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Member since Apr-17-08
Started playing chess in 1972. Puerto Rico National Champion in 1977. Retired from chess in 1986. Still love the game! Full Member

   kamalakanta has kibitzed 2221 times to chessgames   [less...]
   Dec-15-19 B Abramovic vs V Kovacevic, 1989
kamalakanta: What a game!
   Jan-11-19 K Honfi vs Adorjan, 1966
kamalakanta: At the age of 16!
   Sep-07-18 wordfunph chessforum (replies)
kamalakanta: Congrats!
   Apr-30-18 Ribli vs Adorjan, 1983 (replies)
kamalakanta: WHAT A MOVE!
   Apr-03-18 ChessBookForum chessforum (replies)
kamalakanta: Another
   Oct-21-17 J Penrose vs Tal, 1960 (replies)
kamalakanta: Yes, Ughaibu, the same thing happens with Lasker. Capablanca held Lasker in very high regard, yet Fischer said Lasker was a "coffeehouse player"! And Capablanca also stated that even Masters could not fully appreciate Lasker; they did not understand him. Chess fans are generally
   May-28-17 Gudmundur Kjartansson (replies)
kamalakanta: Gudmundur, congratulations on winning the 2017 Icelandic Championship! I looked at all your games. You played with great energy and enthusiasm! Strong, good chess throughout! with best wishes, Kamalakanta P.S.- I am active in
   Dec-17-16 S Levitsky vs Marshall, 1912 (replies)
kamalakanta: Here is another game that has a similar Queen move to end the game! Bronstein vs Geller, 1961
   Feb-23-15 chessforum (replies)
kamalakanta: It is Makogonov. This should be fixed.
   Feb-20-15 Lasker vs Bird, 1890 (replies)
kamalakanta: 20...Bxb5 loses to 21.Nc7!
   Oct-29-14 jessicafischerqueen chessforum (replies)
   Sep-11-14 Magnus Carlsen (replies)
   Apr-24-14 Gashimov Memorial (2014) (replies)
   Mar-31-14 Viswanathan Anand (replies)
   Mar-30-14 Levon Aronian (replies)
   Jan-30-14 Carlsen vs Gelfand, 2014 (replies)
   Dec-27-13 Hikaru Nakamura (replies)
   Nov-26-13 Anand vs Leko, 2009 (replies)
   May-24-13 David Bronstein (replies)
   Mar-18-13 E Alekseev vs Grischuk, 2012
   Mar-16-13 Aronian vs Gelfand, 2013 (replies)
   Dec-13-12 The World vs V Akobian, 2012 (replies)
   Nov-05-12 Karpov vs S Milliet, 2012 (replies)
   Sep-03-12 Kramnik vs Aronian, 2012 (replies)
   Aug-03-12 Ukrainian Championship (2012) (replies)
   Jun-14-12 McShane vs Kramnik, 2012 (replies)
   Jun-11-12 Anand - Gelfand World Championship Match (2012) (replies)
   Jun-08-12 Morozevich vs Carlsen, 2012 (replies)
   May-29-12 Bronstein vs A Istratescu, 1991
   May-29-12 V Timofeev vs R Nezhmetdinov, 1970 (replies)
   May-28-12 Bronstein vs Tukmakov, 1990
   May-28-12 Polugaevsky vs R Nezhmetdinov, 1958 (replies)
   May-27-12 Anand vs Gelfand, 2012 (replies)
   May-26-12 Tartakower vs Spielmann, 1921 (replies)
   May-20-12 Anand vs Gelfand, 2012 (replies)
   May-20-12 Gelfand vs Anand, 2012 (replies)
   May-15-12 Gelfand vs Anand, 2012 (replies)
   May-13-12 Anand vs Gelfand, 2012 (replies)
   May-11-12 Anand vs Gelfand, 2012 (replies)
   May-11-12 Capablanca Memorial (Elite) (2012) (replies)
