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Member since Jan-23-08
Dave is my name & playing chess is my game. 8 ) -- I am originally from Laurel, MS, USA, 🇺🇸 & I recently moved back there after living in other cities for a really long time. It’s nice to be able to visit w/ my family & my friends in this area more often! I am a Christian & have been a foreign missionary to China, Spain, Morocco & Mexico. I learned to play chess when I was 9 years old in 4th grade in elementary school when my homeroom teacher taught my homeroom class how to play it. Ever since she taught me how to play it, it has been my favorite game. Now 42 years later, I'm still playing it! My style (positional) was heavily influenced by Anatoly Karpov & Salomon Flohr . When I first started studying chess books in my teens, I studied collections of their games. Karpov has been my favorite player ever since then.

<Tournaments<>><:I haven't played in a tournament since '03 in Denver, where I saw many GMs, IMs & lower rated masters (GMs: a 15 yr old Naka [who became a GM that same yr before this tourney...the U. S's youngest-ever GM at that time!], Shabalov, Stripunsky, Ibragimov & Browne just to name a few players)...tourney results: I met Patrick Wolff (2-time U. S. Chess Champion: '92 & '95) in New Orleans @ a tourney there in '92 after he won the U. S. Championship. He played a simultaneous exhibition vs ~20 players the day before the tourney. I remember that he had only 1 draw & he won the rest of the games. He played in the tourney & won it; he had a Q & A session as well. I asked him who some of his favorite chess players are & he mentioned Emanuel Lasker because: "He epitomized the struggle in chess.">

<18 of the games that I submitted to be game of the day (w/ my puns) have been chosen for it!<>>: Li Shilong vs Ding Liren, 2011Factor vs Gilg, 1928Kasparov vs Anand, 1995Stockfish vs Rybka, 2013N Evseev vs Flohr, 1949Judit Polgar vs A S Rasmussen, 2013D Bit-Narva vs R E Nielsen, 2014L Bruzon Batista vs Zhu Chen, 2004Bagirov vs N Radev, 1976Kramnik vs M Bluebaum, 2017Speelman vs J Horner, 1976L Day vs Nickoloff, 1977Pelletier vs C McNab, 2012Ding Liren vs Wei Yi, 2015W M Byland vs C F Tears, 1951M Diamond vs Santasiere, 1922Bondarevsky vs Smyslov, 1946Leko vs I Nepomniachtchi, 2016

<<>some of my analysis<>>: N Karaklajic vs Smyslov, 1955 -- I B Odesskij vs P Skacelik, 2001

<to see my games & stats/profile page on (username: eternaloptimist): -- Type in eternaloptimist in the search box. (You have to have a gameknot acct. to see it.)<<<>>>>

<Right now I'm trying out different chess variants for something different. Please feel free to mention variants that you like in my forum.<<<<>>>>>

<Some of my favorite chess books are: 1) My Best Games by Anatoly Karpov 2) The Search for Chess Perfection by C. J. S. Purdy 3) 125 Selected Games by Vasily Smyslov 4) Modern Chess Strategy by Ludek Pachman 5) Transpo Tricks in Chess by Andrew Soltis 6) Pawn Structure Chess by Andrew Soltis 7) The Wisest Things Ever Said About Chess by Andrew Soltis 8) The Development of Chess Style by John Nunn & Max Euwe (Nunn added material to the original text that Euwe wrote.) 9) H.O.T. Chess by Paul Motwani 10) Salo Flohr's Best Games of Chess by Salo Flohr (translated by Gregory S. Donges) <<<<<<>>>>>>>

<1 book that helped me improve a lot is "How to Reassess Your Chess" by Jeremy Silman. Although he isn't the most honest guy in the world b/c he makes himself out to be a better chess player than he actually is. (I'm aware that he's an IM so I'm not saying that he's not a strong player.) He does this by giving a lot of his moves in the book a "!" or "!!" that don't deserve them. If you analyze some of his games on a chess engine then you will see that some of his moves that got a "!" or "!!" actually aren't anywhere close to being the best move. In addition to that sometimes he doesn't mention if his opponent plays a move that deserves a "?" to make some of his victories appear brilliant & to show the triumph of the strategical theme in a particular section of the book.<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>

