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Member since Jan-27-05 · Last seen Nov-21-23
Favourite player: Kasparov, on and off the board. :)

Playing styles i respect.. Karpov, Tal, Fischer, Morozevich, Kramnik, Geller, Morphy, Capablanca(for his natural talent/genius).

Updated bio as of 28th of January, 2017

Current players I'm following;

Wei Yi, Yu YangYi, Ding Liren..

Those are my 3 young hopefuls, and i think all 3 of them can challenge Carlsen to a WC match and have good chances. The other like Wang Hao and stuff don't seem as dedicated to being a chess professional and have other interests(like school/uni etc), otherwise they could probably go as far too.

Also a big fan of Nakamura. Waiting for the day that Naka beats Carlsen in a classical game.. otherwise i don't think he really has a chance vs Carlsen anytime soon.. haha

I play on lichess currently(imo they have the best interface/system, unlimited or even real time engine analysis, unlike, or at least last time i used :P), and only play 15/15 games or longer. Not a fan of blitz faster than that, because i like to have a drink/smoke or two and still be able to win etc..

lichess>>yahoo chess, which was my chess site progression.. i think lichess rating is higher than or yahoo, but they use glicko system, and i'm not sure about the other two but i'm guessing not because like i said, i wouldn't have a chance against 2000+ player at 15/15 on yahoo back in the day.. maybe i've just gotten better? i don't think so, but who really knows.. -_-

My account @ lichess =

Send me a message here or there if you would like a game or anything. I haven't played much recently, but chess isn't something that needs to be rushed and it will be there even when i'm an old man. Or an older man. Or whatever. I'm still young at heart, and that's all that matters ;)

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   ex0duz has kibitzed 702 times to chessgames   [more...]
   May-07-23 Nepomniachtchi - Ding World Championship Match (2023) (replies)
ex0duz: Lol pampered goldfish. I remember that. Then so became one himself. Hahaha. Where'd the goldfish reference come from again? Why goldfish? <Kasparov spent 90! minutes finding a good response after Karpov's 9..e3 novelty in this world championship game> 90 mins? In a 120 min for ...
   May-06-23 Ding Liren (replies)
ex0duz: In his first game since becoming WC, he basically got a QGA and an easy draw with white vs MVL in about 25-30 moves. Both played well with not even one inaccuracy. So far so good. Seems like he's taking it easy so far. Shouldn't he have rested more first? I mean he just finished ...
   May-06-23 Kovalenko vs Keymer, 2019 (replies)
ex0duz: Also, I consider this a cookie cutter attack. It basically plays itself. Black lets white get a great normal, easy development on the best squares and is just begging white to sac on h6, and after that everything pretty much plays itself. I don't see any real "Tal" level moves here. ...
   May-02-23 Ding Liren vs J Zhou, 2010 (replies)
ex0duz: Wow, 26.Ne8 is pretty spectacular. I wonder when he saw that move.
   Apr-30-23 Nepomniachtchi vs Ding Liren, 2023 (replies)
ex0duz: What a match, what a game! I didn't want it to be decided by blitz, but I can't see how it could have been more deserved in the blitz. He refuses the draw even down on the clock with 1 minute left. 46.Rg6 is balls of steel, and the way he played after that, finding all the best moves
   Apr-26-23 Ding Liren vs Nepomniachtchi, 2023 (replies)
ex0duz: 24.c4 was an inaccuracy in the engines eyes, but OTB that was probably the best try/practical move to draw or win the game which Ding needed to do. If he played the most "accurate" moves , he would just get crushed slowly but surely, with zero counterplay basically. So people ...
   Apr-21-23 Nepomniachtchi vs Ding Liren, 2023 (replies)
ex0duz: What a game, what a match! These guys can even make the Berlin so exciting, with hanging pieces on both Ng6 and Bh6. Insane stuff the games we have been getting.. Also, I'm assuming this game was pretty high quality with no real mistakes/blunders, and maybe 1-2 inaccuracies only. One
   Apr-16-23 Ding Liren vs Nepomniachtchi, 2023 (replies)
ex0duz: Yep I am really enjoying this see saw match so far. Every game is exciting and makes you want to tune in for the next match. Who cares about some fogeys in the future lol Ding should have this in the bag now that hes made time control. Even before time control he was already playing ...
   Jun-29-22 FIDE Candidates (2022) (replies)
ex0duz: Yeah, Ding is playing great now after a slow start, which is usually the case for him it seems. Same as last candidate's before it ended or dropped out.. Hopefully Nepo loses a game and ding wins a few more at least to keep things interesting. If Nepo wins one more it will probably ...
   Jun-29-22 Ding Liren vs Duda, 2022
ex0duz: Sorry, don't know how to edit or delete my previous post, but you can see Ding make his 40th move and also Dudas time and the speed and nonchalance with which he played Bxe4 also. I think it's a good addendum for people who view this game in the future, since that was the critical ...
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