   Apr-24-12 Kramnik vs Aronian, 2012 (replies)
   Apr-06-12 Chinese Chess Championship (2012) (replies)
   Apr-05-12 Carlsen vs Topalov, 2012 (replies)
   Mar-30-12 Wang Chen vs Ding Liren, 2012 (replies)
   Mar-24-12 Yasser Seirawan (replies)
   Mar-19-12 Mikhail Tal (replies)
   Mar-14-12 Tal vs Ghitescu, 1963 (replies)
   Feb-15-12 Garry Kasparov (replies)
   Feb-10-12 I Sokolov vs Kasparov, 1999 (replies)
   Feb-06-12 Wesley So (replies)
   Jan-30-12 Bird vs Lasker, 1892 (replies)
   Jan-30-12 J Mieses vs Nimzowitsch, 1907 (replies)
   Jan-26-12 Aronian vs Navara, 2012 (replies)
   Jan-25-12 Tata Steel Group A (2012) (replies)
   Jan-22-12 Carlsen vs Karjakin, 2012 (replies)
   Jan-21-12 Ivanchuk vs Aronian, 2012 (replies)
   Jan-20-12 Aronian vs V Gashimov, 2012 (replies)
   Jan-17-12 Aronian vs Kamsky, 2012 (replies)
   Jan-10-12 Aronian vs Nakamura, 2010 (replies)
   Jan-02-12 Morozevich vs Caruana, 2012 (replies)
   Jan-02-12 J Polgar vs Kasparov, 2002 (replies)
   Jan-01-12 Nepomniachtchi vs K Miton, 2011 (replies)
   Jan-01-12 Zsuzsa Polgar (replies)
   Jan-01-12 Vladimir Kramnik (replies)
   Dec-30-11 A Giri vs Nakamura, 2011 (replies)
   Dec-30-11 Ivanchuk vs Morozevich, 2011 (replies)
   Dec-22-11 Short vs Kasparov, 2011 (replies)
   Dec-22-11 W So vs Shirov, 2011 (replies)
   Dec-22-11 Bronstein vs Tal, 1982 (replies)
   Dec-11-11 Kramnik vs Aronian, 2011 (replies)
   Dec-09-11 V Akobian vs The World, 2011 (replies)
   Dec-07-11 London Chess Classic (2011) (replies)
   Dec-06-11 Carlsen vs Kramnik, 2011 (replies)
   Dec-04-11 McShane vs Carlsen, 2011 (replies)
   Nov-27-11 L Christiansen vs S Bouaziz, 1987
   Nov-24-11 Aronian vs Svidler, 2011 (replies)
   Nov-21-11 Smyslov vs Fischer, 1970 (replies)
   Oct-31-11 Pillsbury vs Tarrasch, 1895 (replies)
   Oct-30-11 W Al-Tarbosh vs Kuzubov, 2011 (replies)
   Oct-23-11 Eugenio Torre (replies)
   Oct-23-11 Rashid Nezhmetdinov (replies)
   Oct-21-11 Kramnik vs Vachier-Lagrave, 2011 (replies)
   Oct-19-11 A Stefanova vs Zhao Xue, 2011 (replies)
   Oct-07-11 Grand Slam Chess Final (2011) (replies)
   Oct-05-11 J Augustin vs A Lanc, 1975 (replies)
   Oct-05-11 A J Goldsby vs R Phillips, 2011 (replies)
   Oct-04-11 Lilienthal vs R Nezhmetdinov, 1951 (replies)
   Oct-02-11 Ivanchuk vs Carlsen, 2011 (replies)
   Oct-02-11 Robert James Fischer (replies)
   Oct-02-11 R Nezhmetdinov vs O Chernikov, 1962 (replies)
   Oct-02-11 Tal vs Z Pigits, 1953 (replies)
   Sep-26-11 Anand vs Carlsen, 2011 (replies)
   Sep-19-11 Waitaka chessforum (replies)
   Sep-08-11 Svidler vs J Polgar, 2011 (replies)
   Sep-08-11 World Cup (2011) (replies)
   Sep-07-11 L Dominguez vs J Polgar, 2011 (replies)
   Aug-26-11 Botvinnik - Petrosian World Championship Match (1963) (replies)
   Aug-21-11 Nakamura vs A J Goldsby, 2003 (replies)
   Aug-14-11 D Byrne vs Fischer, 1958 (replies)
   Aug-04-11 Karpov - Kasparov World Championship Match (1984/85) (replies)
   May-10-11 World Championship Candidates (2011) (replies)