<1 of my favorite chess quotes: "Many of Karpov's intentions become understandable to his opponents only when salvation is no longer possible." Mikhail Tal <<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>

<*profile updated on 7/15/2020 <<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>

>> Click here to see eternaloptimist's game collections. Full Member
   Current net-worth: 4,399 chessbucks
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   eternaloptimist has kibitzed 1744 times to chessgames   [more...]
   Jul-29-20 A Timofeev vs D Khismatullin, 2018 (replies)
eternaloptimist: It took me a few minutes to solve it but once I noticed how weak Timofeev’s 2nd rank was then I saw that 26...♘e4! is the correct move!
   Jul-28-20 I Panagopoulos vs Stefansson, 1993 (replies)
eternaloptimist: I saw the variation w/ 29...♕g5+
   Jul-27-20 K McDonald vs Blaine Newcomb, 2020 (replies)
eternaloptimist: As far as I can remember this is the easiest Monday puzzle that I have ever seen on CG. <An Englishman> Yes I saw that unsound ♖ sac. McDonald was very fortunate to win this game
   Jul-27-20 A Zapolskis vs S Maze, 2016 (replies)
eternaloptimist: As for this game, Maze’s style reminds me a lot of Ulf Andersson’s style. By this I mean he likes to exchange pieces pretty quickly, grind down his opponents in the endgame & get at least 1 passed ♙. He also (like Andersson) usually aims for technical positional games ...
   Jul-26-20 Dvoirys vs G Timoshchenko, 1988 (replies)
eternaloptimist: Like some of the other kibitzers here I thought 30. ♘xh6+ -> ♖g3+ would win the game for white but I was wrong. ♕f3!! has to be played 1st before ♘xh6+. Dvoirys also played the opening well. <rodchuck> LOL 😃 Ur kibitz is hilarious! I ...
   Jul-26-20 Ivanchuk vs Leko, 2020 (replies)
eternaloptimist: Actually Leko wasn’t a ♖ up; he was essentially up 2 ♙s (a ♖ for 3 ♙s). Ivanchuk played brilliantly in the late middlegame & endgame in this game! I was really hoping that he was going to beat Carlsen in their match but he came a little short of doing
   Jul-17-20 Anna Vitalyevna Zatonskih
eternaloptimist: Happy birthday to the 4-time US Women’s Chess Champ, Anna Zatonskih!!
   Jul-15-20 H Westerinen vs Savon, 1975 (replies)
eternaloptimist: I solved this puzzle really quickly b/c I’ve seen this motif before & b/c it looked like ♖xh7 is about the only way to whip up an attack speedily. The Finnish GM generated a very strong attack against the very underrated & strong Ukrainian GM Savon!
   Jul-15-20 P Hair vs S Yee, 2017 (replies)
eternaloptimist: I’ve looked at some of the games w/ 3...Qb6 in the CG database for the Caro-Kann (Fantasy variation) & it actually looks like it is a good move to play! It poses some problems for white & gives black a pretty good chance to win even against good chess players. Although it ...
   Jul-02-20 Deysi Estela Cori Tello
eternaloptimist: Happy birthday to this beautiful young lady! I see that Jorge Cori isn’t the only intelligent member of his family; his older sister Deysi is as well!
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Great Reads

Kibitzer's Corner
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Premium Chessgames Member
  eternaloptimist: Well today I finally decided to start my own chess forum! I've been contemplating starting a forum for a long time but decided not to until now. I named it "Great Reads" b/c I would like my forum to be primarily about great books & great articles on chess websites. Although we can chat about other chess topics also. The timing is right for this forum since I'm checking out almost every day now & I'm really excited about this!
Premium Chessgames Member
  OhioChessFan: Here's an article I hope is true:

<Check out these seven surprising health benefits of playing chess and then consider your next move.>

Premium Chessgames Member
  eternaloptimist: Thx for posting that link <Ohio>! It's a good article & that article is a great way to kick off my forum by showing the benefits of chess. I remember reading somewhere (probably Chess Life magazine) that GM Denker mentioned that he has never heard of anyone getting Alzheimer's who was an avid chessplayer. Considering that he lived to be 90 yrs old that is saying something! The other benefits listed in the article r probably true as well. 1 of the pics in the article shows chess master Jude Acers "the man w/ the red beret". I played him a long time ago & lasted a pretty good while but I lost the game. Anyone who wants to play him can go to the Gazebo Cafe in New Orleans & play him for $5 a game. It's interesting that at a place in France they use chess to treat schizophrenia. is 1 of my favorite websites. I really like their book reviews. This also mentions some benefits of chess.:
Premium Chessgames Member
  OhioChessFan: ChessBookForum chessforum

You'll find some book lovers there.

