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   capafan has kibitzed 3932 times to chessgames   [less...]
   Jun-05-19 Aronian vs Carlsen, 2019 (replies)
capafan: <54.g5 b4 55.Re8 Rxc3+ 56.Kd2 fxg5 57.hxg5 ...> Exactly, but this type of break is easier to see, even for GMs under time pressure.. pxp or not results in protected passed pawns. It is more the Magnus effect. Aronian had an advantage a long time before he got into time ...
   Nov-30-16 Karjakin vs Carlsen, 2016 (replies)
capafan: How much time between games?
   Aug-23-16 capafan chessforum (replies)
capafan: <cro777>Your assessment as usual, even with a cursory view, is accurate. White methodically creates both space and time in this game until Black's options are close to nil, (despite the number of pieces on the board). By strategically pushing pawns but quite never creating any
   Aug-22-16 Nakamura vs Giri, 2016
capafan: <cro777>I was wondering if you had followed the ICCF game that was recently completed between Dr. Matthias and Langeveld with the King's Indian Makagonov. Since our last Team game I had followed the game with much interest and would be interested in you analysis. You can reach
   Aug-22-16 The Chess Express chessforum (replies)
capafan: Good to see you back....
   Jun-10-16 Grand Chess Tour Paris Rapid (2016) (replies)
capafan: Interesting results for the Ruy Lopez, Berlin Defense. 1(win)-2(draw)-4(loss) but it is rapids after all
   May-30-16 R Mamedov vs Caruana, 2016 (replies)
capafan: <Ulhumbrus>I am often a fan of your analysis, but I have to disagree here. 12.dxe5?! fails to 12...d5 and not only is the a2...f7 diagonal closed but the resulting pawn storm starting with 13...h5 becomes a threat (13.Bb3 or 13. Ba2, then 14...h5. If 13.Bd3 then 13...Nf5 and ...
   May-25-16 OhioChessFan chessforum (replies)
capafan: Mamedov - Giri 1/2 38 Radjabov - Hou 1-0 48 Safarli - Eljanov 1/2 39 Caruana - Harikrishna 1-0 54 Mamedyarov - Karjakin 0-1 45
   May-07-16 Ding Liren vs So, 2016 (replies)
capafan: <<Whitehat1963> What's the finish?> On 32...Kxf7 33.Qc4+ and the trade of Q's (Qxc4 bxc4) is forced, and there is nothing to stop the black b-pawn from queening. Other non-capture moves by Black are insufficient was White can force the trade of Q's easily by moving the ...
   Mar-06-16 Team White vs Team Black, 2015 (replies)
capafan: Congratulations to all on both sides of the board. A hard fought game at a high level with more than a few unexpected twists and turns. I am looking forward to the postgame assessments. As is the case in many of these games, understanding the opposing analysis is a interesting as ...
   Dec-22-15 WinKing chessforum (replies)
   Dec-18-15 Kibitzer's Café (replies)
   Oct-26-15 Anand vs Giri, 2015 (replies)
   Dec-29-14 The World vs Naiditsch, 2014 (replies)
   Nov-13-14 Carlsen - Anand World Championship Match (2014) (replies)
   Jul-14-14 YouRang chessforum (replies)
   Apr-29-14 Radjabov vs Carlsen, 2014 (replies)
   Mar-11-14 European Championship (2014) (replies)
   Mar-11-14 D Dvirnyy vs Polgar, 2014 (replies)
   Jan-19-14 S Williams vs The World, 2013 (replies)
   Jan-19-14 Simon Kim Williams (replies)
   Jan-03-14 The Caissars chessforum (replies)
   Nov-20-13 Artar1 chessforum (replies)
   Sep-25-13 Analysis Forum chessforum (replies)
   Sep-11-13 Team White vs Team Black, 2013 (replies)
   Aug-22-13 Tomashevsky vs Kamsky, 2013 (replies)
   Aug-13-13 Adams vs Y Wan, 2013 (replies)
   Aug-10-13 J Sarkar vs K Wang, 2013 (replies)
   Apr-29-13 Karjakin vs Kamsky, 2013 (replies)
   Mar-05-13 The World vs V Akobian, 2012 (replies)
   Nov-30-12 A Stefanova vs A Ushenina, 2012 (replies)
   Nov-17-12 Y Hou vs M Socko, 2012 (replies)
   Oct-28-12 JustWoodshifting chessforum (replies)
   Oct-14-12 Waitaka chessforum (replies)
   Sep-27-12 Nakamura vs H Wang, 2012 (replies)
   Sep-26-12 Caruana vs Anand, 2012 (replies)
   Sep-25-12 Dominguez Perez vs Nakamura, 2012 (replies)