   May-01-11 keypusher chessforum (replies)
   May-01-11 Emanuel Lasker (replies)
   Apr-30-11 Botvinnik - Tal World Championship Match (1960) (replies)
   Apr-30-11 LIFE Master AJ chessforum (replies)
   Apr-30-11 Fischer vs Taimanov, 1971 (replies)
   Apr-05-11 Flohr vs R Nezhmetdinov, 1954 (replies)
   Apr-02-11 12th European Individual Championship (2011) (replies)
   Jan-30-11 Boris Spassky (replies)
   Jan-30-11 Tata Steel Group A (2011) (replies)
   Jan-11-11 The World vs N Pogonina, 2010 (replies)
   Dec-25-10 Russian Championship Superfinal (2010) (replies)
   Dec-08-10 Short vs Kramnik, 2010 (replies)
   Dec-04-10 Akiba Rubinstein (replies)
   Nov-15-10 Tal Memorial (2010) (replies)
   Nov-11-10 Aronian vs Nakamura, 2010 (replies)
   Nov-08-10 Nakamura vs Kramnik, 2010 (replies)
   Nov-01-10 Cap d'Agde (2010) (replies)
   Oct-22-10 Topalov vs Anand, 2010 (replies)
   Oct-10-10 B Kalinkin vs R Nezhmetdinov, 1962 (replies)
   Oct-09-10 Faehndrich / Kaufmann vs Reti / Capablanca, 1914 (replies)
   Oct-08-10 N Kosolapov vs R Nezhmetdinov, 1936 (replies)
   Oct-03-10 S Sjugirov vs Carlsen, 2010 (replies)
   Aug-31-10 Arctic Securities Chess Stars (2010) (replies)
   Aug-17-10 J Polgar vs Anand, 1999 (replies)
   Aug-08-10 Bronstein vs Plaskett, 1993
   Jun-26-10 King's Tournament (2010) (replies)
   Jun-25-10 Bronstein vs A V Sulypa, 1996 (replies)
   Jun-22-10 Carlsen vs Aronian, 2007 (replies)
   Jun-21-10 Carlsen vs Radjabov, 2010 (replies)
   Jun-17-10 Carlsen vs Wang Yue, 2010 (replies)
   May-23-10 US Championship (2010) (replies)
   May-18-10 Anand - Topalov World Championship Match (2010) (replies)
   May-11-10 Topalov vs Anand, 2010 (replies)
   May-09-10 Anand vs Topalov, 2010 (replies)
   May-07-10 Topalov vs Anand, 2010 (replies)
   May-04-10 Anand vs Topalov, 2010 (replies)
   May-04-10 Topalov vs Anand, 2010 (replies)
   May-03-10 Anand vs Topalov, 2010 (replies)
   May-01-10 Anand vs Topalov, 2010 (replies)
   Apr-30-10 Topalov vs Anand, 2010 (replies)
   Apr-27-10 Topalov vs Anand, 2010 (replies)
   Apr-25-10 Anand vs Topalov, 2010 (replies)
   Apr-16-10 Botvinnik - Bronstein World Championship Match (1951) (replies)
   Apr-15-10 Anand vs Ljubojevic, 1995
   Apr-03-10 Beliavsky vs V Stoica, 1985
   Mar-24-10 Amber Tournament (Rapid) (2010) (replies)
   Mar-19-10 Amber Tournament (Blindfold) (2010) (replies)
   Mar-14-10 Rubinstein vs Schlechter, 1918 (replies)
   Mar-09-10 Karpov vs Kasparov, 1984 (replies)
   Mar-01-10 Veselin Topalov (replies)
   Feb-28-10 Polgar - Kaidanov Sicilian Theme Match (2010) (replies)
   Feb-20-10 Topalov vs Aronian, 2010 (replies)
   Jan-31-10 Carlsen vs Caruana, 2010 (replies)
   Jan-31-10 Corus Group A (2010) (replies)
   Jan-29-10 Carlsen vs L Dominguez, 2010 (replies)
   Jan-23-10 Carlsen vs Ivanchuk, 2010 (replies)
   Jan-16-10 Karjakin vs Anand, 2010 (replies)
   Jan-16-10 Tiviakov vs Carlsen, 2010 (replies)
   Dec-20-09 Spassky - Korchnoi Match (2009) (replies)
   Dec-14-09 London Chess Classic (2009) (replies)
