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Member since Sep-13-07
Elo 2316 .
"Play the board AND the man ! ".
But mostly the board.
Was born in Elsinore,Denmark,1953.And I am still proud of it.As I hope everyone is proud of hers/his startingpoint.

In many aspects life and chess do mirror each other IM experience.As science and belief goes hand in hand.So many "rules of thumbs" and many "exceptions" from the rule. I do agree with Bent Larsen who once said that someone who cannot contain a paradoxe is not using the full capacity of his brain.Actually I am convinced that there are no parodoxes,but perspectives which are more bright or flexible than others...

Though some obviously are borned under more easygoing circumstances than others,I will second our esteemed fellowkibitzer <zarg> who underlines that "luck" is also somehing that we create ourselves. Ourselves,but also together IM experience.
I try to live my life as if Jesus or Buddha knocked on the door , I would wellcome them as friends . And if they didn´t show up, it would be fine anyway. Full Member
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   May-24-22 Nikolai Brunni (replies)
moronovich: RIP <Focus> .
   May-23-22 Kibitzer's Café (replies)
moronovich: <Luke Warm: Currently, I’m uppity and anxious by a crush on a girl at work and I can see good reason why I don’t deserve her. On the other hand, there’s good reason why she doesn’t deserve me.> Just give it a shot and dont overthink it.
   May-21-22 Miles vs Huebner, 1985 (replies)
moronovich: 5 wins, despite time odds, against Tal, is quite impressive !
   May-21-22 FSR chessforum (replies)
moronovich: Yup, that is a novelty, indeed ;)
   May-18-22 Portisch vs Spassky, 1977
moronovich: I was in Geneva at the time during the match. Great experience and nice talk with Spassky.
   May-17-22 Kenneth Rogoff (replies)
moronovich: <11 Serve the LORD with fear; exult with trembling, Accept correction lest he become angry and you perish along the way when his anger suddenly blazes up.> Tailormade for simpletons.
   May-17-22 A W Fox vs R T Black, 1916
moronovich: Re6 and the weaked g6 will count fatal.
   May-13-22 G Pankov vs K Szabo, 2006 (replies)
moronovich: <FSR: Great game, though I don't get the pun.> It may be a phrase from " Fawlty Towers ". An episode were Basil/John Cleese suceeds in insulting his german guests : "What ever you say, dont mention the war".
   May-13-22 Solidarity NOR-UKR Match (2022) (replies)
moronovich: <dernier loup de T> and <Atterdag> It is a pleasure to watch two gentleman communicate !
   May-12-22 Yuri L Averbakh (replies)
moronovich: <offramp: Did he died?> Yes, he is supposed to be very dead by now.
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Prairie Winds & Pints Consumed

Kibitzer's Corner
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Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Good evening dear <virginmind> !

Yes I´ll try to cast some of the danish sunshine to you.I have got friends in high places :) Should just be a matter of time.

And in return perhaps a little rain and some colder weather please !?

Hope you otherwise is doing fine and I send you all the best wishes for the weekend that has just started.

Soon the European Footbal Championship is coming up and as our country is opening more and more up, it is time to see old friends again !

Hugs to both of you and I may say it sounds like a reasonable solution with Spain !

Jun-05-21  virginmind: Hello <moronovich>, we will go to Maramures (as it's called northern Transylvania), not Spain. The weather got better, so no reason to switch plans anymore. Thank you for the miracle performed! I did try to send some rain over to your place, but my powers are a far cry from yours, so don't count on it.

Today starts Superbet tournament in Bucharest, with quite a few top GMs. In addition, Deac and Lupulescu will play. Kasparov was present at the opening yesterday and he launched a few jabs in the direction of Putin. I don't know if will make a page for this.

All's well here and I wish the same for both of you!

Jun-11-21  virginmind: Oh, and good luck against Finland tomorrow! Unfortunatelly Romania failed to qualify for the Euro 2021. Bucharest will host 4 games though.

In the meantime, Deac is doing very well at Superbet Chess Classic, with 3/6 points. He won against Giri in the second round. Also, Lupulescu beat MVL in round three.


Jun-12-21  virginmind: Actually it was the other way around: Deac beat MVL and Lupulescu won against Giri.
Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Good morning my dear <virginmind> !

It is ok,as long as the players know themselves ; But nevertheless a great achievement for romanian chess.I am following these guys during the tournament.

And likewise we are following the match today against the finnish team and hope for a good start on the tournament.In Copenhagen it is and we have invited a good friend for pizza and hopefully a nice win tonight.But you never know ;) But I am happy your weather has changed for the better and if I can be of any help on another simular occasion,just let me know :)

Got my second shot 3 days ago and Hannah hers 2 days ago and it is so good to be on the safe side now ! The whole country ansmany others are opening up now !

