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A (in?)complete moronic Chess Amateur. No Actual chess credentials, other than having grown up in a small town where one of the most graceful Chess World Champions, Vishy Anand, was born.

I have to say with pride that soon-to-be-in-2700club Baskaran Adhiban is also from same town.

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   Sep-22-20 jith1207 chessforum (replies)
jith1207: I think the site is going in bad direction from recently onwards and now it's becoming clear it was good for <Annie> to leave, good decision. A simple comment from me in <Chessgames> forum gets deleted, especially when <Susan Freeman> is having full control of the
   Sep-22-20 jessicafischerqueen chessforum (replies)
jith1207: I think the site is going in bad direction from recently onwards and now it's becoming clear it was good for <Annie> to leave, good decision. A simple comment from me in <Chessgames> forum gets deleted, especially when <Susan Freeman> is having full control of the
   Sep-21-20 chessforum (replies)
jith1207: <MissScarlett: <OCF> drove her out....that's what they'll say, or at least, what they'll be thinking...the mark of Cain will hang over this place...probably it was just the final straw...water wears away a rock> The way you demanded <Annie> to stop over at your ...
   Sep-20-20 E Karklins vs J Damocles, 2010 (replies)
jith1207: <<< <<< <goodevans> <Mar-08-15 MissScarlett: <Sod off, Damocles>> That would have been so much better. >>> Sep-20-20 newzild: My preference would be <MissScarlett>'s suggestion, which is indeed a pun. > Either way, as ...
   Sep-18-20 Harold Morton vs W Adams, 1937 (replies)
jith1207: Came Twice. Romantic, indeed.
   Sep-15-20 H Punongbayan vs F Mwagomba, 2008 (replies)
jith1207: hello..... <I Like Fish>... <ILikeFruits>... Was this a thing... in the 00s.... Are you still here... Like what you like...
   Sep-13-20 J Sunye Neto vs Romanishin, 1980 (replies)
jith1207: LOL, good one, <Morf>. This is a prime example of good puns available in Pun Voting Booth! Wonder how many are there like that waiting to be discovered!! Thanks for the great selection.
   Sep-10-20 Hikaru Nakamura (replies)
jith1207: "Greatest of all Time (GOAT)" is generally not a good thing to argue over. Bobby Fischer and Mikhail Tal were great players in speed chess, I'm sure members here could point out few more names from the past and present. Would Carlsen and Nakamura have been as good in blitz games if
   Sep-08-20 Olga Viewer chessforum (replies)
jith1207: Good point, <Boomie>. Totally forgot that, but everytime it's a pain in the back of the mind, as it hurts to look at a Queen and consider that as a Knight.
   Sep-07-20 Spassky vs Fischer, 1972 (replies)
jith1207: <Sally Simpson> I like following games Live in <Chess24> as you can turn off the comments when looking at the scoresheet alongside the board, which helps to look at the moves played and replay the game as well. That's even more better when I usually follow live in their
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Premium Chessgames Member
  jith1207: Hi <Morf>

I've a theory that <Annie K> is busy and GOTD featured games and puns(!) are now chosen by <Miss-Sorrow-leute> because more often the recent selections are in that grade and taste.

I was trying to make them accept it publicly (what's up with admitting what's going on and who's in-charge?) but both don't reply so there's that and the future in the drains.

Premium Chessgames Member
  jith1207: Hi <OCF>

There was also recent news that Texans QB DeShaun Watson learned to play Chess to be a better QB.

I guess it helps, but as in everything, I believe it depends on the individual and how their mind works in football and what might help them focus, prepare, game plan and execute better on the field.

Now, as a Vikings fan, if Kirk Cousins could somehow become better or even better if someone could trade for him, that would make me happy.

I've lost interest, or faith, in Vikings for now until he stays there in Minnesota but I do play fantasy football with American friends I know.