   Dec-09-09 Carlsen vs McShane, 2009 (replies)
   Nov-15-09 Tal Memorial (2009) (replies)
   Nov-14-09 Anand vs Aronian, 2009 (replies)
   Nov-14-09 Ivanchuk vs Kramnik, 2009 (replies)
   Nov-13-09 Carlsen vs Ponomariov, 2009 (replies)
   Nov-13-09 Kramnik vs Leko, 2009 (replies)
   Nov-12-09 Aronian vs Kramnik, 2009 (replies)
   Nov-11-09 Carlsen vs Anand, 2009 (replies)
   Nov-10-09 Gelfand vs Kramnik, 2009 (replies)
   Nov-08-09 Carlsen vs Aronian, 2009 (replies)
   Nov-07-09 Morozevich vs Kramnik, 2009 (replies)
   Nov-07-09 Gelfand vs Carlsen, 2009 (replies)
   Nov-06-09 Carlsen vs Morozevich, 2009 (replies)
   Nov-05-09 Teimour Radjabov (replies)
   Nov-05-09 Carlsen vs Kramnik, 2009 (replies)
   Nov-01-09 Kibitzer's Café (replies)
   Oct-28-09 European Team Championship (2009) (replies)
   Oct-26-09 M Rodshtein vs V Gashimov, 2009 (replies)
   Oct-25-09 Smyslov vs Spassky, 1960 (replies)
   Oct-12-09 Pearl Spring Chess Tournament (2009) (replies)
   Oct-09-09 Botvinnik vs Spassky, 1970 (replies)
   Oct-09-09 Carlsen vs Jakovenko, 2009 (replies)
   Oct-07-09 Carlsen vs Wang Yue, 2009 (replies)
   Oct-04-09 Leko vs Carlsen, 2009 (replies)
   Oct-04-09 Topalov vs Carlsen, 2009 (replies)
   Oct-03-09 Carlsen vs Leko, 2009 (replies)
   Oct-02-09 Carlsen vs Radjabov, 2009 (replies)
   Oct-01-09 Carlsen vs Topalov, 2009 (replies)
   Sep-29-09 Wang Yue vs Carlsen, 2009 (replies)
   Sep-29-09 Efim Geller (replies)
   Sep-25-09 Kasparov vs Petrosian, 1981 (replies)
   Aug-30-09 Stellwagen vs Ljubojevic, 2009 (replies)
   Aug-26-09 Rising Stars - Experience (2009) (replies)
   Aug-12-09 E Alekseev vs E Inarkiev, 2009 (replies)
   Aug-12-09 M Umansky vs The World, 2009 (replies)
   Jul-29-09 Arpad Elo (replies)
   Jul-12-09 Kramnik vs Naiditsch, 2009 (replies)
   Jul-12-09 Dortmund Sparkassen (2009) (replies)
   Jul-11-09 Kenneth Rogoff (replies)
   Jul-11-09 Jakovenko vs Kramnik, 2009 (replies)
   Jul-10-09 Kramnik vs Carlsen, 2009 (replies)
   Jul-09-09 Naiditsch vs Jakovenko, 2009 (replies)
   Jul-09-09 Carlsen vs Leko, 2009 (replies)
   Jul-08-09 Jakovenko vs Carlsen, 2009 (replies)
   Jul-06-09 Carlsen vs Naiditsch, 2009 (replies)
   Jul-05-09 Naiditsch vs Kramnik, 2009 (replies)
   Jul-05-09 Bacrot vs Carlsen, 2009 (replies)
   Jul-04-09 Naiditsch vs Leko, 2009 (replies)
   Jul-03-09 Leko vs Kramnik, 2009 (replies)
   Jun-25-09 Kramnik vs Kasparov, 1994 (replies)
   Jun-18-09 Petrosian vs Spassky, 1966 (replies)
   Jun-15-09 Mikhail Botvinnik (replies)
   Jun-13-09 Kasparov vs L Blasco De La Cruz, 1997 (replies)
   Jun-13-09 Petrosian vs Karpov, 1973 (replies)
   May-30-09 Anand - Kramnik World Championship Match (2008) (replies)
   May-23-09 Shirov vs Carlsen, 2009 (replies)
   May-23-09 blacksburg chessforum (replies)
   May-22-09 Carlsen vs L Dominguez, 2009 (replies)
   May-22-09 Topalov vs Ivanchuk, 2009 (replies)
   May-22-09 Carlsen vs Wang Yue, 2009 (replies)
   May-21-09 M-Tel Masters (2009) (replies)