Meanwhile I send all the best wishes to you and Maria and hopefully you will enjoy the weekend.


Jun-12-21  virginmind: I'm very sorry concerning the incident with Christian Eriksen. I read he's now conscious and cooperative, in hospital - wish he gets well very soon. And wow, the match is restarted tonight in Copenhagen, good luck against Finland!
Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Thanks for your words and thoughts !

The condition of Christian is stable and he was able to communicate with the players and hence they decided to continue the match.But it was a heavy blow to the whole nation and to make things worse we lost the second part to the finnish team.

By far the worst fooball event I have ever witnessed and right now mine and Hannahs prayers go to Eriksen.

Words dont really cover for the moment so I´ll just say good night,but come with further comments later on.

The latest news from the hospital are ok,but only time will tell us in which condition he will come back.


Jun-27-21  virginmind: Hi! We're nearing the end of our road trip. Excellent weather all along, still too hot ?n some days. Seen some fabulous places.

Congrats for qualifying ?n the quarter finals of the Euro, and good luck ahead! Hugs.

Jul-03-21  virginmind: Tour de France, anybody? :) Oh, wait, you have a very important match at Euro 2020 tonight! Good luck against the Czech guys!

We have returned safely to Iasi some days ago, and it's still hot but not that much. Beautiful trip. Monasteries, great old towns, mountain driving...what one could wish more? We are in a process of renovating our apartment (on the outside). See you around.

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Hi dear <virginmind> !

Good to hear you are safe back after your beatiful trip ! Hope you are filled with energi and enjoy your summer.

And yes, here I am riding two horses as right now the Tour and soon after its finnish, we shall watch the big match again the Czech?s ! So very exciting times ahead and friends are coming here for dinner.

Soon we shall see if it gonna be the semis or a ticket home after a great show.

See you later and all the best wishes to you and Maria !

Jul-04-21  virginmind: And Denmark is in the semifinals! Congratulations for a well deserved qualification! You will play England, and I trust you'll give them a great lesson too! A fine weekend to you and Hannah.
Jul-08-21  virginmind: Well, I guess it happens. But you played very well! And that incident in the penalty area, it was controversial. I wouldn't have given a penalty kick for that. And, again, you were misfortunate to remain in 10 players in the last minutes. Still, having played the semifinals is a feat in itself. Oh, and Schmeichel was a hero!

We will have Kasparov playing in Zagreb shortly, but hasn't dedicated a page for this tournament. I looked in "new events", but it's not there either. Hopefully the new staff will consider that soon.

Take care.

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Good morning, my friend !

Yeah,this was close and in the moment og the heat,quite frustrating.So close,but no cigar ): But all in all a very fine tournament, where the team made this summer a special one,particularly after the corona.So thanks to all these brave players and the wonderfull coach too.World Championship at stage next !

Today a very interesting stage in TDF is comming up(hills and mountains) and I am looking forward to it,like a litttle child.In the best sense of the word :) And you.Do you follow it too ?

Nevet too late to send you and Maria, all the best wishes for the weekend.Hopefully all is well on your side and I am looking forward to hear about your plans for the summer.

Take care !

Jul-10-21  virginmind: Yes, I follow it, from time to time - in between some games from Wimbledon. They offer a great coverage of the circuit and all those sightings around, many beautiful places I didn't know about. The montaineus area is especially attractive, also when it's fog and/or rain - of course, for us spectators, not so much for the competitors, as I imagine they have a difficult time with those conditions added.

This weekend we'll have Kasparov playing blitz in Zagreb, after a long time.

All is well here, Maria's sister and niece from France will arrive in a couple of days, and they will go on a trip in the mountains for a week or so. Other than that we have no plans for this summer - waiting to see what's up with the Delta variant of the virus. It's possible in August we'll go for a weekend in Cernauti, in Ukraine - that was the capital of greater Bucovina region which, in the past, belonged to Romania. Also we were planning a trip to Spain in September, but seeing how the pandemic situation evolves, it's best to wait for now.

Thank you for the kind wishes and hugs to you and Hannah.

Jul-21-21  virginmind: Hi! Do you follow the world cup? Those Uzbecks are tough! And tallented. Who knows, they may be the future. Of chess, that is. But let's not forget the Indians. A whole new generation is showing its strength. Which is good news, of course.
Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Hello my dear !

Good to hear from you and sorry I have been summerlazy the last couple of days.But now fortunately weather is more mild and less hot.So....;) (Know you prefer it hotter).