Premium Chessgames Member
  morfishine: Good morning <jith1207> Cool, you are interested in fantasy football! This is the time of year when my presence at <CG> drops considerably due to Fantasy football heating up. I'm a die hard Packers fan so looks like we are sworn enemies LOL

Don't give up on Cousins, he was very effective for me as a back up, especially after Thielen sat him down and explained "Look dude, you need to loosen up, start spreading the ball around and lets get some deep routs going". Cousins just needed to utilize his weapons better and he responded beautifully. As long as the Vikes get the running game going and with Cousins getting more comfortable and confident [ie: audibles], watch out

For now, I have Stafford and Goff on my fantasy team, but Cousins is available and on my watch list

Trivia: What QB is the fastest to reach 40,000 yds passing? and has 28 career 4th quarter comebacks? and has 8 4th quarter comebacks in one season? and has 43 300 yd games?

ans: Stafford

Premium Chessgames Member
  jith1207: Hi <Morf>,

Good to know, fantasy football consumes a lot of time for me too, on daily basis, ever since the draft. :)

I've got following team for this year, this is only my third year. First year was learning phase, last year I was #1/#2 pick and I went for Barkley and Mahomes strategy early in draft, both got injured and the season went in to the drain, but learned a lot about picking streamers and ascending players in the waiver wire that I finished last two weeks of consolation playoffs with 150 and 200 points, solely with the players pickled up from waivers (I was last in the waivers too or it was cyclic).

This is the first time I feel very good about the team immediately after the draft


Russell Wilson


Alvin Kamara
Miles Sanders
Mark Ingram
Chase Edmonds
Boston Scott (picked up yesterday as insurance for Sanders)

Damien Harris (IR)
Rashard Penny (IR)

(Sanders hamstring and Baltimore drafting another RB are concerns here, Harris recent injury derails my master plan of predicting what Belichick is gonna do)


Allen Robinson
Terry McLaurin
Tyler Boyd
DeSean Jackson (picked up just this week as Sanders is said to be on snap count week 1, and their WRs are all seem to be injured at least for early season)


Tyler Higbee
Austin Hooper (both have got same Bye Week, HUH!) Trey Burton (IR)

K - Younghoe Koo

DEF - Buffalo 🐃 Bills

Premium Chessgames Member
  morfishine: <jith1207> That looks like a very strong team. I wanted Wilson as my QB but he was snagged 2 picks before my pick (not 2 rounds, but 2 picks!).

This is my 6th season and there's definitely a learning curve. Two seasons ago I was poised to go to the final, but got upended in the semis and finished 3rd

I figured last year was going to be my year. I had Davante Adams, Tyreek Hill and Adam Thielen as my three WR1's. Thats a strong trio. But Hill went out in week 1 with a collar, Adams went out in week 4 with a turf toe and Thielen went down around week 5 or 6 with a hamstring. Thats a lot of injuries for just the WR's. I fought hard but finished 6-7

This year I drafted heavily at WR and got Andre Hopkins, Cooper Kupp, Mike Evans and Tyler Lockett

Runners are Ronald Jones and Marlon Mack

QB is Stafford or Goff

TE is Hunter Henry

Chicago D and Boswell K

We have 7 bench spaces and 2IR, so I got WR backups Jarvis Landry, Brandon Cooks, Van Scantling and Mecole Hardman

Backup runners are Chris Thompson and Jamaal Williams

I have only one problem, Evans has a tweaked hamstring, which is never good, so its plug and play with Jarvis Landry

Keep an eye on the waiver wire, pick up scraps that people jettison. Many times people will waive a player because its that players bye week. They are hoping to pick him back up next week. Those are the one's you need to snag first and teach them a lesson

Good luck, let me know how the season goes!

Premium Chessgames Member
  jith1207: Hi <Morf>, I got the sense that it doesn't matter how strong we think our team is, but I have to remember that they're just a collection of players from different teams and game scripts may not go the way we'd like always, the QB and OC situation are highly volatile for most of the teams, teams may not perform as well as we predict while there are always few teams and players who break out and perform admirably when no one gives a chance now (for example, no one cares about Rams and Goff now whereas they scored 40+ points on average just two seasons ago, no one respected 49ers same time last year, and for some reason, experts think Hopkins shouldn't be drafted early this year even though Kyler Murray offense seems ready to break out, and so on for numerous other examples)....

Then there are injuries which are always annoying and unpredictable. As you said, Mike Evans has got this nagging injury just as the season starts, I have Miles Sanders also having hamstring issues.

