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Hi. I'm a 16 years old teenager from Brussels, Belgium. I started playing chess competetively in february 2010. My first rating was 1455, I'm now at 1610. I want to improve fast and to reach a 2200 rating before being 18.

My opening repertoire is and will stay classical. In the following collections, that will be continuely evolving as my understanding grows, I will put variations, typical positions, example games, typical endgames, study the pawn structure, explain the plans, etc:


Game Collection: White Repertoire: 1. e4


Game Collection: Black Repertoire: 1. e4 e5

Game Collection: Black Repertoire: 1. d4 d5

Game Collection: Black Repertoire: 1. c4 e5

Game Collection: Black Repertoire: Flank Openings

To improve, here's what I will do in the next few months:

* read "Jeremy Silman's complete endgame course" cover to cover

* read "Zurich 1953" by D. Bronstein

* read "A Spanish Repertoire for Black" and "Beating the Open Games" by M. Marin including the 'theory part'

* read "Queen's Gambit Declined" by M. Sadler

* read useful parts of "Secrets of Practical Chess" by J. Nunn

* resolve 10 tactical exercices on chesstempo per day.

* play a few games on

As you see I want to improve a lot five part of my play:

1) having a full and strong opening repertoire which I can play quickly and with confidence at the time limit 1h30 + 30 second per move

2) be much stronger at tactics, I think I'm quite strong but not strong enough at resolving chess problems, which still means something

3) be stronger at positional play, and gain confidence

4) be stronger at endgames, even up to be able to win from equal or inferior endgames

5) improve my thought process, be more relax, be more level

Don't hesitate to look at my game collections. They emphasize special points of my own play I would particularly like to improve.

By the way, here's my favorite chess quote:
<There is really only one mistake in chess - underestimating your opponent> Savielly Tartakower

I hope you will find my work interesting and wish you good luck in your chess projects,


>> Click here to see libertyjack's game collections.

   libertyjack has kibitzed 97 times to chessgames   [less...]
   Sep-24-11 Henri Winants (replies)
libertyjack: Yes. Henri Winants is Luc's father (keep that in mind for a pun). He's in my club (CREB) and still playing strong chess. He has an exceptional sense of the position. Everyone calls him "Dr Henri Winants" as he is a psychologist. He's an eminant figure of belgian chess. He was ...
   Sep-21-11 Karpov vs V Malaniuk, 1988 (replies)
libertyjack: ps: I exagerated a bit, it is true that restriction is a crucial part of this game.
   Sep-21-11 Petrosian vs Mirtsaev, 1945
libertyjack: Fantastic post <xombie>, thank you!
   Aug-30-11 Shirov vs M Leon Hoyos, 2011 (replies)
libertyjack: <Yes, I thought about that too, and it looks like Black's best bet. But what is the evaluation of the resulting position? Is White still significantly better?> I think white does stand significantly better because of the <g4> ideas. In fact, I think that <24... ...
   Aug-30-11 libertyjack chessforum (replies)
libertyjack: Fabrice Wantiez vs A Delorme, 2011 There's a game of mine on Hopefully more to come as I will soon get the chance to play a stronger opposition! By the way, new ratings are out! I'm now 1792 which means +382 in a year. In the FIDE tournament I was preparing, I ...
   Aug-30-11 Mikhail Tal (replies)
libertyjack: Nice photo, never saw it before. Still, to me, the real Tal is this one:
   Aug-30-11 F de la Paz Perdomo vs Radjabov, 2011 (replies)
libertyjack: Starting with a better comprehension of the opening and conquerering every key square, each diagonal. White seems to play sensible, centralizing move, but it is not enough. Every move of Radjabov is part of his plan (i.e. <Rc8> to prepare Nf4) while De La Paz just seems to
   Aug-30-11 Caruana vs A Pridorozhni, 2011 (replies)
libertyjack: Quite a tasty game. I remember a game in the Rossolimo where Caruana exerted similar pressure on the quenside via a <b4 pawn break>
   Aug-29-11 Rubinstein vs O Bernstein, 1911 (replies)
libertyjack: Thanks <sneky pete>, you're completely right.
   Aug-21-11 F Wantiez vs A Delorme, 2011 (replies)
libertyjack: This is the only game of mine on My play wasn't exceptionnaly good but it was a pleasure playing a much higher opponent. I improvised the opening after the 14th move using unknow paths with 14...Nd7 which is too passive. The correct move was ...c4 followed by ...
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