   May-21-09 Ivanchuk vs Carlsen, 2009 (replies)
   May-19-09 Tartakower vs Reti, 1920 (replies)
   May-17-09 US Championship (2009) (replies)
   May-15-09 Ivanchuk vs Wang Yue, 2009 (replies)
   May-11-09 Azerbaijan vs the World (2009) (replies)
   May-11-09 Leonid Stein (replies)
   May-02-09 SetNoEscapeOn chessforum (replies)
   May-02-09 suenteus po 147 chessforum (replies)
   Apr-26-09 Z Vranesic vs Stein, 1964 (replies)
   Apr-26-09 Cherepkov vs Stein, 1961 (replies)
   Apr-19-09 Ivanchuk vs Kasimdzhanov, 2009 (replies)
   Apr-17-09 Ivanchuk vs Karjakin, 2008 (replies)
   Apr-05-09 Euwe vs Kan, 1934 (replies)
   Apr-04-09 Seirawan vs Karpov, 1982 (replies)
   Apr-03-09 Peter Leko (replies)
   Apr-03-09 Tigran V Petrosian (replies)
   Apr-03-09 Stellwagen vs Anand, 2009 (replies)
   Apr-02-09 L Dominguez vs Carlsen, 2009 (replies)
   Mar-31-09 Spassky vs Rodgaisky, 1948 (replies)
   Mar-29-09 Kramnik vs Leko, 2009 (replies)
   Mar-27-09 Tal vs Velimirovic, 1979 (replies)
   Mar-25-09 Carlsen vs Kramnik, 2009 (replies)
   Mar-24-09 Amber Tournament (Rapid) (2009) (replies)
   Mar-24-09 Kramnik vs Ivanchuk, 2009 (replies)
   Mar-24-09 Amber Tournament (Blindfold) (2009) (replies)
   Mar-22-09 Thorski chessforum (replies)
   Mar-22-09 Karjakin vs Kamsky, 2009 (replies)
   Mar-22-09 Aronian vs Radjabov, 2009 (replies)
   Mar-22-09 Anand vs Kramnik, 2009 (replies)
   Mar-21-09 Aronian vs Kramnik, 2009 (replies)
   Mar-21-09 Carlsen vs Wang Yue, 2009 (replies)
   Mar-21-09 Anand vs Karjakin, 2009 (replies)
   Mar-21-09 Kamsky vs Radjabov, 2009 (replies)
   Mar-20-09 Radjabov vs Anand, 2009 (replies)
   Mar-20-09 Kasparov vs Karpov, 1985 (replies)
   Mar-20-09 Rubinstein vs Schlechter, 1912 (replies)
   Mar-20-09 Ivanchuk vs Wang Yue, 2009 (replies)
   Mar-20-09 Carlsen vs Morozevich, 2009 (replies)
   Mar-20-09 Leko vs Topalov, 2009 (replies)
   Mar-20-09 Anand vs Radjabov, 2009 (replies)
   Mar-14-09 technical draw chessforum (replies)
   Mar-12-09 I A Horowitz vs Petrosian, 1955 (replies)
   Mar-09-09 Nigel Short (replies)
   Mar-07-09 L Dominguez vs Ivanchuk, 2009 (replies)
   Mar-07-09 Carlsen vs Radjabov, 2007 (replies)
   Mar-06-09 Carlsen vs Grischuk, 2009 (replies)
   Mar-06-09 Linares (2009) (replies)
   Mar-06-09 Grischuk vs Anand, 2009 (replies)
   Mar-03-09 Grischuk vs Radjabov, 2009 (replies)
   Mar-02-09 Anand vs L Dominguez, 2009 (replies)
   Mar-02-09 Grischuk vs Ivanchuk, 2009 (replies)
   Mar-01-09 Fischer vs Petrosian, 1959 (replies)
   Mar-01-09 Wang Yue vs Grischuk, 2009 (replies)
   Mar-01-09 Carlsen vs Aronian, 2009 (replies)
   Feb-28-09 Grischuk vs L Dominguez, 2009 (replies)
   Feb-26-09 Topalov vs Kamsky, 2009 (replies)
   Feb-23-09 Topalov vs Kamsky, 2009 (replies)
   Feb-22-09 Anand vs I Sokolov, 1992 (replies)
   Feb-22-09 Carlsen vs Ivanchuk, 2009
   Feb-22-09 Topalov - Kamsky Candidates Final (2009) (replies)
   Feb-22-09 Anand vs Wang Yue, 2009 (replies)
   Feb-21-09 Kamsky vs Topalov, 2009 (replies)
   Feb-20-09 parisattack chessforum (replies)