   Sep-21-12 Nakamura vs Gelfand, 2012 (replies)
   Sep-20-12 Team White vs Team Black, 2012 (replies)
   Jul-24-12 hms123 chessforum (replies)
   May-11-12 Onischuk vs Nakamura, 2012 (replies)
   Apr-23-12 Thematic Challenge chessforum (replies)
   Mar-01-12 M L Orlinkov vs Sveshnikov, 2007 (replies)
   Feb-07-12 Capablanca vs Tartakower, 1938 (replies)
   Jan-13-12 WannaBe chessforum (replies)
   Dec-09-11 Varuzhan Akobian (replies)
   Dec-09-11 V Akobian vs The World, 2011 (replies)
   Oct-06-11 Golden Executive chessforum (replies)
   Oct-01-11 kutztown46 chessforum (replies)
   Sep-16-11 Once chessforum (replies)
   Aug-16-11 AylerKupp chessforum (replies)
   Jul-24-11 Team White vs Team Black, 2011 (replies)
   Jun-15-11 Radjabov vs Nakamura, 2011 (replies)
   Jun-03-11 Anand vs Shirov, 2011 (replies)
   Jun-03-11 Shirov vs Anand, 2011 (replies)
   May-23-11 Nakamura vs Ponomariov, 2011 (replies)
   Mar-09-11 benjinathan chessforum (replies)
   Mar-09-11 crawfb5 chessforum (replies)
   Jan-18-11 C Li vs Shulman, 2010 (replies)
   Dec-25-10 ajile chessforum (replies)
   Dec-24-10 L Ruan vs Y Hou, 2010 (replies)
   Oct-21-10 Anand vs Carlsen, 2010 (replies)
   Sep-03-10 The World vs N Pogonina, 2010 (replies)
   Aug-15-10 Svidler vs Nakamura, 2010 (replies)
   Aug-13-10 Battle of the Brains 3, 2009 (replies)
   Jul-31-10 jepflast chessforum (replies)
   May-16-10 Nakamura vs R Hess, 2010 (replies)
   May-15-10 United States Championship (2010) (replies)
   Apr-28-10 Anand - Topalov World Championship Match (2010) (replies)
   Apr-23-10 Topalov vs Anand, 2010 (replies)
   Feb-20-10 V Gashimov vs Topalov, 2010 (replies)
   Feb-19-10 Topalov vs F Vallejo Pons, 2010 (replies)
   Jan-11-10 World Team Championship (2010) (replies)
   Dec-13-09 Domdaniel chessforum (replies)
   Sep-02-09 Naiditsch vs Onischuk, 2009
   Aug-26-09 M Umansky vs The World, 2009 (replies)
   Jul-21-09 kwid chessforum (replies)
   Jul-18-09 sentriclecub chessforum (replies)
   Jun-02-09 zanshin chessforum (replies)
   May-14-09 US Championship (2009) (replies)
   May-13-09 Nakamura vs Kamsky, 2009 (replies)
   Apr-24-09 4th FIDE Grand Prix (2009) (replies)
   Apr-05-09 RandomVisitor chessforum (replies)
   Apr-01-09 kwgurge chessforum (replies)
   Feb-28-09 mckmck chessforum (replies)
   Feb-25-09 Arno Nickel (replies)
   Feb-25-09 A Nickel vs The World, 2008 (replies)
   Feb-18-09 shredderfan chessforum (replies)
   Feb-13-09 Open Defence chessforum (replies)
   Feb-08-09 whatthefat chessforum (replies)
   Jan-29-09 imag chessforum (replies)
   Jan-29-09 TheDestruktor chessforum (replies)
   Jan-12-09 chancho chessforum (replies)
   Dec-27-08 Karpova chessforum (replies)
   Dec-26-08 achieve chessforum (replies)
   Dec-08-08 Dionyseus chessforum (replies)
   Nov-07-08 classF chessforum (replies)
   Sep-02-08 Anand vs Ivanchuk, 2008 (replies)
   Aug-12-08 The World vs G Timmerman, 2007 (replies)
   Nov-09-07 chessmoron chessforum (replies)
   Oct-16-07 Red October chessforum (replies)
   Oct-15-07 Deep Breath chessforum (replies)
   Sep-28-07 MarkThornton chessforum (replies)
   Sep-22-07 World Championship Tournament (2007) (replies)
   Sep-21-07 Svidler vs Kramnik, 2007 (replies)
   Sep-18-07 Anand vs Svidler, 2007 (replies)
   Sep-17-07 Themofro chessforum (replies)
   Aug-31-07 T Reilly vs G West, 2006
   Aug-31-07 P Hitzler vs Cmilyte, 2005
   Aug-31-07 J Krupenski vs Gavrikov, 2001
   Aug-31-07 J Stocek vs E Agrest, 1997
   Aug-16-07 S Matveeva vs G Strutinskaia, 1987
   Aug-09-07 themadhair chessforum (replies)
   Aug-01-07 Biel Chess Festival (2007) (replies)
   Jul-06-07 Ponomariov vs Anand, 2007
   Jun-23-07 Shulman vs The World, 2007 (replies)
   Jun-11-07 J Friedel vs Nakamura, 2007 (replies)
   Apr-28-07 GoldenKnight chessforum (replies)
   Mar-27-07 ianD chessforum (replies)
   Jan-03-07 The World vs A Nickel, 2006 (replies)
   Dec-30-06 J Vetter vs R Oortwijn, 1997 (replies)
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