Two things I've learned about the injuries - hamstring injuries linger through the season and the player seems to be always in a bubble until he gets fully healthy which may go beyond our fantasy season. Second, people coming back from ACL injury go through hamstring troubles throughout the next year as well (as teams always try to get them play early next season without having them ease into workload, which isn't good for fantasy either), so we can write off 2 years for them in fantasy season.

Thielen's injury ruined my joy in following Vikings last season. Thanks for encouraging words about Cousins, but I've come to an understanding about him this way - he can play like an elite QB (even Peyton Manning level) when the other team has bad pass rush and good secondary, no matter what weapons we give him even if his OL is great, which won't be ever great because of him. When the opponent has great pass rush but poor secondary, he might still look better. But, in case our opponent has got great pass rush and good secondary, he won't even compete, and would make you wonder how he even became an NFL QB.

Premium Chessgames Member
  jith1207: Explains why he was drafted 3rd round, and he has not progressed a bit after a decade.
Premium Chessgames Member
  jith1207: Cousins just doesn't have fighting spirit, and the Football as a game depends on the mental capacity of QB to pick apart what defense is doing. A QB who doesn't have capability or mental fortress to understand defensive plan DURING the game against good defenses and DCs and adapt his own game for that in-game is ZERO in my book and he will never win enough playoff games to win a super bowl. Now he will finish his career as one of the best ever QBs stats-wise, but he will never be good for the team's chances of winning the ultimate prize. That bodes well with the Vikings history of being competitive for 6 decades without ever winning the big one, it's a match made in heaven. I fully see Cousins finishing his career here with bloated contracts that the team will be tied up with him until he hangs the boot.

He will also spoil Zimmer and Speilman career, but they would deserve it for not going to draft for a franchise QB. People compared Drew Brees situation with Cousins when Brees became Saints starter after being interception machine early in his career saying Cousins can also rejuvenate his career curve with a good team. Well, it's clear now that Cousins isn't Brees, not even close but his fan boys would throw stats at your face if you say so. Case Keenum played with passion for Vikings and that was the last year I enjoyed watching Vikings, even if we know Keenum wasn't going to win Super Bowl, the season was so much fun. Now we know we don't have much fun (except when Cousins plays like elite against bad teams, which isn't really definition of fun for me anyway) and we won't win it all either. Having Trubisky as the QB is better because we'd know that team will move on at some point, unless the Bears choose to go the free agent route like Vikings.

I'm big on drafting QBs and seeing how it works out. I'm not against getting free agent QBs because I loved the passion Tannehill showed last year when he got his second chance (there's where I'd compare earlier Drew Brees situation). Two back-to-back weeks of Vikings and Titans against Chiefs showed me all I wanted to know about Cousins. First, Vikings played Chiefs and were leading 23-17 in third quarter with MATT MOORE at QB and Cousins could not finish the game, he rather went few 3-and-outs in 4th quarter and lost. The very next week, Tannehill played against the Chiefs with Mahomes as QB who played well to get 32-20 lead or something. But then Tannehill stormed for a great comeback victory. The 15+ yard rushing TD Tannehill did in 4th quarter, colliding with two defenders showed how much he wanted to win, not just prove that he wanted to be a starting QB after discarded by the lowly Dolphins.

Anyway, sorry to bore you, it's easier to share that with you than Vikings fans, only few of them I know share similar feelings about Cousins. Anyway, let's see if Cousins gets better with second year in Kubiak offense, better in the sense, beat tough teams like how Tannehill did against Chiefs, Ravens and Patriots in his VERY first year with a new team with off-season and another half of regular season on 2nd team reps (sure, Derrick Henry helped, but it's not like we don't have Dalvin Cook and that's why Cousins is paid 30+ million annually). Tannehill didn't need his favorite offense installed like Vikings are doing with Kubiak to be successful.

I might kill Cousins with my words, but that's all the respect I have until he makes the season fun again. It's ironic talking about this with few hours away from season start today, and I fully expect Vikings to lose to GB today like week 2 last week, with Danielle Hunter also injured. I also feel bad for Vikings defense players and Zimmer, they give their everything each game.

