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Being a control freak (just ask my kids!), I have moved my profile onto a page I can edit any way I want:

See you there!

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   johnlspouge has kibitzed 7794 times to chessgames   [less...]
   Jan-24-21 Vyzmanavin vs Ehlvest, 1984 (replies)
johnlspouge: @<Patriot>: In reply to your bio’s query, I am still alive and well, just pursuing musical interests instead of chess. I must admit, the <johnlspouge> of 2009 was a superbly methodical chess analyst compared to the <johnlspouge> of 2021. In particular, I ...
   Jan-23-21 Kenneth Rogoff (replies)
johnlspouge: An interesting article on the ethical questions that COVID-19 raises so acutely. All of science in a virus, rather than a grain of sand. "In Science We Trust? Being Honest About the Limits of Medical Research During COVID-19" < Whilst pseudoscience asserts confidence despite ...
   Dec-29-20 FSR chessforum (replies)
johnlspouge: It is kind of you to comment, Frederick, because I had wondered if you would notice. I remain in complete awe of how prolifically you pun. Yes, it was my first GOTD. I am no longer a virgin :)
   Dec-27-20 H Akvist vs R Goode, 1966 (replies)
johnlspouge: Thanks for the response, <morf>. I know you can be very discriminating :)
   Nov-08-20 E Thorsteinsson vs A Simutowe, 2008
johnlspouge: Tuesday puzzle ...25?
   Aug-16-20 D Norwood vs Gelfand, 1987 (replies)
johnlspouge: < <goodevans> wrote: <johnlspouge> is a fairly infrequent kibitzer these days, which is a pity since his comments are usually insightful. The point he made in 2009 is worth illustrating with a few diagrams. > I thank you for your favorable review, ...
   Jul-24-20 johnlspouge chessforum (replies)
johnlspouge: Hey, <Tommy>! I hope you are well. Coals to Newcastle :) "TOP 20 ACOUSTIC GUITAR INTROS OF ALL TIME" Rick Beato [ ]
   Jul-23-20 Louis Stumpers (replies)
johnlspouge: "Quantum Tunneling Is Not Instantaneous, Physicists Show" [ ] "Stumpers was a physicist". If there is an more appropriate forum for articles on quantum tunneling, please let me know.
   Jul-29-19 L Asztalos vs Breyer, 1913
johnlspouge: Tuesday puzzle on 31...
   Jan-18-19 Domdaniel chessforum (replies)
   Sep-11-18 Zherebukh vs V Akobian, 2017 (replies)
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Kibitzer's Corner
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Jan-15-20  Nisjesram: Reposted from rogoffland

<Bobsterman3000: <Carrots and Pizza - To count errors or hyperbole as lies is dishonest. If someone things Clinton was never charged with a crime and they are shown that he was, it doesn't make his statement a lie. Not all false statements are lies.> <wtpy: Keypusher, Absolutely right. Even mistaking a fact doesn't make you a liar, it just makes you mistaken.>

Sure, you people are right.

But for someone to (still) keep claiming that "collusion is now proven" is not being mistaken at this point. It's just willfully lying.>

Good that you want to settle it.

I too want to settle/resolve it for once and all, however, presently I am a little too busy with work .

I will come back to this conversation and take it to its logical conclusion and show why I think you are completely wrong ,<bobsterman> ,in calling <saffuna> a liar.

I am posting this post in the forum of <keypusher> and in the forum of <johnlspouge> (for the future reference of <wtpy> and others). I hope <keypusher> and <johnlspouge> would be ok with it.

Thank you guys. Let us try to elevate our conversations as much as we can.


Jan-15-20  Tomlinsky: A little pianistic inspiration for 2020... :)
Premium Chessgames Member
  johnlspouge: Thanks, <Tommy>!

My musical ear must be improving. I was a little bothered that the chicken's pecks did not correspond to the notes...


Apr-16-20  Tomlinsky: Not sure if you're familiar with Benedetti's Puzzle but thought you may find it interesting if not.

Hope all safe with you and yours.

Premium Chessgames Member
  johnlspouge: Thanks, <Tommy>!

I am always curious about perfect pitch. Two members of my family have it (daughter and sister), but in my case, the math genes definitely crowded it out ;>)

I did not notice the gradual pitch change, but I have an acquaintance who has perfect pitch. Under measurement, he claims to have detected a 4-cent deviation from standard tuning. I will play the video for him to see whether he gets its purpose without explanation.

Take care. Happy Captain Tom Day!

Apr-30-20  Tomlinsky: I find these things fascinating. While certainly not ever had perfect pitch, when a lad I used to always tune my guitar with reference to a tune on an album I had that started with a ringing Em strum. Over time that reference must have sunk in and when later playing with folk played the 'strum' in my head while checking a standard tuning. To this day, I'm usually a quarter-tone out at worst and some people believe I have perfect-pitch.