TDF is concluded and what a ride it was.Also with the dane Vingegaard as a surprisingly revelation, who kept the whole danish cyclenation at its toes.And as time goes by, it has become my favourit sports event during the year.So not that much time for chess,but I have too noticed all the setups,especially from the younger generation.....and please : couldn´t we have more of events like this in the future instead of seing all the same names over and over ! ): And what do you think ?

I hope you guys are enjoying the summer time and please give all my best regards to Maria.And your self off course !


Jul-30-21  virginmind: Hi <moronovich> dear. It's quite hot here lately, but I guess it's just the usual mid-summer time. I rememmber back in the 70s and 80s, there were some days with close to 40 degrees Celsius, but it wasn't perceived as a very big deal. Maybe also because the access to mass media was extremely scarce, as compared to nowadays (remember, it was socialist times). But life was going on with good and bad, people were not scared by news or whatever...Now you hear and see everything that's happening in the world, and especially the bad stuff, so maybe that's why the added stress. Otherwise, when you think about it, it was more or less the same anytime in the past, a whole bunch of problems.

Of course, now there's this pandemic situation, it's different, indeed. But, fingers crossed, and with the help of the vaccine, we're going to get over it. Unless, when you watch the news, you see here and there demonstrations against the vaccination and general anti-covid rules.

I followed very little of the French tour, although maybe I should, at least for the scenery and the related info. I did look at some of the games of the World Cup each day. And you're right, getting more less known players to fight against the elite it's rewarding for us, the spectators. A lot of things may happen, as we have seen.

Thank you for the kind regards and we wish you both an excellent weekend. Not too hot - probably so, as you have the sea breeze.

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Good evening, my dear <virginmind> !

Sorry to be so late,but I have struggled with an irritated colon...which fortunately seems to make progress.At least during the last couple of days.

And now the olympics are over.And I was surprised it was so catching despite the lack of audience as well as the corona lurking in the background.The danes did well and especially the handball team gave os many moments to remember ! At least there were two occasions with an early rise from the bed in the morning ! So when I look back at the danes during the summer, one notice the semis to the footballers and a clear second in TDF topped with a well deserved silver in handball.Not bad for such a small country !

Hannah is happy with her new job at the university and I am fine with having a little more space ;)

I sincerly hope you both are doing good and steer free of the pandemic !? Soon the late summer time will arrive with high sky and yellow leafes at the horizon.

I send you all my best wishes and togood health too.So many hugs to you and Maria here from little Denmark !

See you up the road.

Aug-10-21  virginmind: <moronovich>, hello dear friend. Life is peaceful here. Thank you for the kind words. An irritated colon, this can't be good. I trust you found and follow the prescribed treatment. Of course you also need to be attentive to the type of food you eat - avoid spicy stuff and anything which can be...irritative. I used to have such problems too, but somehow got rid of them. Other than that, since more than a year I stopped eating anything which contains sugar or has sugar added, in order to give the headaches a chance to go away. Well, they didn't. But so far I havent returned to sugar. It's kinda strange, but no big deal.

Bravo for the Danish teams, both on handball and football, and for the ciclysts at TDF! They sure are deserving. The Romanians got much fewer medals, as compared to other years, I don't know for what reason. Anyway, it was indeed a strange Olympiad, with the spectators at home. But nonetheless, we should be thankful to the Japanese that they managed to organise the Olympics, despite the Coronavirus.

We will most probably go to a resort on the Bulgarian sea side in September. It looks safer, for now. That is, if anything changes for the worse, we will be able to cancel for free until Sept. 1. Weather's fine, not so hot anymore. Hugs to you and Hannah. See you around.

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Good evening dear <virginmind> !

Sorry once again it takes so long to answer.But 5 days ago I wrote a lengthy post and then the conection to CG was out of order and it simply vanished ! Oh my dear :)

I enjoy as you know the late summer.The temperature,the play of sun and shadows,those which are longer at the afternoon.Also the Vuelta de Espana after TDF is long gone.There is something about cycling which appeals deeply to mee.Quite zenlike,at least,sometimes....Dont know in what category betting belongs,but I like it very much.It also somehow strengthens the illusion that I am riding a bike myself !

Hannah is very content with her new job and it is a big pleasure kissing her, au revoir, each morning.

I dont follow chess much, these days,but hopefully it will come back.At least it will when November occurs :) And you, my friend ? How is your chess ? And do you follow some of the big tournaments ?

It sounds great that you both have the opportunity of going to the seaside of Bulgaria in September and my estimated guess is, that it will be safe.I wish for your trip it will be safe and you may return with many fine experiences !

