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I live in Texas. I'm a class "A" player rated USCF "1926" ..favorite players..Bronstein, Tal, Reti, Alekhine are all icons in my opinion. I'm more recently getting into Botvinnik and Karpov. As far as contemporary players go I'm pretty broad minded about watching all the top players I can manage to see "live". I'm a huge fan of Kamsky's comeback. I relate to his scrappy, pragmatic style. Nakamura is incredibly fun to watch. I have a special fondness for unique masters like Suttles and Welling. I owe about 200 rating points to Jeremy Silman's books..I'd take a beating for the man. I'm lucky to have the time in this stage of my life to often study 3-4 hours per day and I've gone through quite a few great books written by a broad assortment of authors from Vukovic and Pachman to Watson and Dunnington. I love the game..and as a writer (of a couple books and several years of opinionated columns in music magazines) I hope to find an angle someday to express my appreciation for chess from an amateur standpoint. I'm also a veteran "cult band" level musician having played on 60-70 records and cd's over the years (mostly loud rock and roll and punk rock songs about booze, pro wrestling and my oddball, cynical take on life.). I'm 3 years into a "comeback" of my own to the game after a 23 year break. My 1st goal was to be a clearly better player than when I was a kid in the 70's in the Pacific northwest. I've gotten there. Now I want to crack 2100-2200. I'm a member of the jolly Austin Texas chess club. I returned to finish up my history degree a while back and actually got to play in the SW collegiate championship tournament in Dallas last March at the ripe old age of 49. whskyreb(at)

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   Jun-25-15 Walter Shawn Browne (replies)
whiskeyrebel: He was a childhood hero, whom I rode in an elevator with at the tournament over the weekend. Now he is gone. I wish I could have hugged him or given him a fist bump, but who could have guessed. Between rounds one of his simul victims and I happened to talk about him. He ...
   May-26-15 Nakamura vs Jakovenko, 2015 (replies)
whiskeyrebel: Thanks Naka.
   May-13-15 Fabiano Caruana (replies)
whiskeyrebel: This is great news. Bottoms up!
   Apr-12-15 Hikaru Nakamura (replies)
whiskeyrebel: A Texas sized triple shot of Devils cut being knocked back in Naka's honor very soon right here. Bravo!
   Mar-30-15 Kibitzer's Café (replies)
whiskeyrebel: Yep. A nice jolly slugger.
   Mar-29-15 Philip Irwin (replies)
whiskeyrebel: Hey: I hope you like the South bay area. We've hit the Weikel event in Reno the last several years, and plan to go this year. No I don't have the same email address or phone, we too have moved.
   Apr-28-11 Gata Kamsky (replies)
whiskeyrebel: Well done.
   Apr-05-11 Nakamura vs A J Goldsby, 2003 (replies)
whiskeyrebel: Perhaps LF was Ed Trice?
   Jan-23-11 Carlsen vs Nakamura, 2011 (replies)
whiskeyrebel: A great game, of historic magnitude.
   Dec-11-10 McShane vs Carlsen, 2010 (replies)
whiskeyrebel: Wyatt, according to a blog post at Quality Chess website by the editor, McShane followed a line suggested by Mihail Marin in V.3 of his Grandmaster Repertoire series on c4. It's a brand new book.
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   Jul-17-08 E Trice vs M Rich, 2007 (replies)
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   May-16-08 Valeri Ilyich Beim (replies)
   May-16-08 US Championship (2008) (replies)
   May-15-08 Yermolinsky vs Shabalov, 2008 (replies)
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   Jun-20-07 Svetozar Gligoric (replies)
   Jun-15-07 Shabalov vs P Irwin, 2007 (replies)
   Jun-04-07 Candidates Match: Gelfand - Kamsky (2007) (replies)
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   May-23-07 US Championship (2007) (replies)
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   Jun-05-06 37th Chess Olympiad (2006) (replies)
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   Mar-16-05 Alexander Morozevich (replies)
   Mar-12-05 Karpov vs P Ricardi, 2001 (replies)
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   Feb-24-05 Michael Aigner (replies)
   Feb-10-05 Caro-Kann, Bronstein-Larsen Variation (B16) (replies)
   Feb-07-05 Zhong Zhang (replies)
   Feb-05-05 Kateryna Alexandrovna Lagno (replies)
   Feb-01-05 Keres vs Petrosian, 1959 (replies)
   Feb-01-05 Parimarjan Negi (replies)
   Jan-22-05 Tal vs T Zeids, 1952 (replies)
   Jan-15-05 Corus Group A (2005) (replies)
   Dec-14-04 Nakamura vs Karjakin, 2004 (replies)
   Dec-14-04 Karjakin - Nakamura Match (2004) (replies)
   Dec-08-04 Reti vs Rubinstein, 1928 (replies)
   Dec-08-04 Goldin vs Stripunsky, 2004 (replies)
   Dec-07-04 Reti Opening (A06) (replies)
   Dec-05-04 Chessmaster US Championship 2005 (2004) (replies)
   Dec-05-04 Alexander Yevgenyevich Stripunsky (replies)
   Dec-01-04 A Zatonskih vs Browne, 2004 (replies)
   Nov-22-04 Tal vs NN, 1973 (replies)
   Oct-19-04 Kramnik - Leko Classical World Championship Match (2004) (replies)
   Oct-19-04 Kramnik vs Leko, 2004 (replies)
   Oct-17-04 Kasparov vs Adams, 2004 (replies)
   Sep-09-04 David Norwood (replies)
   Aug-29-04 D Byrne vs Fischer, 1956 (replies)
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