   Feb-19-09 Topalov vs Kamsky, 2009 (replies)
   Feb-18-09 Kamsky vs Topalov, 2009 (replies)
   Feb-17-09 Topalov vs Kamsky, 2009 (replies)
   Feb-16-09 Team White vs Team Black, 2008 (replies)
   Feb-15-09 Larsen vs Najdorf, 1968 (replies)
   Feb-01-09 Wang Yue vs Carlsen, 2009 (replies)
   Jan-15-09 Szabo vs Seirawan, 1977 (replies)
   Dec-30-08 Carlsen vs Aronian, 2008 (replies)
   Dec-30-08 Geller vs Spassky, 1964 (replies)
   Dec-11-08 Tseshkovsky vs A Dashko, 2001 (replies)
   Dec-08-08 Anand vs Kramnik, 2008 (replies)
   Dec-04-08 L Dominguez vs Mamedyarov, 2008 (replies)
   Oct-29-08 Anand vs Kramnik, 2008 (replies)
   Oct-27-08 Kramnik vs Anand, 2008 (replies)
   Oct-26-08 Anand vs Kramnik, 2008 (replies)
   Oct-25-08 Kramnik vs Anand, 2008 (replies)
   Oct-23-08 Anand vs Kramnik, 2008 (replies)
   Oct-21-08 Anand vs Kramnik, 2008 (replies)
   Oct-21-08 Kramnik vs Kasparov, 2000 (replies)
   Oct-20-08 Kramnik vs Anand, 2008 (replies)
   Oct-18-08 Anand vs Kramnik, 2008 (replies)
   Oct-16-08 Battle of the Brains II, 2008 (replies)
   Oct-14-08 Kramnik vs Anand, 2008 (replies)
   Sep-15-08 Kasparov vs Ivanchuk, 1998 (replies)
   Sep-06-08 Petrosian vs Bronstein, 1983
   Aug-14-08 Karjakin vs Radjabov, 2008 (replies)
   Jul-31-08 Bacrot vs L Dominguez, 2008 (replies)
   Jul-29-08 E Alekseev vs L Dominguez, 2008 (replies)
   Jul-28-08 Anand vs K Ninov, 1987 (replies)
   Jul-28-08 L Dominguez vs Radjabov, 2004 (replies)
   Jul-28-08 L Dominguez vs Pelletier, 2008 (replies)
   Jul-28-08 Carlsen vs E Alekseev, 2008 (replies)
   Jul-27-08 41st Biel International Chess Festival (2008) (replies)
   Jul-27-08 Onischuk vs L Dominguez, 2008 (replies)
   Jul-26-08 Miguel Najdorf (replies)
   Jul-26-08 Pelletier vs Carlsen, 2008 (replies)
   Jul-26-08 Kasparov - Kramnik Classical World Championship Match (2000) (replies)
   Jul-25-08 Bacrot vs Pelletier, 2008 (replies)
   Jul-24-08 L Dominguez vs Bacrot, 2008 (replies)
   Jul-24-08 Pelletier vs E Alekseev, 2008 (replies)
   Jul-24-08 Onischuk vs Carlsen, 2008 (replies)
   Jul-22-08 Smyslov vs Bronstein, 1944 (replies)
   Jul-22-08 K Gerasimov vs Smyslov, 1935 (replies)
   Jul-22-08 Carlsen vs Bacrot, 2008 (replies)
   Jul-21-08 E Alekseev vs Carlsen, 2008 (replies)
   Jul-20-08 Carlsen vs Pelletier, 2008 (replies)
   Jul-16-08 Smejkal vs A Planinc, 1973 (replies)
   Jul-16-08 The World vs G Timmerman, 2007 (replies)
   Jul-15-08 Keres vs Bronstein, 1947 (replies)
   Jul-14-08 Shirov vs Onischuk, 2008 (replies)
   Jul-14-08 Mamedyarov vs Carlsen, 2008 (replies)
   Jul-09-08 Korchnoi vs K Hulak, 1987 (replies)
   Jun-30-08 E Terpugov vs Bronstein, 1951 (replies)
   May-26-08 Spassky vs Simagin, 1961 (replies)
   May-26-08 Simagin vs Petrosian, 1956 (replies)
   May-26-08 Simagin vs V Mikenas, 1954 (replies)
   May-26-08 R Nezhmetdinov vs Tal, 1961 (replies)
   May-25-08 Bronstein vs Furman, 1965
   May-06-08 Bacrot vs Carlsen, 2008 (replies)
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