More practically important, imo, is relative pitch. Recognising interval relationships and deconstructing diads/triads/compounds helps make much more sense of keys/harmonies and what 'works' and why theoretically. It was such a big moment when that penny dropped.

If only they came with a free bag of 'ideas'! :)

Jun-12-20  Nisjesram: I understand and appreciate what you are saying <jith1207>

2)i learned a lot from the conversations in <rogoff> forum and i am thankful to <> for that.

3)my two most favorite posters on rogoff are <johnlspouge> (a left winger) and <keypusher> (a right winger , on some issues , he is on right of even trump). These two people had the level to be very , very dispassionate in the conversations and provide very in depth analysis of issues based on concrete empirical evidence and numbers. Highest level of depth/clarity of thinking coupled with dispassion.

I learned a lot from them and once again i express my thanks to

4)<keypusher> was always very vocal about bad signal/noise ratio in rogoff forum. He often ecpressed frustration over what he called 'shout show ' and 'monkey throwing faeces ' show.

Nonetheless , we somehow managed .

5)however , now the signal/noise ratio is so bad , 'the usual suspects ' have crossed all the lines in their 'monkey throwing faeces show ' and 'shout show ' , that i don't see any conversations from the sanest voices of rogoff forum any more - i don't think there is any room for them to have conversations in rogoff forum any more ,it has become a nuthouse.

6)<tiggler> likes conversations in stumper forum (<tiggler> is professor of electronics engineering in some american university . Daniel freeman was also a regular in stumper forum as <sneaky> ). Stumper forum has a very good signal/noise ratio because of the nature of conversations in that forum . When <johnbarleycorn> posted there by making a sock puppet account (because he was suspended) , <tiggler> was very unhappy . He was like "now that <johnbarleycorn> is back flame wars will be back again ".

There are people who want high quality , dispassionate comversations without any 'shout show ' and 'monkey throwing faeces ' show.

7)if things improve , perhaps , i would be back again. Meanwhile , once again , heartfelt thanks to <>


Premium Chessgames Member
  johnlspouge: Hey, <Tommy>!

I hope you are well. Coals to Newcastle :)


Rick Beato

[ ]

Jul-25-20  Nisjesram: Another reason why <johnlsoouge> and <keypusher> are smart and i am an idiot :

<Keypusher> has repeatedly said <you are trying to have a rational conversation with a troll/idiot. Let me know how it goes >

Now , that is very , very smart and i think that finally i am ready to apply this in life : to size up situations and people very , very quickly and take that into account when we choose to respond ....usually , people keep talking with a lot of energy/passion and in their mind they talking very smart - without talking into account level/state of receiver....if we talk post graduation level stuff to a fifth grader and everytime end up frustrated and as a result becoming ever more impatient and aggressive every time...if so , we need to increase our level of maturity....not everyone is ready for that level of maturity ...hopefully , i am ...


Jul-25-20  Nisjesram: If this time i increase my maturity level and stop wasting time in rogoffland , if i stop indulging in shout show like idiots , then gratitude to <johnlspouge> and <keypusher> in advance.

<Saffuna> is beyond help , however, i hope i would keep increasing my maturity level all my life to reach level of <nisargadatta> and beyond

2) it is time i start acting my age and talk only to mature people like <johnlspouge> and <keypusher>


Aug-08-20  Tomlinsky: Oh hey <JLS>! Only just seen that message, thanks. Some great staples in there.

Coincidentally, have been loaned a nice electro-classical and have found a German company that actually makes low tension steel strings so the neck won't get jiggered. Been rediscovering things like Chet Atkins, Ry Cooder and, especially the goddess Joni Mitchell (If you're not familiar with her Hejira album give it a shot on a long trip) during lockdown. You must be psychedelic.

PS: I thought it was 'Godess' for some strange reason. Stay calm and all that jazz.

Aug-16-20  Boomie: Back in the hippie times, I was learning to play folk guitar and writing songs. Then I heard Ry Cooder's collection of Depression era songs,, and was blown away by his skill. His rendition of Woody Guthrie's "Vigilante Man" is one of the finest slide guitars I've ever heard. At around the same time, I listened to Leo Kottke's Armadillo album. ( Some of the finest 12-string playing this side of Leadbelly. Curiously, Joni Mitchell is in the Rolling Stone list of 100 best guitarists. She had a weak left hand caused by polio and invented 40 or 50 tunings to compensate. Jimi Hendrix went to one of her concerts and asked if it would be OK for him to record it. Jimi was the hardest working guitarist ever.
Oct-26-20  Ybr: Hello john,

Hope you are well

1) these days , i am increasing my earnestness manifold to reach level of purity of heart and dispassion of jesus quickly and therefore i have narrowed down my focus immensely...staying away from all useless conversations

2) i am teaching 'linear algebra ' to my niece these days from hoffman/kunze book and i am loving teaching this subject.