Premium Chessgames Member
  eternaloptimist: Thx <Ohio>. I'll definitely check out that forum.
Jul-17-14  Deus Ex Alekhina: The benefits of chess?!? Several prominent chess players have committed suicide. F.D. Yates died from an "accidental" gas leak during the early years of the depression; Schlechter died of starvation during the blockade of 1918. Steinitz and Rubenstein were institutionalized. Morphy slowly went mad. Carlos Torre, who drew with Capa & Alekhine & beat Lasker, went nuts. Bobby Fischer, no comment needed. Brad Darrach, who wrote a book on Fischer, many, many years ago, said that chess was " a cesspool stinking of death".
Premium Chessgames Member
  eternaloptimist: Well the players u mentioned are only a very small sampling of all the people who have played chess for a long time. I've played chess for 36 years & I've never attempted suicide. I disagree w/ Darrach. I think of chess as being a spring of life for chessplayers' brains. Quite often brilliant people (non-chess players also) are crazy &/or eccentric. It's nothing unusual.
Premium Chessgames Member
  perfidious: Something tells me that Darrach's comment was a bit of journalistic licence--I read that book many years ago and did not come away favourably impressed by Darrach's portrayal of Fischer.
Premium Chessgames Member
  eternaloptimist: It's quite possible that u r right about that. Some authors figure if they do the journalistic license thing, then their books, magazine articles etc will be more colorful & will sell more copies which will translate to more $ for them. There could be some lies in this book. I haven't read it, but I'll take your word for it.
Premium Chessgames Member
  eternaloptimist: I'm curious as to what books r the favorites of the cg community. Listing a top 10 list would be good but u can list more or less if u want. Please mention if u r ranking them in order or in no particular order. Thx in advance!
Jul-25-14  Mr. V: Hi there!
Do you mean only chess books?
Premium Chessgames Member
  eternaloptimist: Hi! Welcome to my forum! I want u to mention books preferably but if u would rather list articles on the web then that's ok too.
Jul-26-14  master of defence: Hello eternaloptimist! Do you play chess on any website currently? If so, which one? I would like to play you.
Premium Chessgames Member
  eternaloptimist: Hi! I'm not currently playing chess online but I used to play a lot on & Although I've thought about playing online again. Which website(s) do u play on?
Jul-26-14  master of defence: I'm currently on and, playing most correspondence games, actually, but I may play bullet/blitz games as well.

Does you still have active accounts on such sites you mentioned?

Premium Chessgames Member
  eternaloptimist: Well my acct is no longer active but my acct still exists. I like both of those websites a lot but I'm in the mood to try something new. I will create an acct on soon & I will be able to play u then...say on Tuesday or Wednesday. Btw what's your username on gameknot? I'll send u an invite shortly after I create my acct. Actually (#1) & gameknot (#2) are the 2 most popular chess websites. is ranked #7. The rankings change daily.:
Jul-29-14  master of defence: Hm, isn't this account on gameknot yours? Note it also has the same country as you(United States): Have you forgot your password?

You can create a new account on if you wish, it's actually have more features than, to be honest.

I didn't even knew there were a website just to rank the chess websites! But on which bases they're ranked? Nº of members, views, feedback, etc?