Premium Chessgames Member
  jith1207: Even though I'm Vikings fan, I follow all teams without any prejudice and enjoy whole NFL season on how each team does, and take pride in individual excellence and career paths of various players, which is why I have extra fun playing fantasy football. So, I'm actually very excited for this weekend games and for this season as we are finally here.

I also liked how Packers got their defense as a strength last year with absolutely horrifying pass rush and immense 6-player secondary with lot of personnel changes last few years. I liked Blake Martinez so much, he was the kind of player with high motor and ability to chase the ball as linebacker and be in right places. I think letting him out isn't a good decision but I read in Internet that Packers fans weren't very happy with his performance so maybe I didn't know what he was not doing well. I think Packers have chance to win the division again easily if they could beat Vikings once or twice. I don't have much respect for what Matt Patricia does for Detroit (poor fans and Stafford). And it's funny how nobody respected Bears twerp years ago but everyone got their defense last year only to not care about them anymore this off-season. It's just how unpredictable NFL season is, so let's just enjoy as it goes.

I like Stafford a lot, unlike Cousins, I think he's capable of doing much better in tough situations but I feel for him as his defense is getting worse even with a defensive head coach, but that should help you more for fantasy. Hope he's healthy, I think he and his wife have gone through a lot recently and came out safely so far, I'd be happy to see Stafford starting this season where he left off last year.

I like your team, especially WR starters and depth, I think some of them can go off and have great season. I think your league has 14-members? Mine is 12, so there were lot more players still available to get picked up but not much space to have them. Just got IR squad increased to 4 this year as that includes Covid and short 3-week IR that they've got this season.

Good luck to your team, I think Hopkins, Kupp, and Lockett will be #1 WRs in their team and have great season. I had RoJo last year in fantasy, but Bruce Arians inexplicably didn't utilize him fully and disappointed. I wish it changes this year, even with their recent signings. I read Marlon Mack is still the starter and Taylor will only be change of pace, which makes sense as Frank Reich system isn't that easy to pick up even with best offensive line, and Mack should have good year. He was available in late rounds in our draft unbelievably and yet I failed to get him as I was targeting Damien Harris at that time.

Wish you good luck for Packers as well, I'm not one of those fans who will not be happy if Rodgers gets another championship. I hope he feels in best health after recent years.

Premium Chessgames Member
  morfishine: <jith1207> Very interesting observations, especially about Cousin's fighting spirit. I thought he was similar to Jay Cutler, who seemingly didn't seem to care that much, which doesn't say much for his fighting spirit. I was just impressed how Cousins reacted to Thielen's comments. He really got hot there from early to the end of the season. His TD - INT ration was great last year 26 - 6 and his QB rating was also great: 107.4 (career high)

Of course, people only remember how he and the Vikes stunk it up against the 49ers in the playoffs

I almost didn't play FF this year. Last year was discouraging with all the overlapping injuries to my WR1's. Hill, Adams and Thielen all went down for varying amounts of time thru the year. In fact our league commish was considering not running his league due to work from home (living at work!) but I told him, hey, since we are stuck at home, we need as many fun and challenging things to do as possible. Se he opened the league, but we have only 10 teams instead of the usual 12

His league settings are geared toward receivers (1 pt per reception) so I went heavy that way; but I made a mistake and didn't nail down a RB1 (I've had Derrick Henry the past two years). We'll see how this works out

One last thing, luck (or bad luck) comes in many forms. For example, if a player is injured early in a game, that player ends up with very few points if not zero. But if he gets injured towards the end, hopefully he's done enough damage and you secure the win. Another example, three seasons ago Jameis Winston and Aaron Rodgers were knocked out in the week 6. Winston was my starter so I immediately had to find another QB. I didn't have Rodgers, but I had Jordy Nelson and with Rodgers out, Nelson's targets dropped and his FF numbers collapsed. A huge double whammy for me

Dalvin Cook is really good. I didn't think much of him til I finally saw him run, he is extremely dangerous

Premium Chessgames Member
  morfishine: <jith1207> Oh, meant to mention I was running Kyle Rudolph last year as my TE and thought he would be great with Cousins. But when Cousins only threw 9 passes in the first game, I was flabbergasted. Rudolph did well with Keenum but the early season with Cousins saw so few targets come his way I had to switch him out