Oct-26-20  Ybr: Part 2

John , one thing thst i stuggle with is my memory. I tend to forget theorems of math very quickly even if i know/understand them very thoroughly/deeply and therefore , i need to revise them very often.

2) here is a hypothesis that i am testing these days - <if we earnestly work towards reaching the level of jesus in dispassion and purity of heart , our memory improves tremendously much before reaching the level of jesus in dispassion >


Oct-27-20  Ybr: Hey john,

You had told me that at the age of 13 , you disappeared in your basement with a calcululus book for 15 days and reading that calculus book was indescribably wonderful experience...

Well, similar experience i had studying hoffman/kunze book of 'linear algebra ' , especially theorems about coordinate matrix and basis of vector space (except that unlike you , i studied these subjects much later in life :) )

Well, i love studying , analyzing maths


Oct-27-20  Ybr: Hey John ,

I intend to start learning english grammar - hope , i would be able to make time. I am starting with < parts of speech>. Do you know some good link on web or should i just google?

Thank you . Regards

Oct-27-20  Ybr: <Commonly listed English parts of speech are noun, verb, adjective, adverb, pronoun, preposition, conjunction, interjection, numeral, article, or determiner. Other Indo-European languages also have essentially all these word classes;[1] one exception to this generalization is that most Slavic languages as well as Latin and Sanskrit do not have articles. Beyond the Indo-European family, such other European languages as Hungarian and Finnish, both of which belong to the Uralic family, completely lack prepositions or have only very few of them; rather, they have postpositions.>

Oct-28-20  Ybr: How to have perfect energy - 'engine with perfect efficiency '

1) as long as restlessness is there in body/mind , there can not be perfect energy...we got to be as restful as when in deep dreamless sleep

2) As long as emotions/desires/fears are not dissolved completely , there would be some restlessness

3) as long as thrre is individuality , there would be restlessness. We got to dissolve individuality - 'i'

We got to dissolve individuality by trancending consciousness abiding in changeless, eternal Absolute

We got to be advanced/mature enough to spot slightest emotion/sensation in body. If emotions/sensations are there , individuality ('i') is there. As soon as we spot , we should ask 'who is having these emotions/sensations ' (implicitly or explicitly) . If we are ripe/advanced/mature , this question would immediately take us to Absolute.

4) that is how we reach 'kingdom of heaven that is within ' ...transcendence and immanence ...'to be in the world but not of world '...perfect dispassion/detachment

5) genes change as we progress...depending on our genes , it takes anywhere from one year to thirty years (30) to reach the level of jesus if we practice intelligently🙏🏻

Oct-28-20  Ybr: And that is what life is about - to reach the level of have perfect dispassion/detachment. Thank you for listening my monologue. Regards.
Oct-28-20  Ybr: Right now , my body is so light and mind so clear/quiet , it is unbelievable . Body is not as light as in deep dreamless sleep but still very light and free from sensations...body never felt this good in my life ever (or if it did , i do not remember ...may be in early childhood , it felt like that, but not since my teens )

Let us see if this state persists 🙏🏻

Oct-28-20  Ybr: Part 2

Z: You might be very close to enlightenment

Me :


Because for that one has to abide in Atman all the time. And that is what my practice is these days- to be able to abide in Atman every moment and be free from individuality.

Once i reach that point , i may say that i am close to enlightenment. Presently , i feel far from that point

2) good thing is that my practice is so relentless that every moment i am inching closer to that point , so it is just a matter of time (unless i get some huge setback - health crisis or such)

Oct-29-20  Ybr: Finally , i accessed all the layers of thoughts/emotions....deepest layers of thoughts/emotions...all layers ...
Oct-29-20  Ybr: Practice/sadhna, earnestness should be whatever level we are

2) for example , my level is that i am able to abide in Atman, level of j is that he able to watch gap between breaths/thoughts , level of some other person might be that he is able to watch breaths...whatever level is ...point is to give up, dissolve thoughts/emotions every moment...

Perfect noise/signal ratio....

3)my sadhna, determination is so relentless that gods bow to me , arjuna/eklavya bow to me.

4)things are easy for me now , however, there have been times when it was tough for me ....very, very tough ...excruciatingly tough...not once my sadhna/determination wavered....i was always like 'jitni mushkil aur badegi , utna tap main aur karoonga '(if it gets tougher, i would increase my sadhna/practice/tap)....

Many a times it felt like breaking point is about to come , still i marched on ....determination/earnestness of gods...that is why i know that i am destined to be enlightened , sooner than later....

Oct-29-20  Ybr: And now silence....unless usual suspects talk nonsense about existence of gods, omv argument and such.....
Premium Chessgames Member
  FSR: Congrats on the GOTD! Is that your first?
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