Premium Chessgames Member
  eternaloptimist: Wow! Yes actually it is my acct! I completely forgot that I created that acct! Although on my profile page, it says I created my acct on April '08 & I never played any games. Since that was several years ago & I never played any games, I guess that explains why I forgot about it...LOL! I guess I created this acct just in case I didn't like & Although since I liked (& still like) both of these websites, I never played a game on gameknot. I would like to start off by playing 1 correspondence game w/ u. Just send me a game invite when u r ready to start playing a game. As far as how works, I did some googling & I found out that it is based off of Internet traffic of people that have downloaded their toolbar. After u download the toolbar to your computer, they can see which websites u r going to. I wouldn't recommend u doing this though since u can get malware on your computer from downloading toolbars. I just found out today that they only base it off of people that have downloaded their toolbar so that makes me question the accuracy of it. Anyway I'm looking forward to playing chess w/ u soon!
Premium Chessgames Member
  eternaloptimist: I'm able to login to my gameknot acct. I tried some passwords that I use for other websites & the 3rd time was the charm! We can play on gameknot for now & possibly on in the future.
Premium Chessgames Member
  morfishine: <eternaloptimist> Sure, no problem. I've been highly critical of the pun selection over the past few months. My main point is a GOTD (Game of the Day) should be exactly that. The GOTD should be a high quality game, or why bother calling it "Game of the Day"?

Too often, the game is chosen for some silly, shallow play on word or "pun" without the game being very high quality.

BTW: Today was mine (Purdy) and not a pun at all: just a silly rhyming play on words. But I think the game is good enough

BTW(2): Nice username and avatar: A cat with 9 lives must be an eternal optimist !


Premium Chessgames Member
  OhioChessFan: I realize it's tough to come up with 365 puns a year, and to be limited to high quality games strikes me as a bit much. I think some great puns aren't used because of low quality games. Why not? Go for the cheap laugh, I say.

I agree the vast majority of puns are shallow/obvious. That's not to cg.c's discredit. When cg.c had 25 or so puns from the kibitzers a few years back, there were a handful that were even remotely interesting.

Premium Chessgames Member
  eternaloptimist: I think both of u guys made some good points. 

<morf>: It's always good when the GOTD is a high quality game. It's more enjoyable to play over it then. <Shams> knocked your Purdy pun but it fits the game as <Mating Net> said in his kibitz. It's a good game & I enjoy playing over his games. His book "The Search for Chess Perfection" is a great book. I've read a good bit of it & played over a lot of the games in it. It's 1 of the best books of all time IMO. U mentioned the voters @ the Purdy game. When I vote in the "pun voting booth", I try to only give the high quality games w/ good/great puns the highest marks. I've only judged 34 of them so far but I plan to keep it up to help out some. The best 1 I've voted for that got picked was this 1: Letelier vs Najdorf, 1954
Thx for the complements about my username & the cat pic. <...A cat with 9 lives must be an eternal optimist !> Indeed! :D  

<Ohio>: It is indeed a tough predicament about the GOTD situation. If cg decided to bypass the voting process & intervene by having some of their employees go through some of the games & pick some of the GOTDs themselves, it would be time consuming so I agree w/ u that it's not to their discredit. Cg does a great job w/ their website! I do like "cheap laughs" as well! There's nothing wrong w/ some levity when it comes to puns. :D Pls elaborate on the "...25 or so puns..." that u were referring to. When did that happen & what were some of the games?

Premium Chessgames Member
  morfishine: <OhioChessFan> The issue is attaching all these "puns" and sub-par games to something called the "Game of the Day". GOTD to me means at least, an exciting, high-quality game. I was going to suggest to <CG> to create a separate column for just fun and puns, while leaving the GOTD for a decent game. However <DomDaniel> dissuaded me as he had already suggested this idea. So we are stuck with the GOTD as it is
Premium Chessgames Member
  OhioChessFan: The member submitted Pawn contest was in, that long ago? Anyway, here's a link:

Game Collection: 2009 pun contest

<morf> yeah, I get that GOTD sort of announces a good game. I have thought they should attach a pun once a week and let the other 6 days just be good games.

Premium Chessgames Member
  OhioChessFan: I had forgotten I've officially submitted 4 puns. I don't think that accomplished much, so I normally just put my pun suggestions in quotes on the game in question's kibitzing section. Here's the official submissions:

Puns submitted by OhioChessFan:

How Low Can You Go?
Timman vs P Limbos, 1969

Dead Poetz Society
F Poetz vs C H Marais, 2008

I'd Like To Buy a Vowel
J Aagaard vs Hoi, 2010

Castellvi vs Vinyoles, 1475

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