Hannah told me, to send you a hug, which is hereby done ! Same from me and to both of you.

Stay safe and healthy down in Iasi and looking forward to exchange with you again !

All the best and see you down and up the road !

Aug-27-21  virginmind: Hello my dear, it's absolutely no problem, it's happening also to me at times. Lately I was doing mostly nothing, enjoying, like you said the end of summer. I forgot to tell you that I watched la Vuelta in two ocasions, and I seemed to perceive something of the charm of such biking tracks. It's most probably depending on the person watching it, looks like you're particularily attracted to biking. I did my share of biking in childhood and I loved it. It does involve our body quite a lot, so I can understand that, once you got addicted to it, it's for a lifetime. Plus, all the landscape and great info we get during the relay on tv.

I am glad Hannah is very content with her new job, and please sent her a big hug. I do continue to follow chess, by the way, there was the European Individual Women's Chess Championship in Iasi. Our players did so and so, after an excellent start (4/4) by Irina Bulmaga. Now there's the European Individual Championship in Reykjavik, but the players are rated below 2700. Still some great names, and yesterday I replayed the game Deac - Pein, quite remarkable win by the Romanian (some 300 points rating difference, but it's worth watching the pawn attack).

Thank you for the kind wishes for our planned trip and hugs to both of you.

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Good morning my dear !

Thanks a lot for your mail.Here the summer has ended,but then we have the sun in Spain via the Vuelta !? Which is a fine substitute ;)

Today they shall climb some mountains and I am looking forward to the excellent coverage in danish television which start early today.And Hannah (hugs to you too from her) in the corner and the couch,so the name of the day is : Cosy ! At least untill the riders will batlle it out ;)

Did I tell you,that I,a few months ago, started taking a daily pill against higher bloodpressure ? But I tell you it makes wonder.Headache reduced by some 80% !

At least one time a year I google Iasi,and I may say it makes a most pleasant impression and comes across as a fine and scenery placce.The arcitecture as well as the nature.

I send you and your wife Maria all the best wishes for the remaining part of the weekend.I hope the corona is on the decline and you both will stay safe !

It´s been a pleasure talking with you and looking forward to see you again, sometime up the road.

p.s. : right now there is one of these smalll charming birds in our garden.The colors are blue,yellow,white and with tiny black stripes.It goes tweet,tweet with a little metallic voice.We call it a Musvit.

Sep-19-21  virginmind: Hi <moronovich>, we safely returned from Bulgaria 2 days ago, and it was quite fun. Weather great, still once heavy rain cought us in a big park in Varna, nowhere to go and we had to get cover under a small tree for some fifteen mnutes - fortunately we had un umbrella. Back home, time to work, starting tomorrow. It's been a great summer, if you ask me, I mean it was quite warm, just for my taste, and not much rain.

I did follow some tennis at US open last week, bravo for half Romanian Emma Raducanu winning it. Not much chess though, but I have a hunch we're gonna get our share in November.

Hugs for Hannah and you and please give me some news.

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Good evening, dear <virginmind> !

I am glad to hear you have had a great summer ! Your style, I suppose !? ;) And hopefully you are satisfied with resuming your time at work.

Here autum has really got the upper hand.Old fashioned style with rain and wind, as well as the sun is a rare guest these days ): Bot o.t.o.h., it can be cosy too.Like e.g tomorrow were we shall have the last World Tour race of cycling, namely Paris - Roubaix.This will keep us glued for several hours.I simply love it ! With bets too,off course :)

But is something wrong with Carlsen, these days ? Losing several games and matches, even with the white pieces.I am shure Nepo is taking notes... And rather soon they will meet...I´ll give Nepo a solid chance of 25%.So what do you say/estimate ? Anyway I am looking forward to this big clash and norwegian television will as always have an excellent coverage.

Here Hannah is still very happy and satisfied with her new job at the university and that makes me happy too !

Hope you both are doing well with good health and no corona in sight ! Here in DK, the whole country has succesfully opened up.

So many hugs to you and Maria, and see you up the road.

Oct-08-21  virginmind: Hello, <moronovich>, nothing wrong with Carlsen after all, as he won that tournament :) And Romania will play against Germany tonight, it's going to be tough, I know. Yes, we're both fine, and congratulations for Denmark opening up! Chances for Nepo next month? I don't know, something close to your prediction - 20%. Great if Hannah is happy with her new job at the university, it's paramount doing what you love.

0 Celsius here this morning, but sunny and no wind to speak of. Is it true that close to sea shore you always get some amount of wind? Hugs.

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