you see where I'm going with this?>

Kenneth Rogoff (kibitz #457501)

<al wazir: If you think concentration camps are not the right way to do it, give me a better one.>

Kenneth Rogoff (kibitz #457805)

<Susan>, I hope you can keep this in mind the next time one of these cry babies come to the support forum to whine about censorship. When they complain about hate speech or racism or bigotry, just remember there was no outrage, no outcry, no petition to censor, no demands to suspend, and basically not a peep about the above outrageous, ugly and hateful statements from one of their own.

You can now know without question that outrage from <Saffuna>, <Nok>, <Zanzibar>, <FSR>, <Perfidious> or any of the others is nothing more than selective outrage. It is manufactured outrage put on display here as an attempt to manipulate you into silencing their political opposition.

And for the record, I am not asking for them to be censored either.

I just think it's a matter of fairness that this information be presented to you.

Jul-20-21  rbd: <al wazir> does not throw vile abuses , venom against people at rogoffland.


Jul-21-21  rbd: And <al wazir> does not pervert user names either. He always uses proper user names


Premium Chessgames Member
  al wazir: Coming up on 20 years. (I don't suppose I'm the first to notice.) Are you going to have a party?
Premium Chessgames Member
  Susan Freeman: <al wazir> wait till we are 21 and can drink.
Jan-16-22  Rdb: I apologised to <ohiochessfan> in his forum and he accepted my apology and offered me his wishes.

That is very gracious of <ocf> and I appreciate that a lot.

I invite others also to have civil and mutual respectful interactions with each other in rogoff forum even if we have difference of opinions.

I intend to act maturely from now onwards and I wish we all act maturely in rogoff forum.

2) <keypusher> <<rdb> always meant well , but he struggled with Self control>

Well , I intend to change that in this new year. Thank you <kp>

Thank you , guys


Premium Chessgames Member
  al wazir: I don't see any explanation posted for why the Kenneth Rogoff page has been renamed, or for why all the comments posted there have been removed. Was it done in order to spare the tender sensibilities of those members who found some of the posts tasteless or offensive? If an explanation has been posted somewhere, or if there are instructions on how to access those missing posts, I would appreciate a link.

I think the kindest word for the change is "peculiar." I can think of a lot of unkind words that are more apt.

It is especially odd, coming as it does in the wake of a recent *positive* change, one that I had repeatedly requested: namely, archiving all but the last few months' worth of posts in order to speed up the loading of the file.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Big Pawn: <Susan>, it has come to my attention that <George Wallace> has been suspended for 168 hours for violating guideline #1 on the Rogoff page.

<The account <George Wallace> has received a kibitzing suspension for 168 hours due to the following post:

George Wallace: 40 dead Wetbacks were found in a truck in San Antonio today, courtesy of Corn Pop's lawless border policies. Did the <Tuna> already mention this? Has he posted about it non-stop?



The problem is, guideline #1 is routinely and systematically broken by other posters on that page every single day. Therefore, the admin <Stonehenge>, is not enforcing the guidelines fairly, but is using his position to target posters he personally does not like.

Jun-29-22  Z truth 000000001: In case anybody ever comes here and reads <al w>'s post - well, here's some of the explanation:

Kenneth Rogoff (kibitz #50)

Jul-03-22  Free Speech: <Susan>, are you in charge here?

Your admin is again abusing his privileges. He banned <Big Pawn> for not being politically correct.

Did you not just say, yesterday, that the guidelines will not apply to the rogoff page?

And even if they did, is it really unacceptable to not embrace the homosexual lifestyle?

<The account <Big Pawn> has received a kibitzing suspension for 168 hours due to the following post:

Big Pawn: !!! HOMO ALERT !!!

<Twitter suspends Jordan Peterson for 'misgendering' trans actor>

Misgendering means you call a man a man, even though he wants you to call him a woman. It's part of the war on Truth.

This is all about libs trying to normalize sodomy.

Killing their babies
Killing their babies
Killing their babies
Killing their babies
Killing their babies
Killing their babies
Killing their babies
Killing their babies

Libs need to learn some basic anatomy:

The rectum is not a sex organ.

If you consistently abuse the rectum with sodomy (are you paying attention, libs?), then you will get PROLAPSED RECTUM!!!

That's not "love," Libs. That's hate.

Jul-03-22  stone free or die: More powerful than a balloon?


Premium Chessgames Member
  al wazir: FYI: The posts on the <Kenneth Rogoff> page that were accidentally deleted can be still accessed using the Search Kibitzing tool.

See Kenneth Rogoff (kibitz #686).

Premium Chessgames Member
  Big Pawn: This is your FREE SPEECH ZONE?

Deleted for not breaking one of the Seven Commandments, but simply because an "admin" didn't like the comment?


This is ridiculous. How are you going to allow such tyrannical censorship?

<George Wallace: <Willber G: <petemcd85: Hello all, I have been asked to temporally help moderate the rogoff page and kibitzers cafe. I understand that some of you are upset about certain comments thats been deleted. I been giving only 4 hours probation to users that violate the guidelines as we get used to the moderation. If you feel like you been wronged about any of your deletions please feel free to let me know at petemcd85 chessforum.>>

How ridiculous.

First of all, some kid has no business "moderating" what a bunch of men in their 50s - 70s say to each other. That's laughable.

Secondly, we've all been through this before. How many "moderators" have come and gone? Can anyone count the times this pages has been subject to attempted moderation? Anyone?

And guess what? We've all been here for nearly 20 years doing the same thing every day, and we've outlasted all the "moderators." They come and go, yet we are all still here.

These kids like <steve> and his brother the new moderator...any one of us here could put them over one's knee and give him a good paddling for being fresh - and they're here to moderate us.


Once again, I may have to spin a website up to offer a true Free Speech Zone.

<Susan> is invited, because she too will want a place to speak freely about any topic, without having the grandkids around to "moderate" the discussion.


Aug-05-22  Rdb: Admins listened to <fredthebear> and <Messiah> and have decided to make rogoffland pollution free .

Look at <big pawn>/<George Wallace> now (who is 'buddy' of <fredthebear>) . Like I have said repeatedly - there are only 3 persons who do not want guidelines to be enforced on rogoffland viz <big pawn>/<George Wallace> and his buddies <diceman> , <Keyser soze>

They want to use rogoffland as their personal toilet . And much worse.

I suffered racist attacks by these three people for years and when <> allowed retaliation for racist attacks finally , i shut them up in no time by doing <Samuel Jackson> to them .

If others also do <samual Jackson> to these three people , they will be fixed in no time .

Either that or has to discipline them . That is the only way to fix these three people .

And if you fix these three people , all will be good on rogoffland.

Aug-05-22  Keyser Soze: <And if you fix these three people , all will be good on rogoffland.>

Nah. Will be good only for <you> and your obsession/misery.

Ain't leave there..


Aug-06-22  Rdb: People complaiined that admins showed favoritism and inconsistencies.

And this time admins have made it clear that there won't be any favoritism and inconsistency. And they have walked the talk so far, as i see it

2) people complained that there is incivility/insanity/chaos in rogoffland

And now admins are working to have civility/sanity/order in rogoffland. And so far , they have done very good job.

3) so , we would be very stupid if we do not support admins in all this.

Finally , admins giving what people wanted despite pressure on their resources , why then should sane, civil people antagonise/disrespect admins, while admins at it ...


Premium Chessgames Member
  Check It Out: What a crybaby.
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