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Member since Jun-13-05 · Last seen Nov-14-19
Parisian chess player

did competition during one year a long time ago... I was rated ELO 1600 approximately

Nalimov Table Base :

I created a Facebook group dedicated to members :

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Susan Polgar's forum

>> Click here to see gambitfan's game collections. Full Member

   gambitfan has kibitzed 962 times to chessgames   [more...]
   Nov-09-19 City of Canberra vs City of Soest, 2001
gambitfan: 1) -7.14 (20 ply) 25.♗e3 ♕g6+ 26.♕g5 ♕e6 27.♕h4 ♖f3+ 28.♔g2 ♖xe3 29.♘d2 h6 30.♘f1 ♖h3 31.♕f4 g5 32.♕xc7 ♕g4+ 33.♔f2 ♖f3+ 34.♔e1 ♕h4+ 35.♔d1 ♖xf1+ 36.♔c2 ...
   Oct-23-19 W Winter vs Lasker, 1936
gambitfan: 1) -7.26 (25 ply) 48.♗e3 e5 49.c4+ dxc4+ 50.♔d2 ♔xb4 51.♔c2 ♔xa5 52.♗d2+ ♔b5 53.♗c3 a5 54.♔b2 a4 55.♔c2 ♔c5 56.♔b2 b5 57.♔a3 ♗f6 58.♔b2 b4 59.♗xb4+ ♔xb4 60.♔c1 a3 ...
   Oct-12-19 Jobava vs Gelfand, 2016
gambitfan: 1) +55.26 (28 ply) 48...♘e7 49.♕e5+ ♔f7 50.♕xg7+ ♔xg7 51.♗xe7 f3+ 52.♔f1 ♔f7 53.♗d6 ♔e8 54.b6 ♔d7 55.b7 ♔xd6 56.b8=♕+ ♔e7 57.♕g8 ♔d7 58.♕f7+ ♔c6 59.♕xe6+ ♔c7 ...
   Oct-08-19 Gossip vs W Tullidge, 1887
gambitfan: 1) mated-in-47 (51 ply) 69...♔d6 70.♔f5
   Oct-02-19 G Nyholm vs Alekhine, 1912
gambitfan: 1) -5.43 (20 ply) 26.♖e7 ♖g8 27.♕xf5 a5 28.♕d7 ♕xd7 29.♖xd7 ♘b5 30.♖a1 a4 31.f3 a3 32.♔f2 a2 33.♖d2 ♘c3 34.♖c2 ♖a3 35.♖xc3 ♖xc3 36.♖xa2 ♖d8 37.h3 ♔h7
   Sep-27-19 O B Vea vs H Rasch, 2007
gambitfan: 1) -0.62 (23 ply) 6...♘c6 7.♘f3 ♘f6 8.O-O O-O 9.h3 d6 10.♗e3 a6 11.♖c1 ♗d7 12.♕e2 b5 13.♗d3 b4 14.♘d5 bxa3 15.bxa3 ♘xd5 16.exd5 ♘e5 17.♘xe5 dxe5 18.♗xa6
   Sep-27-19 J Gombac vs Sax, 2001
gambitfan: 1) -132.69 (26 ply) 47.♖e2 ♔f3 48.b6 g2 49.♖xg2 ♔xg2 50.b7 ♗a7 51.a6 ♘fd6 52.♔c1 ♘xb7 53.♔b1 ♘d2+ 54.♔b2 ♘e4 55.c4 ♘bc5 56.♔c1 ♘d6 57.♔d1 ♘xa6 58.♔e2 ♘xc4 59.♔e1
   Sep-25-19 Kinsella vs Clyde, 1902 (replies)
gambitfan: 1) +6.07 (21 ply) 23...♕f5 24.♕g3 ♖g8 25.♗a3 ♕xc2 26.♖xc7 ♕e4 27.♖e7 ♕g6 28.♕xg6 hxg6 29.♖d1 ♖ge8 30.♖xa7 d3 31.♔f1 ♖ed8 32.b3 ♖a8 33.♗c5 ♖xa7 34.♗xa7 ♖d5 ...
   Sep-25-19 Robatsch vs Prins, 1956
gambitfan: 1) -0.47 (23 ply) 70.♘c6 ♘f6 71.♖xc2 ♖e3 72.♘d4 ♘e4+ 73.♔g2 ♖g3+ 74.♔h2 ♖d3 75.♘xf5 ♔g6 76.♘e7+ ♔g5 77.♖g2+ ♔f6 78.♖g4 ♖d2+ 79.♔g1 ♔xe7 80.♖xf4 ♘f6 ...
   Sep-25-19 W Paulsen vs A Paulsen, 1858
gambitfan: 1) -4.15 (19 ply) 27.♖d2 ♖e8 28.h3 g5 29.b3 ♘e5 30.♖7d4 ♔g6 31.♖b4 b6 32.♖a4 a5 33.♖e4 ♘f7 34.♖xe7 ♖xe7 35.♖e2 ♘e5 36.♔f2 ♔f6
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Kibitzer's Corner
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Premium Chessgames Member
  SwitchingQuylthulg: <In case this position is a draw, how could Black have avoided this draw in the preceding moves ?>