And Rudolph is a top 10 TE in my view. These type of players need and deserve adequate targets

Premium Chessgames Member
  OhioChessFan: Let me explain how painfully wrong you are. From the admin page:

< <OCF>: after asking me and <Morf> to not complain about GOTD <multiple times>, it's ironic to see yourself complaining about <PloTD>.>

After asking you <multiple times> IN RESPONSE to you doing it <10 times multiple times!> I might respond to you one out of 10 times you comment on it. I comment ONE TIME and you have to carry on about it. On the admin page, no less. Seriously? If you want to equate me to you then wait until I make that post 10 times and you respond once. I'm responding 10% of the time. You're responding 100% of the time. And you're equating us? Seriously? This isn't comparing apples and oranges. It's comparing apples and Agent Orange.

<What gives? If there's repetition in the home page, the homepage also has a feature showing all birthday boys and gals so one could always have multiple Player of the Day anyway. And, just report the problem here *when it happens* and go from there.>

What gives is it looks terrible. Very unprofessional. I can't believe I have to say that.

<I'm just saying that "prominent" feature isn't that affected if it's not updated, as long as birthday list is being updated daily.>

See above.

<Anyway, as you can see, everyone including your perception of what feature is prominent in this site, varies from person to person.>

No kidding? You notice that it's you and <morf> carrying on CONSTANTLY about the Pun? I say something ONE TIME and you make a federal case out of it. You've got to be kidding. Anyway, to be fair, you should quit talking about the puns if this is true.

<For example, <Dionysius> recently said opening Explorer is the prominent feature for him, and when it was terribly slow, he didn't find it useful to renew premium membership. Then, the site improved recently and he signed up.>


<The point is, different feature is prominent for different people, and everyone gets tensed when something doesn't work. Admin(s) have to attend to them all, plus all those <what happened to my recent submissions???!!!> and <why didn't you update in my forum as per the Warsaw Agreement we signed??!!!> and as <Tabanus> said, programming and recent upgrade projects as well.>

Yep. And how hard would it be to get someone to look at the homepage once a day. I suggested people who surely would and could do it. That was my point. I will note that there is no question <Annie> was incorrect to accuse me of my post being <written in an overall rude and confrontational tone.> I noticed the seal clapper <morf> cheered that on, but got strangely quiet when he saw my post. Quiet as a church mouse.

But then today, of course, he gets all mouthy. Not about whatever rude thing I'd said, since there was nothing. That shut him up. Him and <rogge>, two of the biggest something somethings on the site. Just wanting to insult me, and piggybacking off of your post to do so. He has me on ignore, and posts to me like that? He just wants to be left alone? And yet he posts to me like that? And HE calls ME a hypocrite? Absolutely unbelievable. Unbelievable.

<It's not to say not to complain, I do about GOTD more often,>

Well, we finally got to a point of agreement. I respond to you one out of 10 times and it's a federal crime if I complain (and frankly, I offered a solution, it wasn't a mindless rant, but whatever) one time, and you're all publicly up in my face about it.

< but just that every feature is prominent and it takes all their time to keep it all running and also work on making the site better.>

It would take 20 seconds to look at the homepage once a day. It didn't change for 4 days. Seriously?

Premium Chessgames Member
  morfishine: Well <jith1207> I had a rough go in my fantasy league last week but look forward to a much stronger showing this week

How's your team looking?

Sep-21-20  login:

It is mildly disturbing seeing long time members white knighting a coorporate employee by choice (that was the role the handle was posting for 2 years now and yes I get the point you are still personally involved towards the user behind the handle). This employee (not the private person, stop making things up you have zero information at this point) has left the position without a trace/simple formal statement. And this same 'professional' erratic behaviour was quite visible for - the not so personally attached majority in here on several occasions before. May I assume this is something you find adequate doing yourself jith1207 (while calling out for the removal of 'bad eggs' in the same breath; name some names get more specific)? Frankly it was not hard addressing you personally. All you feelings aside that was disappointing to read. Swallow your pride a couple of lines would have been decent. Now this site gets the wrong attention and speculating once more. That in consequence is damaging (not much, but noticable) for this project and is revealing to the emplyee's intentions in the end (ego > chessgames). By the way I do not judge the human being by describing the present outcome (aka 'the mess') of the actions. You on the other side mixing personal feelings in your judgement indicating there was a fictional 'bad egg' campain of unnamed users that needs to be keept out for participating in the future. That is outlandish and harmful. You can show your encouragement far less intrusive. Fuelling speculative bs is not my jam so that is my last remark on this matter. Also you might have noticed I get bit picky when active members speak for/about other members in a derogatory tone for no specific reason. Call for unasked actions, not naming names and so on. You behave and I promise in advance we will never meet again.