I doubt it was possible at all... White's king is positioned way too well, and Black's pawn is far away from promotion.

Premium Chessgames Member
  gambitfan: <SwitchingQuylthulg> <whiteshark>

Thanks for your comments and your precious indications... Up to now I too much focused on the openings...

I am going to have a look at these Nalimov tables...

Premium Chessgames Member
  gambitfan: The Winawer: what is the best answer to 7. ♕g4 ?

After :

1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. ♘c3 ♗b4 4. e5 c5 5. a3 ♗xc3+ 6. bxc3 ♘e7 7. ♕g4 ...

we obtain following position:

click for larger view

Black are to play...

SEE Opening Explorer

What is considered today the best answer to this impetuous attack by Xhite ?

7... 0-0
7... ♕c7
7... ♔f8
7... ♘f5

Is one of the answers above considered a sound defence against 7 ♕g4 ??

Sep-21-07  2021: <gambitfan> 7... 0-0 and 7... Qc7 are the major defenses while 7... Kf8 is also played somtimes. 7... Nf5 I'm not sure about.
Premium Chessgames Member
  gambitfan: Je dois Útudier les finales ♖+♙♙//♖+♙♙ en utilisant au besoin les fameuses tables de Nalimov...
Premium Chessgames Member
  gambitfan: Endgames ♘♙♙♙//♙♙

22 games
91% wins (20)
9% draws (2)

Premium Chessgames Member
  HFlew: Hi gambitfan, how are you? You up for another challenge on playchess? (after new years?)
Premium Chessgames Member
  gambitfan: gambitfan: My PCR (Playchess rating) today (07/04/2007) is 1551 (my own record since 02/10/2005) My ranking is 106th/260 players

Today (08 march 2008) there are only 229 ranked players (-12% since last April) and my PCR is 1534 ; I am 97th...

Mar-20-08  Karpova: <gambitfan>
In your game collection Game Collection: KASPAROV GAMES there's this game: A Surjadnji vs S Kasparov, 2001 It's not from Garry but Sergey (they are not related to each other).
Premium Chessgames Member
  gambitfan: My profile on August the 23rd 2008

Joined 2005-08-05
Last visit 2008-08-23
Grand Prix Points 525
Tournament wins 22
Human Chess League
Rated games 642
Tournament class M
PlayChess Rating (PCR) 1559

Premium Chessgames Member
  gambitfan: Concerning the Ruy Lopez...

With White I am trying the Exchange Variant...

With Black I am trying the Open Variant (Korchno´ was the specialist, wasn't he ?)