Have a good day.

Premium Chessgames Member
  jith1207: <login>

The bad eggs I noted were <MissScar> and <bigpawn>.

Not at all intended on any others here, but I don't have to point out few members to Admins as ultimately it's their discretion and choices. Everyone pointing out few others in that forum would only lead to unnecessary war of words, and I still thought new management need to be cautious that there are some bad eggs.

<MissScar>, I understand, does a lot in terms of information, games addition and correction. But, holy crap, has got a weird sense of humor and is habitual in making insulting remarks about Admins and members alike when <Annie> didn't like the tone from <OCF> for example. <Annie> for some reason was doing everything this person wanted immediately while others - like <Tabanus> for example - were complaining they had to wait for ages, so I hope the new management does not let any one member like that dictate how to do stuff on their own website.

Same goes for the other bad egg, and it is self explanatory for many more innumerable reasons.

Sep-21-20  login:

Fine, so you have personal preferences towards certain members and dislike others. We all do and of course everyone is entiteled to his/her opinion. Still there is no need (now at this very moment) to point fingers in any direction in this matter. As long as the person involved doesn't even bother addressing the issue with one single word there will be a heap of speculation - and this person relishes that. You, me and others (I guess not much more than a handful) would be very much looking forward to the pending remarks.

Weird sense of humor, mental illnesses or blatant racism (as far as i have 'blown the whistle') have not been punishable behavior in the last couple of months. Never got any feedback or response. When your own forum is titled 'Procrastinators' Club' for years, I allow myself to think this is more than just a coincidence (again this is maybe unfair speculation, bec there is no info out).

Here I won't shy away or mess around. So very brief: Miss is not a problem, OCF is not a problem (he seemingly reentering puberty or menopause, before that he has piled good contibutions for the site), Tabanus another premium is a confident guy who will be having issues playing that same roll without the backing of way high up (departure or inactivity are both possible), BigPawn needs therapy no joke (someone who has the fixed perception of being Donald Trump of CG is most probably bipolar dillusional atm). Anyways he should have been perma banned for severe racist postings some time ago. Why bother, the guy's lack of advanced education is well hidden under his magic hat of indurable 'logic'. Everyone can dig links to the most narrow views all year long. When he has to come up with something himself he immediately gets very repetitive and taciturn. And the former 'admin' is of no interest to me, bec I never reached the hybris to take over the site behind anyones back or had the urge to pronoune names and sell that as key contribution to humanity. Judge me, give me animal names but do not do that in front of incoming 'clueless' staff reading the chessgames support forum.

You can delete this convo anytime now. I don't think my remarks will be of interest to a third party.

Have a good night, greetings to மயிலாடுதுறை

Premium Chessgames Member
  morfishine: <jith 1207> I would be careful, wary and vigilant about <OCF>

Don't worry about <login> just another gnat on the wall

Best, morf

Sep-22-20  login:

The cleverer give in, they said ...

Oh, an unasked third party arrived (as to be expected). This time a hobby entomologist. Your buddy is certainly right in advising you not to worry (I concur, but specifically about what?). Me is a 'gnat at the wall' - a parasite, something you should be allowed to kill when entering your property ... even if I'm only allowed sweets and rotten in my short lifetime.

So I wonder did your companion even try to comprehend the formaly written? Contentwise his share left a lot to be desired - but hey I am just looking through my simple ommateum on my search for (virtual) nectar.

'I would be careful, wary and vigilant about <OCF>', astonishing he is such a trooper caring like a bro. With his (again unasked) 'help' you will survive all the pests, annoying threats and obstacles he (!) is spotting along your way unharmed.