Premium Chessgames Member
  gambitfan: I am now playing against the GM Arno Nickel !
Premium Chessgames Member
  gambitfan: Player directory: results - HCL

Players 1-200 of 687

Nr Flag Player GPP Class PCR Games Last visit M

1 Kamikaze 2136 HCL-C 1174 1410 2008-08-29 21:12 SP

2 Matu 2130 HCL-E 1569 3292 2008-08-31 07:16 SP

3 hal1958 1901 HCL-E 1521 3789 2008-08-31 05:19 P

4 Horst 1296 HCL-M 1792 1388 2008-08-31 07:10 P

5 yannick 1207 HCL-A 1803 1778 2008-08-31 12:17 SP

6 cccmember 1046 HCL-B 1272 3821 2008-08-31 12:47

7 IRONMAIDEN 1038 HCL-A 1295 1714 2008-08-31 09:50 SP

8 Teflon 911 HCL-M 2290 729 2008-08-31 12:39 T

9 Andy1 843 HCL-E 1515 1489 2008-08-29 14:13 SP

10 Marjorie 798 HCL-E 1578 1167 2008-08-31 12:57 S

11 valpa 780 HCL-C 1002 1890 2008-06-07 21:12 P

12 aadje 666 HCL-M 2188 711 2008-08-28 13:09 P

13 victorabiodun03 623 HCL-M 1773 1231 2008-08-30 23:51 T

14 nichju 590 HCL-A 1317 687 2008-08-31 08:52

15 LarFin 587 HCL-M 2008 418 2008-08-30 17:50 P

16 JANUL13 556 HCL-B 1160 1140 2008-08-31 07:08

17 GCP 543 HCL-A 1421 1005 2008-08-29 10:05

18 ruzo 537 HCL-C 1107 1235 2008-08-31 08:24 P

19 luciano59 535 HCL-M 2178 395 2008-08-31 10:07

20 gambitfan 527 HCL-M 1561 649 2008-08-31 09:30 P

21 JerryReneau 525 HCL-A 1194 1052 2008-08-29 16:11 P

22 sparpaket 515 HCL-A 1452 614 2008-08-29 11:27 P

23 zemljanin 510 HCL-E 1793 415 2008-07-07 10:53

24 pawnstorm 487 HCL-A 1663 625 2008-08-31 10:27 S

25 patzer55 484 HCL-E 1499 453 2008-08-31 06:25

26 BohdanL 484 HCL-A 1407 706 2008-08-01 08:38

27 nico21 483 HCL-M 1776 483 2008-08-31 07:27

28 Shurlok 469 HCL-M 2195 497 2008-08-30 20:56 P

29 samoth 460 HCL-M 2135 243 2008-08-31 08:41 P

30 Chas 457 HCL-M 1342 581 2008-08-31 13:13

Premium Chessgames Member
  gambitfan: In the former ranking, all players have more than 10 games played...

there are 687 of them

Sep-06-08  Artar1: <We need your vote in our Battle of the Brains2 game. Can you vote right now? The team needs you. Thanks!>
Premium Chessgames Member
  gambitfan: An interesting blog mentioning my collections :

Tuesday, November 08, 2005
good research link on openings
gambitfan games collections

Strong Examples of various openings and representative games. Please be reverent of the large amount of work that Gambitfan put into this !

also good resources for traxler gambit

Rollerblader traxler link

rollerblader other traxler link
posted by takchess @ 4:49 PM 0 comments

Premium Chessgames Member
  gambitfan: Owen Defense

click for larger view

Opening Explorer


Game Collection: Owen Defense

Premium Chessgames Member
  gambitfan: I am now studying the endgames

♗ + ♙♙♙♙ // ♗ + ♙♙♙ same or different colours

Premium Chessgames Member
Premium Chessgames Member
  gambitfan: Critical Position of the Smith-Morra Gambit Accepted

click for larger view

White to play
10 ?

Premium Chessgames Member
  gambitfan: ♖+♙ (6)//♘♘ (6.5)

0/71.4%/28.6% 7 games

♖ + ♙♙ // ♘♘ + ♙

5.2/47.4/47.4 19 games


36 13.9/50/36.1


64 20.3/54.7/25

This series confirms that the value of the ♘ increases with the number of pawns

Premium Chessgames Member
  gambitfan: ♘♘♙//♖♙♙ the stronger side is ♘♘♙

Premium Chessgames Member
  gambitfan: Timman vs Korchnoi, 1987

Difficult homo bishop endgame !

Premium Chessgames Member
Timman vs Korchnoi, 1987.
Your score: 47 (par = 134)
This is just a drill; your score doesn't count.

last piece of the game

Mar-18-09  just a kid: I see you like spamming your own forum.=)
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