Oh well the 'gnat' is convinced context matters, so let's provide some substance to his stupid remark chessforum (kibitz #30915). Obviously for years this user got severe butthurt his former peronal 'idol' OCF had the audacity to turn his back on him. Erh, that alone is enough to marode, calling names and behave like a brat? Has he had any business with the 'gnat' before? Not that I was aware of over on my little cozy wall.

So is his drivel of my concern? I don't think so. Do I need some context, certainly not.


Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: And now the gnat is on my iggy :)

Life is good.
The sun is shining and the sound of silence embraces the comming of the autum. Indian summer included.

Sep-22-20  login:

Oh, our dearest grandpa coming in with the big fat dis, feisty. Of course and again no reasons nor any explanation, but 'loud' and visible - sneaking the bonus points for his bubble cheap and dirty. What was so upsetting in my post that you old man felt the urge to 'participate' (I get it reading your forum for 2 minutes that you are about to make out with fish), all while you 'endure' Nisjam's postings for years without complaining? That 'He is on my ignore now, life is good' card getting a bit stale for a proper roasting. Maybe pushing buttons is a viable task for you and physically demanding than I agree you can boast about it and enjoy a rest. Looking through the site it has been played by much stronger hands than yours paps. Nevertheless hats up, keep that juvenile spirit. Our host sits back snacking the popcorn - minions doing the talking. Never seen that strat online. I take notes and learn.

Life is good, you have still 10 years to go. Knock on wood.

Premium Chessgames Member
  jith1207: I think the site is going in bad direction from recently onwards and now it's becoming clear it was good for <Annie> to leave, good decision.

A simple comment from me in <Chessgames> forum gets deleted, especially when <Susan Freeman> is having full control of the site and she says she is all about <Free Speech> when bad comments about <Annie> and <STRONG WOMAN> comments still stay?

Whoever that endorses <Free Speech> unasked ends up actually practicing it <Selectively>. Well, that's not <Free Speech>, That effectively defeats the whole philosophy. Their <loose speech> about <Free Speech> has no validity and meaning, and the sheep costume on the wolves wears off.

And, no one in the management thought of giving a fitting farewell to <Annie> EVEN if she had actually <I doubt> left abruptly. They could've announced that formally in the forum the very next day and ask members to leave message for her, EVEN if she wouldn't read forever.

Because, that's how people with good manners are supposed to behave. Because, that's how one has to appreciate her work here when it is time for her to leave, EVEN if they got into any disagreements in managing the site going forward, EVEN if they were not happy with her work.

But, it goes without saying that one just can't expect good manners from others, that's how it is. If <Annie> is not given a fitting farewell, it goes to show what members like you who put hours into making this <a volunteer edited> site better will be treated in the end. I don't think <Daniel Freeman> would have wanted this site to go this way, but hey here it goes. I don't mean to discourage anyone interested, but just something to keep in mind.

Anyway, I will be sticking to only games and fair commenters going forward.

<Copying this message in my forum as well, as no expression of freedom is guaranteed in this site anymore. Truly the end of an era, surely <Daniel> would've guessed that the site could go in a different direction after the time of <founding fathers> but as you said, his only mistake was not setting up the future path for the website after him>. Sad.

Premium Chessgames Member
  OhioChessFan: Sometimes posts are deleted because someone blew the whistle. I don't know what your post was, but it only takes one person to get posts removed. There's one recently made that I'm certain would be removed if I reported it. I don't care enough to do so.
Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Good post <jiht 1207>

This has unfortunately been in the cards for a longer time. Very sad indeed.

When common sense is in decline,all we got
left is the mantra "Free Speech!" - "Free Speech!"

Premium Chessgames Member

I find it difficult to believe any of your posts were deleted. I've never read anything you posted that I didn't find relevant and edifying.

The thing is, we don't really know what's going on behind the scenes. That said, I don't really need to know what's going on behind the scenes. I'd just like to see a well functioning website. I really love it here and I still do.

Premium Chessgames Member
  morfishine: <jith1207> I like your comments on free speech

What I've learned is that "Free Speech" comes with a price, one may lose their job or be discredited just for comments "received the wrong way"

....why even bother with "social media"

Best, morf

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